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Calhoun County Edition

September 2009

IN THIS ISSUE: Calendar of Events, Local Attractions, Tailgating Recipes, and MORE‌

2009 Local High School and SEC Football Schedules!

FOOTBALL PREVIEW Starting on p.22

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Table of Contents 14

Local Attractions


Football Preview for JSU, University of Alabama and Auburn Univeristy

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Recipes Quick and Easy appetizers for you and your guest during Football Season!


Local Events

4 | Alabama Clipper September 2009

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From the Publishers Hello, and welcome to the September issue of The Alabama Clipper. This is quite possibly my favorite time of the year. There’s that distinctive hint of autumn in the air and this can only mean one thing…College Football is finally here! Whether you’re a JSU, Bama or Auburn fan, you know the excitement I’m talking about! And don’t forget about our local high school teams whose season just got underway as well.


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In this issue, we’ve got great ideas for some of the best and most popular tailgating recipes around. You can also test your knowledge of Alabama and Auburn football by taking our Alabama and Auburn trivia quizzes. And as always, you can check out our Local Attractions and Calendar of Events sections to find things to do and places to see in the area. If you’re headed out to do a little tailgating before your favorite team’s game, think about going by and picking up some food first at some of our local area restaurants. You can find some of those restaurants listed here in our magazine. We want to thank you for taking the time to pick up one of our magazines. We hope your favorite team has a great season and remember…..Support our local economy and buy local! God Bless, Heath & Connie Garmon Don’t forget to join our all-new Alabama Clipper Space!

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6 | Alabama Clipper September 2009

What is Your Breast Cancer Risk? By Dr. Ken Hager, Advanced Imaging

One woman in eight will develop breast cancer.

This is now the most common cancer in women. A quarter of a million new diagnoses will be made this year. Two million women are currently under treatment, or under surveillance for recurrent disease.

Sometimes you don’t know what is there until you look closely

One woman in eight will develop breast cancer.

40 thousand of them will die of the disease this year. Others will die with the disease (i.e., older patients who may die of unrelated causes, such as cardiac disease, though they have breast cancer at the time as well). Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women 40-50- it kills more women over 50, but lung and colon cancer become more common in older patient populations.

One woman in eight will develop breast cancer.

Black women are about 20% less likely to develop this than Caucasian, but the difference is generally the lower grade malignancies and the most aggressive and deadly forms are relatively more common. Strong family histories make a slight difference (risk about one in seven), negative family histories likewise (risk about one in nine)- but with the exception of those with a previous history of the disease themselves or a rare cancer marker gene, the risk is not significantly changed.

One woman in eight will develop breast cancer.

BUT YOU CAN FIGHT BACK. The best treatment is early detection. 97% of breast cancers are now found in treatable stages. Breast self examination (BSE) is the easiest means of surveillance. Women should regularly check their own breasts upright and lying down, feeling for any lumps or changes. Tumors classically are very firm and involve scar type tissue reaction (hence the term “cancer”- the crab), which may eventually pull in adjacent tissues and pucker or dimple the skin. Earlier, smaller tumors may be subtle or barely palpable- or too deep to feel at all. Physician breast examinations are likewise important. Health professionals obviously cannot check an individual as frequently, but do present a greater latitude of experience and expertise with the exam. Some abnormalities simply cannot be found on physical examination.

One woman in eight will develop breast cancer.

But various means of looking at the breast to see potential abnormalities exist. Thermal imaging, nuclear medicine scintigraphy, MRI and ultrasound have been tried and have niches for specific circumstances in certain cases, but the standard for screening examinations is the mammogram. This is a test involving an X-ray of the breasts. Progressively improved techniques over the years have improved detail and resolution while decreasing patient radiation.

One woman in eight will develop breast cancer.

But detection techniques are constantly improving! The most recent improvements in mammography have involved the development of DIGITAL imaging. Current digital machines have higher resolution than film- and allow post processing manipulations to magnify, change background intensity, etc. As with adjustments to digital photographs, 8 | Alabama Clipper September 2009

Further information and recommendations on Self Breast Exams, Mammography, and Breast Cancer can be found on the following websites: American Cancer Society Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

images can be optimized to best National Cancer Institutedemonstrate desired detail or contrastBreast Cancer Prevention and to simply see areas of potential www.cancer.govHomePage abnormality better. Digital data also allows analysis by computer algorithms National Women’s Health Resource Center designed to assist in image acting much like a “spellchecker” for a typist. DIGITAL mammogram exams Imaginis reduce radiation per exposure (by about 60%) as well as the number of repeat films necessary (by about 30-40%)effectively reducing exposures nearly 75%. Because images do not require film processing, digital exams are considerably faster. The only drawback to digital imaging is cost. The machines are 4-5 times the cost of a film mammogram unit- and cost nearly a half million dollars. Medicare and some insurance companies pay extra for digital mammograms, but Blue Cross in Alabama does not, so digital technology is not as available in Alabama as in other states.

One woman in eight will develop breast cancer.

But better options for diagnosis are being developed. The only way to be sure a suspicious area is or is not a cancer is to get a sample for the pathologist. Traditional “open” or excisional biopsy involves local surgery to obtain tissue. “Stereotactic” biopsy, progressively improved, involves using the mammographic images and a suction needlesampling device. This minimizes surgical intensity and scarring, and is especially useful in cases where the level of suspicion that an abnormality is likely to represent cancer is lower.

One woman in eight will develop breast cancer.

But treatment options are improving as well. Advances in tumor typing analysis help categorize disease to determine the most effective treatments. Newer and better chemotherapy agents and combinations are available to add to the surgical and radiation options, and improved accuracy of focusing radiation increases available dose to tumor while limiting damage to adjacent tissues.

One woman in eight will develop breast cancer. Breast Cancer can be present with NO SYMPTOMS!

One woman in eight will develop breast cancer. When was the last time you checked? •

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“To Market, To Market, Jiggy de Jig”


ost people get up at a reasonable hour and go to their office or factory job. They know just what to expect each and every day.

