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Alumni Network Structure

Strength of IMT Network Operations Building Brand IMT through Alumni Relationships

The two pillars that build the reputa on of the ins tute are -

faculty & course curriculum and our esteemed alumni. The alumni of the ins tute are the brand ambassadors who carry the IMT flame for the rest of their lives. The alumni opera ons at IMT operates under a unique structure:

Therefore, the role of Batch Champions can be defined as: · Being the bearer of good news to both IMT and the respec ve batch, including appointments in leading management or industry roles, award recogni ons, etc., a er valida on by the Champion · Being a compulsory voter for all na onal and interna onal alumni-related ac vi es and ini a ves · Helping to design crea ve avenues for alumni engagement in tandem with ALCOM and the IMT Alumni Associa on · Building the rela onships for effec ve par cipa on in chapter meets, alumni meets, reunions etc. for the respec ve batches · To review and approve the content from their batch that would be circulated within the IMT circle and/or outside

1. IMT Alumni Associa on (IMTAA) as the overarching body for the forum, consis ng of senior alumni. This is an independent registered body formed with the objec ve of working for the welfare of the alumni and thereby binding them together to build a posi ve impact for Brand IMT. As a principle, the IMTAA body will never interfere with the administra on of the Ins tute, but always work in a coherent fashion to benefit the alumni. Each batch that has passed out gets a representa on in this forum through elec on of their respec ve Batch Champions. The Batch Champions play a significant role in the decision-making process for alumni ac vi es keeping in mind, the interest of their batch. Regular mee ngs of Batch Champions are scheduled every year to evaluate the progress made in the previous quarters 2. The Alumni Rela onship Commi ee (ALCOM) that works to and plan the next steps ahead. build networking pla orms like the All India Alumni Meets and Chapter Meets. ALCOM, therefore, serves as a cri cal link between the alumni and the current students. With their connect to the alumni community, they are able to create a 1 strong interface with the industry in the form of guest lectures Nominates by prac oners, short-term projects, alumni presence in 1 President, placements and much more. Vice Presidents selected based on last 2 years

The Batch Champions Forum was designed to be a representa on of each batch to generate ideas and ini a ves, take ac ve part in evalua ng and making decisions on behalf of the rest of the batch and roll out the communica on seamlessly. This was done through elec ons for the first me in 2013. A selec on process involving nomina ons invited from every batch and a vo ng mechanism to determine the final members is carried out, who can contribute me effec vely, for the benefit of the alumni and the Ins tute. Presently, it is a forum of togetherness of the IMT alumni family that makes consolidated efforts to build Brand IMT. Any ini a ve taken for alumni affairs has to sa sfy two out of the following three criteria: - Does it help the ins tute and the current students? - Does it benefit the alumni? - Does it help build brand IMT?


80 Batch Champions are selected to represent their respective batches

ALCOM, carries activities within college & networking meets


Alumni Relationship Committee at the Insititute

Makes a team of Alumni Relationship Committee Members who are ex-ALCOM members Appoints Alumni Relationship Committee in alignment with Faculty in-charge & President, ALCOM

3 Structure of IMT Alumni Association



Batch Champions Forum

The first Batch Champions Meet was held at India Interna onal th Center on 24 February 2014, and therea er has been a regular feature where ini a ves are presented to the forum, and inputs are taken and evaluated through discussion. These mee ngs also have the Directors, Faculty In--Charge and concerned external agencies. Once the forum approves the ini a ve, a team is formed and the plan is implemented. Ini a ves like Career Mentorship for alumni through an outsourced agency, PR pitch for IMT by external agencies, housing and holiday projects for alumni, and many other projects have all gone through the scru ny of this forum, approved and then implemented.

4th Batch Champions’ Meet

2016 was the first year when a er 6 Batch Champions' Meets at India Interna onal Center, Delhi, the mee ngs were held at Mumbai and Bangalore also.

