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Financial Aid

at 9 p.m. in the Kellogg Center Gerstacker Commons, this is a student-led outreach supervised by the College Chaplain, and focused on empowering and uniting all the Christian traditions on campus. The Office of the Chaplain sponsors other programs throughout the year to nurture Christian unity and diversity awareness. There are seven student Christian organizations, each of whom support numerous Bible studies and outreach programs. In interfaith life, the most obvious way to get involved is through the Bridge, Albion College’s spiritual life leadership group. Supervised by the College Chaplain, this group seeks to represent the wide diversity of spiritual life at Albion College, and facilitate dialogue across lines of belief. The Office of the Chaplain sponsors numerous other programs throughout the year to nurture diversity awareness in spirituality. There are a number of student organizations from under-represented traditions: Hillel (Jewish), Muslim Student Association, Secular Humanist Group, as well as a Buddhist Sitting Group supervised by the College Chaplain. The Office of the Chaplain serves as liaison with area churches and diverse religious, philosophical, and spiritual organizations. Most of these are very welcoming of visitors and students who want to get involved. A current directory can be accessed via chaplain/ or by visiting the Office of the Chaplain at 1000 E. Porter St. Programs for college-age students are noted. Students are encouraged to contact the office if they have questions regarding an area religious organization, or have suggestions for inclusion in the directory. The College Chaplain is available to offer spiritual care and mentoring. Such meetings are often helpful in bringing comfort and encouragement, as well as clarifying life goals and vocational discernment. Couples counseling and pre-marital work is available. The Office of the Chaplain is located at 1000 E. Porter St., with office hours Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., and can be reached at ext. 0492, via e-mail at, or via the website at

Over 98 percent of the student body defray a portion of their educational costs through financial assistance based on financial need, academic performance, merit, or a combination of these. Eligibility for need-based grants, loans, and work from federal, state, or Albion programs is determined from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students must file the FAFSA each year for consideration and awards are made according to the eligibility of the student. Services offered by the Financial Aid Office include: • Information and application materials for financial assistance; • Information on alternative resource options in the form of privately funded scholarships, non-need-based loan opportunities, and payment plans; • Information pertaining to State of Michigan Tuition Grant Program; • Information on student employment; • Information regarding Federal Direct Student Loans. The Financial Aid Office is located in the Ferguson Building. The staff may be reached at ext. 0440. All students receiving need-based Albion College scholarships and grants or federal and state assistance must maintain satisfactory academic progress toward graduation. The online Academic Catalog contains Albion College’s satisfactory progress policy for the purpose of awarding financial aid or a copy may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.


Albion College Student Handbook 2013-14  
Albion College Student Handbook 2013-14  

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