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About Us Alcatraz Wholesale has developed strong relationships with the major brewers and we can provide full technical services. Alcatraz Wholesale has worked with its supply partners to win and develop new business in the area. Alcatraz Wholesale operates a same day service, six days a week with family service. In recent years Alcatraz Wholesale has developed a customer base in the immediate area, ranging from trade clubs to large hospitality venues, council outlets, hotels, bars and restaurants. The company can boast over 150 clients within a 45 mile radius of BH1. Alcatraz Wholesale has always prided itself on maintaining a close relationship with its customer base. Alcatraz does not regard customers as just a contract to supply products, but we aim to work with our clients to develop and enhance their trade. Alcatraz views customers as partnerships. Alcatraz Faces; Sales Ben & Ian, Office Terry, Accounts Ali, Drivers Steve, Russell & Roger.





Contents 1. Front Cover 2. About Us 3. Contents 4. Alcatraz Creative 5. Kegs 6. Packaged Drinks 7 - 9. Spirits 10 - 11. The Real Cost Of Wine 12. House White & Red Wines 13. House Red, Argentinian Red & Australian Red 14. Argentina Overview 15. Australian Overview 16. Australian White & Chile Red & White 17. Chile Overview 18. Germany Overview 19. German White 20. France Overview 21. French Red 22. Italy Overview 23. French White, Italian Red 24. Italian Red, Italian White 25. Italian White & Italian Rose 26. South African Overview 27. Italian Rose, South African White & Red & Spanish Red 28. Spain Overview 29. New Zealand Overview 30. New Zealand White, Champagne & Sparkling Wine 31. Champagne & Sparkling Wine 32. Food & Cleaning Products 33. Fresh Picks 34. Tea 35. Coffee & Cookies 36. Opening Times & Contact Details




Our in house design team have years of experience, in design and marketing for the Alcatraz Wholesale and for the Alcatraz Group. As well as pubs, restaurants in the local region, now for the first time we are offering our knowledge and experience to our customers.

Wine Lists - Free Design* Each one of our customers is entitled to free wine list design, when buying your wines from Alcatraz Wholesale. We focus on presenting your wine choices in a creative, informative way, encouraging your customers to experiment, enjoy and ultimately spend more on wine.

Other Design Services We can help promote your business through new or updated websites, tent cards, flyers, posters, mail shots, e-shots, banners, exhibitions stands etc, anything you want professionally designed, we can help.

E-Marketing & Social Media E-Newsletters should be a must for all businese’s, especially those in the hospitality industry! Our team can design and host a template for you to easily work from, you just add your content on the easy to use online editor, or for the super busy we can also do that part for you. You just provide brief content and we take over from there! Social Media The impact social media is having on the world, and on business, is growing daily. Here at Alcatraz Creative we craft social media campaigns that will get your audience's attention, engagement and endorsement. A good social media strategy can give you real edge in business: You've got to know how to respond and respond fast. From Facebook fans to YouTube hits, everything's trackable so you can measure the impact of your investment. Naturally any social media strategy must work in tandem with your other marketing activity to be most effective.

Price Promise We are determined not to be beaten on price, we will beat any like for like quote on our design and marketing services.

Print We are happy to quote on any printing jobs you may require, with or without our design service. Please contact us for more details.

Introductory Offer 2 0 % O F F YO U R F I R S T P R OJ E C T !

Call Terry on 01202 74 56 56 or email *Printing costs are not included.


