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League Logs SUMMER 2020



A N D LOV E S A L I T T L E D R A M A I N C L A S S [ P O R T R A I T O F A G R A D U AT E — LO O K I N G T O T H E F U T U R E ]

What does an MA graduate look like? Diverse in every way, yet sharing surprisingly similar qualities. As early as kindergarten, The Montgomery Academy looks ahead to the kinds of qualities a young adult needs to succeed. Programs are structured and experiences are designed around creating life-long learners who challenge themselves. Co-curricular involvement is planned to champion honor, ethics, diversity and service. We do all this—but if you talk to our Upper School students they’ll tell you how they play the part: on the stage, in the studio, on the field, in the community, and in the classroom.

Th e M o n t g o m e r y A c a d e m y The Pursuit of Excellence in K-12 Education Contact Rachael Gallagher, admissions@montgomeryacademy.org | 334.272.8210 | montgomeryacademy.org


From the President What a year of ACTION it has been! We are ending our League year in a time and moment that none of us could have imagined. We are all learning, adapting, and adjusting to our new normal. You started our year with a mission and a purpose to give our community something special this year—and you did it! When we started our journey last June to be Women of ACTION, you began with helping students bridge the gap over summer and prevent learning loss. As we closed the summer you moved on to help build and renovate areas for volunteers to come to Montgomery and make a difference in our community, and that was just the start of all you would do! You continued our mission in the community by serving others who needed job training, mentoring, and help landing the perfect job. You helped our elderly population by preparing and delivering meals and backpacks of food as well as encouraging them to stay active through community Zumba classes! You helped teach the lifetime sport of tennis and life skills to those in our community with physical and intellectual disabilities. You also made sure families kept more of their tax returns this year and paid less in high interest fees for tax accounting. And lastly our placements focused on inspiring and educating young men in Montgomery by giving their school a renovation and boost to spark their minds. While members of our League were giving these gifts to our city, other members were planning and implementing one of our best years of fundraising events. Our College and Career Night expanded their reach, explored new ideas, and raised the most funds we have ever recorded. It brought in students from 50 different high schools in 10 different counties. There is a reason this event celebrated 35 years this year. It is a vital part of not only Montgomery but the entire River Region. This event was followed with another local tradition, Holiday Market. It exceeded its fundraising goal, and sold more tickets to Preview Party than any year in recent history. In 2020, you planned and worked to bring us one of the most successful Women’s Leadership Summits to date. This year’s Summit inspired, rejuvenated, and celebrated the power of women. While we had great plans for Shop Save Serve and other events this spring that we were unable to do, our League turned its mind to helping our Community with JLM Cares. You fed hospital workers, collected donations, and supported each other all while staying home. Please know that your ACTIONS mean the world to our community. You have and are making a difference. For this I say thank you for an amazing year, and I challenge you to continue our good work. Our League is thriving and will be celebrating our 95th year, and no one is better able and ready to lead our League than Allison Prillaman. Marie Wise Styles will be a wonderful partner to her leadership and together they will be an inspiring team to lead our League. This year I am grateful for the amazing Board of Directors who gave their time, said yes to leadership, and gave our League so much of themselves this year. I am thankful for their help, friendship, and commitment to a job well done. They never said no and completed every challenge. At the end of the day, our League is so much better because of them! Personally, I would like to thank my family who has taken every step with me this year including my parents, who are an amazing example of service and love, my in-laws, and most of all, my husband and children. You have all given me the support and love to serve our community, and I thank you. Our League challenged me professionally, has given me leadership opportunities and most importantly, the gift of friendship. The League has taught me best practices and how to seek out other viewpoint. It has also been a place of growth. I am so thankful to be a member of this League, and I end this year in gratitude to our members. Thank you for the opportunity to be your President this year. Thank you for the time you have given to help our League grow, and thank you for your membership in our League. Our League needs you, from Sustainers to Provisionals, now more than ever. The gifts you will receive in return out number the hours you will give. Jennifer Rogers

Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



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Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



From the Editor “Nothing can stop the power of a committed and determined people to make a difference in our society. Why? Because human beings are the most dynamic link to the divine on this planet.” - U.S. House Rep. John Lewis, Across That Bridge: A Vision for Change and the Future of America No one could have predicted how the last half of our League year would be cut short due to a global pandemic. While the world was shut down, the ladies of our League continued to persevere and lead in our community whether it be through providing goods for local families, meals for healthcare workers on the frontlines, or simply staying at home and social distancing. The women of Junior League of Montgomery continued to be Women of Action. While this issue may not feature some of the events and community placements that were unable to take place this year, we still have an abundance of content to share including Women’s Leadership Summit and multiple community placements such as Triumph Services, St. Margaret’s Services, Montgomery Education Foundation, and Hope Inspired Ministries. You may also find a familiar face or two in our piece, “Road to 100: Flashback!” As our League nears its 100th year, we will continue to highlight our history, so stay tuned! In this issue we also look toward the upcoming year by introducing our new 2020-2021 Board of Directors and our new innovations to some of our community events. This fall, College & Career Night will be going virtual! This committee has worked tirelessly, and we are happy to highlight their hard work. This League year may look different than most, but with our strong leadership and driven members, I’m confident that we will continue to live out our mission. As Congressman John Lewis said, “Nothing can stop the power of a committed and determined people to make a difference in our society. Rebecca Holtsford

MISSION STATEMENT The Junior League of Montgomery, Inc. is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. The opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the Junior League of Montgomery, Inc. League Logs is published two times a year by the Junior League of Montgomery, Inc. Copyright 2020. No reproduction is permissible in any form without written permission of the Editor, 3570 Carter Hill Road, Montgomery, AL 36111 334-288-8816 :: jlmontgomery.org

6 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020


Sommer Morris, Chair Chacolby Burns-Johnson, Co-Chair Marla Terranova Vickers, Corporate Tables Amanda Miller, Publicity & Publications Chair Amanda Fallon Heather Goggin Deirdre Kennerson Porcia Love Melissa Moore Leah Wilson

HOPE INSPIRED MINISTRIES LaTricia Jones, Chair Tamika Watkins, Co-Chair Jerusha Adams Shannon Britton Vernessa Harris Freida Luster-Barregarye Acquanetta Pinkard Melody Rowe Leslie Strappy

In Honor Of...