5th Batch Champions’ Meet

1st Batch Champions’ Meet

6th Batch Champions’ Meet

2nd Batch Champions’ Meet th

7 Batch Champions’ Meet


3 Batch Champions’ Meet

8th Batch Champions’ Meet


Insight Alpha

Insight Alpha ties up with IMT Alumni Association One of the recent ini a ves launched Millions of hours of experience are lost a er evalua on of the Batch Champions, has been the coming together of Insight Alpha and IMT Alumni Associa on. Insight Alpha is an interna onal firm in proprietary business intelligence with a host of clients from private equity funds, venture funds, investment banks, governments, and other corpora ons, etc. These clients need inputs from industry experts in the relevant fields. The alumni who have vast experience in the relevant work field, are qualified as the experts and get paid for consul ng these clients, by sharing the relevant experience. Insight Alpha provides a pla orm to connect the client to the relevant industry expert, thereby facilita ng the knowledge necessary for businesses to make informed decisions.

every year, when industry professionals re re, change jobs or their area of exper se is unknown, due to lack of the ins tu onal infrastructure necessary to capture and disseminate their knowledge. Insight Alpha helps capture that tacit and valuable informa on by le ng the world's investors and corporates find cri cal undocumented insights, residing only in people's minds. For example, if a mul na onal company in the space of cosme cs is planning to e nte r I n d i a , t h ey wo u l d l i ke to understand the market challenges and opportuni es from a person who has worked in the personal care industry for a significant period. The alumnus with the relevant experience, would then have the opportunity of being an expert to be consulted by this company and get


Mutual Funds Corporations Hedge Funds PE Funds Venture Funds Investment Banks Consultants Governments

m ire










nt S




nu p

Members 2 of IMTAA

Project Delivery To those who want it

From those who have it


Market Entry/Growth Strategy Preparing Sales Pitch Accessing Decision Makers Understanding Industry Dynamics Regulatory Framework Monitoring

The alumni base benefits because members can play a construc ve part in building the knowledge capacity of India, by providing knowledge-ondemand to Insight Alpha clients, with an increasing thirst for real- me insights and professional opinions based on years of hands-on experience. This will help investors and companies with insights of different industry ver cals. Alumni can also use Insight Alpha to help increase their professional reach, win projects, develop new business etc.

αLPHA ul

u eq

paid for the knowledge shared. Another example is when a merger is being planned, the PE fund wants informa on about the market and the compe tors from a third-party neutral source, one of our alumni might fit the requirement of being the expert with the relevant experience.


Risk Mitigation

Business Development

Due Diligence

Competitive Intelligence

Partner/ Vendor Due Diligence Commercial/Investigative Due Diligence Ethics, Compliance & Reputational Due Diligence Senior Post Transaction Deal Monitoring Senior Management Due Diligence

Competitive Early Warning Scenario Gaming Competitive Benchmarking Strategy Formulation Competitor Profiling & Monitoring


IMTAA Projects

IMTAA Projects Jobs4IMTians

Jobs4IMTians An ini a ve for alumni to benefit from networking within a defined IMT community for jobs. Senior alumni who have a vacancy in their organiza on can post the job in this group, similarly people looking for jobs can also apply. Also if any alumni gets a call for a job that he is not keen on, he/she can share it within this group so that someone else who is looking out for a job change can benefit. It has more than 8000 ac ve members as on date and not surprisingly there are an average of 10 job pos ngs across domains on this group everyday.

More than 30 IMTians benetted Tie-up with industry experts for Skill Development

Fast tracking your career Making Choices Course correction 100% success rate To Enroll: 0124-4995660

Mid Career Mentorship A unique pla orm that keeps alumni connected and allows them to seek mentorship years a er passing out of IMT. People encounter various obstacles in their career which might be best solved when consulted by an expert. This is done by a professional agency who offers a special rate to the IMT alumni. It is a confiden al program between the candidate and the agency. Current students can also seek this benefit to prepare for the final placements on a payment basis.

Goa Housing and Resort Project “Passions de Goa” is the first of its kind project by the Alumni network of any B-school in India. The decor of the project will be an IMT Museum, which will indulge in the nostalgia of campus life. It is a Housing + resort project which was launched at a special price significantly lower than the market rates, exclusively for IMT alumni. So your next vaca on to Goa can be at the IMT Resort where you might end up mee ng other IMT alumni from different batches.


ss io ns d e




Entrepreneurship & Financial Opportunities IMTtalks Series - Featuring

Amit Banga

(Batch of 1992)