Kegs Lager


Amstel Keg 10g 4.1% £102.25 Becks Vier 11g 4% £94.22 Bitburger 11g 4.8% £122.00 Carling 11g 4.1% £98.78 Carlsberg Export 11g 5% £117.00 Carlsberg Export 6.6g 5% £70.00 Carlsberg Lager 11g 3.8% £89.26 Carlsberg Lager 30ltr 3.8% £57.94 Coors Light 11g 4.5% £92.00 Cobra Beer 11g 5% £126.00 Fosters 11g 4% £93.48 Grolsch 11g 5% £109.80 Heineken Prem 11g 5% £110.58 Kaltenburg Hell 11g 4.1% £83.33 Kronenbourg 11g 5% £106.02 Kingfisher 11g 4.8% £124.20 Moretti 20ltr £61.08 Moretti 30ltr £85.79 Peroni 50ltr 5.1% £140.29 San Miguel 11g 5% £117.42 Stella 4 Keg 11g 4% £80.54 Stella Artois 10g 5% £93.32 Tiger Beer 4.8% 11g £149.48 Warsteiner 50 ltr 4.8% £133.45

Aspalls Dry Suffolk Cider 11g 5.5% £92.00 Blackthorn Dry 11g 5% £72.08 Kingston Press 11g 4.7% £83.78 Strongbow Cider 11g 4.5% £92.65 Thatchers Gold Cap 11g 4.8% £82.84 Thatchers Green Cap 11g 4.8% £82.84 Stowford Press 11g 4.5% £90.65 Symonds Founders Reserve 11g - £74.00

Bitter Bass Smooth 10g 4.5% £87.20 Boddingtons 10g 4.7% £87.82 Guinness 11g 4.1% £118.00 John Smith Smooth 11g 3.8% £91.16 Tetley Smooth 11g 3.6% £79.80 Tetley Smooth 6.6g 3.6% £52.87 Whitbread Best 10g 3.5% £91.23 Worthington 11g 3.6% £91.94 Cask Ales Bournemouth Brewing Company Dolphin Draught 4.6% 9g £74.75 / 4.5 Gal Pin £51.75 Wessex Wobble 4.3% 9g £74.75 / 4.5 Gal Pin £51.75 Golden Grains 4.6% 9g £74.75 / 4.5 Gal Pin £51.75 Pesky Pirate Porter 4.2% £75.75 / 4.5 Gal Pin £51.76 Bournemouth Battle Axe 6.3% £80.50 / 4.5 Gal Pin £57.50 Ringwood 49er 9g 4.9% £108.24 Ringwood Best Bitter 9g 3.8% £93.60 Sharps Doom Bar Bitter 9g 4% £74.46 Sharps Special Bitter 9g 5% £80.00

all prices are excluding VAT



Schweppes 125ml

Fruit, Energy Drinks & Misc

Appletiser 275ml £15.74 Coca Cola 1.5 LTR (12) £14.27 Coca Cola 200ml £9.00 Coca Cola 330ml £13.20 Coca Cola 500ml PET £15.25 Coke / Diet Coke Cans 330ml £8.39 Juices £7.20 Mixers £6.48 Schweppes Lemonade 1.5 LTR (12) £12.60 Schweppes Tonic £7.19 Schwepps 200ml Juices £12.31 Schwepps 200ml Mixers £9.50

Red Bull 250ml Can 1x24 £19.50 Bottle Green Elderflower Presse £12.99 Crabbies Alc Ginger Beer 12 x 500ml £19.50 Frobishers Apple 24 x 250ml £17.04 Frobishers Cranberry 24x250ml £19.12 Frobishers Orange 24 x 250 ml £18.48 Frobishers Pineapple 24x250ml £19.12 Frobishers Tomato 24x250ml £17.04 Sunpride Cranberry 12 X 1 LTR £10.70 Sunpride Orange 12 X 1 LTR £8.99


Smirnoff Ice £22.30 WKD £24.90

160ml Juices £8.52 160ml Mixers £7.99 AJ & OJ 100% 275ML X 24 £18.17 Fruit Shoots £12.00 J2O 275ml £14.40 Hartridges Ginger Beer £11.88 Soda Syphons (EX Dep) X6 £10.19 Squashes, Lime, Blackcurrant & Orange £1.01 Water Princes Gate 500ml Still x 24 £4.50 Hildon Water Is Available In Still & Sparkling; Hildon 330ml £9.02 Hildon 750ml £8.71 Bag in Box Coca Cola 7 LTR £39.75 Diet Coca Cola 7 LTR £39.75 Pepsi / Diet 12 LTR £47.50 R Whites Lemonade 12 LTR £47.50 Schwepps Lemonade 7 LTR £42.25 Schwepps Tonic Water 7 LTR £51.73 Fanta 7 LTR £45.95