The produce business is nothing like that at all. Jim and Vanessa Bearden, owners of Weaver Station Fresh Produce Market, would like to take you through their day at the market. We wake up at 2:00 a.m. each and every day. Coffee is a must, as we have a very busy day ahead of us. Our job takes us to the Farmers Market every day in search of the “FRESHEST” fruits and vegetables at the best possible prices. We have our customer’s best interests at heart. Each morning we head west on I-20 to Birmingham, AL. After the hour and fifteen minute drive to the Farmers Market located on Findley Boulevard, we enter a whole new world. Lines of farmers display their tomatoes, squash, okra, corn, and many other fruits and vegetables in hopes that buyers like us will buy the produce they have worked so hard to harvest. We inspect each and every crate or box of vegetables and fruit before we buy. If it is not fresh, we don’t put it on our truck. We get to know the farmers and they get to know what we are looking for in produce. We carefully hand select all of our fruits and vegetables and we hand load each watermelon, cantaloupe, basket of peaches, box of tomatoes, bags of corn and beans, and many other fruits and vegetables. There are a lot of personal orders filled for our customers as well as the stock items for our market. We have local farmers within a fifty mile radius that bring us “home grown” vegetables as well. They arrive early with fresh picked produce that our customers enjoy. We arrive back at Weaver Station Fresh Produce Market around 7:30 a.m. All the fresh produce is about to be unloaded and put in it’s place. Customers are beginning to arrive now checking out what we have brought back, hoping to be the first in line.

12 | Alabama Clipper September 2009

Do Ma do ge ca ca ma see ou

Ea du of ery no is p tas ma we ing

We ing sh

o o





e n

pe, d

as l e

d ut

Do you remember the Dunkin Donut Man? He always said, “Gotta get the donuts.” Well, our motto is “Gotta get the cantaloupes.” And get the cantaloupes we have! Thousands of cantaloupes have passed through our market! People still look forward to seeing and smelling our dump table out front filled with the sweet melons. Each day at Weaver Station Fresh Produce Market, we inspect every piece of fruit and vegetables to insure everything is in top fresh quality. If it is not, it is quickly discarded and fresh is put in its place. This is not an easy task. Lots of heavy lifting is required making for a long day. But because we enjoy our customers and working together, it is all worthwhile.

different vegetables for a healthy diet. Others buy produce by the bushels to freeze or can for winter meals of fresh vegetables. “Fresh” fruits and vegetables bought on a daily basis, and customer satisfaction is our priority here at Weaver Station. We insure this by keeping our market clean, fresh and stocked with only the very best and treat everyone with the utmost respect and courtesy. Their support and loyalty is our reward. Thank you to all who have been to our market, and welcome to those who come in the future. Sincerely, Jim and Vanessa Bearden

We look forward to customers coming to our market. Many people share recipes and ways to prepare

Owners of Weaver Station Fresh Produce Market • | 13

Local Attractions Handicapped-accessible ramp at Cheaha State Park


Valley Antiques & Collectibles Quality antiques and collectibles. Something for everyone - every age. Shipping arrangements available. Wright Dairy See cows milked 4 p.m. Mon.-Sat., visit calves, purchase fresh milk, ice cream, butter, cheese.


About Time Antiques Beautiful, well-lighted, spacious 13,000 squarefoot building full of antiques, gifts and collectibles. Lay a ways available. Anniston Downtown District 19th- and 20th-century Victorian and Neoclassical business structures. Federal Building made of marble.

Wright Dairy carries great fresh products including milk, cheeses and ice cream

Anniston Galleries General line of antiques. 18th and 19th century furniture. Anniston Garden Center Trees, shrubs, hanging baskets, seasonal items, large selection of azaleas, foundation shrubs, etc. Anniston Municipal “The Hill” Located at crest of one of Anniston’s beautiful mountains. Pro shop, golf supplies, concessions, cart rentals. Anniston Museum of Natural History Dinosaurs, fossils, mammals in open dioramas. 400-species bird collection, Egyptian mummies, walk-through cave replica, children’s discovery room, nature trails, art exhibits, picnicking. Anniston/Calhoun County Library— Alabama Room and Anniston Room Genealogical research and Civil War records, etc. Anniston Room is collection of local memorabilia. ALABENTON Genealogical Society headquartered in library. Art Works Gallery A cooperative gallery of east Alabama artists. Art includes: paintings, turned wood, fiber art, jewelry, pottery, photography, and decorative gourds. Berman Museum of World History American West, world wars, Napoleon, Jefferson Davis, Hitler objects. Swords (including one with 1295 diamonds), sacred and secular Asian art, 19th-century European sculptors. Cane Creek Golf Course Full-service restaurant, pro shop, driving range, practice green. Lessons available. 14 | Alabama Clipper September 2009

Centennial Memorial Park Alabama-shaped reflecting pool. Veterans wall with names of 1208 lost Alabama Vietnam veterans. Semicircular walls with names of all Alabama veterans lost in war. Cheaha State Park 2799-acre mountain-top retreat; highest point in Alabama. Restaurant, lodging, modern campground, picnic areas, pavilions, hiking & biking trails, play areas, beautiful mountain scenery.

Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge Hunting, wildlife observation, few trails, steep terrain. Pine Hill Country Club 7 lakes, rolling hills and fairways lined with pine trees. Driving range and swimming pool. Silver Lakes—Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail Situated on beautiful, rolling terrain next to Talladega National Forest. Waterfall, pine trees and spectacular hilltop views. Short Course demands a shot directly over water on 7 of 9 holes.

Choccolocco Valley Driving Tour Was Creek Indian village 1832, settlers arrived 1834, homes built 1840, school 1876. Most homes built by 2 slaves. Heritage museum.

Tyler Hill Historic Residential District Driving Tour 2-story, Queen Anne Victorian homes (1880s–1890s) centered around Tyler Square park. Only intact Victorian neighborhood in Anniston.

Church of St. Michael and All Angels The 1890 Norman architecture. 12-ft. Carrara marble altar, alabaster reredos, hand-carved angels and crosses, stained-glass windows, 95-ft. bell tower, 3000-pipe organ.

West 15th Street Historic District This district developed as a secondary business district for the black community and served as site of a social center, meeting hall, vaudeville and movie theater, doctor’s office, and a hotel.

Classic on Noble Originally Levi-Clark Saloon (built 1894), then Woolworth store, theater and more; now catering business. Original hardwood floors. Tours on request.

White Oak Vineyards Sample selections of fine wines, including French hybrid reds and whites, blueberry, peach, and muscadine. Also, see the beautiful flower garden.

Glenwood Terrace Residential District Eclectic collection of early- to mid-20th-century residential dwellings.

Woodstock Ave. Historic District 19th- and 20th-century Victorian residences.

Indian Oaks Golf Club Putting greens, driving range. Golf carts available. Pro shop, lounge, lessons. Mount Zion Baptist Church Mount Zion Baptist Church was the second black church organized in the Anniston area and is the oldest one still in existence.

