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The need for an integrated approach to alcohol policy ‘Interventions for alcohol dependence in Europe: A missed opportunity to improve public health’

10 May 2012

Eurocare The European Alcohol Policy Alliance was formed in 1990 with 9 member organisation

Today: • 51 member org • 21 countries • Secretariat in Brussels


We care about Europe... …where alcohol related harm is NO longer a leading risk factor for ill-health and premature death



Society 3.

Main areas of concern in a Comprehensive strategy : •Consumer protection: comprehensive labelling (food information and health warnings) •Road safety •Commercial communication •Price and taxation •Alcohol and pregnancy •Social inclusion and equity in health 4.

Comprehensive strategy continued: •Family and children •Prevention with special focus on prevention at workplace

•Monitoring of data, developing and maintaining common evidence base •Training of healthcare professionals (in prevention brief interventions, diagnosis and treatment)


The burden of alcohol at EU level • The real absolute risk of dying from an adverse alcoholrelated condition increases with the total amount of alcohol consumed over a lifetime * • Around 60 diseases and disorders are associated with alcohol dependence * • The European Union is the region with the highest alcohol consumption in the world* • 12M people in the EU live with alcohol dependence ** • €155.8 billion social costs attributable to alcohol ** * WHO report, Alcohol in the European Union: consumption, harm and policy approaches, March 2012 ** Interventions for alcohol dependence in Europe: A missed opportunity to improve public health, May 2012


Harm done by alcohol to children • 5 – 9 million children (9%) live in families adversely affected by alcohol. • 16% of cases in child abuse involves alcohol

• 23% of all deaths in children aged 0-15 from motor vehicles are due to alcohol • 19% of all child homicides are due to alcohol


Harm to young people • 13 000

young men and 2000 women die in the EU each year due to alcohol

• 350 000

15-16 year old report fights

• 220 000

students report contact with police

• 700 000

15-16 year old suffers due to parents drinking

• 5%

15-16 year old report regretted sex 8.

The environment we create


Sponsorship 2009- 206 mln viewers

2011- 8 mln viewers




Eurobarometer 2010: More than 75% of EU citizens agree that alcohol advertising targetting young people should be banned in all EU Member States


Call for Action- Loi Evin in Europe •Total ban of marketing towards young people •No alcohol advertising on TV and cinema •No sponsorship from the alcohol industry at events where young people are gathered

•Maintain current regulation on product placement •Regulate content, time and volume of alcohol marketing 13.


Does NOT cause cancer and 60 other diseases Is NOT addictive Is NOT third leading risk factor for chronic disease PROVIDES information to consumers

DOES cause cancer and 60 other diseases IS addictive IS third leading risk factor for chronic disease DOES NOT provide any information


Way forward on labelling •All alcoholic beverages should be required to state: •Ingredients

•Substances with allergenic effect •Relevant nutrition information like Energy value (kcal) •Alcoholic strength (total grams) •Health and safety warnings 15.


French pictogram – since October 2007 All alcoholic packages require pictogram or:

”Consumption of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy even in small amounts can seriously damage the child’s health”



Eurobarometer 2010: • There is strong public support 79% for health warnings on the known risks (pregnancy and drink driving)


EU Alcohol Strategy A comprehensive strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm in Europe until the end of 2012

Some Achievements: •10 countries adopted or revised National Strategy after 2006 •Around 50% of MS have restriction on price promotions of alcoholic beverages •Around 50% have a licensing system for on premise and off premise sale •All do awareness raising activities •Age limits in almost all countries and increasing 20.

EU Alcohol Strategy 2013 – 2020 Stronger collaboration between EU and MS European Council, with the Council working group, European Commission, European Parliament and Member States should work far more committed: • Fixing guidelines and timetables for achieving short, medium and longterm goals • Establishing quantitative and qualitative indicators and benchmarks, tailored to needs of Member States and sectors involved

• European guidelines – setting specific measures and targets • Periodic monitoring of progress achieved – yearly reporting 21.




Thank you for your attention Mariann Skar Secretary General 17, Rue Archimède 1000 Brussels, Belgium Tel+32 (0)2 736 05 72 GSM+32(0)474 663 556


Eurocare: The need for an integrated approach to alcohol policy  

'The need for an integrated approach to alcohol policy' was presented by Mariann Skar, Secretary General of the European Alcohol Policy Alli...

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