Bottled Lagers Becks Bier 275ml x24 £15.99 Becks Blue Non Alc Nrb 275ml x24 £14.99 Budweiser 330ml x24 £19.60 Carlsberg 275ml x24 £16.99 Carlsberg Special Brew x24 £32.00 Corona x24 330ml £22.95 Desperados 330ml x24 £25.99 Holsten Pils 275ml x24 £15.50 Moretti 330ml nrb x 24 £22.60 Peroni 330ml x24 £21.64 Stella Artois 330ml x24 £18.85 Bottled Ales Guinness Cans 440ml x24 £25.00 London Pride 12 x 500ml £21.90 Manns Brown Ale 275ml x24 £15.55 Newcastle Brown 568ml x12 £16.77 Old Speckled Hen 500ml x12 £20.10 Spitfire 8 x 500ml £13.52

Bottled Cider / Perry Bulmers Red Berry & Lime 568ml x12 £16.30 Bulmers Original 568ml x 12 £14.95 Bulmers Pear Cider 568ml x12 £14.95 Kopparberg Mixed Fruits 500ml x15 £23.95 Kopparberg Pear Cider 500ml x 15 £21.44 Kopparberg S/berry & Lime 500ml x15 £23.95 Kopperberg Apple 500ml x15 £19.95 Magners Original (Pints) 12 £20.38 Magners Pear (Pints) 12 £20.38 Woodpecker 275ml £16.35


Bourbon Whiskey

Absolute Manderin Vodka 70cl £12.46 Absolute Raspberry Vodka 70cl £12.46 Absolute Vanilla Vodka 70cl £15.13 Absolut Vodka 70cl £11.33 Absolute Vodka Citron 70cl £15.09 Black Cow ‘Dorset Milk Vodka’ 70cl £20.50 Eristoff Vodka 70cl £8.03 Grey Goose 70cl £29.11 House Vodka 70cl £8.92 House Vodka 1.5ltr £20.03 Smirnoff Red 1.5ltr £28.00 Smirnoff Red 70cl £12.99 Stolichnaya Vodka Red £15.99 Stolichnaya Vodka Flavours £19.97

Jack Daniels 70cl £18.50 Jack Daniels 1.5ltr £38.94 Jack Daniels Honey 70cl £20.00 Southern Comfort 70cl £17.21 Southern Comfort 1.5ltr £34.33 Jim Beam £16.98 Jim Beam Red Stag £20.00 Jim Beam Honey £19.91

all prices are excluding VAT

Whisky Balvenie 12 Year old 70cl £22.45 Bells Whisky 1.5ltr £29.51 Bells Whisky 70cl £14.21 Black Bush Irish Whiskey 70cl £15.28 Black Grouse 70cl £17.23 Bushmills Irish Whiskey 70cl £16.30 Canadian Club 70cl £16.34 Dalwhinnie Malt 70cl £30.23 Drambuie 70cl £19.40 Famous Grouse 1.5ltr £29.44 Famous Grouse 70cl £13.19 The Black Grouse £18.33 Glayva Malt Whiskey 70cl £19.47 Glenfiddich 70cl £27.00 Glenkinichie Malt 70cl £21.99 Glenmorangie 70cl £26.00 House Whiskey 70cl £11.73 House Whiskey 1.5ltr £24.50 Jamesons 70cl £16.72 Jamesons 1.5ltr £37.80 Janneau VSOP 70cl £26.36 Johnnie Walker Black 70cl £22.47 Lagavulin 16 Year 70cl £36.12 Lagavulin Single Malt 70cl £18.10 Laphroig Malt Whisky 70cl £25.59