Wren’s Nest Inc. Gallery Century-old carriage house. Larry K. Martin gallery: paintings, print editions, collectibles by this nationally known artist. Subjects: wildlife, Southern themes, African wildlife, patriotism.


Dr. Francis’ Medical Museum One of Alabama’s finest examples of mid-19th-century

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Local Attractions professional offices. Greek Revival doctor’s office/apothecary shop. Authentic 1800s medical and pharmaceutical tools. Stoney Brook Golf Course Riding carts, pull carts, putting green, driving range, refreshments. Pro Shop. Challenging for the scratch golfer as well as enjoyable for seniors. The Gallant Pelham Statue Located in Jacksonville City Cemetery. John Pelham, Civil War hero, was dubbed “The Gallant Pelham” by Robert E. Lee.


Janney Furnace View grounds of what was 1863 Janney Iron Furnace complex. Educational opportunities available.


Coldwater Covered Bridge One of Alabama’s oldest remaining covered bridges, built 1850 by former slave. Moved from Coldwater Creek to current home at Oxford Lake and Walking Trail.


Chief Ladiga Trail Eubanks Welcome Center Premier extended Rails to Trails project. Open to furnish information to visitors along the Chief Ladiga Trail. The Chief Ladiga Trail is Alabama’s first extended rails-to-trails project. It wanders 33 miles through the countryside of Calhoun and Cleburne counties and it connects the municipalities of Piedmont, Jacksonville, Weaver and Anniston. Piedmont Museum Housed in Selma, Rome and Dalton railroad depot (older than City of Piedmont), museum contains items from 1828 to present. Terrapin Outdoor Center Rentals/sales of kayaks, canoes, accessories on Terrapin Creek. Shuttle service favailable. Bring your own fishing gear, food, and drinks. Reservations required.


Dishman Antiques and Mall 27,000 sq. ft. of fine antiques and collectibles on one level for easy access. Located between Anniston and Gadsden.

The Coldwater Creek Covered Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

16 | Alabama Clipper September 2009

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1st Annual Weaver Station Fresh Produce Market’s

Customer Appreciation Day Saturday August 29th, 2009 Although Mother Nature wasn’t all that cooperative, spirits weren’t dampened a bit at the 1st Annual Weaver Station Fresh Produce Market’s Customer Appreciation Day. The rain poured down pretty heavy at times and everyone gathered under the pavilion to try and stay dry..well with the exception for all the kids that were there. But the rain couldn’t stop the fun on this day. There was nothing but the sound of laughter to be heard today. The event was hosted and organized by Jim and Vanessa Bearden. They are the owners of Weaver Station Fresh Produce Market in Weaver, AL. It was just a way for them to say thank you to all their customers and neighbors in the community and a way to show how much they really appreciate their business and their support. It began around 3:00 pm and lasted until around 5:30 or so. The 18 | Alabama Clipper September 2009

afternoon was full of events like…watermelon eating contests for different age groups…door prizes were given away…watermelon seed spitting contest…and the grand finale was a womanless beauty contest that left everyone laughing. Oh yeah, there was also plenty of the freshest sweetest watermelons you’ve ever tasted available for everyone. There was also a special award presented to Ed & Joyce Cornelius. The award recognized Ed and Joyce for their dedication and service to the community. With the smell of fresh watermelon, roasted peanuts and kettle corn still fresh in my mind, I know that I, along with my five boys I took along with me on that day, can’t wait until the 2nd Annual Weaver Station Fresh Produce Market Customer Appreciation Day. •



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There probably aren’t many college football teams around the country — certainly none in the Ohio Valley Conference — more ready for the season to get started than the one at Jacksonville State. Every month since the final regular-season game, there seemed to be one disaster after another befalling the program from inside and out. Even head coach Jack Crowe called the offseason a “very tumultuous” one. But the Gamecocks are ready to put all that behind them with the season opener at Georgia Tech. The first two dates are big-money guarantees against two preseason top 20 BCS teams — at Georgia Tech and Florida State — followed by trips to Alabama A&M and Nicholls State, places that have never been easy for the Gamecocks to play. Their Oct. 3 home opener against UT Martin is one of the latest among FCS schools in the country this year and JSU’s latest since 1982. With the suspension of Ryan Perrilloux for the season opener, the Gamecocks will hand the management of the offense to sophomore Marques Ivory and sophomore Brooks Robinson, players with a combined four games of college experience between them.

Ivory has only lost one game in which he’s played since high school and is undefeated as a starter. The Gamecocks return a number of starters on both sides of the ball, but they have 61 players on the roster who are either freshmen or sophomores and 50 who have never played a game for them. They are the youngest team in the OVC, yet with Perrilloux and a stout defense, they still would have been one of the favorites had they been eligible for the preseason coaches poll. One of their first-time starters — senior receiver Greg Smith — is intimately familiar with the opening-day opponent, having transferred form Georgia Tech in the spring. He is expected to fill the void left by Maurice Dupree and is said to be developing the same kind of chemistry Dupree had with Perrilloux last year when the receiver caught nine passes against Tech and had 10 touchdowns for the season. “There are going to be emerging playmakers on this team. For me to forecast all of them would be that I know what’s going to happen. I don’t know what’s going to happen … but we’ve got our questions as we roll into this,” said coach Jack Crowe. •

2009 Football Schedule DATE OPPONENT TIME 9/5/2009 Georgia Tech 12 p.m. 9/12/2009 Florida State University 5 p.m. 9/19/2009 Alabama A&M University 6 p.m. 9/26/2009 Nicholls State University 3 p.m. 10/3/2009 vs University of Tennessee at Martin * 1 p.m. 10/10/2009 Murray State University * 3 p.m. 10/17/2009 OPEN 10/24/2009 Eastern Illinois University * 1 p.m. 10/31/2009 Austin Peay State University * 4 p.m. 11/7/2009 Southeast Missouri State University * 1 p.m. 11/14/2009 vs Tennessee Tech University * 12 p.m. 11/21/2009 vs Eastern Kentucky University * 12 p.m. * denotes conference game 22 | Alabama Clipper September 2009

