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KAYE Kosovo Association of Young Entrepreneurs

November 2011 


Born to be an Entrepreneur!

Kosovo Association of Young Entrepreneurs Sponsored by:

Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport


Kosovo Association of Young Entrepreneurs

Dear young entrepreneurs! “All life is experiment. The more experiments you make, the better!” -R.W. Emerson KAYE has just born, like a new born baby which mission is to stimulate business networking and promote entrepreneurship culture among young Kosovars. The success of it’s mission depends on you, dear young entrepreneurs. Join the “club” and make the meaning of KAYE. Stimulate relationship with you business friends, partners, get the knowledge to start a new venture creation, become a market hero of tomorrow. We say, the future belongs Mr. Vedat Jashari Mr. Jordan Berginc Mr. Bajram Fusha to those, who have amission today. Are you among them, are you dreaming how to realize your idea into vialbe business opportunity, are you dreaming to launch your own brand, become a good leader and team manager, are you challening international competition, finally realize your life vision? You don’t need to answer with yes, or no, but rather follow your inner voice and do it. Once in your life challenge your entrepreneurial career, join KAYE and profile yoursefl on the web page There is someone, who is waiting to cooperate with you or more of them, with who you can make more businesess. Never say NO, to any offer! KAYE is already connected with many international donors, ministries, distinguish individuals, which guarantee that KAYE will become a credible international partner. Contact KAYE today for further details on, become a member and challenge your own network, join our business events to become more successful! “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. “ Other members of the board Mr. Richard Williamson, USAID- YEP Project Mr. Driton Shala, TEB Bank Ms. Sanija Murati, NGO Lady Mr. Garland D. Boyette, EU SME Agency


Kosovo Association of Young Entrepreneurs

KAYE was established in July 2011. The constitutive assembly was held in July where different donors and potential members were present. At the assembly, members elected the Board of Directors, the Statute of KAYE was approved and a list of activities was presented.

In July, KAYE organized a one day free of charge Seminar on “Entrepreneurial Leadership” with young and potential entrepreneurs. At the Seminar new ideas were presented during the lectures held by Jordan Berginc, PhD, Entrepreneurship Professor and expert.

The main focus of the Seminar was on the following topics: What young entrepreneurs should know about entrepreneurship, how to become a good leader (case study), how to stimulate team work, how to develop entrepreneurial culture within own company.

Program and Activities for October 2011

Content of Newsletter No. 1

- Launching of the Newsletter No. 1 - Monthly free of charge seminars (members only) - Board of Directors meeting No. 2 - Launching of a new website

Please contact us: Address: Dardania SU – 1/3A, Prishtine Tel.: 038 753 018 Fax.: 038 753 019 Mobile: 049/785 935


Kosovo Association of Young Entrepreneurs

KAYE’s Mission, Vision and Objectives Mission: To help young people understand and practice entrepreneurial skills and knowledge and raise the quality of Kosovar entrepreneurial culture by ethical standards. KAYE promotes creativity and innovation among youngsters and knowledge oriented companies with full support and mentorship from older successful entrepreneurs from Kosovo and Diaspora. Vision: KAYE facilitates and promotes entrepreneurial spirit among youngsters. Its main objective is to increase the number of successfully launched Start-ups of youth-owned businesses in Kosovo. KAYE will become the strongest business networking organization for young entrepreneurs in Kosovo becoming key share- holder in the Kosovo business community. Objectives: • In cooperation with SME Agency and other public authorities, promote policy that will facilitate business activities for young entrepreneurs. • Promoting of KAYE in every region of Kosovo by organizing KAYE regional associates. • Profiling of young entrepreneurs and increasing business opportunities by connecting them through the business line “Match-making” • To start issuing E-magazine “Young Entrepreneur” • The start of national race “Entrepreneur of the year” – award • Education and training of young entrepreneurs about the value-added products and innovative products • Offering an easy access to information on European policies for small and medium enterprises • Promoting policies that encourage cooperation between different generations of entrepreneurs • Organizing the “Convention for new entrepreneurs” event once a year with entrepreneurs and special guest from abroad • Membership of the “European Confederation of entrepreneurs” in 2012. • Promotion of entrepreneurship and links between businesses (business networking) • Organization of business events locally and across the country to attract young potential and exist ing entrepreneurs • Publication of various e-materials for business and entrepreneurship knowledge and Know-how experiences • Coordination of tenders for new entrepreneurs, with ministries and donors • Assistance in establishing local collaborators of KAYE branch officies • Short Trainings on different issues as “How to do it .....” • Posts (blogging) job posting