IMT welcomed Mr. Amit Banga, Class of 1992 as part of the lecture series IMTTalks on 25th August 2016 on the topic 'Entrepreneurship and Financial Opportuni es'. Mr. Banga is currently the CEO of S.B Packagings Ltd. The Sampark team had the chance to interact with him. Following are the excerpts. How does it feel to be back in campus? I feel quite nostalgic, but to be honest, I feel disconnected! Except the basketball court and the amphitheater, everything has changed. The only major connect I can feel, is with the Amphi, but its surroundings has changed a lot has well – it was literally surrounded in a jungle beforehand! I can say that learnings from IMT were basic ABC's, where you learn the basics to make the base strong. In real life, you would face many ups and downs, but the grounding you learn in IMT, really helps a lot. One thing I would recommend – please have mul ple industrial interac ons to stay very close to the real-life situa ons, and prepare accordingly. You have been in the packaging industry for the past 24 years. How do you feel the Indian packaging sector has grown over the years? While discussing the 4 P's of marke ng in college, we used to debate if packaging should be the 5th P. But now, as I see it, it has become an integral part now. Packaging has gone from just an item in a purchase list to a boardroom mee ng agenda now. It is considered to be a major factor of differen a on now. In modern retail, where consumer can touch or feel the product, this sector is gaining more prominence. There are two key a ributes in the sector –

aesthe cs and func onal. Automa on is also proving to be a major gamechanger in the industry. It is a major challenge to see, which packaging would be easy for use in automa on. Processes have become more complicated and machine availability is also key. How do you think packaging industry is addressing the ecological concerns? Recently, the Ministry of Environment rolled out new rules & regula ons regarding solid and plas c waste. This has brought in a lot of new challenges, b e ca u s e ge n e ra l l y, a e r u s a ge , packages become waste. This poses a big challenge. The truth is, even though rules have come in, there is no infrastructure support for the same by the government. But, this has opened up new opportuni es for entrepreneurs to solve. How do you think entrepreneurship has changed over years, with new ini a ves like Make in India, and as we hear in recent news, the startup bubble? 20 years back, we did not have such opportuni es, but you can see the

growth now. The climate has changed a lot, and many companies can turn up from small to large organiza ons, as we have seen it in the US. We can reach to that epitome, provided we are qualified enough, and not riding behind a horse. Many B-schools focus on textbookoriented curriculum. Do you think a change is needed, and if so, then how? I disagree with the no on that tex t b o o ks s h o u l d b e re m ove d . Textbooks are nothing but structured thoughts of how the author feels the industry works – and this is quite important. But, yes, I do think that textbooks should be changed, to focus on prac cal situa ons. The shi from theory to prac cal should happen, and it should show how knowledge can be applied in prac cal scenarios. The reallife scenarios are changing, and textbooks should be in sync with it. E.g. the way you look at the 4 P's has changed now. If someone wants to enter the FMCG industry in a managerial role, what quali es would you be looking at? I would consider candidates, who have applied their textbook knowledge to projects -more prac cal-oriented). The concept understanding should be very clear, I won't emphasize a lot on marks, but concepts should be clear. Also, I would take the feedback from t h e c o m p a ny, w h e re yo u h ave undertaken the project into considera on. If the work done has been appreciated, then it acts as a big plus point.

There are two key a ributes in the packaging sector – aesthe cs and func onal.



Dare to Dream IMTtalks Series - Featuring

Vivek Sah (Batch of 2002) Mr. Vivek Sah, Associate Professor, School of Business Administra on, University of San Diego was invited for a guest lecture on Date on the topic 'Dare to Dream', as a part of the IMTTalks series. Mr. Sah has published several papers on real estate and REITs in mul ple journals. Following are the excerpts when the Sampark team interacted with him. How does it feel to be back in IMT? I feel refreshed every me and it brings back memories of Chakravyuh, Passion, the Holi celebra ons in the Amphitheatre, the cafeteria par es at 2 A.M, and the joys and thrills of placements. It is sad to see some of the structures have been demolished, but, at the same me, it feels happy to see that the infrastructure has increased tremendously. Seeing all this and the new library is great. What are the fundamental differences in pedagogies between Indian B-schools and B-schools in the US? During our me, the classes were not interac ve, but dull and boring. Especially in my domain, real estate and finance, it is more about numbers. We try to make it exci ng, by taking up case studies and field trips. The average age of an MBA student in the USA is 28, but here it is around 23. So, I don't see any difference in the presenta ons made by an MBA student and an undergraduate in India. But in the US, they do a lot of work and the presenta ons are more industry-related and prac cal. Also, in terms of balance between group versus individual projects are more different in the US. Students in US are smart in presen ng an idea, but in terms of hard skills, I s ll feel Indian students are much be er and we get more rigorous at least at a theore cal level, which is probably the reason why

