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Worldwide We behind sustainability. puts the metrics PRé Consultants and tools to give consultancy, methods provide state-of-the-art line. benefit the bottom term solutions that our customers long PRé Consultants businesses work with Internationally, leading development into their product to integrate sustainability value. PRé Consultants to create business procedures in order a the Netherlands, plus United States and has offices in the or multito support large international global partner network client projects. SimaPro

leading LCA SimaPro, the world’s In 1990 PRé introduced autonomy when users an unprecedented software, which allows SimaPro is a true for use worldwide, conducting LCAs. Adopted enabling users in for the global corporation, multi-user product database access. locations simultaneous different geographic


managers and other tool for sustainability SimaEasy is a web sustainability for maintaining product stakeholders responsible across organizations, can be deployed programs. SimaEasy developers, sustainability way for product creating an easy LCA and life cycle stakeholders to use managers, and other SimaEasy can be deep LCA expertise. thinking - without needing goal environmental performance used for product development, LCA studies and performing quick setting and benchmarking, across a product group. challenges with us? your sustainability Would you like to discuss or +31 33 4504010 +1 202 507 6231 (USA) Please contact us at .com Via email PReNA@pre-sustainability (The Netherlands). (The Netherlands). (USA) or support@pre-sustainabilit

Putting the metrics behind sustainability.

at your organization what we can do for Find out more about

PRé by the Numbers

In more than 21 countriesclients 2500 Serving more than chemicals to In 80 industries, from & beverage. apparel, retail to food

The Netherlands PRé Consultants bv Printerweg 18 3821 AD Amersfoort The Netherlands consultancy@pre-sustainab

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Running a seamless business is your main objective. This requires the

Providing Peace of mind

minimum amount of disruption and loss of energy to keeping your operations up and running. Everett Solution Support Center (ESSC) acts as a partner in ensuring continuity for the most crucial parts of your ICT infrastructure: the Middleware components. At ESSC we’ve committed ourselves to ensure you have your required peace of mind, day and night, remote and on-site. Our vigilance and preparation to assist on call enables you to navigate your ESSC recognizes that Peace of Mind starts by taking one-stop responsibility for the full complexity of your support demand. We’re walking the extra mile, and extending our service far beyond traditional break-fix services.

Your Middleware infrastructure may be assembled from diverse products obtained from more than one vendor and implemented by Everett or other Systems Integrators. It likely consists of various technologies and components such as: • Identity & Access Management; • Portal- and Secure Remote Access • Composite Applications • Enterprise Application Integration components • Custom Functionality and connectors This implies the need for various support and help desks, and multiple vendor and System Integrator contracts to cover the full scope of the solution in production. This ambiguity in responsibilities and contractual gaps results in extended downtime and additional cost when an issue occurs. ESSC offers a single point of contact and a single contract for the full scope of your implementation that covers vendor products as well as any customisations - from a business hours only to 24x7x52 service window. Additionally, with back-to-back vendor engineering agreements and experienced trouble-shooters from the Everett Group’s consulting organisations and extensive associative network, the ESSC ensures that the right resources are mobilized at the right time.

Brochure DUO_2012_outline.indd 7

ESSC and Sun Microsystems Everett and Sun Microsystems have joined into a European agreement in which Everett acts as a back-office for Sun’s Support Center with respect to support on custom and bespoke code. Under this agreement, Sun Microsystems broadens its range of Support offerings beyond its Premium Plus Service Plan. Herewith Sun Microsystems delivers on its clients’ wishes for continuous vendor involvement and responsibility, during and after license sales.

company through quiet as well as stormy waters.


ESSC and Novell Platinum partner Everett is certified by Novell as one of three European Identity and Security Management (ISM) Support Partners. By leveraging our strong relationship with Novell, we are able to provide unique support for Novell Identity Management based solutions with direct access to Novell Third Level support and engineering.

Product Technical Support Of course, ESSC can also be your partner for technical support on the products from Sun Microsystems, Novell and a list of other vendors. ESSC is authorized and certified EMEA-wide by these vendors to provide 1st and 2nd line support on their Middleware products, with priority response guaranteed by support from the vendor’s 3rd line support and product engineering.