spirits all prices are excluding VAT

Rum Bacardi 1.5ltr £31.17 Bacardi 70cl £15.50 Capt Morgans Rum 1.5ltr £33.39 Capt Morgans Rum 70cl £15.49 Cockspur Fine Rum £10.10 Havana Club Especial Rum 70cl £16.05 House White Rum 1.5ltr £21.01 House White Rum 70cl £10.16 Lambs Rum 1.5ltr £30.12 Lambs Rum 70cl £14.21 Morgans Spiced Rum 70cl £15.49 Mount Gay Rum 70cl £15.25 Pussers' Rum 70cl £23.07 Sailor Jerry Rum 70cl £18.25 Woods 100 70cl £21.30 Malibu 1.5ltr ABV 21% £24.50 Malibu 70cl ABV 21% £111.49 Havana Club 3 Year Old Rum £16.20 Havana Club 7 Year Rum £20.64 Havana Club Especial Rum £16.77 Gin Beefeater Gin 70cl £11.59 Bombay Sapphire 1.5 ltr £38.00 Bombay Sapphire 70cl £16.24 Gordins Tanquery Gin 70cl £19.00 Gordon's Gin 1.5ltr £28.00 Gordon's Gin 70cl £12.99 Gordon's Gin Distillers Cut 70cl £14.20 Gordons Sloe Gin 70cl £16.99 House Gin 1.5ltr £20.89 House Gin 70cl £8.93 Brandy Calvados 50cl £12.91 Courvoisier 1.5ltr £45.00 Courvoisier 70cl £18.99 Fundador Brandy £10.80 House Brandy 70cl £10.39 House Brandy 1.5 ltr £22.15 Martell VS 1.5ltr £33.33 Martell VS 70cl £21.79 Remy Martin V.S.O.P £30.80 Remy Martin XO 70cl £63.21 Three Barrels Brandy 1.5 lt £29.75 Three Barrels Brandy 70cl £12.69


spirits Speciality Drinks


Absinthe 70cl £24.13 Advocaat Warnicks 70cl ABV 17.0% £10.10 After Shock Green 70cl ABV 40% £17.14 After Shock Red 70cl ABV 40% £21.39 Aftershock Black 70cl ABV 40% £19.82 Black Sambuca 70cl ABV 38% £16.00 Dubonnet 70cl ABV £7.53 Goldschlager 40% bottle ABV 40% £18.48 House Sambucca 70cl £11.83 Jagermeister Herb Liquer Bottle ABV £14.25 Limoncello Luxardo 70cl ABV £15.44 Pernod 70cl ABV 40% £15.78 Pimms No.1 70cl ABV 25% £12.05 Sambuca 70cl ABV 38% £14.21 Sambuca Raspberry 70cl ABV 38% £14.21 Sourz Cherry Sweet&Sour 70cl ABV £9.73 Sourz-Shooter Apple 70cl ABV 15% £9.73 Tequila Gold Cuervo 70cl ABV 38% £16.50 Tequila Rose 70cl ABV 38% £12.26 Tequila Silver Cuervo £14.42

Cockburns Ruby 75cl ABV 20% £8.04 Grahams LBV Port 75cl ABV 20% £10.61 Taylors LBV Port ABV 20% £11.72 Vermouth Cinzano Bianco 75cl ABV 15% £5.99 Martini Bianco 1.5ltr ABV 15% £12.78 Martini Bianco 75cl ABV 15% £6.99 Martini Extra Dry 1.5ltr ABV 15% £13.78 Martini Extra Dry 75cl ABV 15% £6.99 Martini Rosso 1.5ltr ABV 15% £12.78 Martini Rosso 75cl ABV 15% £6.99 Sherry Croft Original 70cl ABV 17.5% £8.07 Tio Pepe 75cl ABV 15% £9.37