they go abroad and are very successful. Cri cal thinking, logical thinking and the way we look at a process, are superior than an average MBA student in the US. How do you think the US housing market has evolved to withstand the forma on of further bubbles? The Federal Na onal Mortgage Associa on was responsible for buying all the loans from the banks. This caused the banks to exploit the system and dump what we call toxic waste inside the system. They broke trust to gain market share and got rid of bad assets. So, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (needs full form of FHLMC) ended up with most of these assets and the US taxpayers had to bail them out to the tune of almost USD 900 billion. Post that debacle, Fannie Mae has put in place a system, where it does not buy any loan without certain requirements. For instance, any loan that is more than 80% loan-to-value will not be taken. This is on the market side. On the asset side, we have a cap of 10% on rentals. And the major demography of mortgage buyers were people who were just out of college. This has now disappeared, because there are no loans, if there isn't at least 20% down payment. This is why it is less driven by credit and more by lack of supply, fuelled by the recovery in US economy. How do you judge the poten al for REITs in India? I have been scep c about the REIT market in India. From 2005-06, when the commercial real estate market was liberalized, a lot of companies were excited. A lot of capital came in as FDI, but they were lost, as they could not recoup the capital. We do not have the valua on, checks and balances as we do in the US. Another problem is the cash economy we

have, and mentality of investors and developers. There is not much return in selling the same stock again and again. It will be good form, if you must give 90% of your income to dividends, which is rare. You had presented the topic “Dare to Dream”. So how would you persuade Indian students because many who come to B-schools have a pre-set career path which they would like to follow. I was passionate about going to the US and ge ng my PhD. People would say, “Why are you leaving such a cushy job?”. But then, it would not have resulted in the same intangible benefits. When we look at our career path, we should be looking at the next 30 years instead of the next 5 years. So, be passionate about it, be willing to take risks and don't delay it. We learn from our failures. What we see in the US is most of the successful people have probably failed 10 mes, before they became successful. Life is a marathon, and not a sprint. And in a marathon, the one who wins is not the one who runs fastest in the beginning. It's the person who runs consistently, and has the stamina to go all the way. In fact, we get a lot of pressure from our families, but things are changing. Like I said, if you can believe you can do it, your parents will understand. Your rela ves might not, but if your parents believe in you, nothing is impossible.

When we look at our career path, we should be looking at the next 30 years instead of the next 5 years.



Digital Marketing IMTtalks Series - Featuring

Manik Mahajan (Batch of 2008) Mr. Manik Mahajan, has been associated with Recki Benckiser as Area Sales Manager handling Chennai and Delhi, also pursuing LLB from Chaudhary Charan Singh University. He was promoted to Na onal Trade Manager in Recki Benckiser and is currently the Marke ng Director at Michelin. At the me of this interview, he was the General Manager in Marke ng at Philips India. He is a proficient leader and has mastered digital marke ng, channel distribu on and consumer behaviour. The Sampark team had the chance to interact with him. Sir, during your career transi ons and growth, what have been your key learnings and experiences, and what are the challenges that one faces in MNCs such as these? The biggest learning is that learning never stops. Every day is a new day. You get to learn something new. And every day, you realize that what you learned yesterday, is irrelevant today. So, you need to learn it again today. Another thing that I've realized is that people are the most important asset that you can get. So, building people, building capabili es, and building your own capabili es per the people that you work for, is the biggest challenge that you have in a corporate life. How are the digital marke ng strategies in the two industries, pharmaceu cals and FMCG, different, and in MNCs, how can one effec vely manage the work between the Indian and interna onal execu ves? Firstly, whether it be marke ng or digital marke ng; it is absolutely the same. At the end of the day, marke ng is common sense, which is not so common. But, at the end of the day, marke ng is all about ge ng the right consumer insights, and bringing them out in your