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The Alabama Crimson Tide are coming off a fine 2008 campaign in which the team showed tremendous balance and depth, both of which led the team to a BCS berth. The team managed a 12-2 record overall, and a perfect 8-0 record in the Southeastern Conference. However, the 2008 season did end on a sour note, as the team fell 31-17 in its Sugar Bowl appearance to Utah. The Alabama defense is going to be the single most important and valuable unit for Crimson Tide football in 2009, as it returns a number of significant contributors from the 2008 squad. LB Rolando McClain is one of the key cogs returning to the Crimson Tide defense in 2009. He amassed 95 tackles over the course of the 2008 campaign. DE Brandon Deaderick is also going to be expected to step up his game play in 2009. He managed 4.0 sacks in 2008, but it is hoped that this number will grow in 2009. In addition to McClain, the Crimson Tide also return a number of other linebackers that are expected to bolster a corps that is widely considered to be one of the top in the SEC. Dont’a Hightower and Cory Reamer are key components of that unit. The Crimson Tide also return a deep secondary, featuring safety Justin Woodall, considered by many to be the leader of the team’s defensive backfield, as well as cornerbacks Javier Arenas and Kareem Jackson. The team may find itself struggling somewhat offensively in 2009. One of the most significant

developments that the offense will need to overcome and compensate for is the loss of quarterback John Parker Wilson. His departure means that the solid, steady signal-calling is also gone, and now, the Crimson Tide turns their hopes and fortunes to junior quarterback Greg McElroy. McElroy does not have a lot of real time game experience behind him, but he is still widely regarded to be an intelligent player who can more than capably lead the team on the offensive end. It will be interesting to see how quickly McElroy is able to develop relationships with his wide receiving corps, including 2008’s leading WR, Julio Jones. Also key to the development of McElroy, and the advancement of the offense in general, is the success of the team’s running game, led primarily by Mark Ingram. In addition to its typically strong SEC schedule, the Crimson Tide has a strong, although not overwhelmingly difficult, nonconference schedule. The season opens with a difficult nonconference game in which the Crimson Tide face off vs. Virginia Tech in a game played in Atlanta. However, aside from that game, the remainder of the non-conference schedule is somewhat meager, featuring matchups vs. Florida International, North Texas, and Chattanooga. That said, despite a difficult schedule, and some questions on the offensive side of the ball, the Crimson Tide should once again be one of the best teams in the Southeastern Conference. •

2009 Football Schedule DATE OPPONENT TIME September 5 vs. No. 7 Virginia Tech*  8:00 PM ET  September 12 Florida International  7:00 PM ET  September 19 North Texas  12:20 PM ET September 26 Arkansas  TBA  October 3 at Kentucky  TBA  October 10 at No. 8 Mississippi  TBA  October 17 South Carolina  TBA  October 24 Tennessee  TBA  November 7 No. 11 LSU  TBA  November 14 at Mississippi State  TBA  November 21 Chattanooga  TBA  November 27 at Auburn  2:30 PM ET  * game played at a neutral location 24 | Alabama Clipper September 2009

2009 represents a watershed moment in the recent history of the Auburn Tigers, a big time football program who has had success throughout its existence. It went through a down year in 2008, a year in which it was unusually absent from anywhere the top of the SEC standings. In fact, the year was so dismal, that it led to a coaching change, and the new sheriff in town, Gene Chizik, has vowed to move on from the mistakes of the past, and bring a new set of rules and game plans into Auburn. A record of 5-7 at Auburn is on part with a record of 3-9 or 2-1o at a lesser program. And the jolt of the record is what led to the decision to bring in Chizik, a coach who had tremendous success in the Big-12, and who was a favorite among the Auburn athletic department. Chizik enters an uncertain situation at Auburn, one in which the talent level, while not horrible, is clearly lower than it has been in recent years. There are some good players returning, but also, just as many if not more questions marks entering the 2009 season. Offensively, the Auburn Tigers are going to have to figure out a way to move the ball more effectively than they did in 2008. Returning for to the QB position is Kodi Burns. Burns struggled mightily throwing the ball last season, in fact, only managing to come up with 2 TDs via the air attack. That is absolutely something that is going to have to change if he intends to hold on to the starting job, and hold off Neil Caudle, who solid spring, and could challenge Burns come the fall. In the meantime, it

seems a given that until the aerial attack gets its sea legs, the bulk of the offense is going to fall on the rushing game, and the single most valuable member of that running game is returning back Ben Tate. Tate amassed 664 yards on the ground in 2008. Without a doubt, the strength of this Auburn team is its defensive unit. Despite some key losses from its 2008 squad (namely the likes of Sen’Derrick Marks, Chris Evans, and Jerraud Powers), the Tigers defense still boasts a number of talented playmakers both up front as well as in the defensive backfield. The secondary is led by the two leading tacklers on the Auburn team from 2008, that being safeties Mike McNeil and Zac Etheridge. The linebacking corps, which will have to make up for the loss of Evans, still boasts a deep roster of talented players, in Josh Bynes, Tray Blackmon, and Craig Stevens. Some losses on the defensive front line will be harder to make up for, but still, the balance of the defense should be solid. The Auburn Tigers are not a bad team; they just aren’t all that good right now either. It remains to be seen how quickly new head coach Gene Chizik can come in and turn this team in the right direction, and whether than gets them back into bowl contention this season. The thinking here is that Auburn has too much talent, particularly on defense, to be a below .500 team again, and that 6-6 looks like a reasonably expectation, with a 7-5 season within the realm of possibility if the offense can come together. •

2009 Football Schedule DATE OPPONENT TIME September 5 Louisiana Tech 7:00 PM ET  September 12 Mississippi State  7:00 PM ET  September 19 West Virginia  7:45 PM ET  September 26 Ball State  TBA  October 3 at Tennessee  TBA  October 10 at Arkansas  TBA  October 17 Kentucky  TBA  October 24 at No. 11 LSU  8:00 PM ET  October 31 No. 8 Mississippi  TBA  November 7 Furman  TBA  November 14 at No. 13 Georgia  TBA  November 27 No. 5 Alabama  2:30 PM ET 

