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agree that smoking should be permitted. Smoking is also prohibited in all common living areas of these buildings including but not limited to living rooms, kitchens, lounges, lobbies, hallways, laundry rooms, and basements.

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Sales and Solicitation During fall and spring semesters, Albion College allows limited sales and solicitation by currently recognized campus organizations for the purpose of fund raising and/or contributing to an organizational project. At no other time are sales and solicitations allowed. The privilege is extended with the following requirements in order to protect the privacy of students. For more information, contact the campus scheduler at ext. 0336. • All sales or solicitations on campus must be sponsored by either a currently recognized student organization, varsity sport, or campus department. • Sales or solicitations in or from a residence hall room or lounge are prohibited; e.g., door-to-door sales or solicitations are not allowed. • Organizations are not permitted to sell tickets on campus in a public location for any off-campus event at which alcohol will be present. Off-campus events at which alcohol will be present may not be advertised publicly including the use of sheet signs, t-shirts or other forms of clothing, posters, flyers, e-mail, or any other form of public notice which may be construed as an advertisement for such an event. • In order to obtain the privilege of either selling or soliciting on campus, a representative of the sponsoring organization must contact the assistant director for the Kellogg Center during regular business hours at the Kellogg Center Information Desk in advance of the activity and must submit a request and provide all relevant information. If approval is granted, requests for tables, chairs, etc., are to be made through the campus scheduler at least 48 hours prior to the planned activity.

Sales or solicitation space is available at the Kellogg Center. Sales or solicitations at any athletic event must be approved prior to the event through the Athletic Department. Any physical requirements such as tables and chairs must also be arranged through the Athletic Department. However, to reserve the Kellogg Center, see above procedures. Each group is responsible for the security of its items and for the clean-up of its reserved area upon the completion of the allotted time. For the sale or solicitation of food, organizations are to contact the assistant director for the Kellogg Center for prior approval. Violations of this policy will result in the denial of scheduling privileges and possible College disciplinary action. Credit card vending or the solicitation of credit cards on campus is prohibited.

Raffles Raffles are permitted to occur on campus but must adhere to the guidelines established by the State of Michigan. For information on holding a raffle in the State of Michigan, please visit: www. Additionally, 50-50 raffles and similar measures in which tickets are sold to win a prize need to be licensed by the State of Michigan. Prior planning is required as it may take up to six weeks to gain approval for this activity.

Student Leadership Eligibility To be eligible to serve in a leadership role in a recognized student organization, a student must meet the qualifications of the role (e.g., officer) as specified in the student organization constitution and/ or bylaws. In addition, a student must be enrolled full-time in residence during the


Albion College Student Handbook 2013-14  
Albion College Student Handbook 2013-14  

The purpose of the Albion College Student Handbook is twofold. It informs students of opportunities for involvement—with people, special pro...