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then try this professional quality kit

Scared of what your hair might do daily?

Brilliant Color puts you back in control Luxury products for an incredible price just $7.99 or mix n- match 4 for $25.

Brilliant Permanent

Color Kit • Permanent coloration • Provides color, shine and softness to hair • Contains micro-pigments for a more uniform, lasting color • Apricot oil stimulates circulation and scalp metabolism/lanolin/ keratin/natural silk • Gray coverage • Nice fruit scent

Each kit includes 1 Tube of coloring cream 1.7 oz. 1 Bottle of revealing cream w/ applicator 1.7 oz. 1 Sachet of protecting oil 0.13 oz. 1 Sachet of hydro-restructuring emulsion 0.17 oz. 1 Single use cape 1 Pair single use gloves 1 Instruction pamphlet

0 $10.0kit per

Levels 1 Black

2 Blue Black 3 Dark Chestut 4 Chestnut 4.73 Golden Brown 5 Light Chestut 6 Dark Blonde

a. 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner 10.5 oz. Repairs and rebuilds internal structure of the hair fiber, soft aroma. b. Daily Shampoo 10.5 oz. D-panthenol, wheat protein and yogurt scent. c. Daily Conditioner 10.5 oz. Camomile extract, anti-irritating, refreshing, moisturizing, soft yogurt scent. d. Chocolate Shampoo Normal Hair 10.5 oz. Nutritional formula that stimulates and tones scalp, contains Teobromine which prevents photo-aging and free radicals, keratin, cocoa scent. e. Chocolate Conditioner Normal Hair 10.5 oz. Silk proteins (fibroi) of smoothing, moisturizing properties, cocoa scent. f. Chocolate Shampoo Dry Hair 10.5 oz. Restructures Dry Hair, contains keratin. g. Chocolate Conditioner Dry Hair 10.5 oz. Avocado pear oil and silk gives youth back to lifeless hair. h. Chocolate Shampoo Colored Hair 10.5 oz. Prolongs color duration, contains cocoa extract which stimulates ad tones the scalp. i. Chocolate Conditioner Colored Hair 10.5 oz. UVB protectio, silk proteins, gives vitality back to colored hair. j. Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo 10.5 oz. For hair loss which is more than usual, contains a biological complex to nourish and strengthen hair fibers. Nice fruit scent. k. Dandruff Treatment Shampoo 10.5 oz. Contains piroctoeolamine to prevent dandruff, itching and scalp irritation. Nice fruit scent. l. Oily Hair Treatment Shampoo 10.5 oz. Prevents seborrhea formation contains mucopolysaccharides which hydrate ad prevent flakes. Chitin which protect against itching and disagreeable scents. Nice fruit scent.

6.63 Golden Auburn Dark Blonde 6.73 Golden Brown Dark Blonde 7 Blonde 7.1 Ash Blonde





7.3 Golden Blonde 7.63 Auburn Golden Blonde 8 Light Blonde 8.63 Auburn Golden Light Blonde





9 Light, Light Blonde 10 Very Light Blonde 11.1 Very Light Ash Super Blonde 11.3 Very Light Golden Super Blonde

Call to order 954-699-0364






ince 1986 in Spain, Alcantara Cosmetica has been manufacturing professional salon quality hair color, treatments, styling products and skincare. Our comprehensive line of hair treatment products solve many hair problems such as hair loss, seborrhea, dandruff, malnourished, dehydrated and damaged hair and even alopecia.

Keraliss Technique No Formaldehyde

For Beautiful Hair

Permanent and Progressive keratin straightening treatment + anti-frizzing Keraliss technique keratin straightening, both the permanent and progressive treatments help reduce and eliminate curls and frizz in all hair types. Providing the entire head of hair from the roots to the tips with an extra 20% dose of keratin that effectively bond to the hair cuticle sealing it from the inside-out. This result is achieved in a safe process which is 100% formaldehyde free.

That Behaves Keraliss Straightening Treatment

It is an easy to apply treatment that is free of the negative side effects. A Keraliss Technique

Straightener / Neutralizer Set 8oz | $75.00 B Keratin Essential Shampoo 35oz. | $49.95 C Keratin Essential Balm 35oz. | $59.95 D Keratin Essential Thermic Hair Protection 7oz. | $27.95




If you want some attention,




Hair by Hair


you’ll get there

with these

products to a fuller head Treatment for weak malnourished hair, stimulates hair growth and blood circulation.

Traybell Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo 35oz. | 200 doses

Traybell Hair Loss Prevention Tonic 10.5oz. | 60 doses



Traybell Cytokines Stop Hairloss Shampoo 10.5oz. | stops hair loss radically


ains Cont in Vitam& E A, C Traybell Hair Vitaminic Complex Vials 6 pack 0.3oz. each


Traybell Cytokines Stop Hair Loss Tonic Vials 6 pack 0.3oz. each


Refreshing Sensation

for Sensitive Scalps Adds incre

minute miracle


dible shin

Wheat proteins and vegetable extracts to repair and protect skin.

Balsalmic Shampoo with Menthol 35oz. | 200 doses

problem solvers



Millenium Touch our best selling styling products

ways to make a bad hair day

Skin protecting essential oils for sensitive and itchy scalps, blood circulation and protects skin against external aggressions.

Balsamic Tonic with Menthol Vials 6 pack 0.3oz. each


a good hair week A Alisador. Straightens and molds hair, heat protection.

7.0oz. 60 doses | $19.99

B Agua de Mar. Perfect for fine hair uv protection, hydrating, texturizing volume.

6.7oz. 60 doses | $19.99

C Hair fitness repair & heat damage protection.





4.4oz. 200 doses | $39.99

D Aerosol Fixing Spray.

Defends against humidity, ozone compliant, silky finish, 3 stregths natural, strong & punk. 16.8 fl. oz. 100 doses | $18.99

E Active natural curling gel pro-v b5 vitamins.

Defines and sculpts natural/perm curls. 10.5oz. 100 doses | $ 27.99

Traybell Hydro Restructurizing Shampoo 35 oz. 200 doses


Traybell ‘99 Hydro Restructurizing Emulsion 10 oz. 60 doses | $15.00 35 oz. 200 doses | $39.99

Traybell Biological Ultra Moisturizing Hair Mask 7 oz. 40 doses | $20.00 35 oz. 200 doses | $55.00

, acids ga 6 s ir a Ome p e in E, r y vitam d capillar ge dama ticle. cu C

ba Oil With Jojo

Traybell Nutririve Hair Mask 7 oz. 40 doses | $20.00 35 oz. 200 doses | $55.00

Traybell Balance Hair Mask 7oz. 40 doses | $20.00 35 oz. 200 doses | $55.00

yellow Removes leached tones in by hair. or gre


and Maintain


Traybell Whitening Hair Shampoo

Traybell Volume Shampoo

10.5 oz. 60 doses

10.5 oz. 60 doses




Summertime care for dandruff

ins Conta lamine ne O o t c bial, Piro -micro a anti cotic and y anti-m xidant. anti-o

Traybell Dandruff Prevention Shampoo 10.5oz.


Traybell Dandruff Prevention Tonic Vials 6 pack 0.3oz. each


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