26 | Alabama Clipper September 2009

Football Trivia Alabama 1. Who set an Alabama record for most yards rushing in 1999? ❏ Bobby Humphrey ❏ Johnny Musso ❏ Derrick Lassic ❏ Shaun Alexander 2. Who holds the record for rushing yards in a game? ❏ Shaun Alexander ❏ Johnny Musso ❏ Bobby Humphrey ❏ Sherman Williams 3. Who did Alabama beat in the 1993 Sugar Bowl? ❏ Miami ❏ Texas ❏ Penn State ❏ Florida State 4. Who was the coach at Alabama before Bear Bryant? ❏ Harold ‘Red’ Drew ❏ Otto Wagonhurst ❏ Wallace Wade ❏ J.B. ‘Ears’ Whitworth 5. Who was the coach at Alabama before Bear Bryant? ❏ Fiesta Bowl ❏ Orange Bowl ❏ Sugar Bowl ❏ Citrus Bowl See answers on our website:

auburn 1. Prior to being called the “Tigers,” by what other name(s) had Auburn’s athletic teams been called? ❏ "War Eagles" ❏ "Plainsmen" ❏ None. They have always been the "Tigers" ❏ Both "War Eagles" and "Plainsmen" 2. How many games did Terry Bowden lose in his first 2 years (1993 and ‘94) as head coach of the Auburn Tigers? ❏ 5 ❏3 ❏ 1 ❏2 3. Here is a little question about Auburn spirit. Finish this line from the fight song, “War Eagle”: “War Eagle, fly down the field __________ “ ? ❏ Ever to conquer, forever our shield ❏ Ever to conquer, never to yield ❏ Give us your power, ever to wield ❏ Power of Dixieland 4. How many Heisman trophy winners did Auburn have in the 20th century? ❏ 3 ❏0 ❏ 2 ❏1 5. True or False: Auburn has at one point in time gone over 10 years without being shut out. ❏ True ❏ False | 27


These appetizers are the most requested...most quickly devoured finger foods of all time. Most have only 2-3 ingredients, but all satisfy hearty appetites. Easy to make, they are the no-fuss get-er-done in a hurry kind. Grab a paper plate and load it up. ❱ Sausage Cheese Balls These freeze perfectly so you can make them ahead. Ingredients: 3 cups baking mix (such as Bisquick) 1 pound ground pork sausage 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese (pre-shredded in a bag is fine) 4 tablespoons water (or use 2 tbsp hot sauce and 2 tbsp water)

Tailgating Recipes Quick and Easy Appetizers

What to do: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Mix all ingredients well (by hand) in large bowl. Continue “kneading” the mixture until ingredients hold together and there are no unincorporated ingredients in the bottom of the bowl. This might take a few minutes, but it will all come together. Shape mixture into balls, rolling in your hand until ball is smooth. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil (for easy cleanup) and spray lightly with cooking spray. Place sausage balls on aluminum foil covered pan so they are not touching. Bake for 15 minutes. Using a spatula transfer sausage balls to serving tray. Serve with a variety of squeeze bottle mustards. If you want to make these ahead of time, go ahead and cook as usual and let them cool completely. Freeze in freezer bags until needed. Reheat by microwaving in 10 second increments until hot. ❱ Game Day Chili Cheese Dip This is the cheese dip that gets devoured at parties. It’s really simple and delicious.

28 | Alabama Clipper September 2009

Ingredients: 1 box (16-ounce) VELVEETA® Cheese, cubed 1 can (15-ounce) HORMEL® Chili No Beans *1 can (10-ounce) ROTEL® Diced Tomatoes with Green Chiles (*optional) What to do: Place chili and cubed cheese (and Rotel chiles if desired) in microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on HIGH (100% power) 5 minutes, stirring after 3 minutes. Serve hot with tortilla chips.

❱ Pigs in a Blanket All time favorite finger food Ingredients: 1 package crescent rolls (such as Pillsbury) 1 package (16-oz) cocktail link smoked sausage (such as Hillshire Farm Lit’l Smokies) What to do: 1. Pull apart the crescent roll triangles. 2. Cut each triangle into about 5-6 long strips. They won’t look perfect but that doesn’t matter. Just cut the pieces so they are long enough to wrap around the cocktail

links. 3. Wrap each cocktail link with a strip of crescent roll. 4. Bake on slightly greased (cooking spray works best) cookie sheet according to instructions on crescent roll package. ❱ Cream Cheese with Pepper Jelly Strange but true - fabulous flavor Whoever figured out this awesome combination - is a genius. Who knew? The first time I saw it, I had to ask three times what it was. Now I dive for it on buffet tables.

What to do: Fill large pot 3/4 full with water and add Old Bay. Bring water to a boil and add raw shrimp. Bring shrimp back to a boil and let boil I minute. Remove from heat and let sit for 2 minutes. Shrimp are cooked when they turn pink. Don’t overcook. Dip out shrimp and rinse in colander with cold water. When cool, place on bed of ice in large bowl and refrigerate until ready to eat. Serve with cocktail sauce and tartar sauce.

What to do: Put chocolate morsels in microwave safe dish. Microwave on 50% power for 30 seconds and stir. Repeat as necessary until chocolate is almost melted. Continue to stir until completely melted. Be careful not to overcook the chocolate - it burns easily. Dip 3/4’s of the pretzel stick in the chocolate leaving 1/4 not dipped for the handle. Place on a sheet of waxed paper and refrigerate until chocolate is firm. If you remove them from the fridge and eat them right away, the chocolate may crack and fall off the pretzel. Let them sit out on the counter for about 10 minutes before serving.

Ingredients: 1 (8-oz block) cream cheese 1 jar pepper jelly

❱ Trail Mix Some call it GORP - Good Old Raisins and Peanuts

What to do: 1. Place cream cheese on plate and let it sit out for about 10 minutes to soften. 2. Dollop jelly on top. 3. Leave a couple of cheese knives out for guests to build-their-own.

Ingredients: M&M’s Peanuts Raisins Granola *and whatever else you like

Variation: If you want to jazz it up, dip the chocolate covered pretzel in chopped pecans while the chocolate is still soft.

Some people mix the two ingredients together before serving. I like this idea very much. So there are 2 options for serving.

What you do: Whatever you want! Mix together equal parts (or not) of your favorite snacks. Put the mixture in a bowl with a large spoon for serving. The combination of sweet and salty is satisfying and the protein from the nuts is filling.

