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Learn More About Alcatel 4039 Formed from the merger of Alcatel and Lucent Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent is a global telecommunications corporation that combines two major entities that share a common lineage. It could be traced back to 1986. Alcatel-Lucent today is the largest innovation powerhouses in the communications industry, representing a combined R&D investment of Euro 2.7 billion in 2005, and a portfolio of over 25,000 active patents spanning virtually every technology area. The company’s vision is to enrich individuals way of living by transforming the way the entire world communicates. By creating Alcatel Phone Systems, the organization was capable of bringing the common lineages back together and start a thrilling new chapter of their history. With the most complete end-to-end portfolio of solutions as well as services in the industry, they was able to create the world’s first global communications solutions provider. Alcatel-Lucent is designed to provide telecommunications solutions which enable service providers, enterprises and governments around the world to deliver voice, data, and even video services. The organization has the largest research, technology and innovation organizations in the telecommunications industry today. It also has the most experienced global service team in the industry. Their latest products out in the market today is called the Alcatel 4039. Its also called as the Receptionalist handset in the Alcatel 9 Series Lineup. The only difference it has with the Alcatel 4029 is it's number of soft keys on both sides of the screen, which is 10 versus 6 respectively. It's stylish handset also offers the same ease of use and intelligent functionality. One of the most important feature of the Alcatel 1039 is that it has a huge display screen. This can be very useful as its used to see who is calling or even who is already on the call. It also has a QWERTY keyboard that could come in handy for those who need incredibly fast speed dialing features. This is a very unique feature which most users will tell you have made things very handy for them. It is also easy to navigate for key system features and be capable of scrolling down to see the 40+ staff members. It has also been equipped with hands free Speakerphone as well as Loudspeaker for paging. This feature could come in real

handy for those conference calls. It also has easy access to voicemail messages and could store up to 3000 speed dial numbers. Whilst trying to contact someone using the Alcatel 4039, all you have to do is type in the first letter of the person you would like to try and contact, it'll bring up all your options on the screen. Some people compare it to using your mobile phone contact, except that it’s faster. The keyboard, being QWERTY, allows you to send internal office messages that are another great feature for any busy office!

Learn More About Alcatel 4039  

Their latest products out in the market today is called the Alcatel 4039. Its also called as the Receptionalist handset in the Alcatel 9 Ser...

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