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How to Annotate PDF Files There are many reasons as to why the Portable Document Format or PDF is so popular nowadays. Of course, it is apparent that they are portable as the name implies. That is not all; one of the most important causes is that it is easy for people to collaborate with others when it comes to editing, modifying or reviewing the PDF files. In addition to that, there is security when you publish your files on your website or when you simply share them with other people. Now, among the most common activities that you will perform when you are working with PDF files is to highlight PDF or annotate PDF. While most individuals neglect the need to learn how to do this, there is always a certain occasion that will necessitate you to become aware of how you can insert comments in PDF files. You will definitely like the fact that there is a free way for you to annotate PDF files. If you have encountered an instance wherein you want to put comments or lines of text in your PDF document, then this can be helpful. However, we all know that Adobe Reader does not support or allow us to do such a thing. So how can you insert comments on PDF files without paying for anything? Is this even possible? The answer is yes. You will most certainly prefer this than the 290 dollar offer from Adobe just so you can annotate PDF files. While that offer contains more functions and additional features for your PDF Reader, you might not want to shell out that amount especially since you only need to highlight a portion of the document or put in some comments for the recipient to read it. If you make some researches, you will find that there are freeware tools that are available for you to use. You can now make notes on your PDF files without pulling out some cash from your wallet. This sounds amazing, right? You have many options here and most of them will work just as you want to. They are also lighter compared to the programs that require you to pay. Therefore, you can annotate PDF easily and faster than the other programs. They are ideal for those who do not need additional functionality and options. In addition to that, they are very easy to use. With only a few mouse clicks, you can add the comments into your PDF file. There are also programs that allow you to put some colored sticky notes so that you can easily discern where the comments are in the document. If the file has multiple reviewers, they will not have problems with regards to viewing the annotations and the highlights in the documents. They also have the option to expand the comments that you have placed or fold them if they want to. Now, you can highlight some portions of your PDF file without the need to pay for the program that you are going to use. Simply download the program of your choice and then install it to use it. best PDF annotator

How To Annotate PDF Files - Best PDF Annotator  

While that offer contains more functions and additional features for your PDF Reader, you might not want to shell out that amount especially...

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