Ingredients 3 tablespoons butter or margarine 1 package (10-oz) regular marshmallows ( or 4 cups miniature marshmallows) 6 cups Rice Krispies®

Serve with crackers. Don’t use buttery crackers though, they will interfere with the flavors. Use a bland or lightly flavored cracker like a water cracker or something similar. ❱ Boiled shrimp There’s no mystery here Ingredients: Uncooked shrimp with shell on Couple tablespoons Old Bay seasoning

❱ Chocolate dipped pretzels Couldn’t be easier Ingredients: 1 bag large pretzel sticks 1 bag milk chocolate morsels (or white chocolate)

❱ Rice Krispies Treats® Everybody loves these

What to do: 1. In large saucepan melt butter over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat. 2. Add KELLOGG’S RICE KRISPIES cereal. Stir until well coated. 3. Using buttered spatula or wax paper evenly press mixture into 13 x 9 x 2-inch pan coated with cooking spray. Cool. Cut into 2-inch squares. • | 29

Calendar of Events Anniston National Wildlife Day September 6, 1:30-2:30 pm Visit with the Museum Educator to see the live animals brought out in celebration of National Wildlife Day. National Wildlife Day serves to bring awareness to endangered animals nationally and globally. These are animals which need to be preserved and are often near extinction. This day also acknowledges US zoos and outstanding animal sanctuaries for everything they do to help preserve this planet’s animals and educate the public –especially children-about conservation. National Wildlife Day also encourages citizens to stand up and fight for animals that need a voice, to visit their local zoos and animal sanctuaries, and to donate money and time to organizations that make a difference in the lives of our beloved animal friends. Call Anniston Museum to sponsor a favorite animal in the live animal collection, donate money for their care and feeding, or to volunteer your time to help in any way you can. The animals thank you! Museum admission charged.

African American women from Gee’s Bend, Alabama. Fall Break 2009: Skins, Scales & Scholars October 10 256-237-6766. Admission charged. Anniston Museum of Natural History--Learn about some of nature’s most misunderstood creatures-reptiles and amphibians. View live species and enjoy natural “hisssstory” like never before. 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Anniston Morning Rotary’s DANCING WITH OUR STARS October 10 Anniston High School Auditorium 7:00 p.m. Dancing With Our Stars is back for its second year. Come watch local celebs dance the tango, salsa and other dances! Hosted by Anniston Morning Rotary to raise money for local charities. Visit or more info: http://

Annie Get Your Gun September 10-20 CAST, Community Actors Studio Theatre 10th season opener, Annie Get Your Gun. Rousing musical about the sharpshooter, Annie Oakley and her time in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and her competition with Frank Butler. Judy Shealy as Annie and Caleb Clark as Frank. 256-235-3995


Museum Day September 12 Anniston Museum Day 256-237-6766. Free. Anniston Museum of Natural History--Day of fun featuring music, live animal programs, food and great family entertainment. 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Art of Imagination Show October 13 Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Showtime at 7:00 p.m. Art of Imagination is a fun, family night filled with grand illusions, comedy magic, audience participation, and live animals. Fun for an audience of all ages. Carson Entertainment has been voted #1 Family Attraction two years running! 100% of ticket sales proceeds go to Family Links, Inc. LINC ID Program. This program promotes a drug and violence-free lifesyle for our Calhoun County youth. Location: JSU McClellan Center Theatre at 100 Gamecock Drive, McClellan, AL 36205 Contact: Stephanie Stamps 256-820-5911 Email: Price: adults $20, students 12 and under $10 Visit or more info:

Super Saturday: Cruise In And More September 19 Noble Street. Door Prizes for Registered Vehicles/Motorcycles, , , 50/50 Raffle, Downtown Shopping, Restaurants and Bars, Local Art Work, Crafts, Live Music, Food Vendors, Face Painting and Hair Art. 5-8pm

Mountain Echoes Festival September 26 Jacksonville Mountain Echoes Festival 256-435-9386. Jacksonville City Sq.--A community-based arts, crafts, entertainment and food festival produced by the Jacksonville Merchants Association. 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Reptiles: The Beautiful and the Deadly September 26-Jan 10 Anniston Reptiles: The Beautiful and the Deadly 256-237-6766. Admission charged. Anniston Museum of Natural History--Designed especially for a family audience, exhibit includes living dioramas, interactive components and informational panels about a variety of reptiles, including turtles, crocodilians, lizards and snakes.


Knox Concert Series Presents Sara Evans October 01, 7:30 p.m. Anniston Performing Arts Center 256-235-2553


Mary Lee Bendolph, Gee’s Bend Quilts, and Beyond October 2-January 3 Anniston Mary Lee Bendolph, Gee’s Bend Quilts, and Beyond 256-237-6261. www. Admission charged. Berman Museum of World History-Celebrate the resonance of the strikingly innovative, abstract quilts made by a group of 30 | Alabama Clipper September 2009

Oxfordfest October 2 Downtown Oxford 8am-5pm. 256-831-5510 Food, music and arts and crafts are just some of the things you’ll find at the 2009 Oxfordfest. With attendance reaching almost 20,000 for the past several years, you’ll want to get there early. Shuttle transportation will be provided from the Quintard Mall. Web site:

Foggy Hollow Bluegrass Gatherin’ September 25-26 Wellington Foggy Hollow Bluegrass Gatherin’ 256-492-3700. Admission charged Foggy Hollow Farm, 439 Ross Lake Rd., between Anniston and Gadsden in Webster’s Chapel Community—Alabama’s largest bluegrass festival takes place in June and Septempter and features local, regional and national acts, parking lot picking, camping.

Foggy Hollow Bluegrass Gatherin’ at 439 Ross Lake Road, between Gadsden and Anniston off U. S. 431 in Webster’s Chapel Community. The largest bluegrass festival with local, regional, and national acts. Camping. 256-492-3700.

Cheaha State Park “Chili Cook Off and Tasting” Saturday September 26 1st prize “2009 Free Weekend in Bald Rock Lodge!” 2008 Peoples Choice Winner! 1 night Free Bald Rock Lodge! Enter Now!!!!!!
Come and enjoy chili at Bald Rock as groups compete to win accommodations for groups up to 32 people. 
Tasting Free from Noon - 3 p.m. or as long as the chili lasts.
To enter the competition please email:
Registration fee per table $25.00 (More information available upon request.)Register before March 1, 2009 we will wave this fee!
First Place Winner – Two (2) nights at Bald Rock Group Lodge for 32 people, any date of your choice (subject to availability). Prize Value: $4000.00
Second Place Winner – One (1) night at Bald Rock Lodge. Prize Value: $3000.00
Third Place Winner – One (1) day use of a pavilion at Cheaha State Park and free entrance for your group. Mountain Festival September 26-27 9am - 4 pm - Join us for Fried Pies, Fried Green Tomatoes, Singing,Yard Sale Lane, Crafts, Indian Artifacts and more! We have a mountain of reasons for you to stay or visit us this weekend.  For vender registration,  contact: “HELPING HANDS” at 256354-5428.

