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Alberto Casali NATIONALITY: italian GENDER: male DATE OF BIRTH: 08.04.1991 Via Pisana 2476, Lucca (55100), Italy +39 3402781491 OBJECTIVE: seeking a position as Architect / Construction Engineer

educational background 2005 - 2010 High School “L.Nottolini” Lucca, Italy Technical Institute for Surveyor 2010 - 2018 Faculty of Engineering | University of Pisa, Italy Master in Architecture and Construction Engineering

scholarships and abroad experiences 2009 Project LEONARDO, EU sponsored stage program One month stage in Lisboa Architecture Faculty, Portugal 2016 - 2017 Faculty of Architecture | Chongqing University (重庆大学), China Six months scholarship with the purpose of follow three design courses

competitions 2016 International Green Building Desing & the Sixth Solar Building School of Architecture, Tsinghua University - HONORABLE MENTION 2018 CTBUH Student Competition Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat skyscraper design competition

languages English Speak fluenty and read/write with high proficiency B2 certification at CLI, University of Pisa Italian Native language

who am I My formation has involved Architectural and Structural fields. serious teamworker During this period i have been used to cooperate with other people: this has improved my teamwork skills and my adaptability to various context. By my side, on the other hand, i’m always very sure about my ideas and, thus, i high self-critical thinking accept other points of view only after valid motivations. I’m usually very critic about my work, so this is why i’m used to pretend more from my coworker. I have always played the leadership role as consequence of my elevated passion for the work and devotion. I’ve never interpreted this role just for imposition. strong passion

software skills AutoCAD | Adobe Illustrator vectorial design

Projects design and diagrams elaboration

Adobe Photoshop | Adobe InDesign graphic design Projects design and presentation

Rhinoceros + VRay | SketchUp 3d modelling an rendering

Geometries creation and realistic views extrapolation

Grasshopper parametric modelling

Complex projects iterative design

SAP2000 FEM structural analysis

Projects structural analysis

Karamba3D (GH) | Geometry Gym (GH) parametric structural analysis Complex projects iterative structural analysis

Ladybug Butterfly (GH) | RhinoCFD CFD analysis

Architectural aerodynamic based CFD analysis

Microsoft Office Suite data analysis & presentation

Data manipulation, word processing and presentation

competences Small and medium scale project design | High-Rise building design architecture Historical heritage analysis and renovation | Urban design and planning Structural and seismic analysis of steel and concrete systems | CFD analysis engineering Statistical treatment of stochastic phenomena | Environmental analysis

MIRROR | WALL The project of this high school in Pontedera, a small town near to Pisa, took its design basis on the dualism “mirror-wall�. The site was located between a tidy public green park (on the west side) and a degraded part of the city (on the east side), in a small-breadth/high-lenght site. The building found its form in a widly extended straight line, which presents a mirror glassed facade on the park side, so the reflect and extend the beauty of the nature through the urban context; and wood facade on the city side, so to metaphorically interrupt the degrade.

OVAL HOUSING The aim of the project envolved the realization of a housing complex, with complementary facilities, in a site surrounded by a high degradeted context. The design guide-lines have been extrapolated by the concept of oval, a geometry able to define a clear snatch into a square-based urban texture. The whole system has been based on the intersection of two orthogonal axex, where one of them open a hole through the designed building, and the other retrieves an obstacle-free connection with the city. The center of the composition has been highlighted with a second high-contrast architecture.

GREEN CHINA The aim of this project envolved the realization of an expositive pavilion supposed to represent each aspect of the green building design guide-lines. The design principles have taken inspiration from the idea of connecting two different characterizing levels of Shenzen: the sea and the surrounding mountains.

BAMBOO H-R This high-rise building is born with the aim of proposing a solution to the modern problems of our time. While the connection between the vertical direction and the reduction of land use is obvious, the idea of taking advantage of the height in a sustainability point of view can be considered as a trend of the last decade. Following these guide-lines, the biomimicry has been chosen as design principle for the concept elaboration, with the help of several fluid dynamic considerations and analyses for an optimal wind energy-producing configuration.


A quick resume of my university projects.


A quick resume of my university projects.