June 2019 - May 2020 Sara Sellers Harold Nicrosi (Past President) Eva Thompson LeCretia Snow Middleton

MONTGOMERY EDUCATION FOUNDATION Amerika Blair, Chair Connie Dacus Erica Ponder Danita Rose

ST. MARGARET’S SERVICES AT CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES Karen Griffin, Chair Lora Evans Katina James Stacey Pugh

TRIUMPH SERVICES Ta’Kenya Rogers, Chair Chandra Tarver, Co-Chair Denise Baylor Faye Comer Kiarra Comer Heather Goggin Maya Martin Jacqueline Provo Jocelyn Stovall Draper Suttles Wendy Williams Vicki Wilson


Serve o h W e s o h T r o SavingcosunFts for military and first responders. Auto dis

AlfaInsurance.com Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



2020-2021 Board of Directors Allison Prillaman


What is your favorite vacation spot and why? The Beach! I love listening to the ocean and watching the waves. What is the last show you binge watched? Money Heist on Netflix When it comes to replacing toilet paper, should the roll go over or under? Over, of course! What are most people surprised to learn about you? I have a twin brother. What is the best recipe you have made during quarantine? Paula Deen’s “Not Yo Mama’s Banana Pudding”

Marie Wise Styles


1. What is your go-to karaoke song? Heart of Glass & Bohemian Rhapsody 2.. What is your go-to restaurant in the River Region, and what do you order? Jubilee Seafood and any of the daily specials. 3. What’s a movie you never get bored watching? The Empire Strikes Back 4. What is the best advice you have ever received? Follow Up, follow up, and follow up. 5. Who was your biggest childhood celebrity crush? John Taylor from Duran Duran

8 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

Adrian Cooper

Finance Council VP

Who is the most famous person you have ever met? Bo Jackson What is the last show you binge watched? Outlander What are most people surprised to learn about you? I have an identical twin sister. Who was your biggest childhood celebrity crush? Freddie Prinze Jr. What is the best recipe you have made during quarantine? Carlsbad Cravings - Beef Stroganoff

Amanda Miller

Member at Large

What is your go-to karaoke song? Otis Redding “Try a Little Tendernos”, Biz Markie “Just a Friend”, Lauryn Hill “Doo-Wop”, Kriss Kross “Jump”, En Vogue “My Lovin’”. It should be noted that I’ve only sung karaoke once… What is your favorite vacation spot and why? The Southwest. I love the colors of the landscape. What is your go-to restaurant in the River Region, and what do you order? La Zona Rosa. Shredded beef quesadillas. What’s a movie you never get bored watching? Pride & Prejudice, 2005 version. Who was your biggest childhood celebrity crush? J.T.T. You 80s babies will get it.

Amy Capps

Advisory Strategic Planning Chair

What is your go-to restaurant in the River Region, and what do you order? La Jolla. Ceasar Salad, Beef Carpaccio, and Tuna Spring Rolls with a nice glass of Pinot Noir. What’s a movie you never get bored watching? It’s a tie: C​ atch Me If You Can and Sex and the City 1 What would your perfect day be like? Sleep in, then cocktails in a cabana on the beach, then time at the spa, and a quiet dinner. What clubs were you a part of in high school? Choir, German Club, school paper, performed in a few musicals, ran cross country and track, and cheered. Who was your biggest childhood celebrity crush? R​ iver Phoenix

Ashley Penhale

Governance Chair

What is your go-to restaurant in the River Region, and what do you order? Uncle Mick’s (in Prattville). Chicken and sausage gumbo. What is the last show you binge watched? Schitt’s Creek When it comes to replacing toilet paper, should the roll go over or under? Over! Who was your biggest childhood celebrity crush? John Stamos aka Uncle Jesse What is the best recipe you have made during quarantine? Brownie brittle

Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



Fundraising VP

What is your favorite vacation spot and why? The Caribbean. There is so much to see and do from exploring the Islands to fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. The food is also wonderful. All of the Islands are amazing and the color of the water to unbelievable. Being in these beautiful places is the best way to relax. What is your go-to restaurant in the River Region, and what do you order? La Jolla - lamb chops and a glass of wine What is the last show you binge watched? Ozark What’s a movie you never get bored watching? Hidden Figures What would your perfect day be like? Being on the water fishing or scuba diving

Felicia Long

Sustaining Advisor

What is your favorite vacation spot and why? Bora Bora because there are multiple shades of blue as you look across the water, you can swim with manta rays as large as a boat, there are people from all over the world vacation there with you, and the amount of visible stars at night is breathtaking. What is your go-to restaurant in the River Region, and what do you order? Zoe’s and particularly like the Tossed Greek Salad. What is the last show you binge watched? Jack Ryan What is the best advice you have ever received? Just be you. What would your perfect day be like? Waking up on an island in the Caribbean, reading a good book on the beach, taking a break to snorkel and swim, then ending the day with my husband on a sunset sailboat with Caribbean music playing the background.

Jodi Turner

Membership Council VP

If you could live in someone else’s shoes for a day, who would it be and why? Kenny Chesney….because he always seems to be island-hopping and having a good time. :) If you could be any character on a television show, who would it be and why? Rachel from Friends….just because I think she is funny and attractive and enjoy the love story with Ross. What is the best advice you have ever received? Don’t sweat the small stuff. Be yourself regardless of what others think. What would your perfect day be like? Starting the day with coffee, accomplishing something in the morning (work, exercise.. anything), relaxing and having fun in the afternoon, and live music at night. Who was your biggest childhood celebrity crush? Kirk Cameron

Kadie Agnew

Communications Council VP

Who is the most famous person you have ever met? Elizabeth Smart, members of the Eli Young band, Taylor Hicks, and Tom Rinaldi. If you could live in someone else’s shoes for a day, who would it be and why? Laura Bush. She is the epitome of a strong southern woman backed with class, grace and poise. What’s a movie you never get bored watching? Sweet Home Alabama & Legally Blonde What is the best advice you have ever received? “Never meet a stranger” and “You never know until you ask.” Who was your biggest childhood celebrity crush? John Travolta. Yes, all of my friends made fun of me because he could be our Dad, but Grease sold me and I never stopped “loving” him.

