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Riser installation on FPSO/floater`s from deep water requires a comprehensive logistics and well planned layout of the pre-installation site. Imenco supplies a specially designed Load Transfer Hook for retrieval and transferal of the riser from a standard ROV support vessel to the FPSO/floater. Maintaining full integrity and security of the load, the hook also provides

features for secondary load transfer back to the support vessel if any of the components on the FPSO/floater or the pull-in-head are in need of inspection or repair.

n RISER RECOVERY HOOK / LOAD TRANSFER HOOK Imenco has designed a system for recovery of risers based on our expertise in underwater operation for use in recovery of pre-installed risers from deep waters. The risers for an FPSO/floater can be pre-installed prior to arrival of the FPSO/floater on the field and can be recovered by a standard service vessel and handed over to the FPSO/floater by a special Load Transfer Technique maintaining full security and integrity of the load on all phases during the load transfer. The Load Transfer Hook will be connected to the riser pull-in-head and installed along with the riser. In the hook a Fiber grommet may be

connected floating off the seabed. The service vessel will use an ROV operated hook and connect to the grommet and retrieve the riser. Once on deck the lift line from the FPSO/floater will be connected to the Load Transfer Hook and a submerged load transfer may then be performed. Release of the grommet after the load transfer is complete will be performed by the ROV opening the Security lip. Reconnection of the grommet may also be performed by the ROV if it is required to inspect or repair the riser pull-in-head.

Imenco ROV hook during connection to the riser with the load transfer hook and grommet assisted by a work class ROV. The buoyant grommet is accessible for the ROV and can be connected by the ROV to the Imenco Recovery hook.

Service vessel approaching the FPSO/floater with the riser on deck and a pull-in-line from the FPSO/floater will then be connected. Pull-in-line is manually shackled to the load transfer hook.

Riser is lowered from the service vessel until load has been transferred to the FPSO/floater.

A work class ROV is disconnecting the grommet from the load transfer hook, and riser can be recovered to the FPSO/floater. The design of the riser recovery hook minimize the required dimension of the pull-in-tube.

Riser is free to be pulled into the FPSO/floater, and the service vessel can go to next riser and repeat the operation. If required, the grommet may be reconnected to the load transfer hook for inspection or repair of the pull-in-head onboard the service vessel.

n The Riser Recovery Hooks

Special designed for the transfer of a load from a recovered preinstalled riser between a service vessel and an FPSO/floater. The hooks can also be used for other subsea lifting operations. The slim design in all parts allows for pull-in through narrow I-Tubes maintaining full integrity of the load. The security lip is designed for ROV operation in both the unlatching and for re-latching and will in addition allow for guiding of a grommet into the hook supported by the ROV only. The security lip is designed for up to 25Te in any direction. The hooks are designed for up to 1,000Te WLL.

Special shackles designed to avoid “fishing� and to keep the system as slim as possible.

Floating grommet can be delivered to suit required loads.

n ROV Hooks / Subsea Hooks

are delivered for loads from 150-1,000Te WLL. The ROV hooks have a safety arrangement which can be fixed in open or in closed position, and easily operated by a work class ROV.

Imenco has an experience staff of engineers capable of assisting in any design or manufacture challenges.

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