market is, the marke ng agencies which are si ng out there. I'm just making effec ve use of the fact that people don't understand digital marke ng. What is it that students should do during their internships, and how should they prepare for internship interviews and processes? You need to be solid about your basics. You need to understand your concepts. That's something that you need to prepare. As far as internships are concerned, I believe, that they are the first opportuni es for students, and especially for a fresher, to interact with the corporate world. A lot of reali es come out for the first me. Go with an open mind and do not have any preconceived no ons. Take things the way they are coming to you. Analyze them and come back. Your job and career are not at stake. It's the best me that you can get to learn, learn, learn. What are your key recommenda ons for fellow IMTians, for their career ahead, and how should we choose the right career path, once we step into the corporate world? There'll be a lot of mes when life does not allow you to choose things. So, always do something that you like. Start finding something that you do, and make that as a career. That's the only thing that I can tell you. If you do something that you like, you will excel.

communica on, so that they are relevant to your consumers. That's marke ng. Now whether you apply this to a pharmaceu cal, FMCD, automobile; that's the only difference. The insights might change, but the strategies remain the same. As far as managing an Indian team and a global team, then that's a very, very big challenge for any mul na onal working in India, because I do not believe any global company understands the Indian market and how it is different from the global market. Many interna onal MNCs do not understand India. And it's very difficult to make them understand, and it's very difficult to, some mes, convince them, that what we're trying to do, is right for the Indian market. Some companies have given a lot of control to the Indian leadership team, which is able to take decisions relevant for India, without having to take permissions, from the global team. Whereas, in other companies, the decision-making process is s ll centralized. The global team s ll controls a lot of things. And therefore, our decision-making also becomes slow and influenced. What are the challenges in digital marke ng faced regularly by companies, and what is the rile of analy cs in it? I can only say this to you: digital marke ng as a concept, has been highly abused. People do not know what digital marke ng is, and they confuse it with a lot of other stuff. Marke ng students, do they ever study, how to buy a medium, in marke ng? That's adver sing, right? Similarly, digital marke ng is not about B P C, B P M , C P C a n d C P M . D i g i ta l marke ng is about understanding your I can only say this to you: digital consumers digitally. It is a highly abused word. People don't understand what marke ng as a concept, has been highly abused. digital marke ng is, what the digital


Alumni in the Curriculum

Alumni Contributions to the Curriculum

Developing Brand You Developing Brand You (DBY) is a two-credit course, to encourage an improvement in the self-branding of the students. The course also facilitated pre-placement training by way of group discussions and personal interviews in an a empt to equip students with the requisite skills to meet the challenges of the rigorous recruitment processes. The course included briefing sessions and lectures, imparted by Business Communica ons' faculty, which introduced students to the basics of the DBY course. This was followed by mock discussions and training interviews. Ul mately, final interviews were conducted, which were judged by an industry expert, a track specializa on faculty (TSF) and a Business Communica on faculty, over a period of 4 days (September 3& 4 and September 10 & 11). The industry experts invited for the process included various notable alumni of IMT Ghaziabad. These were Madhulika Makar (Batch of 1985, and Director at Mirus Solu ons), Binu Thomas (Batch of 1987), Sunita Aggarwal (Batch of 1987), Kalpana Narain (Batch of 1989, and Managing Partner at Full Spectrum Consul ng), Harpreet Du a (Batch of 1995, and Sr. Vice President - HR at The Princeton Review Manya), Sonia Bareja (Batch of 2001) and Sumit Bhasin (Batch of 2005, and Assistant Vice President - Human Resources at Home Credit India). Therefore, the esteemed alumni members also played a pivotal role in the course, and were instrumental in helping the students prepare for their summer internship recruitment process.