10 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

Kimberly Parker

Community Council VP

Who is the most famous person you have ever met? Prince What is the best advice you have ever received? Be yourself and live life to the fullest. When it comes to replacing toilet paper, should the roll go over or under? Over What clubs were you a part of in high school? Mu Alpha Theta and the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society 5. What is the best recipe you have made during quarantine? Mushroom Risotto and Braised Beef Shanks

Leslie Zeanah

Nominating Chair

What is your go-to karaoke song? Sweet Child of Mine What is your favorite vacation spot and why? Before becoming a mom, my husband and I loved Caribbean Beach Vacations. Our current favorite is Disney because we all get to be kids! 3. Who is the most famous person you have ever met? My husband and I met Jimmy Buffet while vacationing in Hawaii. 4. What is your go-to restaurant in the River Region, and what do you order? Spring House- Shrimp & Grits 5. What is the last show you binge watched? The Crown

Melissa Warnke

Operations Council VP

What is your favorite vacation spot and why? Harbour Island, Bahamas. It’s a beautiful, small island that’s not touristy. And the main form of transportation on the island is golf carts. So fun! Lots of great local places to shop, eat and see, too! What is your go-to restaurant in the River Region, and what do you order? El Rey: Guacamole, Jicama Salad, and an El Camino margarita! What is the last show you binge watched? Dead to Me Season 2 What are most people surprised to learn about you? I play the Trumpet! Who was your biggest childhood celebrity crush? Jonathan Taylor Thomas!

Quenita Mitchell

Recording Secretary

What is your go-to karaoke song? Lauren Hil l- “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” 2. What is your go-to restaurant in the River Region, and what do you order? SaZa Serious Italian – chicken piccata with their homemade cheesecake for dessert 3. What is the last show you binge watched? A Million Little Things 4. What’s a movie you never get bored watching? Practical Magic or Hope Floats 5. What is the best advice you have ever received? “Never wear your feelings on your shoulders, so they won’t be easy to be knocked off.”- Granny Mary Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



Contributors Rebecca Holtsford currently serves as the editor of League Logs. She is a native of Montgomery and received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at the University of Alabama. She currently works as a pediatric registered nurse for Children’s of Alabama at its Montgomery office, Physicians To Children. Rebecca joined the Junior League of Montgomery in 2016. Her previous placements include Brantwood Children’s Home and Montgomery Area Nontraditional Equestrian (MANE). She enjoys volunteering in the community, especially with children. Rebecca is currently the Chair of the River Region Junior Board for Magic Moments. She is also on the Junior Executive Board for the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art and serves as the secretary of the Montgomery Catholic Alumni Association. She is married to Trey Holtsford who is an attorney at Holtsford Gilliland Higgins Hitson & Howard P.C. In their spare time they enjoy being with friends, traveling, and hanging with their golden retriever, Cooper. Blake Ioimo, currently serves as the co-editor of League Logs. She considers herself a Montgomery native, although she was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and lived in Kingwood, Texas as a child. Blake is the Coordinator for the Marketing Resource Center for Alfa Insurance and has been with the company since 2006. She graduated from Judson College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science in 2005 and Auburn Montgomery with a Master of Public Administration in 2008. Blake has been a member of the Junior League of Montgomery since 2012 and since joining the league, she has served in many capacities including Ticket Chair for the Rummage Sale, Co-Chair for the Hope Inspired Ministries community placement, Fund Development Committee, Chair of the Brantwood community placement, Recording Secretary and League Logs C0-Editor and Editor. Blake is married to Jeffrey Ioimo and they have one daughter Amelia. Susan Hunt, currently serves as the Business Manager for League Logs. She is a native of Birmingham, Alabama, and graduated from Auburn University in 1995 with a degree in Industrial Engineering. She moved to Montgomery 11 years ago and serves as the Director of Mission and Advocacy for the Alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. Susan joined the Junior League of Montgomery soon after she moved to Montgomery in order to meet new people and find opportunities to serve the community. Tasha Cooper, a native of Gainesville, Florida, has spent the past 19 years volunteering for and serving in various capacities at nonprofit organizations including management, marketing & public relations, fundraising, and program development. She graduated with a B.A. in Communication & Public Relations in 2005 from the University of West Florida (UWF) in Pensacola, Florida and recently completed her Masters in Nonprofit Administration from Louisiana State University-Shreveport. Tasha has lived throughout the Southeast but moved to Montgomery from Baton Rouge, Louisiana in July 2017. She serves as the Executive Director of HandsOn River Region and resides in Montgomery with her husband, Brennan. Peyton Flowers joined the Junior League of Montgomery in 2016 and has enjoyed serving placements with Brantwood Children’s Home and League Logs. She is an eBusiness Analyst at Alfa Insurance and spends her days creating content for digital marketing efforts. Previously, she served as editor at RSVP Montgomery magazine. She is a 2012 graduate of Troy University with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism, a contract in public relations and a minor in leadership studies. A Selma native, Peyton lives in Cloverdale with her husband, Andy, their son, Rhettman, their daughter, Camilla, and their two dogs, Fitz and Bailey. She is a member of Landmark Church. Leslie Stone is a native of Montgomery. She is the owner of Lone Willow Masonry, Inc. (a woman owned masonry subcontractor). She joined the Junior League of Montgomery in 2017. She is married to Westley K.Stone and they have four children Khadidah, Keturah, Khelsea, and Carson.