Country Manager Novell Benelux: “The support professionals from Everett are qualified to service our clients on the highest level. Everett has direct access to Novell’s ISM expertise and knowledge bases. With this Everett is enabled to provide Technical and Solution Support within the hour. ESSC can support at the most complex issues, of course 24x7x52.”

ESSC has a Master Agreement with Sun EMEA concerning the delivery of Solution Support to Sun customers! uK & Ireland Services Director Sun Microsystems: “We at Sun Microsystems are always looking at improving ways to enhance and enrich our service levels to our customers. Sun mobilizes its partner network to ensure closest proximity service delivery. Everett’s Solution Support Center has a unique proposition on Solution Support for Middleware Software and has proven its value to many large Sun customers in EMEA. That’s why Everett has qualified to the first partner in Europe to co deliver Solution Support programs to our clients.”

Your Middleware solution has components that act as one, so shouldn’t your support do the same?

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Worldwide PRé Consultants puts the metrics behind sustainability. We


provide state-of-the-art consultancy, methods and tools to give

SimaEasy is a web tool for sustainability managers and other

our customers long term solutions that benefit the bottom line.

stakeholders responsible for maintaining product sustainability

Internationally, leading businesses work with PRé Consultants

programs. SimaEasy can be deployed across organizations,

to integrate sustainability into their product development

creating an easy way for product developers, sustainability

procedures in order to create business value. PRé Consultants

managers, and other stakeholders to use LCA and life cycle

has offices in the United States and the Netherlands, plus a

thinking - without needing deep LCA expertise. SimaEasy can be

global partner network to support large international or multi-

used for product development, environmental performance goal

client projects.

setting and benchmarking, and performing quick LCA studies across a product group.

SimaPro In 1990 PRé introduced SimaPro, the world’s leading LCA

Would you like to discuss your sustainability challenges with us?

software, which allows users an unprecedented autonomy when

Please contact us at +1 202 507 6231 (USA) or +31 33 4504010

conducting LCAs. Adopted for use worldwide, SimaPro is a true

(The Netherlands). Via email

multi-user product for the global corporation, enabling users in

(USA) or (The Netherlands).

different geographic locations simultaneous database access. Find out more about what we can do for your organization at

Putting the PRé by the metrics Numbers behind sustainability. The Netherlands PRé Consultants bv Printerweg 18 3821 AD Amersfoort The Netherlands

Putting the metrics behind sustainability. The Netherlands PRé Consultants bv Printerweg 18 3821 AD Amersfoort The Netherlands

In more than 21 countries Serving more than 2500 clients In 80 industries, from chemicals to apparel, retail to food & beverage.

Sustainability Matters Sustainability has become a strategic issue, a driver for competitive advantage and a requirement from customers. PRé will guide you as you work to implement sustainable strategies that will positively affect your baseline.

Team PRé Partners In Value Creation

Over the past several years there has been a big change in

To help define your sustainability risks and opportunities, it is

PRé works closely with you and your stakeholders to understand

Throughout this process PRé focuses on engagement and

the way companies approach sustainability. Sustainability is

critically important to understand your business objectives as

the specific needs within your company. We collaborate with

transparency, with the goal of transferring all knowledge to your

permanently on the boardroom agenda, anchored into the

well as the industry landscape. By aligning your organizational

you to determine what metrics are important to you, as we

team. We provide training so your staff can develop the in-house

strategies and integrated into the daily operations of successful

priorities with the best approaches and most effective solutions

help build a shared agenda and common goals. To capture the

capabilities that will allow you to identify opportunities and drive


available, you will be better positioned for success. PRé has

environmental, social and economic footprint of your product,

changes yourself, ensuring long-term and measurable success.

the tools and the knowledge you need to fully optimize your

we actively consult with your stakeholders. We also examine the

opportunities for value creation.

product life cycle, from design to materials to manufacturing to

The PRé Way - Sustainable Sustainability

transport to consumption to disposal. During our analysis, we are

As your advisors, we will guide you as you work to implement

always careful to look at specific indicators in tandem, eliminating

sustainable strategies that will positively affect your baseline. At

the possibility of improving one factor while damaging another.