Ms.Madhulika Makar (1985)

Ms. Kalpana Narain (1989)

Ms. Sonia Bareja (2001)

Mr. Sumit Bhasin (2005)

International Conference IMT Ghaziabad organised a two-day interna onal conference on “Facets of Doing Business in Emerging Markets” in collabora on with College of Business Administra on, University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) on July 28-29, 2016. The primary focus of the workshop was on Inclusive and Sustainable Growth with delibera ons spanning topics such as sustainability, innova on, and entrepreneurship in the context of unique challenges and opportuni es in the emerging markets. The conference aimed to bring together academicians, research scholars and prac sing managers from various countries, and mul ple disciplines to share their research on contemporary issues across inclusive and sustainable growth, as well as development under new age technology and innova on. The inaugural session was addressed by R. Gopalan, Former Secretary, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Sanjeev Aggarwal, Senior MD and Co-founder of Helion Ventures. The Industry Conclave witnessed talks from various notable guests including Lars Rueter from SAP, Manish Sinha from Vectus Industries, Swa Pandey from the Confedera on of Indian Industry, and Gopal Chandra Mondal, Director, Finance, IDFC Founda on who shared their views on sustainability and inclusive growth as an underlying factor in all business domains. The conclave was also a ended by Ms. Mamta Saikia – Vice President, Bhar Founda on, and an esteemed alumna of IMT Ghaziabad (Batch of 1991). She delivered a talk on sustainability and social growth in the social service sector. She also talked about young leaders who have made the society a be er place to live, through their solu ons sensi ve to people, environment and community as a whole.


Convoca on 2017

IMT Honours Alumni e Annual Convocation of

IMT Ghaziabad (Batch of 2017) The Annual Convoca

on of the Ins tute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad was conducted on 15 March 2017, at its campus situated in Ghaziabad, DelhiNCR. The Chief Guest for 2017, was Shri Sunil Bhar Mi al, Founder and Chairman, Bhar Enterprises, and he, along with Shri Kamal Nath, Member of Parliament, Former Union Cabinet Minister, and President, IMT Governing Council were on hand to award the diplomas to the graduates. The IMT Dis nguished Alumnus Award 2017, was received by Sunil Nayyar, Marke ng Director, Sony Corpora on, USA, and an alumnus of 1991, for his incomparable contribu on to the industry and the Ins tute. An ac ve alumnus, Mr. Nayyar gave a lecture on business revival and restructuring techniques in February 2017, which was greatly appreciated by everyone. This, along with innumerable benefits provided to the Alumni network and the Ins tute, over the years, made him a deserved awardee. Since Mr.Nayyar could not be present at the ceremony, the award was received by his fellow batchmate, Ms.Mamta Saikia. He had played a vital role in making Sony, India the highest revenue contributor for Sony and has also worked across the globe. Mr. Sunil Nayyar conveyed through a recorded message, his roots from the ins tute, how the ins tute shaped

as Xenophobia and an -immigra on sen ments are on the rise and the youth passing out must know this global paradigm shi . Every technology as it poses challenges also opens up many opportuni es as well building an ecosystem around the new technology and the amount of opportuni es digitalisa on creates, like the cashless economy will bring many opportuni es to the students.”

his career path and excitement on receiving the Dis nguished Alumnus Shri Kamal Nath, President, IMT Award for the year. Governing Council, in his address, talked about the role of business ethics, Dr. A sh Cha opadhyay, Director, IMT underlining that “We need to remember Ghaziabad welcomed the audience, and that data and technology are only welcomed new beneficial ini a ves to enablers and as team managers, you the Ins tute sta ng “We look forward to must also focus on people skills alongside 2017 with renewed op mism with the embracing these technologies. Business forma on of the Real Time Contextual objec ves need to align with the needs of Marke ng Lab (RTCML), a first by any B- the society. One must know the thin line School which will see the convergence of between profit and profiteering. In your Digital, Mobile, Social, Analy cs and journey from a cubicle to corner office other new media applica ons. We will keep your values intact.” con nue to deepen our engagement with the industry and IMT will launch its The Na onal Anthem was sung to Bloomberg Trade & Research Lab which conclude, indica ng that the future will allow students to gain exper se of impact of the outgoing students on trading in financial markets”. their lives and careers, would be held in immense pride Mr. Mi al's address highlighted his by the Ins tute and entrepreneurial endeavours, and the the country. changes in the poli cal and economic s c e n a r i o, sta n g “ Wo r l d h a s dynamically altered – the economic and poli cal structure and especially, the digital technology is witnessing major change. India maintains a growth at above 7%, Things such

Mr. Sunil Nayyar, Dis nguished Alumni Award 2017


Silver Jubilee Reunion

Reminiscence e Silver Jubilee Reunion

Celebrating 25 Years (Batch of 1991)

