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Anna Howard Shaw Women’s Center

Intercultural Affairs The Office of Intercultural Affairs advocates for under-represented students and strives to engage all students in the work of diversity on a domestic and global level to grow personally and develop into interdependent citizens. Albion College is committed to the development of a diverse and pluralistic living and learning community. In direct support of this College-wide aim, the Office of Intercultural Affairs, located in the Ferguson Building, works in cooperation with the campus and greater community to heighten awareness of and create an appreciation for diversity. The office coordinates and promotes cultural and educational programs. The office actively assists students with their transition into and retention at the College, and is concerned with all aspects of each student’s academic, residential, and co-curricular life. The office advises the Umbrella student organizations and assists individuals in assessing educational goals and academic skills, and in identifying and utilizing support services. For further information, please contact the office at ext. 0501 or 1000 E. Porter St.

The Anna Howard Shaw Women’s Center leads, advocates, and collaborates to continuously improve the overall campus climate in regards to women’s and gender issues and to promote women’s empowerment and equity. The Women’s Center coordinates programs focused on women for the Albion community. This includes organizing activities that raise awareness of women’s issues, support women in their quest for empowerment and equality, and build a collaborative community in which women’s voices are heard and honored. The most visible event sponsored by the Center is the Anna Howard Shaw Women’s History Month Program, designated each year to honor Dr. Shaw’s memory and highlight an important aspect of women’s lives. Other educational programs are co-sponsored with student organizations that share mutual interests. The staff of the Women’s Center also assist to offer campus educational programming on sexual harassment and sexual assault. Staff work collaboratively with student groups, Campus Safety, Student Health Services, and Counseling Services in responding to the needs of the women and men on campus on these and other issues. The Women’s Center works with the Career Development Office to provide programming to assist women in making academic plans, life choices, and career decisions. Involvement in the Anna Howard Shaw Women’s Center is open to the entire College community. There are formal and informal ways for students, faculty, and staff to be involved in and benefit from the Center’s activities. The Center is located in Kellogg Center 448. Contact the Student Affairs Office at ext. 0226 for more information.

Office of the Chaplain The mission of the Office of the Chaplain is to nurture the religious and spiritual lives of students and engages them in the work of pluralism on a domestic and global level to grow personally and develop into interdependent citizens. Albion College celebrates pluralism and spiritual development. The Office of the Chaplain embodies this commitment as it strives to create a welcoming and affirming context, and prepares graduates to enter a diverse global workplace. “Spirituality” is understood in the broadest terms as a basic characteristic of every human, and therefore the office is here to serve the entire campus. In Christian life, the most obvious way to get involved is by attending Albion College’s worship home, Wednesday Night Chapel. Held on Wednesday nights


Albion College Student Handbook 2013-14  
Albion College Student Handbook 2013-14  

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