12 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

Congratulations, Graduates! We congratulate the Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School Class of 2020! Our 145th graduating class includes 80 members who earned $6.4 million in scholarship offers from 23 colleges and universities. The top 20 percent of the class achieved an ACT composite score average of 31 and an average GPA of 4.28. Meet the Class of 2020: A National Merit Scholarship Winner · An AP Scholar with Distinction · An AP Scholar with Honor · 30 members of National Honor Society · 7 collegiate athletes · A future member of the Armed Forces and a future Firefighter · A member of the Great American Marching Band · A State Champion Wrestler · Members of the VEX Robotics World Championship Team · 3 Football Players of the Year · Volleyball Player of the Year · Male Basketball Player of the Year · Wrestler of the Year · Members of the All-District and All-State Honor Bands We are so proud of our graduates who exemplify what it means to be built by Catholic.

Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School

Grades K4-12 www.montgomerycatholic.org Photo: Jake Crandall / Montgomery Advertiser Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



The Road to 100:


14 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020


Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



Grant Applications


By Amber Cameron, Community Research Council Chair

he Junior League of Montgomery Community Research Council (CRC) is now taking grant applications for the League 20212022 year. The League’s annual CRC Grant Workshop was held on June 23, 2020, via Zoom, and all materials presented at the workshop, including detailed instructions on how to apply for a League grant, are now available on the JLM website under

the Community Impact tab, at https:// www.jlmontgomery.org/community/ community-grants/.

Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations when crafting the volunteer component.

Agencies eligible to apply for a grant must be a 501(3)(c) organization and have a proposal that supports the mission of the League and utilizes League volunteers in a meaningful way. Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, applicants are asked to consider Centers for Disease

Please encourage any qualified agency who might be interested to apply. Applications are due via email to jlmcommresearch@gmail.com, by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, August 21, 2020. Any questions can be directed to CRC Chair, Amber Cameron, at 334-833-2022.

CELEBRATING THE GIFT OF SERVICE Wind Creek Montgomery is proud to support the Junior League of Montgomery. On your next visit to Itta Bena, enjoy a

COMPLIMENTARY APPETIZER with the purchase of an entrée.


Appetizer value may not exceed $12. Limit one per table. Present this ad to server when placing order. May not be used in conjunction with any other offers.

1801 Eddie L. Tullis Rd., Montgomery, AL | WindCreekMontgomery.com ©2020 Wind Creek Hospitality

16 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

INTRODUCING ADOLESCENT BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES As the only mental health center in Central Alabama, Crossbridge Behavioral Health now offers specialized in-patient care for adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18. We understand how chaotic life can feel for families when a child is struggling with behavioral health issues. Our staff of expert physicians, licensed therapists, licensed social workers, registered nurses and mental health technicians offer a program of therapies and services that help return the young patient to emotional well-being. We treat adolescent behavioral health illness such as: Anxiety | Bipolar | Depression | Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Schizophrenia | Mood Disorders | Psychosis

Now is the time to begin the healing journey. Please call 334-286-3116 for more information.

The Road to Health and Hope Begins Here

Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



How Did You Spend Your Summer? By Amerika Blair, chair of Montgomery Education Foundation committee


he ladies of the Montgomery Education Foundation Placement spent their summer in action with The Montgomery Education Foundation’s Brain Forest Summer Learning Academy, led by Chair, Amerika Blair. Brain Forest is a 5 week summer enrichment program targeted at improving student math and reading scores while preventing

summer learning loss. The ladies of the MEF Committee were dedicated to serving rising 4th, 5th and 6th graders, providing them with skills such as business modeling, entrepreneurship, reading, and problem solving. The small classroom settings were able to offer the students opportunities to learn in untraditional settings and gave volunteers the

18 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

opportunity to assist the students with preparing their merchandise for their pop-up shops and making slime and lemonade to sell during the “Lemonade Wars.” The committee also worked the Weekly Incentive Store, giving students the opportunity to purchase items with the tickets they earned throughout the week for good behavior and participation.

Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



A Heart for Helping Others


By Karen Griffin, chair of St. Margaret’s Services at Catholic Social Services committee

unior of League of Montgomery St. Margaret’s Placement was a yearlong successful placement. The group of ladies came together to serve senior citizens in different locations in Montgomery by providing food bags and Zumba classes. This year, we really got to know each other more and provided companionship and food to the seniors. Catholic Social Services is an organized expression of the church’s concern for social justice and well-being. As such, all activity is to mirror the loving care and concern of Christ for those in need. As a league member we all served people in the

community year-round which is a Good Samaritan trait. You must have a heart for helping others which is why this placement was a success.

Home Care Ser vices Maintain Independence, Consider a Helping Hand 2801 Zelda Road, Montgomery, AL 36106 334.356.3911 tammy@aphcs.com • meghann@aphcs.com

Locally Owned Since 2011

We offer an array of non-medical and skilled services: •Companionship •24 Hour Care •Light Housekeeping •Shopping/Errands •Laundry •Client Transportation •Meal Preparation •Fall Prevention

•Exercise Program •Care Management •Respite & Overnight Care •Personal Care •Medical Management

•New Mom/Infant Care •Hospital Stay Assistance •Chronic Disease Management •Nurse Visits •Home Safety Evaluations

Schedule a Complimentary Assessment answeredprayerhomecare.com facebook.com/AnsweredPrayerHomeCareService

20 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

Empowering Women in the Community By Ta’Kenya Rogers, chair of Triumph Services committee


riumph Services serves individual females with intellectual disabilities. Through our partnership with JLM and Triumph Services these young ladies are afforded the opportunity to become integrated into the community, by being given the chance to participate in various social events, as well as one on one interventions. The social events planned by the Triumph Committee provide the opportunity for individuals to build closer relationships and acquire social skills. The Triumph Placement kicked off it’s year September 23, 2019, at Bowelro, where the young ladies enjoyed a “Very Competitive” game of bowling. The ladies enjoyed a night at the Montgomery Zoo for our first social event in October. On October 30th, we had a Halloween party held at the Triumph Services office. We continued to have two social events per month until our time was cut short by COVID-19.

Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



Hope Inspired Ministries T

By Tamika Watkins, co-chair of Hope Inspired Ministries committee

his year HIM entered a new phase in their growth. They moved from their longtime downtown local to a new building. HIM relocated to 155 Coliseum Blvd (the Old Girl Scouts Building). HIM stands for Hope Inspired Ministries. They operate a nine-week program: participants receive classroom training for six weeks and three weeks on on-the-job training. This program serves as a reentry into the job market for some and an entry point for others.

throughout the program. JLM members attended lunch with their mentees at HIM. Community members provide lunch each day for the students and staff at HIM. Please consider reaching out to them if you would like to provide lunch. This was a wonderful placement for our

JLM members volunteered their time by mentoring the participants. As a mentor, you offered advice and encouragement to the participants

22 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

members. Outside of mentoring, JLM members volunteered to help HIM during its Grand Opening and Graduation Ceremonies. Our time was cut short due to COVID-19, but I know we had an impact on Hope Inspired Ministries.


Since its inception in 1926, Junior League of Montgomery (JLM) has awarded millions of dollars to various organizations in Montgomery. The Junior League is unique in that each financial award is accompanied by volunteers. This League year, 2020-2021, we are honored to work with the following community partners to whom we awarded a total of $94,000 in grant monies.


Pictured are the 2020-

Aid to Inmate Mothers...................................... $5,031.00

2021 placements that were

Brantwood Children’s Home........................... $10,000.00

able to join us for our final

Disability as an Ability Toward Success........ $8,000.00 Human Trafficking............................................ $4,000.00 Impact Alabama................................................ $6,925.00 MACOA.............................................................. $10,144.00 Montgomery Christian School........................ $23,500.00 Nellie Burge (Mary Ellen’s Hearth).................. $8,000.00 Service Dogs of Alabama................................ $8,000.00 Strong Tower at Washington Park.................. $2,500.00 Women of Refined Gold................................... $7,900.00

meeting in May that had to have limited attendance due to Covid-19. The Junior League of Montgomery is excited to work with our 2020-2021 community placements. The following organizations were unable to attend this meeting— Human Trafficking, Impact Alabama, Service Dogs of Alabama, and Women of Refined Gold.

Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



JLM Covid-19 Efforts


he mission states, “The Junior League of Montgomery is an organization committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.”

By Rebecca Holtsford, Editor of League Logs The past few months have been nothing short of challenging for communities around the world due to COVID-19. While the last half of the 94th League year was cut short due to the global pandemic, JLM members continued to find ways to live out the League’s mission through leading and serving the community during these uncertain times.

24 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

The Board of Directors immediately took action. Through numerous Zoom calls and email exchanges, a plan was devised to organize a donation drive, deliver meals to local healthcare workers, and share resources to aid in making masks for the community. While the economy was shutdown, the Junior League of Montgomery continued to serve some of its

community placements including Brantwood Children’s Home, Valiant Cross Academy, and Common Ground through organizing donations of food, hygiene products, and cleaning items. During late April through early May, the League accepted donation drop offs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The League was able to provide snacks and essentials to 25 local families as well as to Common Ground and Brantwood Children’s Home. League members also served the community in a different way by staying home and social distancing. During this time of isolation, the League continued to promote fellowship for its members through weekly Zoom happy hours, delivering small tokens or “happys” through the mail, and sharing resources for fun

activities to do while at home like the free biweekly Zumba classes offered by Sustainer Melissa George Bowman through Facebook. Due to COVID-19, our New Member Open House and final General Membership meeting were both virtual. New Members were able to hear about JLM via Zoom. Year-end award recipients and board members attended the final meeting where social distancing was practiced. Other members were able to tune in through Facebook Live. Despite the challenges that come along with unexpected global pandemics, the Junior League of Montgomery was able to overcome obstacles and finish out a successful 2019-2020 League year. While the 2020-2021 year may function

differently than previous years, the new leadership team has been working hard to come up with ways that the League can move its mission forward.

Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



The Power of Women By Chacolby Burns-Johnson, Co-Chair, Women’s Leadership Summit


he 3rd Annual Women’s Leadership Summit, held March 6, 2020, was once again an inspirational day as nearly 350 women from across the River Region gathered in celebration

26 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

of International Women’s Day at Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church. The Presenting Sponsor for this phenomenal day of enrichment and empowerment was Wind Creek Hospitality, and the additional main

sponsors included Jackson Hospital who served as a Gold Sponsor along with Valley Bank as a Silver Sponsor. “The Power of Women” theme was evident throughout the day as attendees united to learn, connect, and grow in their personal and professional lives. The keynote speaker for the Summit was the remarkable Lilly Ledbetter, the plaintiff in the American employment discrimination case Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Congress passed a fair pay act in her name—the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. She is also a women’s equality activist, public speaker, and author. Her remarks were well received and quite timely especially since Alabama passed the Clarke-Figures Equal Pay Act (CFEPA) just last year in 2019, which generally prohibits pay discrimination based on sex or race and also prohibits retaliation against an applicant for refusing to provide salary history information. 2020 is also a significant year since it marks the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment: 100 years of women voting. During the Opening Session, Dr. Alex Colvin, Public Programs Curator from the Alabama Department of Archives and History, provided an informative lesson on Alabama women and the role they played in leading the charge for voting rights in our state.

Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020


JUNIOR LEAGUE COMMUNITY EVENTS The opening keynote speaker Tarah Keech, founder of Burnout Survival, presented ”Burnout Prevention and How To Thrive After It.” This is a relevant topic for many women today as we wear different hats as professionals, parents, partners, and friends. The breakout sessions featured four areas of focus including partnership, power, purpose, and action. These sessions offered a more intimate setting for attendees to connect, share, and hear from additional speakers and

fellow attendees. The sessions were educational and impactful. They included “Partnership: Empowering Women-Especially the Ones Who Don’t Like You” with Ce Anderson, owner of Ce Consulting; “Purpose: Self-Care is Anything But Selfish” with Dr. LaToya Clark, board certified OB/ GYN at Jackson Hospital; “Power: Communicate With Confidence-Words to Use and Words to Lose” with Tonya Scott Williams, author and creator of the podcast, Eat the Taco. Drink the Wine!; and “Action: Applying Curation

28 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

and Thriving After Burnout in Your Real Life” with Tarah Keech, founder of Burnout Survival. Funds raised from the Summit also allowed the opportunity for the EmpowHERment Scholarship to be awarded. The Scholarship was created to help support women in the community achieve their goals and aspirations. The scholarship was created to help women in the community achieve their goals and aspirations. This year’s scholarship recipient was Krystle Speller of the

Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



Elmore County Board of Education for the “Greater In Me Movement,” a STEM camp for young ladies. Attendees also visited an array of vendors available throughout the day ranging from baked goods, to hand crafted cards, accessories, travel services, insurance, and more. In addition, Kendra Scott jewelry joined us again with their charitable jewelry pull and stylish trunk show. All enjoyed a hearty lunch catered by Al

Steineker of The King’s Table Catering while enjoying the beautiful tranquil setting of the sea of white and cream flowers as delightful décor throughout the Fellowship Hall, provided in partnership with Rosemont Gardens. The all-day Summit wrapped up magnificently with a Fireside Chat, “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” moderated by Valorie Lawson, anchor at WSFA-12 News and creator of Newsmakers Academy. Featured

30 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

panelists included: Katie Britt, President and CEO of the Business Council of Alabama; Dr. Nichole Thompson, owner of AdaChic Designs and educational consultant; Commissioner Ronda Walker, Montgomery County Commissioner for District 3; and Magi Thomley Williams, Public Relations Director at Wind Creek Hospitality. The panelists shared insight on time management, relationships, conflict resolution, goal setting, and much more.

We are excited about the continued success of the Summit. We look forward to the possibilities ahead as the Committee begins to plan another remarkable Summit for 2021. We hope you will make plans now to join us in March 2021 as we once again gather for a much needed day of encouragement, motivation, and empowerment!

Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



College and Career NIGHT By Britney Edwards, College & Career Night committee


his year College & Career Night is going VIRTUAL and we are extending the event from one day to three days! Due to these changes, we have officially renamed the event to the College and Career FAIR! On September 14, 2020, the 1st annual VIRTUAL College and Career Fair will begin and will go through September 16, 2020. More than 115 colleges, including nearly all four-year Alabama colleges, and career recruiters participated in last year’s 35th annual College & Career Night.

This year, while different, is the most exciting year yet. We are going VIRTUAL both to keep you safe and continue to provide much needed resources for the community. Each college and career vendor will create a virtual booth with informational materials and will have the ability to interact with and provide resources to students and their parents. These resources will be available for the public until November 2020.

32 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

Continuation of this event during this current pandemic is more important now than ever as we try to stay connected and keep our future goals and plans inline. This event exposes local students to various careers and schools from around the country. The event allows students from the community to learn about colleges and careers by meeting with various recruiters in one location. Many, if not all, of the student participants would be unable to meet the vast variety of colleges and employers without this event.

Educating attendees on available scholarships is an important aspect of the event. “A Guide To Grants, Scholarships and Loans,� published by the Junior League of Montgomery that details available scholarships from southeast colleges will be available online at jlmontgomery.org. Student registration will begin August 31st. Visit jlmontgomery. org for more details on how to register. Attendees then can log on from the comfort of their home, office, or even the public library. Students and their parents will be given opportunities to attend virtual presentations where experts will give information on various topics related to applying for college. Attendees can log on one day or each day to get the various information that is provided through each speaker, while having the capability for all questions to be answered instantaneously. There will be three speakers, one each day, speaking on some of the most eminent college topics. Please encourage all junior and senior high school students and their parents to participate in this event. When sharing College & Career Fair information on social media platforms, please use #jlmcollegeandcareer. Additionally, a $500 scholarship will be awarded to one River Region student attendee. The Junior League of Montgomery $500 scholarship will be randomly selected through a drawing via Facebook. More details are available at

jlmontgomery.org. Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020




Thank Yous

34 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

Thank You Healthcare Professionals


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020






College and Career Night

Dream Court



Krishula Edwards

Amerika Blair




Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



WOMEN TO WATCH Laurel Teel • Amanda Miller Karen Griffin • Kalandra Haynes

Lillie Lee Minier Society Scholarship Recipient

Tandrea Elmore

ACTIVE TO SUSTAINER • Chacolby Burns-Johnson • Kara Cosby • Tandrea Elmore • Jessica James • Angela McCormick • Sommer Morris • Jennifer Rogers • Ann Winborne


• Kadie Agnew • Sarah Bell • Laura-Marie Brelsford • LaShonda Jackson • Wendy Leigh • Frieda Luster-Barregarve • Angie Martin • Cathy Martin • Tiffany McCauley • Melissa Moore • Mallory O’Daniel • Nicole Pinkham • Danita Rose • Melinda Stallworth • Angela Stokes • Sherry White

Alaga Syrup and Whitfield Foods proudly supports the Junior League and all of their wonderful causes that make our communities better for everyone.

Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



Sustainer of the Year Judy Kyser

Each fall and spring, nominations are submitted for Sustainer of the Season. Candidates should demonstrate continued leadership in the community and continue to support the League’s purpose and activities. The Sustainer of the Year Award is given to the sustainer who has demonstrated an on-going commitment to the League, been a sustainer for at least 10 years, and has previously been named Sustainer of the Season. It is with great honor to present Mrs. Judy Kyser as the Sustainer of the Year. Mrs. Kyser has a servant’s heart and a dedication to help others throughout the year. She gives her quiet strength to many organizations in our community, such as Mercy House, Trinity Presbyterian Church and more. She is also an active volunteer and Board Member at Montgomery Christian School where she cochairs the annual Art Splash fundraiser with fellow sustainer, Beth Dubina. Mrs. Kyser was instrumental in the development of Hands on River Region, which was founded in 1974 by the Junior League of Montgomery and the River Region United Way as The Volunteer and Information Center. She continues to chair the annual Volunteer of the Year reception hosted by the Junior League of Montgomery and Hands on River Region. Mrs. Kyser continues to be active in the League, attending and supporting League events, as well as, lending advice and knowledge to current members. She is an interior designer by trade and spent extensive time over the summer helping the League update our office. In addition, she was named our Sustainer of the SeasonFall. Mrs. Kyser has a heart for the League and lives our mission everyday by promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. She strives to give of her time and talents to all those she serves. If you have had the benefit of spending any time with Mrs. Kyser, she will not only make you feel as though you have known each other forever, but she will leave you with a sense of purpose to make Montgomery a better place for all residents.