Reminiscence - the 25th year Reunion

ladder, and their experiences at IMT.

for the Class of 1991 was held at the campus on December 17, 2016. The event elicited a great response from the batch, with 32 alumni revisi ng the campus, filled with nostalgia and the feeling of happiness. The batch, including the Batch Champions, Mr. Indravir Das and Mr. Dhirendra Singh, and CxOs from diverse industries, including Mamta Saikia and Nandan Srinath, engaged in a frui ul interac on with the students. The conversa on covered a range of topics fromsummer placements to their respec ve journeys up the corporate

The Alumni Rela onship Commi ee organized a Convoca on Ceremony, at Kapil Mohan – the Old Auditorium, which elicited an overwhelmingly posi ve reac on from the batch. At the conclusion of the ceremony, me literally stopped, with the batch coming together for the Mannequin Challenge in their gradua on gowns. A er the ceremony, the alumni took a walk down the old lovers' lane, enchanted by the pictures which captured their

g o l d e n m o m e n t s a t I M T, culmina ng at the iconic Hawan Kund. Prasoon Joshi, a celebrated alumnus, who also wrote the popular Hindi song, 'Hawan Karenge', based on his years in IMT, wrote a special poem, for the occasion, which was presented beau fully, and became the ul mate highlight of the event. The bonfire and cake-cu ng ceremonies further served to strengthen the long-las ng rela onships between the batch, for them to reminisce the memories of their unique mes at IMT.




IMT Ghaziabad welcomed the Batch of 2006 to celebrate their 10 year Reunion on October 1, 2016


CLASS OF 1996 JANUARY 7, 2017

Our esteemed alumni of the 1996 batch relived their IMT days as part of the celebration and reminisced with their dear IMTians



At a Glance - All India Alumni Meets 2016 Amphi Nights 2016 (Dedicated to the good times at the Amphitheatre) Bengaluru-Chennai-Hyderabad-Kolkata-Mumbai-Delhi AIAMS were hosted in the 6 metros and 2 interna onal loca ons, and a ended by over 3,000 alumni. The event saw par cipa on from alumni ranging from the early batches of the 1980s, to the recent batches. The grand finale was at the Delhi Gymkhana Club and the occasion was marked by:

IMT Alumni Association logo was unveiled

Official release of a special issue of Sampark Volume 9 Issue 1 by Ms. Mamta Saikia (Alumna from 1991 and honoured in the 100 Women Achievers of India, by the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, in 2016)

Prabhat Ummat from the Batch of 1995 was facilitated with the 'IMTian for Life' Award, for continuous contribution to the alumni affairs

Proud IMT carry back - a collection of samples of renowned brands and products handled by IMTians was a carry back for all attendees



S.P.O.T.L.I.G.H.T Axis Bank Pragatishala Te a m G r a y s c a l e , f r o m I M T Ghaziabad emerged as the Na onal Winners at Praga shala, organized by Axis Bank India, aimed towards Digital Financial Literacy in rural India. The team had to organize a 10-day campaign at a village to increase awareness of digital payment systems. The team accomplished the task through various measures like street plays and awareness camps.

X-Culture Aanchal Chhabra of PGDM 2015-17 emerged as the winner of the Global Business Plan Compe on, X-Culture Project, by Dr. Soma Arora, as part of her course, Interna onal Business and India's Global Integra on. A total of 4,271 students and non-student contestants from 127 universi es across 39 countries enrolled in the compe on. Notably, Dr. Soma Arora, became the first Indian faculty to win the pres gious Best Instructor Award at the X-Culture Project in April 2016.

Confluence, IIM-A

Fiesta’17, FMS

Heeransh Rohatgi, Shashank Vashisht and Raunaq Rathi of PGDM 2016-18 emerged as Na onal Winners at the case study compe on, 'Beyond the Case', conducted by the Indian Ins tute of Management, Ahmedabad in their annual fes val, Confluence. The team emerged as winners among 502 entries in the event.

IMT con nued its dominance in sports fests, in Fiesta'17, organized by the Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi. Students from IMT made a mark by emerging as the winners in futsal, throwball and table tennis.


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Sampark Vol 9 Issue 2 A  

The issue 2 of Sampark Volume 9 is a continuation to the Annual Alumni Dinner edition of 2016

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