PRé, we believe in autonomous sustainability, and we work to

After evaluating the data and methodologies with you, we help

tools - everything you need to become sustainable.

Setting your sustainability objectives

empower our clients, providing the metrics, the methods and the

Creating value

Opportunity to differentiate

you develop a product sustainability program that puts practical

Wise strategic decisions beyond legal duties

Keep up with market (ought to)

At PRé, we believe in autonomous sustainability, we work

PRé offers a variety of services to guide you on the road to

products can be a challenging undertaking. To maximize your

sustainability, from landscaping workshops and internal and

growth rate, drive innovation and increase customer satisfaction,

external stakeholder engagement to sector trend interpretation

on your needs, PRé can provide you with lifecycle studies, from

• How can you manage the environmental and societal impacts

brief screening Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) to comprehensive

of your products while driving sustainability improvements

and ISO compliant LCAs, supply chain impact scans, and product

across your company’s value chain?

footprinting analyses. We also offer the product evaluation web

Brochure DUO_2012_outline.indd 11

of your business?

supply chain sustainability. A leader and innovator in conducting comprehensive sustainability analyses ranging from life cycle Create value

tool SimaEasy, which provides quick insight into your product performance and can be deployed across teams and locations.

assessments to Scope 3 inventories to high-level supply chain scans, PRé’s team has extensive experience in the development of industry standards such as Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG),

and comprehensive evaluation of the multitude of international

the Sustainability Consortium, ISO standards for Carbon- and

standards and initiatives inherent to your industry. Depending • How do you respond to emerging market requirements?

PRé has led the way in the sustainability arena for more than two decades, contributing greatly to the field of product and

Understand the sustainability landscape


Sustainability matters, yet developing better and more sustainable

• Should you focus on a specific area of impact or a specific area

on your own - for years to come.

for years to come. The PRé Advantage - Metrics Matter

The PRé Portfolio -

The steps in the route to value creation

Tools for Actionable Sustainability

there are a myriad of questions to consider:

need to maintain sustainability within your organization -

maintain sustainability within your organization - on your own -

systems, enabling you and your stakeholders to make informed

Route towards value creation

Water footprinting, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). With this inherent industry knowledge, we provide our clients with relevant metrics,

Develop and build the metrics framework

Implement in your organization Technical

Make profit and comply with applicable law and regulation

to empower our clients, providing the metrics, the methods

Our objective is to provide you with the knowledge you

PRé’s objective is to provide you with the knowledge you need to

implement sustainability issues throughout your decision support decisions, leading to actionable results.

Essentials (must)

and the tools - everything you need to become sustainable.

application and business value front and center. We help

mapping out a clear path to success.

PRé puts the metrics behind sustainability.

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Uitleg Fitform Handbediening Voetenbank ‘uit’

Voetenbank ‘in’ Sta op hulp ‘Opstaan’ (stoel omhoog)

Kantelen: zitting en leuning naar achteren. En: Sta op hulp ‘Gaan zitten’ (stoel omlaag)

Rugleuning ’naar voren’

Gebrauchsanleitung Zu Ihrem Fitform-Wellness-Sessel!

Fitform Informatieboekje

Veiligheidsslot voor een kennis, familielid, vriend of vriendin (indien aanwezig) Dhr./Mevr. Woonachtig te:

Deze waardebon is niet geldig in combinatie met andere acties en/of kortingen.

Gebrauchsanleitung Zu Ihrem Fitform-Vario-Sessel

Indrukken, wanneer het lampje knippert is de bediening op slot. Opnieuw indrukken (tot lampje niet meer brand) en de bediening werkt weer.

is de trotse be’’zit(s)ter’’ van een op maat gemaakte Fitform-fauteuil. Omdat aan u dit fantastische comfort en gemak ook van harte gegund is, ontvangt u bij inlevering van deze bon een korting van maar liefst:

2 200,-

bij aanschaf van een Fitform-fauteuil op maat bij een Fitform-dealer bij u in de buurt! Indien u een stoel aanschaft, sturen wij uw gulle gever uiteraard ook een leuke attentie toe. Verkoopadressen: of bel 088-338888.

