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DAI 505 TIMELINE Austin Collier / SPRING 2011

April 4 - April 20


Hand-outs March 9 - March 23 Individual Research Time Prototype/Mock-Up Development Time


No class March 28th & 30th

Mid Term Presentation March 14th at 6:35p.m.

April 25 - May 3 Optional Attendance Day – Q & A for Final Presentation

Feb. 21 - March 7 Hand-outs Individual Research Time Meet with Ryszard Pochran Contact Professor Chu

Finish Prototype and Documentation

Time Line Individual student appointment March 7th at 7:55 p.m.

May 4 - May 16

Final Presentations in Class including Prototypes, Models & Mock-Ups Final Written Research Proposal Monday May, 16th

Feb. 14 - 16 Library Research with Darlene Tong Finalize Problems and Purpose Statements

Jan. 31 - Feb 9 Handouts Collaboratory – Problem & Purpose Statement Review

DAI 505 Blog Overview of What’s to Come


Sign-Up for Final Presentation Prototype/Mock-Up Development Time

Jan. 24 -26 First Day of Class Formulating the Problem Statement and Purpose Statement Student Info Sheet 3 Problem and Purpose Statments

Linear timeline  
Linear timeline  

Timeline for my research and development class