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ZEN-sacions Collections

Albert Cuevas Trans Digital Artist

With this name I have gathered three image collections that come from several projects that I started some time ago, I called them “Arboreum” “Labyrinths” and “Mikado”. Almost all the images that are the backbone of these works come from the observation and further reflection of our natural environment, with its capacity to organize all its elements in an almost mathematical order, creating a whole series of equilibrated compositions and suggestive shapes. This trilogy shows an intense inner relationship, because all the images share the same concept, related with all of us. “Arboreum” is a reinterpretation of life using shapes of trees with natural textures obtaining a unique metamorphosis. “Labyrinths” is a game in where we get trapped in an imaginary travel to other dimension where we could get the pleasure of a late liberation. “Mikado” is the end of all that we have lived until now, where the tangible is integrated in a surrealistic environment where the elements out of place, obtain a remarkable leadership. They are images to think about and to share.

Albert Cuevas

OBJECTIVES I pretend that the pictures of this work lead you to watch our environment in a more respectful and humble way. Looking for untold images trough the previous visualization of these shapes and textures to show them up in very different contexts. Showing the importance of the little things in order to see the individual as an essential part of human kind.



Collection Arboreum 22. Formato 75 x 120 cms.

Collection Arboreum 37. Formato 75 x 125 cms.

Collection Arboreum 47. Formato 75 x 120 cms.

Collection Arboreum 40. Formato 75 x 120 cms.

Collections.- Arboreum 36. Formato 75 x 120 cms.

Collections.- Arboreum 46. Formato 75 x 130 cms.



Collections.- Laberints. TĂ­tulo .-Criaturas marinas Formato 75 x 130 cms.

Collections.- Laberints. TĂ­tulo Salto. Formato 75 x 130 cms.

Collection.- Laberints. TĂ­tulo Renaissence 1 Formato 75 x 130 cms.

Collection.- Laberints. TĂ­tulo Renaissence 2 Formato 75 x 130 cms.

Laberints. TĂ­tulo Renaissence 3 Formato 75 x 130 cms.

Laberints. TĂ­tulo Renaissence 4 Formato 75 x 130 cms.



Collections.- Mikado. “Figuras emergentes� Formato 75 x 120 cms.

Collection.- Mikado. “Polaridad” Formato 75 x 120 cms.

Collection.- Mikado. “Puente” Formato 75 x 100 cms.

Collection.- Mikado. “Tipi en la playa” Formato 75 x 120 cms.

Collection.- Angeles caĂ­dos Formato 75 x 100 cms.

Collections.- TĂ­tulo.- A prop del mar .- Formato 75 x 100 cms.

Collection.- El dm2 . “Oxidos 4-1-3”. 225 x 75 cms.

Collection.- Cerca del mar. “Transparencias” Formato 75 x 120 cms.

Tramuntana. “Número 5” Formato 100 x 75 cms.

FEATURES OF THE WORKS Author certificate with serial number and signed by hand. Inkjet high resolution prints. Image stacked on aluminum Dibond plates of 4mm thick. Laminated with an ultraviolet filter of 70 microns. We can arrange the number of pictures to expose depending of the available area

PERSONAL DATA Albert Cuevas Bernal Barri de Can Miró, 2 – 17744 NAVATA – Girona Tels. +34 972 565202 / +34 626 851 600 Updated links:

2003 PROFESSIONAL RESUME AND EXPOSITIONS 2004 1969 I build my first black & white photographic laboratory and I begin to work develo- ping positives and negatives. I begin my studies as Industrial Technician in the Professional School “El Clot” of Barcelona 1973 I work as graphic textile designer in Mercader Prints BCN. 1974 I teach in the “Centro Social Verneda” specialized courses for alpine and speleolo 2005 gical photography with black & white laboratory. 2006 1981 I obtain the 3rd National Award of Photography – Centelles-Barcelona. 1983 I begin to work as advertising photographer in my workshop in Navata for different 2007 agencies of Barcelona and Girona. 1988 The “Gremio de artesanos de Catalunya” gives me a plate and a diploma as the 2008 “Best Catalan photographer of 1988”. 1990 Exhibition “Enquadrarbres” in Caixa Figueres headquarters. 2009 1993 I begin to mix up analogical and digital treatments in my graphic artworks. 2010 1995 I participate in a collective photographic exhibition in Frankfurt. 1999 Speaker in the “First days of infinite digital image” in San Sebastian (Donosti) 2000 Speaker about digital image in the “V International Days” in Valencia. I teach in a 7 days course for professional photographers “Digital Hit” in Valencia. 2011 2001 Speaker in the seminar “Digital image and its applications” in Vic BCN. I teach in 7 practical courses about digital images for high level European profes sionals of photography in my workshop of Navata. I obtain the first National Award LUX of Gold for advertising photography in ar chitecture. I obtain the second National Award LUX of Silver for advertising photography in alimentation. 2002 I begin to work in a project of images with textures that I call “ZEN-sations”. The project has several sections, one of them it’s based on shape’s abstractions (sto nes, objects, machinery, etc.) taken from the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. So the - name “Aprop del mar” - “Close to the sea”.

First Exhibition of the works “Aprop del mar” in Navata’s Torremirona Golf Resort (Girona). Exhibitions in: January - Cullera “Jornadas de Fotografía” - Valencia February – “Amics de Centelles” Centelles – Barcelona August – “El Café del Barri Vell”, Fugueres - Girona November – “Colegio de Abogados” Figueres – Girona December – “Centre de Cultura Sant Domenec” Perelada – Girona Exhibition in Fundación Rodriguez Amat “Dues Mirades” - Girona I begin the project “dm2” Exhibition in “Museu de la Mediterranea” Torroella de Montgrí - Girona Exhibition “dm2” in the Hall “Mas del Pi” Verges - Girona Permanent exhibition of “dm2” and others in the Hall “QArts” - Girona Development of the project “Powers of Ten” based in surface units (m2 and dm2) Exhibition of “Arboreum” in the Foundation Casamor, Navata - Girona “Arboreum” in the “Centre Civic Creu de la Mà”, Figueres - Girona “Arboreum” in the Hall “QArts” of Navata – Girona “Mikado” project “ZEN-sations” in the Hall “QArts” of Navata – Girona January - Collective Exhibition “LatinoArt” in the gallery “Kontraste” Westfalia - Germany June- “ZEN-sations” in the Castle Sant Ferran of Figueres – Girona July - “ZEN-sations” in the Castle Barbet of Lombez – France August- Collective Exhibition “Contemporary Art of Spain”, Krasnoyarsk - Russia Collective Exhibition “Artistic Meeting Spanish-Russian”, Nazarovo - Russia September - “ZEN-sations” in the Castle of Benedormiens , Castell d’Aro Girona

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