Gadsden Children’s Warehouse Clothing Sale September 19 & 20 Gadsden Convention Hall

Talladega Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure September 5-6 & 19-20 Talladega Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure 888-GO-RACE-1. www.RacingAdventure. com. Admission charged. Talladega Superspeedway-- Racing school dates: Sept. 5-6 & 19-20, Oct. 17-18, Nov. 7-8 & 21-22, Dec. 5-6 | 31

❱ Week One Alexandria @ Anniston Cherokee Co. vs. Piedmont Clay Co. @ Munford Cleburne Co. @ Lineville Donoho @ White Plains Etowah vs. Lincoln Jacksonville @ Weaver JCA @ ASD Ohatchee vs. Pleasant Valley Oxford vs. Benjamin Russell Saks @ Wellborn Spring Garden @ Appalachian ❱ Week Two Alexandria vs. Cherokee Co. Anniston vs. Childersburg Cleburne Co. @ Lincoln Collinsville @ Spring Garden Donoho vs. T.C.C Glencoe @ Weaver

Handley @ Munford Jacksonville @ Oneonta JCA vs. Appalachian Ohatchee vs. Ranburne Oxford @ Pinson Valley Piedmont @ Wellborn Pleasant Valley @ Tarrant Saks @ Central-Coosa White Plains vs. Leeds ❱ Week Three Alexandria @ St. Clair Co. Anniston @ Saks Cleburne Co. vs. Munford Donoho @ Loachapoka Handley vs. Lincoln Jacksonville vs. Ashville JCA @ Victory Christian Ohatchee @ Randolph Co. Oxford @ Huffman Piedmont vs. Weaver

Anniston - OPEN Boaz @ Lincoln Cedar Bluff vs. Weaver Cherokee Co. @ Cleburne Co. Clay Co. @ Saks Donoho vs. Providence Christian Jacksonville vs. Pleasant Valley JCA vs. Skyline Munford vs. T.C.C Ohatchee @ Piedmont Oxford @ Huntsville White Plains @ Spring Garden

Pleasant Valley vs. White Plains Spring Garden @ Valley Head Wellborn @ Leeds ❱ Week Four Alexandria vs. Jacksonville Anniston vs. Cleburne Co. Childersburg @ Lincoln Donoho @ Winterboro Gadsden City @ Oxford Gaston @ Spring Garden Glencoe @ White Plains JCA vs. Jefferson Christian Munford vs. Saks Ohatchee vs. Woodland Piedmont @ Tarrant Pleasant Valley @ Wellborn Weaver vs. Leeds

❱ Week Six Alexandria @ Locust Fork Anniston @ Handley Boaz @ Fort Payne Childersburg vs. Munford Cleburne Co. vs. Central-Coosa Donoho vs. Wadley Gaylesville @ Spring Garden

❱ Week Five Alexandria vs. Wellborn

10% OFF* All Parts and Labor

*excludes tires




Oil change

Includes filter and up to 5 qts. oil and topping off of all fluids

32 | Alabama Clipper September 2009

Glencoe vs. Wellborn Hokes Bluff @ Jacksonville JCA @ Parkway Christian Lincoln @ Saks Lineville vs. Ohatchee Oxford vs. Hewitt-Trussville Piedmont vs. White Plains Pleasant Valley vs. Leeds Weaver @ Tarrant ❱ Week Seven Alexandria vs. Ashville Anniston vs. Munford Cedar Bluff vs. Spring Garden Cherokee Co. vs. Jacksonville Cleburne Co. vs. Saks Donoho @ Notasulga JCA vs. Ragland Lincoln @ Central-Coosa Ohatchee vs. Lanett Oxford vs. Clay-Chalkville

Piedmont @ Pleasant Valley Wellborn @ Weaver White Plains vs. Tarrant ❱ Week Eight Alexandria @ Oneonta Anniston @ Lincoln Childersburg vs. Cleburne Co. Clay Co. vs. Ohatchee Donoho vs. Verbena Glencoe vs. Pleasant Valley Handley @ Saks Jacksonville vs. St. Clair Co. JCA @ St. Bernard Munford vs. Central-Coosa Oxford vs. Shades Valley Piedmont vs. Leeds Spring Garden vs. Woodville Wellborn @ Tarrant Weaver vs. White Plains [Sat.]

❱ Week Nine Alexandria @ Hokes Bluff Anniston vs. Coosa-Central Childersburg @ Saks Coosa Christian vs. JCA Donoho @ Fayetteville Glencoe @ Piedmont Jacksonville @ Locust Fork Lincoln vs. Munford Ohatchee vs. Horseshoe Bend Oxford @ Pell City Pleasant Valley vs. Weaver Spring Garden vs. Skyline Wellborn vs. White Plains

JCA vs. OPEN Munford @ Oak Grove Ohatchee @ White Plains Oxford vs. Tuscaloosa Co. Piedmont @ Woodland Pleasant Valley vs. Fultondale Saks @ Weaver Sand Rock vs. Spring Garden

❱ Week Ten Alexandria vs. Cleburne Co, Anniston vs. Briarwood Clay Co. vs. Lincoln Donoho vs. Skyline Jacksonville vs. Wellborn




10 Wings, Fries & Medium Drink

10 Wings, Philly Cheesesteak & Medium Drink

Large Fries

With this coupon Expires 9/30/09

With this coupon Expires 9/30/09

With this coupon Expires 9/30/09

All Stars 10-Piece Combo

with purchase of 20 wings or more | 33




amilies can celebrate Labor Day in Alabama with unique experiences, destinations and events southern-hospitality style. Food, animals, sports, entertainment and water are among the themed events for 2009. Butterbeans, sweet potatoes, moon pies and barbeque are some of the foods families can sink their teeth into over the weekend. Fresh vegetables abound at the Butterbean Festival in Pinson and the Sweet Tater Festival in Cullman. A moon pie eatin’ contest is the highlight of the Labor Day Celebration at Tannehill Ironworks in McCalla.   Families can also celebrate animal-themed events such as the Labor Day Celebration and Decoration Day at Coon Dog Cemetery where hunting dogs are honored, graves are decorated and tall tales are swapped in the “Liars Contest.” Travel to North Alabama to see a parade of mules, horses and carriages at the Ider Mule Days celebration.   Reel in a possible prize-winning fish in Mobile at the 43rd Annual Big Game Fishing Club Invitational or take in a pigskin classic at Legion Field as Miles College battles Tuskegee University in the third annual Labor Day Golden Classic football game.   The Alabama Tourism Department recommends Labor Day weekend events with family fun in mind.  