Handbediening FITFORM

(dus omhoog) dan is het niet mogelijk de

De uitleg van de knoppen staat bij de afbeel afbeel-

voetenbank uit te klappen of de leuning naar

ding hierboven. Over het algemeen geldt: de

achteren te bewegen.

Deze waardebon samen met de bestelling van een Fitform-fauteuil sturen naar: Wellco International BV, t.n.v. Fitform, Antwoordnummer 10014, 5683 VB BEST. Een postzegel is niet nodig.

Ihr Wohlbefinden ist unser Anliegen!

Brochure DUO_2012_outline.indd 12

Ihr Wohlbefinden ist unser Anliegen!

Uw welzijn, onze passie!

Rugleuning ’naar achteren’


rechterknop heft de functie van de linkerknop

Wanneer de stoel niet lijkt te werken

voetenop. Dus als de knop rechtsboven de voeten

controleer dan altijd eerst of de stek-

bank uitklapt dan zorgt de knop linksboven

ker in het stopcontact zit en of de stoel

dat de voetenbank weer inklapt.

weer in de neutraalpositie staat. (in de

Wanneer de stoel in de sta-op functie staat

normale zitstand, op de grond).

Uw welzijn, onze passie!

16-05-12 10:39

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16-05-12 10:39

Brochure DUO_2012_outline.indd 14

16-05-12 10:39

Brochure DUO_2012_outline.indd 15

16-05-12 10:39

Network cable

USB 2.0 A/B Cable

CCLAN15BK 15 meter

HDMI Cable

CCAB30U2 3 meter

CCHDMiM3 3 meter

Goldplated connectors


CAT 5e cable

15 meter

NetworkingCollection For 10, 100 and gigabit ethernet networks

Brochure DUO_2012_outline.indd 16


CAT 5e cable METER


3 meter

ConnectivityCollection For notebook and desktop use

3 meter

LoungeCollection Connect digital devices to your (full HD) LCD/Plasma screen

16-05-12 10:40

Brochure DUO_2012_outline.indd 17

16-05-12 10:40

ijke Is de vertrouwel informatie van de heer van Dijk n 100% te beveilige tegen hackers?

Geachte heer van Dijk, gelooft u in een 100% beveiliging?


Ervaar het zelf op het Siemens Kwantumcryptografie en Biometrie Event


Behoefte aan meer veiligheid Door verstedelijking, globalisering, demografische en ecologische veranderingen komen informatie én dreigingen dichterbij. De bescherming van vertrouwelijke informatie, zoals bedrijfs- of staatsgeheimen, klant/ patiëntgegevens, financiële en strategische gegevens en patentgeheimen, wordt steeds belangrijker. Fysiek en via het net. Maar 100% veiligheid was een onmogelijke opgave. Tot voor kort.

Beveiliging op het hoogste niveau Siemens IT Solutions and Services biedt en ontwikkelt oplossingen voor optimale veiligheid. Fysiek met 112 meldkamer oplossingen, crowd control, grenspassage voorzieningen, Tetra(pol) en netcentric defensie oplossingen.

Met IT security, waaronder biometrie, identity en access management, secure online banking, kaart management en kwantum cryptografie geeft Siemens u de sleutel in handen tot 100% veilig internetverkeer.

* Biometrie, niet nieuw, maar nog relatief weinig toegepaste identificatiemethode op basis van unieke lichaamskenmerken. Zodat niemand dan de juiste persoon fysieke toegang krijgt

Innovaties op gebied IT security

Veilig inschrijven U kunt zich voor het Kwantumcryptografie & Biometrie Event zonder kosten – en uiteraard volstrekt veilig - aanmelden op:

Deze kennis delen we graag met u. Daarom nodigen we u uit voor een van onze Kwantumcryptografie & Biometrie Events op 25 januari of 9 februari 2011. Hier maakt u uitvoerig kennis met twee belangrijke innovaties: * Quantum Key Distribution in combinatie met conventionele encryptie of versleuteling garandeert een ongeëvenaard veiligheidsniveau bij de uitwisseling van vertrouwelijke informatie via dataverkeer. Zodat niemand anders dan de juiste personen erbij kan.

