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Investment Tips When you have been having a rough time, you will stop at nothing to try to invest your money on something worthwhile so you can enjoy the reaped benefits. That was what my husband was trying to do when he used the online options screener. He told me that he was trying to “find some juicy premiums” and this was the most promising of all. I told him I wouldn’t really interfere as long as it would produce us money to help us plan our anniversary vacation. And it did give us the money! We are planning a vacation in the next couple of months and we couldn’t have been able to afford it without the courage of my husband to take a chance on this. We have done so well in our investments that we even invited some of our friends and neighbors to join us in our vacation. We are all excited and I am encouraging you to try it out. It was all worth it! It reminds me of an old golf saying that goes: drive for show and putt for dough. Investing is a lot like that. You hear people bragging about some risky trade they made but the ones making the money are those who have a consistent and low risk approach. That is actually what appeals to us. My father worked almost literally until the day he died and I am pretty sure he wished he could have retired sooner. I didn’t want to end up the same way so my husband and I are using covered calls in our investing. We grow our portfolio at a careful and measured pace – that really helps increase our net worth while greatly limiting the amount of risk that our investments are exposed to. We don’t make flashy trades that catch everyone’s attention. We simply bank money at the end of the month consistently – with no stress or worries. I am pretty sure we are in for a very secure future with the promise of an early retirement. If you are you looking for an option that yields the best rewards, check out the best covered calls. This is obviously one of the investments we have come across that has the highest yields. The challenge is how to make the calculation to maximize the profits that can be generated from this type of investment. We found that the best way is to use a software application that is already mathematically programmed to calculate the yields. This software updates the pricing of the options in a time frame that gives it the most competitive chance of producing the most returns – and it makes you a very competitive investor among the rest. Everybody has access to the same information and the investors receiving data as close to their real time have the most advantage. While you can do the calculations manually, why make things hard? Speed things up and use this software. All calculations of future yields are based upon assumptions about future prices. No one can really see into the future so this is our best bet. By far, this software has the best assumptions built into the calculations so it is a valuable tool to help an investor make money.

Information Source: BornToSell

Investment Tips  
Investment Tips  

When you have been having a rough time, you will stop at nothing to try to invest your money on something worthwhile so you can enjoy the re...