all prices are excluding VAT

Liqueurs Archers Peach 1.5ltr ABV 21% £22.42 Archers Peach Schnapps 70cl ABV 21% £12.24 Bailey's 1.5ltr ABV 17.5% £24.48 Bailey's 70cl ABV 17% £11.72 Bols Blue Curacao 50cl ABV 21% £11.99 Bols Creme de Cacao White 75cl £9.72 Bols Creme De Menthe 50cl ABV 24% £11.99 Bols Triple Sec 50cl ABV 38% £11.03 Cachaca 51 70cl Bottle ABV 40% £16.53 Campari 70cl ABV 25% £15.00 Chambord Royale Liquer ABV 16.5% £15.09 Chartreuse Liquer 70cl ABV 55% £20.61 Cointreau 70cl ABV 40% £17.90 Creme de Cassis 70cl ABV 17% £9.84 De Kuyper Triple Sec 50cl £9.81 Disaronno Original Amaretto 70cl £16.15 Frangelicco Liquer ABV 30% £17.49 Galliano Bottle ABV 30% £16.69 Gran Marnier Bottle ABV 40% £22.61 Grenadine Bottle £5.09 Harveys Amontillado 70cl ABV 17.5% £10.19 Harveys Bristol Cream 70cl ABV £8.38 Kahlua Bottle ABV 26.5% £15.48 Kummel Wolfschmidt £13.61 Midori Melon Liquer 70cl ABV 20% £16.000 Passoine Ambra 70cl Bottle ABV 38% £13.33 Stone's Ginger Wine Bottle ABV £6.75 Strega Bottle ABV £23.07 Tia Maria 1.5ltr ABV 20% £30.53 Tia Maria Bottle ABV 20% £15.03


The Real Costs Of Wine?

£4.99 Bottle

Have you ever wondered what the real cost of the actual wine is that you are serving? Our handy charts will tell you.



Winery Labour & Shipping Costs


Wine Quality


Tax (Duty & VAT)



£9.99 Bottle



Winery Labour & Shipping Costs


Wine Quality


Tax (Duty & VAT)




wines House White Las Cazas Dry White (Argentina) £5.46 Crisp and refreshing with hints of tropical fruits.

all prices are excluding VAT

House Wines Their importance cannot be over-estimated. Your house wine is your imprimateur, your guarantee of quality, the sign of a good operator.

Las Cazas Medium Dry White (Argentina) £5.42 Delicate fruity medium wine.

Our buyers spend a huge amount of time and travel sourcing and blending the best wines. We look for a range of suitable styles, both in terms of wine and presentation. They must taste good – and look good.

Maison de Breton Medium White (French) £4.99 Off dry white with good balancing acidity and hints of tropical fruits.

Maison de Breton Dry White (French) £5.09 Dry fruity white with a clean finish.

House Red Las Cazas Red (Argentina) £5.42 Medium bodied with aromas of summer berries and a smooth finish.


wines wines

Maison des Breton Red (France) £4.99 Medium bodied red with lots of juicy berry fruit character.

all prices are excluding VAT

House Rose Sunset Point Zinfandel (USA) £6.40 Classic red berry and pink grapefruit aromas and fresh delicate flavours.

Argentinian Red Don David Reserve Tannat £8.54 A great representation of the terroir to be found in Cafayete. A wine full of character showing lots of dark chocolate and smooth flavours with a firm but pleasant finish.

El Camino Malbec £6.23 This is a rich and full-bodied with with intense fruit flavour that is at its best when paired with very good red meat dishes. All Argentine beef dishes should be eaten with a glass of Argentine malbec!

Alcatraz Wholesale





wines Austrialian White

all prices are excluding VAT

Foundstone Unoaked Chardonnay £6.73 This unoaked Chardonnay is an appealing fruit driven wine that has aromas of candied lemon, lime and honey-dew melon. The palate is a fusion of sweet citruspeardrop and ripe melon flavours that continue to a long and zesty finish.

Chile Red Tierra Antica Merlot £5.81 Enjoy this wine with stew, roast chicken or charcoal grilled hamburgers.