38 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

Member Spotlight By Melissa Warnke, contributing writer

MITZI COLE - Appointed to AJLI Governance Committee

Mitzi Cole, who served as the 2018-2019 President of the Junior League of Montgomery, was recently appointed as an At-Large Member of the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) Governance Committee. AJLI is the umbrella organization of Junior Leagues throughout the world, encompassing more than 125,000 women in over 290 Leagues in four countries. “During my two years as President-Elect and President, AJLI was a tremendous support system. I am beyond thrilled to be able to, in a small way, do my part to support AJLI as part of the Governance Committee through the recruitment and selection of AJLI leadership,” said Cole. As a member of the AJLI Governance Committee, Mitzi will help develop organizational needs for the leadership team that enhances the Association’s mission, goals and strategic plan. “I am so excited to start this new chapter of my Junior League life,” added Mitzi. Her term runs through 2022.

FELICIA LONG - Elected to Alabama State Bar Board of Bar Commissioners

Felicia Long, who served as 2017-2018 President of the Junior League of Montgomery, was recently elected to the Alabama State Bar Board of Bar Commissioners. “I look forward to working with attorneys across the state to help improve the legal profession. When we sharpen our skills, expand our knowledge base and build relationships within the profession and community, we have the opportunity to better our judicial system as a whole,” Felicia said. The Board of Bar Commissioners is the governing and policy-making body of the Alabama State Bar, the licensing and regulatory organization for lawyers in Alabama. The board is composed of 75 members, representing each of the state’s judicial circuits. Felicia was elected to represent the 15th Judicial Circuit, covering Montgomery County. Felicia is a shareholder at Hill, Hill, Carter, Franco, Cole & Black PC, where she focuses her practice on the defense of complex civil litigation matters, with particular concentration in insurance defense.

KELLY PATE - Selected as Magistrate Judge

Kelly Pate has been selected to serve as magistrate judge for the U.S. Middle District of Alabama. Selected by the judges of the U.S. District Court for the U.S. Middle District of Alabama, magistrate judges assist in the administration of federal courts. “Since spending an inspiring year as a law clerk to Judge Joel F. Dubina, who is a dedicated jurist and wonderful person, I have dreamed of joining the federal Court family as a judge. Though this dream resided in the back of my mind and I have pursued it, I never thought it would become a reality,” said Pate. A graduate of the University of Alabama and the Cumberland School of Law, Pate is a partner at Birmingham-based law firm of Balch and Bingham, where she’s worked since 2005. She’ll begin serving effective July 31. “This is the community where I grew up, and it is where I have rooted my own family. Finding meaningful ways to serve both my community and my profession has always been very important to me. Being trusted to serve both in the capacity of Magistrate Judge is more than a dream come true. It is a responsibility I am honored to have and an opportunity for which I am so grateful,” added Pate. Pate, a JLM Sustainer, has been a member of the Junior League of Montgomery since 2007 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



ACTION, CONNECTION and COMMITMENT! By Nicole Pinkham, Provisional Chair 2019-2020

The 2020 Junior League of Montgomery Provisional Class • Aria Allan • Rayna Anderson-Crier • Rachel Boyd • Shawonda Brockington • Jenny Brown • Gennice Burch • Courtney Cephas-Bass • Morgan Chappell • Priscilla Collins • Christine Colvett • So Juan Crenshaw • Donella Crusoe • Alecha Davis • Rhyann Davis • Katie Davis • Donna Dunn • Kelley Eley • Erin Fleet

• Jennifer Friday • Helen Greene • Christina Hall • Christel August Haygood • Aimee Hill • Traci Howell • Cynthia Howze • Ashley Jackson • Tamara Jackson • E.Michelle Jimmerson • Latina Jones-Smith • Anita Knight • Karen Laneaux • Monica Mack • Jacqueline McKinney • Jennifer Michaels • Emily Moore • Margaret Nekic

40 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

• Lily Nizam • Suzi Osborne • Kirsten Owens • Sarah Sharker • Brianna Skelton • Tiffany Stinson • Eleshia Sullivan • Teri Sumbry • Antoinette Thomas • JaNai Thompson • Sarah Beth Tribble • Dexavia Turner • Donna Wallace-King • Tiana Wells • Laura Wendell • Jennifer Wilson • Vonetta Wilson-Tellis • Kimberly Wright • Brandy Young


he 2020 Junior League of Montgomery Provisional Class is a high-energy, initiative-driven class comprised of women of ACTION.

Connection was the priority as the women gathered for the first meeting in August 2019. Connecting with each other and their small group leaders remained the focus throughout the year along with living out the mission of Junior League of Montgomery. These ladies volunteered at events around our community in their small groups and proudly represented the Junior League of Montgomery.


Highlights for the Provisional Class were the Mayoral Forum, volunteering at Holiday Market, learning about the Junior League of Montgomery and leadership practices during our monthly meetings, and participating in the Education and Training opportunities. In January we gathered to celebrate the beginning of 2020 and the second half of the Provisional year. During the meeting, our President Jennifer Rogers visited and inspired each of the Provisionals to continue their focus of being Women of Action. We had no idea that meeting would be our last time to gather as a class. These amazing women chose to complete their year with confidence knowing the Junior League of Montgomery would find new ways to make a difference, and they are committed to doing their part. Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Provisional Class of the Junior League of Montgomery! Thank you for your commitment to be women who promote voluntarism, develop leadership potential, and improve the community through your

