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Noticia Cañazares Volume No. 1. Issue No. 1: Are You One Of Us?

January 15, 2013

Christmas and Family Reunion 2012 - A Blast!!! Inside this issue: Who Won?! Who Won?!


El Cebuano? El Negrense?


The Family Presenta- 2 tions The Birth Of A Hippie


El Cebuano? El Negrense? (Cont.)


The Graces… Thank You!


Liquidation Report


The descendants of Emilio “Eming” L. Cañazares celebrated the Family Reunion last December 24, 2012 and it was a huge success!

“Al” Cañazares, Roan “Manang” C. Mordido and Al Thristan “Dondie” P. Cañazares.

The reunion was held at SagaTech Resort in Barangay Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City on the said date.

Consensus dictated the family members to be at the venue at 8:00AM but the final count was obtained past 10:00AM.

Days prior to the event, family members from Iligan City settled in the homes of Alfonso

All the efforts of various individuals and families were finally put into good use and

Just a few of them

the result was a fun filled exchange of pleasantries, gifts and games. Now that the previous reunions were huge successes, the family members are looking forward for the next Family Reunion.

Facts and Figures:  The 2012 Reunion’s total budget was Php 13,000. The 2010 Reunion’s was also Php 13,000. Coincidence?  If not for Home Depot, Boogie Wonderland’s music would have been very minute.  Titin, Froilan and Tito Boboy arrived on the same day.  The Pink Tshirt of the 2012 Reunion was originally printed for the 2011 Reunion.

Reunion 2012 Program 8:00am 9:00am 9:30am 11:00am 11:30am 12:00am 2:00pm 4:00pm 5:00pm 6:00pm 7:00pm 8:00pm 8:00pm 10:00pm:

9:00am: 9:30am: 11:00am: 11:30am: 12:00nn: 2:00pm: 4:00pm: 5:00pm: 6:00pm: 7:00pm: 8:00pm: 8:30pm: 9:00pm:

Assembly Time Pictorial Free Time Welcome Address Preparation for Lunch Lunch Games Preparation for Dinner Dinner Preparation for the Presentations Presentation Tallying of Score Cards and Declaration of Winners Cleaning the Area Pull-out

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Noticia Cañazares

Who won?! Who won?! Each Family Reunion needs games to spice them over. Never mind the results as long as everyone had fun. After all, a fun filled family gathering was what we aimed for. Game Results Pop Balloons

- Girls

Kiat-Kiat Marathon - Girls Tallest Balloons

- Girls

Longest Line

- Boys

Water Relay

- Boys

Family Presentation - Boyax/Bagoy Families

El Cebunao? El Negrense? To all members of the Cañazares Family: I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all members of the organizing and different committees for the job well done. Likewise, my warmest thanks to those

who, in one way or another, had helped made the yearly reunion possible. It was indeed a successful affair. The program was nicely done in such a way that everybody enjoyed the family presentations and so with the parlor games were also lively and joyful. It would have been more joyful

The Family Presentations Among the highlights of the 2012 Family Reunion was the presentation per family. On one of the meetings prior to the 24th of December, a week before to be exact, it was decided

that each family should do a presentation. It could be a dance number, a song number or whatever as long as each family will adopt a particular “theme”.

and meaningful if majority of the family were able to join. I hope that in the next family reunion, more numbers will join us so that we will be able to eat together, laugh together and have fun together during the affair. After all, we are just one family from a humble origin in Negros Occidental. Naghinaot ako nga kini nga tinu-ig… See Alfons on Page 4

However, changes came along the way. Boboy and Bagoy’s family members tagged on with the 70’s “Boogie Wonderland” as their theme while Alfonso “Tito Al’s children opted for a dance number inspired by the 80’s “Bagets”. Not to be outdone, the small ones presented their own version of the “Gangnam” craze.

Volume No. 1. Issue No. 1: Are You One Of Us?

The Birth of a Hippie

Clearly he was not happy at all. Yes, he was dancing alright but enjoying the moves was nowhere to be found on his face.

He said he didn’t want to dance, that he did not want a part of it. True enough, along with his youngest brother Jan2x, he left practice because he rather watch the Manchester United game than to dance.

He was really frowning. Then came the presentation proper. He stood out! He danced as if he did the whole choreography. He was their group’s “Star Dancer” and because of his new found freedom and he did the “Boogie Wonderland”, he won the hearts of the judges and won the coveted price for his group.