Chile White Tierra Antica Sauvignon Blanc £5.81 Ideal partner to enjoy with fresh oysters, White fish ceviches and salads. Best served at 10°C (50°F).

Australian Red Foundstone Shiraz £6.93 This Shiraz displays vanillin cigar –box and black cherries on the nose, with a rich mouthfeel that leads to lovely ripe black cherry with complex hints of spice and herbs on the palate.




wines wines

all prices are excluding VAT Vina Edmara Chardonnay £6.41 Casseroles, salads, shellfish, fish, cheese, white meats.

German White Niersteiner Gutes Domtal £4.83 To accompany poultry, ham & asparagus, pork or fish dishes. Also ideal as a light aperitif.

Piesporter Michelsberg £5.36 Chilled at 10 to 12C with fish and poultry dishes

Liebfraumilch £4.12 This medium-sweet Liebfraumilch is citrusy and fresh, with aromas of pear and apple finishing with light and fruity flavours.

Alcatraz Wholesale




wines French Red

all prices are excluding VAT

Beaujolais Villages, Château de Souzy £18.17 At 13/14°C to accompany white meats, fish, cheese or Asian cuisine.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape £19.33 Ripe morello cherries complemented by vanilla and spice, a big wine but retaining this estate's characteristic elegance and showing a modern style of winemaking.

Cotes du Rhone Blanc Village £7.34 Chilled as an aperitif or to accompany fish dishes and light cheese

Domaine des Pourthie Cabernet Sauvignon £9.70 Drink with red meat, game and cheese.

Fleurie £10.63 Chilled or at room temperature. A perfect accompaniment to white meat and fish.


We import all our wines directly from Italy and have over 30 years experience of dealing with the top producers in Italy. The quality and range of our wines can’t be beaten. We focus on producers who can make good quality wine year after year, with the distinctive flavour and the typical taste of the grapes and the region. Many of the wineries we deal with are small to medium sized and often family owned and run. The awards our wines win at events such as the International Wine Challenge and in Gambero Rosso and various magazine tastings as well as the press comments are testament to the effectiveness of this philosophy.


wines wines

French White

all prices are excluding VAT

Chablis Gaston Andre £11.73 Every day serving suggestion: Serve this Chablis at 14°C as an aperitif, on seafood, smoked salmon, grilled fish.

Italian Red Amarone Valpolicella £24.30 At 16-18C with a combination of red meats and cheeese.

Barbera d'alba £7.79 Every day serving suggestion: Grilled meats, game and mature cheese.

Barolo Psei £16.44 A single vineyard Barolo located on the most prestigious hillside between the villages of La Morra and Barolo. A rich and aristocratic wine which is full and savoury with a lingering aftertaste. Very fine.

Chianti Classico Riserva £14.84 At 17-19C with roast meats, game and stews.


wines Italian Red Dolcetto D'Ovada £7.80 Serve with risotto and pasta dishes, mushrooms and fresh cheese

La Prendine Merlot £7.55 A lovely, soft and supple red with lots of fruit. This Merlot has that ripe, juicy feel to it and is redolent of berry fruit.

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Tre Saggi £9.05 A bit of a beast of a wine; lashings of dense fruit, backed up by full, but soft tannins and a long finish.

Vinum Italian White Gavi del Comune di Gavi DOC £10.99 A delicious, lively and citrusy nose is matched with a fullness and rounded flavour on the lengthy palate.

Alcatraz Wholesale


wines wines

Italian White

all prices are excluding VAT

Greco di Tufo DOCG £10.99 Try with raw fish, buffalo mozzarella and white meats.

Pinot Bianco £7.55 Chilled as an aperitif or with light hors d'oeuvres, fish and white meats.

Pinot Grigio Marchesini £5.27 A crisp fresh, yet fruity, wine with a firm bouquet.

Sauvignon Blanc Colli Piacentini £8.24 A deliciously crisp and grassy finish follows a firm and distinctly herbal nose.