September 5, Pinson Alabama Butterbean Festival The annual Butterbean Festival kicks off with a 5K and one mile fun-run, followed by an entire day’s worth of exciting events on Historic Pinson Main Street. Enjoy more than 200 arts, crafts, and food booths, the Tail Waggin’ Dog Pageant, a car and motorcycle show, golf tournament, butterbean and cooking contests, a circus, the Mr. and Miss Butterbean Pageant, and more than three stages of live entertainment. Free admission. For more information: 877.691.6088, September 6, McCalla Labor Day Celebration & Moon Pie Eatin’ Contest Celebrate at the Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park in McCalla during the annual Labor Day celebration and Moon Pie Eatin’ Contest. Homemade crafts, music, barbeque, fun await visitors. See the remains of the cold-blast furnaces and tour more 34 | Alabama Clipper September 2009

than 45 buildings from the 1800s while at the park. The event runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission is charged. For more information: 205.288.3414, September 6-7, Cullman Sweet Tater Festival  Visit Dowling Memorial Park in Crane Hill for the annual Sweet Tater Festival. The event features great arts and crafts, door prizes, a flea market, kiddie rides and games, live entertainment, and plenty of “sweet taters.” Festivities begin Sunday 1-4 p.m., and continue Monday from 8:30 a.m. -3 p.m. Admission - $2 dollar donation. For more information: 256.747.8635,   September 7, Grady South Montgomery County Academy’s Annual BBQ & Antique Auction Celebrate Labor Day in Grady with food and fun 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. BBQ pork plates, camp stew, and homemade desserts will be served. Check out the silent auction and antique auction to find exciting treasures. Free admission. For more information: 334.562.3235.    


September 7, Tuscumbia Labor Day Celebration and Decoration Day at Coon Dog Cemetery In 1937, Key Underwood buried his beloved Coon Dog, Troop, on a hilltop in West Colbert County. Unbeknownst to them, a tradition was born. Today, more than 200 bona fide Coon Dogs are buried at the Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Cemetery, the only one of its kind in the world. Each year on Labor Day, “faithful friends” are remembered, their graves decorated, and tall tales are swapped in the “Liars Contest.” Visitors can enjoy bluegrass music and locally prepared hickory-smoked barbecue. The event is Monday, Sept.7, from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. For more information: 800.344.0783, 256.383.0783,,   September 7, Ider  Ider Mule Days  Take the trip to North Alabama this Labor Day weekend to experience Sand Mountain’s rich agricultural heritage. Families have enjoyed this event for more than 100 years. Enjoy the parade of mules, horses, carriages. See a display of antique cars and tractors, check out the arts and crafts, children’s activities, and food. Idler Mule Days takes place at Idler Town Park from 9:30 a.m. until. Free admission. For more information: 256.657.4184.

Sep 43 Inv Fish Fish bre 779 Aug Sep La Mil Gol Adm com  


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Sep 34 The a.m cou hom Sea 256 Sep Sh Da In i Spr at 9 are

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September 5-6, Mobile 43rd Annual Mobile Big Game Fishing Club Alabama Invitational Fishers can reel in Labor Day weekend festivities at the 43rd Annual Big Game Fishing tournament in Mobile. A one-million dollar prize will be awarded for breaking the record for the largest Blue Marlin caught in Alabama (current record 779 pounds). Entries are $175.00 per angler or $150.00 per angler if registered by August 26. For more information: September 6, Birmingham Labor Day Golden Classic Miles College takes on Tuskegee University in the third annual football Labor Day Golden Classic. The game is played at Legion Field in Birmingham at 6:00 p.m. Admission charged. For more information: 205.929.3298 or www.milesgoldenbears. com.  


September 5-7, Florence Labor Day Events at the Marriot Shoals Hotel & Spa Take a weekend vacation or a day getaway to the Marriot Shoals Hotel & Spa for exciting Labor Day events. All weekend listen to a DJ play the best summer hits as you relax poolside. Featured food and drink specials will help guests celebrate the weekend right. Friday and Saturday nights enjoy “dive-in” movies at the pool. Enjoy fireworks Sunday evening at sundown. For more information: www.marriottshoals. com. September 6, Alexander City Russell Lands Labor Day Festival Water lovers and concert goers enjoy annual Labor Day festivities at Lake Martin. Sit back and listen to live entertainment at the Lake Martin Amphitheatre while gazing at the stars at this free event. Bring your lawn chairs, picnic baskets and get ready for an evening of fun. For more information:, 256.329.0835.  


September 7, Section 34th Annual Section Labor Day Festival The 34th Annual Labor Day Festival in Section takes place at the Community Park 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Bring the family for all-day entertainment featuring gospel, bluegrass, country, and good ol’ Rock & Roll. Children will enjoy games and rides. Food includes homemade ice cream and Bar-B-Que. Volleyball, horseshoes, dominoes, and a “Back Seat Drivers Contest” is also on the schedule. Free admission. For more information: 256.228.3414, 256.574.1330. September 7, Tuscumbia Shoals Area Labor Council Hosts the 88th Annual Labor Day Celebration In its 88th year, the nation’s oldest Labor Day celebration, will be held at Tuscumbia’s Spring Park. A parade through downtown Tuscumbia will open the day’s festivities at 9:00 a.m. Musical entertainment and a “Miss” and “Little Miss Labor Day” pageant are scheduled. For more information: 256.383.2758, 888.344.0783. | 35

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McNeal’s Home Improvement....................................... 31 Peerless Grille....................................................................... 33 QC Financial.......................................................................... 10 Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning............................................. 36 Romine’s Old Smokehouse BBQ.................................... 10 Sophie’s Choice................................................................... 36 Struts....................................................................................... 38 Sunny King Toyota............................................................. 40 Taming of the Ewe............................................................. 31 The Vault...................................................................................6 Timeless Treasures Antique Mall................................... 40 TTT Plumbing...................................................................... 37 Unlimited Audio................................................................. 16 Waldrop’s .............................................................................. 19 Weaver Station Fresh Fruit & Produce......................... 13 Welch Plumbing.................................................................. 11

5 rooms cleaned

for only 36 | Alabama Clipper September 2009



estimates Call Today! 256.835.0417

The Alabama Clipper - Vol.1 Issue 3 - September 2009 - Calhoun County  

The Alabama Clipper - Vol.1 Issue 3 - September 2009 - Calhoun County

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