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Residential Life Expectations

$20.00 for parking in an unauthorized lot or on the grass; $30.00 for no valid permit displayed or for parking in a handicapped or fire zone or reserved parking areas. Students are responsible for the payment of all citations received by their visitors. Parking fines are normally added to student accounts within 14 days of the date the citation was issued, and may be paid at the Accounting Office. Students may appeal parking citations by coming to the Office of Campus Safety and completing the Parking Appeals form. All appeals must be received at Campus Safety within fourteen days of the date that the citation was issued. The Parking Appeals Board consists of a faculty member, a nonCampus Safety staff member, and a student recommended by Student Senate. The board meets monthly to consider appeals, and the board’s decisions are final. College disciplinary action may result if a student receives an excessive number of parking tickets in one semester. One sanction may be to revoke a student’s parking privileges for at least the following semester. Questions, comments, or suggestions about parking on campus may be forwarded via e-mail to

Student residences are intended to serve the students as housing, study, and social centers. They operate for the improvement of the College community and in support of the academic mission of Albion College through educational living experiences and intentional programming. It is expected that individuals of the community will assume an equally active role in maintaining a safe, secure, and enjoyable environment that will promote courtesy, respect, and responsibility by its members. Residence staff are provided to assist and facilitate this ongoing process rather than assume complete or exclusive responsibility for maintaining a positive residential setting.

Student Residence and Board Policies Albion affirms the educational benefits inherent in the residential aspect of the undergraduate experience, and as such requires all students to reside and board within the College residential system. Exemptions to the residence policy are granted to students who fall under one or more of the following categories: 1. Students commuting from home (defined as those students who reside with their parents or legal guardians within 50 miles of the campus). 2. Married students. 3. Students with legal dependents. 4. Students age 23 or older (housing can be provided if desired). 5. United States military veterans. Written notification and supporting documentation must be submitted through an application process available in the Office of Residential Life. Automatic exemptions to the board policy are granted to students who fall under one of the following categories: 1. Apartment residents (Briton House Apartments, Burns Street Apartments, Erie Street Apartments, Mae Harrison Karro Residential Village, and Munger Place Apartments).

Animals and Pets To reduce the unnecessary health, safety, and damage risks, no animals or pets (including frogs, turtles, and snakes) are allowed on the inside or outside premises of College-owned housing (including residence halls, fraternity houses, apartments, and annexes). These animals or pets include stray, feral, and/or domesticated animals of which a student may or may not claim sole ownership. The only exceptions are fish held in tanks not larger than a 10-gallon capacity which are allowed. Although fish are permitted, fish must be removed from the College residences during all scheduled breaks. There will be an immediate $100.00 fine per incident for any animal found on campus in violation of this policy. Students are also subject to any housekeeping fees that may result from violations of this policy. Further College disciplinary action may also result.


Albion College Student Handbook 2013-14  
Albion College Student Handbook 2013-14  

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