Locatie: Siemens IT Solutions and Services B.V. Werner von Siemensstraat 3, 2712 PN Zoetermeer U vindt een routebeschrijving op:

Programma 13:00 13:30 13:50 14:20 14:50 15:00 15.30 16.00 17.00

Inloop met broodjes Algemene presentatie Siemens IT Solutions and Services B.V. Introductie quantum cryptografie Presentatie quantum key distributie (QKD) solution (IDQ - Engelstalig) Korte pauze Presentatie biometrie Demo en ruimte voor vragen Borrel en discussie Einde bijeenkomst

met de techniek van SiemenS

Brochure DUO_2012_outline.indd 18

16-05-12 10:40

Need more power? Wij mogen nu ook Eindhoven perfect in harmonie houden!

Dat wil zeggen, het buitengebied van het flight Forum. Deze mogen wij sinds kort ook tot een van onze... Voor ons is parkmanagement een integrale aanpak om kwaliteiten van bedrijventerreinen op de lange termijn te handhaven of te verbeteren. ARCADIS AQUMEN Park Management heeft de kennis in huis, maar wellicht belangrijker nog, de praktische oplossingen om Park Management in samenhang te ontwerpen en te implementeren met als doel het voor u te exploiteren. Op het door u gewenste kwaliteitsniveau en financieel transparant.

Tips included

Hier komt de uitleg van leading visual en hoe ARCADIS AQUMEN Park Management op de situatie van de opdrachtgever in kan spelen en dit maatpak uitvoering krijgt Easy voltage setting

Zorg voor de nodige power! Met deze notebook adapter heb je altijd een tweede laadoplossing bij de hand voor op kantoor, thuis of voor als je op reis bent. Het is tevens de perfecte vervanging voor een defecte of verloren lader. Laad gemakkelijk je notebook op en gebruik de ingebouwde USB poort om je mobiele apparaten zoals je mobiele telefoon, smart Phone, MP3 speler etc. te voeden of op te laden. Je schakelt het voltage niveau eenvoudig om naar 15v/16v/17v/18v/19v/20v of 21v. De adapter wordt geleverd met 10 verschillende connectoren,waarmee alle gangbare merken en modellen gevoed kunnen worden. Deze adapter is beschermd tegen overbelasting, oververhitting en kortsluiting.

Zorg en onderhoud buitengebied Parkmanagement


,- G rs 65 IN ze € RT s le O it K Fr

Huidveroudering kan niemand stil zetten, maar met de juiste behandelingen kan de klok wel jaren terug gezet worden!


Een jongere versie van uzelf! Bij BeauMedique krijgt u een betrouwbaar en persoonlijk advies. Maak gerust een afspraak om te bespreken wat uw wensen zijn, dan kunnen wij samen met u een vrijblijvend plan maken voor een huidverjongingsprogramma dat het beste bij u en uw huidtype aansluit. Het resultaat: Een stralende huid op alle leeftijden!

Waardebon Frits lezers betalen per zone

slechts € 130,- ipv € 195,-

Reserveer vandaag nog! U vindt BeauMedique aan de Markt 21d in Valkenswaard. E: W:

Brochure DUO_2012_outline.indd 19

T: 040 - 75 10 183. BeauMedique is op afspraak geopend!

16-05-12 10:40

Brochure DUO_2012_outline.indd 20

16-05-12 10:40

No. 32 december 2009 www.denbrink.n l



Puzzel pagina 2009!

Doe mee en win één van de fantastische prijzen!


Brochure DUO_2012_outline.indd 21



16-05-12 10:41







Waarom is hij zo s ilil ?

Voor deze en andere vragen: 0800 - 3 65 65 65 (gratis)

Brochure DUO_2012_outline.indd 22

16-05-12 10:41

Brochure DUO_2012_outline.indd 23

16-05-12 10:41

Brochure DUO_2012_outline.indd 24

16-05-12 10:41

Brochure 2012  

Portfolio nr 7 2012