However, on the next day, the same was not the case anymore. Roanne caught up with him and literally ruled him with the “Iron Fist” and made him practice the steps.

Alfons… nga kalihukan sa atong pamilya magapadayon hangtud sa mga mosunod nga generation kay ma-o kini ang naghatag kanato ug tino-oray nga paghida-it ug ingon man naghatag ug dugang kalig-on sa ginatawag ug “Family Bonding”. Akong dako nga pasalamat kang Lakbi uban sa iyang pamilya sa paggahin

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Shake your hips Lolot… Shake your hips!

ug gamay nga hinabang alang sa maong kalihukan. Nagpasalamat usab

...we will be able to eat together, laugh together and have fun during the affair... ako sa kang Buboy, Naknak, Beakon, Froilan ug Titin sa ilang tagsa-tagsa

nga paningkamot nga maka apil sa ma-o nga tinu-ig nato nga panagtigom. Daghan usab salamat sa wala naka tambong pero naga supurta gihapon sa maong kalihukan sa pamilya. Ug sa kataposan, usbon ko, Daghan Salamat sa Tanan. GOD BLESS US ALL...

For The Graces… Thank You! The economy was still ailing and spending much was not an option at all. Yet, many of the our relatives chose to defy that. They chose to share for the success of the reunion. They gave us their hands.

Therefore, the whole lineage would like to thank Aaron “Lakbi” C. Chavez for the monetary support and letchon, Niño Ryan “Ombit”Cañazares , Jona C. Boglosa, PN, Raymund “Dondon” D. Cañazares, Arlyn “Titin” and Froilan M. Estoy and Lolita “Inday Lota” P. Cañazares for additional monetary support. Also, to each family and individuals who donated various amounts and in

kind like food, transportation, additional prizes, sound system and precious time, thank you too! Furthermore, we members of the the Technical Working Group would also like to extend our outmost gratitude to the Council of Elders, namely: Alfonso, Allan, Saturnino, Bogs, and Lita, for their guidance and support throughout the planning and implementation phases.

Cañazares Family

Technical Working Group: President - Al Thristan “Do ndie” Cañazares

Are You One Of Us?

Vice President - Roanne “Ma nang” C. Mordid


Secretary - Lota Doe “Didin g” P. Galgo

Cagayan de Oro City, Malaybalay City, Metro Manila, Iligan City, Sagay City, Cebu City, New York City, Middle East

Documentation - Al Theodo re “Babotz” P. Cañ Ressie “Tita Res” P. Cañaza res

Contact Us:


Rhea “Yang2x” D. Cañazares

Phone: 09198358403 E-mail:

Treasurer - Roanne “Manan g C. Mordido Medics - Al Theodore P. Cañ azares Lorilyn “Lulu” T. Cañazares Transportation - Roanne “Ma nang” C. Mordido

We’re on Facebook!

Al Thristan “Dondie” P. Cañ azares groups/canazaresclan/

Jonhry M. Galgo Gregorio Rey “Goryo” S. Cañ


Sound System - Dale Allan “Loloy” A. Cañazares

Program - Al Thristan “Dondi e” P. Cañazares Ressie “Tita Res” P. Cañaza res Roanne “Manang” C. Mordid o Emcees - Yvonne A. Cañazares Joy C. Boglosa

Liquidation Report: In every event, expenses will always be there and the reunion was not exempted.

Game Master - Rowena “Weng kie” D. Cañazares



- 280


- 30

Gifts for the kids

- 1,000

DP for Venue

- 500



- 2,495

Prizes for Adults

- 1,228.45


- 436.75

Additional Utensils - 261.98



- 50



- 100

The following is the presentation of the Cash Flow:

Addt. Ingredients

- 280

Addt. Food

- 500



- 600

Php 5,000


- 325



- 1,000

Php 13,000


- 2,500

The working committees decimated the need of it and various family members, here and abroad, responded by contributing in various amounts and were noted as the General Fund. The expenses that were sourced out from the General Fund were listed too.






: 11,586.18

……………………………………………. :

13,000 11,587.18 ___________

REMAINING CASH : + Donated Cash


1,412.82 2,500 ___________



Noticia Cañazares  

First Newsletter (baby project) for the CañazaresFamily.

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