Montgomery 6836 Atlanta Highway (334) 277-8478

action. We can’t wait to watch these women as they make a difference in the League, the

cadencebank.com |

Š2020 Cadence Bank

community, and beyond! Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



End Human Trafficking Now


ccording to the U.S. Department of Justice, as many as 100,000 to 300,000 American children are at risk of being trafficked for the commercial sex trade. The average age of girls trafficked is 12 to 14 years and for boys, it is 11 to 13 years. Alabama is not insulated from the horrors of human trafficking. There are reported cases in Montgomery, Birmingham, Fort Payne, Madison County, Huntsville, Albertville, Guntersville, Dothan, and Mobile. These numbers contribute to the 2nd largest criminal industry in the world today next only to the illegal drug trade. The Junior League of Montgomery is poised to fight against this egregious activity with the introduction of the Human Trafficking Placement for the 2020-21 year. “Our League has substantially impacted our community for 95 years. The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Human Trafficking victims mandates us to educate our members and our community,” declares Immediate Past President Jennifer Rogers. “Since we live in and around a ‘Super-Highway’ of human trafficking, watching for any warning signs and signals is crucial. If you see something, then say something! Our League has

By Jessica Hales, contributing writer Edwards, Hollie Reed, and Shae Perkins were among those in attendance.

designated funds to not only bring awareness of this important issue, but to help end human trafficking altogether.” Committee Chair Krishula Edwards and Co-Chair Bernadette Hollinger will spearhead efforts to educate members and the community about human trafficking and the strategies to eradicate it. The League’s dedication to this undertaking began long before the onset of the new League year. The plight of the child sex trade was introduced at the Association of Junior Leagues International Annual Conference in May 2019. It was at this conference Jennifer Rogers determined that the Junior League of Montgomery would combat the atrocities of human trafficking. January 2020 marked the sixth annual Alabama Human Trafficking Summit held in our state’s capitol. In the spirit of solidarity and commitment, Junior League organizations from across Alabama united to sponsor the event. Jennifer Rogers, Allison Prillaman, Krishula

42 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

Pivotal to the cause is the League’s collaboration with the Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force. The taskforce, established in April 2014, leads the state in combating all aspects of human trafficking to include sex trafficking and labor trafficking. They are charged with pursuing a comprehensive response to crimes of human trafficking, coordinating strategies to provide services for victims of human trafficking, focusing on prevention of trafficking by increasing community education and awareness, and developing legislation to prevent, intervene, and treat human trafficking. The Junior League of Montgomery remains an active participant in quarterly meetings held by the Task Force. END IT Alabama is a project developed by the Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force. Details about the Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force and the End It Alabama campaign can be found at https:// www.enditalabama.org. The website features important and impactful information such as facts, warning signs, resources, and educational documents.

Learn the Warning Signs of Human Trafficking Source: End It Alabama website: www.enditalabama.org

• Inability or fear to make eye contact. • Cannot or will not speak to you alone; is being controlled by another person. • Presence of an older male or “boyfriend” who seems controlling. • Shows evidence/signs of physical, mental, or sexual abuse. • Inappropriately dressed for the age of the child (sexy, low cut, too short). • Has heightened sense of fear or distrust of authority. • Is not in school or has significant gaps in schooling. • Demeanor is fearful, anxious, depressed, submissive, tense, nervous. • May have tattoo or “brand” like “Daddy’s Girl”, “Daddy’s Princess”, “Money Maker”, etc. • Chronic runaway/homeless youth. • Lying about age or false ID. • Does not have access to identity or travel

Where to Find Help Source: www.enditalabama.org

National Human Trafficking Hotline

Washington, DC Website: https://humantraffickinghotline.org/ 1-888-373-7888 (Hotline) • 233733 (Text)

One Place Family Justice Center

Montgomery, AL Website: https://www.oneplacefjc.org/ 334-262-7378 (Office)

Family Sunshine Center

Montgomery, AL Website: http://familysunshine.org/ 334-263-0218 (Hotline)

documents, or documents appear to be fraudulent. • Inconsistencies in their story. • May be in possession of one or more hotel keys. • Excess amount of cash. • Has engaged in prostitution or commercial sex. • Works long hours. • Is paid very little or nothing at all for work performed. • Is forced to sell drugs, jewelry, or magazines on the street. • Lives at workplace/with employee, or lives with many people in confined area. • Any child working whose “pay” goes directly toward rent, debt, living expenses, necessities, fees for journey. Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020



Add to Cart - Tips for Shopping Online By Peyton Flowers. contributing writer

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many of our favorite retail locations to close their physical doors, online shopping has become a necessary convenience for many of us. According to Statista.com, 75% of people shop online at least once a month. But before you click Add to Cart, review these online-shopping tips to make sure you’re being a smart shopper.

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44 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

bouquets · gourmet gift baskets · balloon bouquets same day floral delivery throughout the river region

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SHOP SAFE • Don’t shop from a public wi-fi. Only use a secure connection to protect your information. Also, never save your payment details on a shared or public device. • Beware of sites with rock-bottom prices. If it looks too good to be true – it probably is. Many sites look like real shopping sites but are set up to steal your information. Only shop from sites you trust. • After making a purchase, screenshot your order details and save that screenshot in an album or in the Notes app on your phone. This will ensure you keep track of your purchase details should any issues arise. • Use a credit card for online purchase. You are protected under the Fair Credit Billing Act and credit cards are safer for e-commerce purchases. SHOP SAVVY • Install Honey, a browser extension for Chrome that searches for coupon codes and automatically applies them to your cart. (joinhoney.com) • Search RetailMeNot for relevant coupon codes. (retailmenot.com) • Clear your cookies and browsing history. Websites will often have pop-ups with discount codes for first-time visitors. • Try leaving items in your cart for about 24 hours. A lot of sites will email you a coupon code to incite you to finalize that purchase. • Did your coupon expire two days ago? Try contacting Customer Service to see if they will extend it. It never hurts to ask, right? SHOP LOCAL • Check your Chamber of Commerce website for a list of retail businesses and their websites and commit to buying from them. • Skip the shipping fee! Many retail locations are now offering buy-online/in-store pickup options, as well as home delivery.

Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020


QUALITY ASSURANCE The Two Words You Need to Know in the Printing Business.


(noun) is the maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of production. Publications Press, Inc. focuses on their customers personally; from the idea stage to the final product. Our committed staff helps your ideas come to life. We are only a phone call away.




46 Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020

Junior League of Montgomery ~ League Logs ~ Summer 2020


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

Junior League of Montgomery, Inc. 3570 Carter Hill Road Montgomery, Alabama 36111


Permit No. 87 Montgomery, AL





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