Italian Rose Pinot Grigio Rose Ca Del Lago £5.37 At 8-10C as an aperitif or with appetizers and light dishes, especially dishes based on fish.



wines Italian Rose

all prices are excluding VAT

Bardolino Chiaretto £8.33 A suave, elegant pink with that characteristic snap of herbiness on the finish and bags of character.

South African White Hazy View Chenin Blanc £5.49 Ideal as aperitif, best with fish, seafood, bbq.

South African Red Hazy View Pinotage £5.72 At room temperature to accompany roast or grilled red meats and rich pasta dishes.

Spanish Red Rioja Crianza Rivallana £7.58 Spicy fruit aromas combined with typical notes of vanilla from oak ageing. Savoury on the palate with hints of roast beef complemented by ripe fruit flavours.

Ondarre Rioja Reserva £7.42 At room temperature to accompany roast meats, game and cheese




wines wines

New Zealand White

all prices are excluding VAT

Tuatara Bay Sauv Blanc £9.44 A dry, light bodied crisp wine with gooseberry, passionfruit and nettles.

Champagne Moutard Grand Cuvee £21.07 A light fresh Champagne with a lively mousse and long crisp finish.

Dom Perignon Vintage 2003 £116.48 A particularly cold, dry and severe winter, the spring frosts of April left a lasting mark in Champagne. Summer was the hottest for 53 years. The crop was perfectly ripe and healthy like those of 1947, 1959 & 1976.

Lanson Black Label £24.85 Lanson has been making Champagne for over 250 years, and in a style that stands out from the crowd.

Champagne & Sparkling Wine Laurent Perrier NV £26.16 A Champagne noted for its lighter, fruitier style


wines Champagne & Sparkling Wine

all prices are excluding VAT

Laurent Perrier Rosé £44.29 The world’s most popular rosé Champagne, glorious pink colour with hints of summer fruits and a long dry finish.

Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial £29.00 A classic blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, this is a lemon-scented Champagne with really lovely, light toasty notes.

Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label £31.29 Behind this powerhouse of a Champagne lies Madame Cliquot, who founded the Veuve Cliquot house in 1772. Made with a blend of the three classic Champagne grapes - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier - this combines richness and elegance, with citrus fruits and real freshness.

Veuve Clicquot Rosé £38.20 With its light rosé glow and copper highlights an ideal companion for delicate dishes offering a round and balanced lingering finish.

Prosecco (Veneto) £7.30 Italy’s favourite aperitif - a deliciously soft sparkler


food & cleaning Olives Large Whole Green Olives £39.75 From Greece, 20 Litre tins. Large Whole Kalamata Olives £54.90 From Greece, 20 Litre tins. Extra Virgin Olive Oil £19.75 5 litre Cleaning Items Rinse Aid £7.00 5 litres. Glass Wash £7.00 5 litres. Beerline Cleaner £6.00 5 litres. Blue Centre Feed Rolls £15.95 Pack of 6. Disposables Straws (Black Bendy) £2.50 Pack of 250 Cocktail Stirrers (Black Disc) £5.75 Pack of 250 1 Ply Serviette £17.45 32cm X 5000 2 Ply Serviette £28.00 40cm x 2000 Bin Liners £9.75 Pack of 200 Many other cleaning items available, please contact us if you do not see what you are looking for.


fresh picks Folkington's Juices 250ml X12 ÂŁ9.00 Folkington's juices are made from pure (not concentrated) fruit juice and contain no preservatives, added flavours, added sugar* or unnecessary artificial additives or sweeteners. *Except in the pink lemonade

They are made from selected fruit varieties grown in particular parts of Britain and around the world. By ensuring that they are made from the same fruit varieties grown by the same farmers year on year, consistency in quality and taste can be maintained. Orange Juice From Valencia, pure squeezed. Cloudy Apple Pure pressed Russet. Cloudy Pear Pure pressed Conference. Old Fashioned Pink Lemonade Like the olden days. Cranberry Juice Tomato Juice



