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Chapter IV, Appendix D Student Travel and Van Usage Policies

the Kellogg Center, who will refer the request to the science complex point-of-contact to determine if the space is available. To reserve during the summer, contact the associate director of Dining and Hospitality Services, who will consult with the science complex point-of-contact to determine if the space is available. In view of the intent for the public spaces in the complex (the atrium, Towsley Lecture Hall, and the Mitchell Museum) to serve the entire campus community, these facilities may be reserved by Albion College faculty, staff, and students, under the above procedure, for special events at the discretion of the science complex point-of-contact. Requests from the general public will be reviewed by the assistant director of the Kellogg Center, or the associate director of Dining and Hospitality Services during the summer, per the procedure for use of other public spaces on campus and then will be referred to the science complex point-of-contact for approval. Research and teaching laboratories. These departmental spaces are typically not available for outside use. Please consult the appropriate department chair to see what is available. The use of the grounds surrounding the science complex, including the plaza area by the Stoffer Clock Tower, is governed by the policies described in Chapter V of the Student Handbook (See “Rallies.”).

I. Student Travel A. Stipulations regarding class assignments, field trips, and other trips are explained in the Faculty Handbook: Albion College recognizes that participation in extra-classroom activities such as class trips, departmental trips, club field trips, workshops, and intercollegiate athletics can be of benefit to the students and to the institution. However, Albion College also recognizes that classroom work is at the heart of the student’s progress in courses. Therefore, no Collegesanctioned trip will be permitted that results in the absence of a student from classes for more than two consecutive class days without permission of the Provost. Furthermore, no intercollegiate athletic trip will be permitted to remove a student from classes for more than one class day, except by permission of the Provost. Saturdays rather than class days will be used for College-sponsored, extra-classroom activities whenever possible. Limited College transportation is available; inquiries should be directed to the Physical Plant Office and to the Office of Campus Programs and Organizations. Students should inform their faculty members in advance of an upcoming class absence that is a result of participation in an official College event. Written notification of such absences is required, and must be distributed by the supervising College official. The student thereby merits the opportunity to make up assignments missed.


Albion College Student Handbook 2013-14  
Albion College Student Handbook 2013-14  

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