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I n thi s area there’ s an urban proposalto substi tute an ol d rai l waywi th a new avenuethatcreatesanew centerpoi nti ntheci ty.Soaf i rstproposal i smadewi tha300m l onghousi ngbui l di ngcul mi natedwi thacul i naryschool wi thstudenthousi ng. Thei deaoftheproj ecti stohavethebestori entati onf orthebui l di ng,catchi ng as muchsouthl i ghtas possi bl eandf aci ng i ntheothersi dethenew avenue.The bui l di ng sets backto create a pl aza f orthe wal ki ng peopl e at thesouthwesternarea,bri ngi ngabi gentrancetothecommercesl ocated atthe westsi de and havi ng a sol uti on f orthe woods i n the eastarea,by openi ngaspacef ori tandmaki ngtheareanexttothi scornerwi derf orthe peopl ethatwi l lbearoundthi snew centerareathatconnectstheci tyand thesea. I nsecti on,thebui l di ngi sorgani zeddependi ngoni tsuse,goi ngf rom publ i c spacei nthel owerl eveltopri vatei ntheupperl evel s,l ocati nganexposi ti on spaceandrestauranti nthegroundf l oor,thecul i naryschooli nthesecond f l oorandtheupperl evel sf orthestudenthousi ngandapartments,wi ththe coresgoi ngthroughthem creati ngtwotowers.

Theprogram f orthi sbui l di ngi saresearchcenterandcl assroomsf orstudents,wi thasi mpl edi sposi ti onsotheuseofi tcoul dchangei nthef uture. As the gi ven l ocati on i s narrow and rectangul ar,the i dea i s to create 3 bl ocks thatare al mosti denti c thatare seen as 3 cubes anchored to the si te,bei ng connected bysome skybri dges.To empathi ze thi s sol i dness of the bui l di ng,al lthe f açades wi l lbe done i n the same way,wi th verti cal wooden sl ats toachi eveasun controli n thei nnerspace.The3 cubes set backf rom one to anotherto bri ng more space to the streeti n the upper l evelandtocreateamorecl earwel comespacei nthel owerl evelf rom the pl aza. The core ofthe bui l di ng i sl ocated i n the mi ddl e bl ockto mi ni mi ze the wal ki ngti me,thef l oorpl ansaresol vedi nasi mpl ewaytobecomemoref l exi bl e, al ways taki ng care ofthe cl assrooms and i nvesti gati on rooms to recei ve more sunl i ght,the structure al ways i si n the peri meterso there’ s no col umnsi nthei nnerspace,j ustthecoreandthef açade,havi ngbettervi ews f rom thei nnerspacetothesquareandtheci ty.

Themai ni nputofthi sareai sthepresenceofal otofol di ndustri albui l di ngs wi thoutanyhi stori cali mportance.Soadeci si onofmaki ngthi sbui l di ngl ook i nto i tsel f ,not to the ci ty,i s taken.Al so,a bi g pl aza i s created but 4 meters down the ground l evel ,so i tbecomes a stage f orpubl i c acts such asconcerts,theater,ci nema,andal soi tbecomesanextensi onofthebui l di ng. There’ saprerequi si tei nthi sproj ectandi ti stouseal ongspanstructure tobui l di t,wi thoutanycol umnsi nthei nnerspacesosportsacti vi ti escoul d bedonei nthere.Asi tcanbeseeni nthesecti on,thei deai stoal l ow peopl e f rom thestreettoseetheacti vi ti esthatoccurf rom ahi gherpl ace,becomi ngunexpectedspectators. Fi nal l y, the structures i s pl anned wi th 3 meter tal lVi erendeelbeams, al l owi ngusesi nthemi ddl eofthestructure,soanexposi ti onspacei screated i n a hi gherl evel ,wi th good vi ews to the ci tyand the square f rom the i nnerspaceandthebal cony.

The l ocati on ofthi s proj ecthas a bi g pecul i ari tyand i t’ s the conf l uence of 3 streets,becomi ngthebui l di ngal i gnmentwi ththestreetadi f f i cul tdeci si on. From the al l ey’ s di recti ons,vi ews f rom street,Pere I V al i gnmentand the southerncorneri mportance,3 bl ocksarecreatedtof i tal ltheuni ts. Thosevol umesmakeacentralspacethati susedasadi stri buti onnodef or three resti ng spaces, l eavi ng the proper di stance between them so i t doesn’ tbecome an extremel ynarrow space oran emptyopen space.The ground f l oorofthese bui l di ngs have bi g voi ds to al l ow vi ews to the i nner spaceandtomakeacl earentrancespacetothepl ace. Thef açadechanges between thei nnerand outsi despace,bei ng hard f rom the street wi th texturi zed concrete,and wi th wood i n the i nner pati o, maki ngthesemi pri vatespacewarmer.

Theobj ecti veofthi si nterventi oni s touni f ythetwoareas i nbothsi des of Meri di ana street,the eastern “Ei xampl e”and the 22@ di stri ct.There’ sa hugetopographi cdi f f erencebetween both si des and i tcuts theconti nui ty oftheurbangri d.3 bl ocksarechosentosol vetheprobl em andmakethem becomearef erencef orf uturei nterventi ons. There’ sabi gi ssuetotakecareofandi ti stheexi sti ngrai l waysthatgoes toacl osetrai nstati on,maki ngthesecti onworkverydi f f i cul t. Themai ni deatoresol vethi sbegi nswi thabi grectangul arbui l di ng,thatwi l l be cut and modi f i ed dependi ng on vi ews,roads,f uture open spaces and squares,wi th aresul tof8 di f f erentpi eces whereacommerci al ,entertai ni ngandhousi ngprogram wi l lbesettl ed. The bi g di f f erence between hei ghts around the area hel ps to desi gn di f f erentopenspacesatmul ti pl ehei ghts,oneatthetopl evelwi thabi gavenue, anotherone atthe l owestpl ace f orthe 22@ di stri ctand an i ntermedi ate onef orthepeopl ecrossi ngf rom bui l di ngtobui l di ng,acti vati ngthearea.


The i dea i s to make a verydel i cate i nterventi on and veryrel ated wi th the surroundi ngsandvegetati onatthecoastalareaoftheRoses’Gul f ;areti rement ci ty,where peopl e coul d go i n summer to rest,or to l i ve i n the mi ddl eofthenature,creati ng asel f suf f i ci entcommuni tyl i f estyl e,maki ng thel essi mpacttothearea,thati sverycl osetoaprotectednaturalpark. A pl acei schoseni ntheareatobui l dal lthi s,speci f i cal l ybetweenL’ Escal a andtheendoftheSantPerePescadorri ver.Themai ni nputs tobegi nthe proj ect are the wal ki ng path that connects L’ Escal a wi th Empuri abrava, wi th greatvi ews and surroundi ngs,and the agri cul turaltracks thatcreatesati ssueal laroundthepl ace. Someofthosetracksarechosentoconnectthepathwi ththesea,wi tha proporti onaldi stancebetweenthem soanurbanpl ancanbedevel oped.Fi nal l y,someoftheexi sti ngagri cul turalterrai nsareconvertedi ntol andf or l ow i mpacthousesandthenecessaryequi pmentbui l di ngs.Fi nal l y,toi mprovetherecreati onalarea,thetracksareextendedi ntotheseadi vi di ng the spacewi th3 pi ers.

Albert Tisaire Ventura