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Digital Signage for

Bank & Financial Industry

Have you embraced the digital screen revolution yet ? INSIDE: As banks & financial services become more complex, consumer education becomes more critical and digital signage allows financial services to better communicate with and reach customers and members

Digital screen displays attract your customers and present them with stimulating, up-to-date information. The beauty of the system is your ability to put pretty much anything you want to on screen – more pictures, more details and more products. And tailor the look of that information to suit your target audience. Advantages over traditional static signage are numerous, for example: Complete control of content on every screen in every location. Content and messaging can be scheduled months in advance and targeted to the exact location you want to hit. Eye catching slide show, high resolution flash animation and rich media content including video. Distributed management and updating of content, using local, or central server. Easily updated either locally or centrally – changes get to your display in seconds. Opt. integrated with your existing inventory management system. Centrally controlled branding for multi departmental and multi branch operation. Opt. triggered content – show material that leverages changes in external events such as business news, stock market or interest rates.

Five reasons why digital signage is good for financial institutions ? Why bank & financial institution consider using digital signage to communicate with both customers and employees.

1. TRAINING “This is a critical component for banks and financial institution. Most have several branches and many have dozens or even hundreds spread across large geographic areas. Banking is also one of the most heavily regulated industries and many of these complex regulations flow down to the teller level, where turnover can be as high as 50 percent per year.”

2. CROSS-SELLING “The cross-sell is at the core of a financial institution’s success story. There is substantial research that shows the more products a person purchases from a financial institution, the less likely that person will leave for another bank. This is a critical issue, because the ability for a bank or financial institution to effectively execute the cross-sell often falls on the tellers or customer services. Yet they are usually paid less, and have not received an adequate amount of training.”

3. EXPERIENCE “Banking is a commoditized industry which has very few differentiators outside of the brand experience. That experience starts when the customer walks through the door and hopefully carries forward with that person even after they leave the branch. It involves interaction with the employees of the bank, traditional advertising outlets, the Internet and the interior and exterior of the branch. Digital signage offers the opportunity to enhance the brand experience that customers receive each time they enter the branch.”

4. DRIVE-THRU “The drive-thru is often the most overlooked part of the digital signage equation in a branch. Yet the statistics prove that it should be one of the most carefully planned and executed. Nowadays, more and more customers use the drive-thru on a regular basis.”

5. ENTERTAINMENT AND ‘WAIT-WARPING’ The perceived decrease in the amount of time spent waiting, or “wait-warping,” can be exploited in the banks with the judicious use of digital signage content.

Where do you start ? What we offer A media player – small form factor, reliable Windows XP embedded based hardware and software solution. We can also provide a built-in media player inside the screen. You just simply plug it in into a network or internet.

Both Portrait and Landscape View

A screen – Commercial Grade LCD, specifically designed for digital signage application, thin bezel (9 38 mm) and can be configured for both portrait and landscape display format. The screen brightness ranging from standard 450 nits up to high brightness 1500 nits. The high brightness screen (800 nits and up) are suitable for high-ambient light in outdoor daytime, to prevent screen washout. With advance cooling system, commercial grade LCD will operate without interruption 24/7. A management software allowing you to quickly and easily update any or all of your displays content from anywhere in the network. The management software includes basic content scheduler and content delivery to any display locations. You just simply put any images, video and even vector animation file such as Adobe Flash in the play-list, then it will be automatically sent out to the screen, based on prescheduled display date and time. Design and manufacture digital signage enclosure using high precision CNC machines and 3D computerized routers to produce aluminium, polystyrene, resin or fiber enclosure (via third party). A complete system integration and maintenance – we make sure everything's operating as it should 24/7.

In Short With OrangeSign you can discover a dynamic digital media, which will get you noticed by new and existing customers alike. To find out more, contact us at (+62 22) 70 323 900, 911 82 700 or email: Throw out the boring paper displays and embrace the future digital display technology.


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How does the system work ? We provide you with a simple, intuitive interface so you can upload a smaller, more appropriately described set of details to your display screen. Your details are stored at the server and distributed to each of your displays in a matter of seconds. Each display is configured with a pre configured templates and each template plays in the order you require, displaying each marketing message you assign to it. Even if your network goes down, your system will continue to operate correctly and simply reconnect to the central server at a later time.

Digital Signage for Bank and Financial Industry  

As banks & financial services become more complex, consumer education becomes more critical and digital signage allows financial services to...