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Radon Action Week From October 20th to 26th Radon action week will be celebrated this year. During the time period of seven days relevant authorities will conduct different programs for creating awareness among masses in relation to the harmful effects that are posed by Radon on human health. Radon is basically an odorless gas that occurs naturally and is produced by the decaying of uranium that can be found in waters and soil. Experts count Radon in ionizing radiations and there is considerable evidence to suggest that it is fully capable of causing cancer. Lung cancer is frequently associated with Radon and if a person is exposed to higher concentration of Radon, then there are prominent chances present that it can lead to the death of that individual. The collected data suggests that Radon presently is one of the main causes present behind the occurrence of lung cancer in non-smoking population of this world. For this reason Radon Action Week is being celebrated with the aim of creating awareness among people about the dangers that are posed by radon to their health and well being. The organizers of this thought provoking week are trying to inform people that if they will leave radon unchecked it can emerge as a very dangerous threat. The major problem associated with radon it that it is very difficult to judge its presence because of its colorless and odorless nature and homeowners are unable to appreciate any signs that can inform them that they are in big trouble. The Radon Action Week is all about informing common people that low levels of Radon may be harmless, but it is important to provide proper treatment to them otherwise they can pave way for the accumulation of harmful level. Radon when allowed to penetrate the environment of homes attains the status of instant danger for the residents. During the upcoming Radon Action Week experts will guide people that how and from where they can get radon testing done and also common public will informed that they always require certified and properly trained radon technicians for checking the pipes and ventilating system of their house because these play a prominent role in dispersing the gas. EPA says that radon is the second biggest reason present behind the occurrence of lung cancer in United States. It is therefore very important that proper awareness should be created among masses so that they can avoid dangerous outcomes related with radon exposure. During the Radon Action Week people will be taught different strategies that can be employed for detecting the instant dangers and how people should carry themselves in areas where there is radon gas leakage. The organizers of this week have arranged some effective plans that will clear the concepts of people and they will understand that why Radon is so good at taking the lives and how human negligence and bad practices are further intensifying the situation. It is strongly recommended that all should become a part of Radon Action Week and play their role in making this earth a safe place for living.

Radon action week  
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