TEA PIGS (50 PACK) ÂŁ12.00

Teapigs, make a big thing about using quality real tea. By quality real tea, they mean whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs and whole flowers. It's all about the flavour. Available To Order Now In 7 fantastic flavours; Lemon & Ginger This all-natural, gingery, lemony brew will sweep you away to a British summer's day. Chai Every vendor, in every city, in every region of India, offers their own version of Chai Masala, the aromatic, spiced, milky tea that has been the Indian drink of choice for hundreds of years. Darjeeling Earl Grey The first flush organic Darjeeling we've selected is from the highly respected Singbulli tea estate. The estate spreads over 9 hills and tea is cultivated at heights up to 4100 ft. Rooibus & Honeybush This is a blend of the leaves of two native bushes from South Africa. Rooibos and Honey Bush grow only in the Cedarberg region of South Africa. Rooibos (Afrikaans for red bush) and Honey Bush are harvested and processed in much the same way as tea. Superfruit We can't get enough of our blueberries and cranberries since we were told they're packed full of super powers. To get more of your daily antioxidants try this blend of real berry pieces, which deliver a punchy, fruity taste. We've looked after the berries, not crushed them. Everyday Brew Everyday brew (English breakfast) formerly English breakfast (same great tea, just a simple name change) - this is our signature blend, our daily cuppa, our builders brew. Our everyday brew is the ultimate British favourite. Peppermint As with our normal teas, we insist that our herbal ones always use the whole leaf or flower. The leaf should be worshipped, not crushed. You'll find the mint will be fresher and finer than any teabag mint.

The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behaviour. We are working with the tea estates from which we source, to put the little green frog on every pack we sell.


At the moment our english breakfast (everyday brew) blend has Rainforest Alliance certification.

Our tea temples are made from biodegradable corn starch. The material was developed in Japan and has the green "pla" mark which is an endorsement by the Japanese bioplastics association. Our packaging is fully recyclable, and the cardboard used to make the packaging is FSC certified. FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) is a organisation which promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the worlds forests. And not only do we print on sustainable board, but this one last flashy logo tells you that the ink we use to make our packs pretty is vegetable-based.



Napoli, the world capital of espresso coffee This is where Cafè do Brasil, the producers of Caffè Kimbo started out. It's one of the great Italian success stories, started in the '50s in the historical centre of Naples where a small roasting plant was set up for the sale of roasted coffee to coffee bars and coffee shops. Thanks to the expertise gained in the field, the company grew exponentially and is today one of the leading roasters in Europe. KIMBO COFFEE £17.50 1KG Roasted Expresso Beans. ESPRESSO ITALIANO

FILTER COFFEE £37.75 50 X 60g Box.

FINE COOKIE CO £29.75 (APX 60 grams each) Born in the USA. Raised in the UK. Big, soft and chewy. 100% natural ingredients. Hand-baked by Artisan bakers. 100% British flour and butter. Artisan are a long-standing family bakery in the Derbyshire Peak District. Started over 70 years ago. In that time, the world has changed dramatically; but, in the bakery, the way they bake biscuits is barely any different. In the last 50 years, they have only had two Head Bakers. In 2009, Terry retired, and Paul, his understudy, took Terry’s place. Paul now sifts, weighs, mixes, and works the dough in the same old-fashioned way. SALT LAKE CARAMEL X36 Salted Caramel Cookie studded with Chocolate Chunks. ROCKY MOUNTAIN ROAD X36 Belgian chocolate and cranberry cookie with meringue. All that chocolate and meringue plus honeycomb make a wonderfully rich cookie. We’ve added a twist and a tang with some real American cranberries. RAINBOW NATION X36 Vanilla cookie with milk chocolate chips. A classic vanilla cookie flecked with milk chocolate chips and studded with everyone's favourite candy-coated chocolate beans.



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Alcatraz Product List January 2014  
Alcatraz Product List January 2014