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INNOCENCE AND MYSTERY PUBLICATION PROJECT by Cristina Gomez Barrio, Wolfgang Mayer and Alfredo Cramerotti

“innocence & mystery war ein::::--{{{{{{{---schauraum (…für diverse dinge der kunst) innocence & mystery existierte von:::===========01.09.02  31.08.03 innocence & mystery =war eine:: initiative von cristina gomez barrio und wolfgang mayer ============publication: alfredo cramerotti, cgb, wm [this publication has been edited and published in march 2004 in berlin…………auflage 200 ejemplares] innocence & mystery war ein von zwei künstlern organisierter temporärer projektraum für künstlerische produktionen, die vor allem in kollaborativen zusamenhängen entstehen. die aktivitäten des projektraums zielten darauf ab, einen offenen kommunikationsort, sowie vernetzungsmöglichkeiten für experimentelles und genreübergreifendes arbeiten herzustellen und die präsentation künstlerischer arbeit(en) zu ermöglichen, die bisher kein forum in berlin hatten.”

In collaboration with Galerie im Künstlerhaus am Acker! and Platform, we have organised an evening in which we will present the last effort of the Innocence & Mystery Project: a Publication of 52 pages, with written contributions from some of the participants and people involved in the I&M Project and a lot of visual documentation of what happened in Ackerstrasse 18, from September 2002 until August 2003, the planned 12 months of the Project's life. We invite you to come along and share with us and our friends this evening, and so to participate actively to the debate about alternative ways of contemporary art production in Berlin and - in projection - in the European area. The presentation of the Publication will take place Saturday 20th March 2004 at 19:00 in Platform, Weydingerstr. 20 / Ecke Linienstr,, Berlin-Mitte.

Ideas Matter Choice By Alfredo Cramerotti Take a room on a first floor in the middle of Berlin. Take a neighbourhood that wants to make a difference. Take two persons who believe in the common effort and the sharing of experience. Take thirteen very different cultural productions including performances, photography, installation, paintings, publishing, film and music concerts. Take twelve months of programme, one for each project. Put together and mix energetically. There we go: Innocence & Mystery. This was, briefly, what I felt the first time I attended one of the events lead by Wolfgang Mayer and Cristina Barrio Gomez. It is still what I feel now that I am writing this few lines. What drove them, and me joining in to bring together a publication, is that we all are made of physical and spiritual substance, indefinable energy, and a motivation, at certain point in life, to do something that we feel is the right thing: no matter how difficult and money-wise can be, we need to do it. Now. And here. Innocence & Mystery is the living - yes, still living - proof that this is possible. It is the thesis and the demonstration that is important to pursue such a collective effort, and to realize them concretely, for other peopleʼs welfare and us. I really mean that. It is important even for a countryʼs pension system, if you want, because a person, who challenges her- or him all the time, is someone who never is stuck. And probably someone who never gets old. This project space in Ackerstrasse has changed something in the perception of how art – and culture – can be produced and represented, and it shows a real path in the alternative production of culture. This issue – how to create alternative ways of producing and bringing artistic and cultural expressions closer to real life - is the long-term favourite topic of cultural circles and the evergreen ghost in the artistic world. We donʼt have to look at past or future utopian proposals, or to dive into the most diverse practices theorizing ways of getting art closer to life; we need only to open wider our eyes, because the way is already here. This hybrid form of private initiative, started with a squatting of a building in Mitte in the 80s, and carried on officially with the backing of the local government and the neighbourhood, has involved the Berliner audience and the international art scene alike. Reaching out where many well-advertised and funded events cannot even dream of, it proved (if needed) that is not size that matters, but rather, the synergy of theory, practice and organizational skills. Innocence & Mystery is a concept that can be replicated and widely spread for the sake of everyone living, working and operating around it: so the most we got of them, the better is. So, shall we ride “The power of ideas” or “Is whatʼs done that matters”? No doubt – we choose both. Go ahead, people: this is our time.

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