Kosovo Association of Young Entrepreneurs

kaye Membership Why is it IMPORTANT? Benefits: - Each member fulfills the “Profile yourself” form at the web site to profile his/ her business idea and offer/demand for cooperation. In this way, matchmaking activities are initiated. Trough networking, everyone can find a new business partner for further activities. There will be lots of “on-line” activities for business networking, such as entrepreneurial blog participation. - “ABC Knowledge” represents the web knowledge corner, where each member can learn important steps of the business start up on “ How to do it…” system - Each member will get from IPKO the new phone number and is able to talk with other members free of charge “ IPKO Business Mobile Network” - Once per month members are invited to attend free of charge seminars & workshops on different entrepreneurial topics (at this stage seminars are accomplished only in Pristina) - Members will be informed on all important public tenders for SME ’s and other business information - Once per month each member will receive a “ Newsletter- Young Entrepreneur” - The members will be part of every important business event in Kosovo - A small business library is offered to the members at KAYE office - The members can use KAYE facilities for short meetings in Pristina - The members will use all bonuses from a sponsorship list - Participation at “ Young Entrepreneur of the year 2011 “ award will be announced in November 2011 and terminated in March 2012” - Participation at “ Convention of Young Entrepreneurs of Kosovo “which is taking place in June 2012  ..for € 25 per year!

Upcoming events & Competitions: KAYE seminar >What young entrepreneur should know about finance< Location: Resource hub centre, University of Pristina (Faculty of Economics) Lecturer: Mr. Bajram Fusha, Besa Consulting, Pristina Date: Tuesday, November 15 from 17.00-19.00 Seminar is free of charge! Competitions: WIN A PRIZE “ Young entrepreneur of the Year 2011” Which will take place in March 2012 Become Member of KAYE Annual Membership Fee only 25 EURO Apply now


Kosovo Association of Young Entrepreneurs


Bajram Pakashtica Young Entrepreneurs

Thoughts about KAYE Vlora Mahmuti

Finally a great idea, I want to be part of KAYE. I am young entrepreneur and have just won a small grant for the start-up of my business. There are so many unexplored opportunities, tenders; there are so many information around and someone needs to manage them. That is why KAYE has a bright future. Networking and profiling young entrepreneurs is the great opportunity for all of us! KAYE is media for your ABC steps in new venture creation. It is a source for How to… seminars, workshops which we need so desperately. So I joined KAYE immediately”.

Our society needs a reform in a spirit of positivism! It’s not sufficient to have an idea for business but we also must try to find cooperation partners to help transform our ideas into concrete profit oriented projects. We feel, see and live the current situation in Kosovo and we are more than aware that there are better opportunities of doing the business. Therefore, when I heard of KAYE, I immediately joined and from the moment I became member I got to meet and continue to mingle with highly professional and experienced people in business, people with strong will, clear vision for implementation of entrepreneurial projects, an atmosphere of cooperation and willingness for support, hardworking and creative people. Through KAYE, I believe that I will open the path for my professional development towards achieving my goals in business.


Kosovo Association of Young Entrepreneurs Some of the most innovative products nowadays

ABC Knowledge INTRODUCTION TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP “Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying, developing, and bringing a vision to life. The vision may be an innovative idea, an opportunity, or simply a better way to do something. The end result of this process is the creation of a new venture, formed under conditions of risk and considerable uncertainty.” Success is about: • Passion of innovative idea • Great entrepreneurial team How to make your company great? A great company consist of: • Vision, Mission • Great performance • Impact • Reputation • Longevity • Innovation • Strategy tactics • Leadership style What is entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship is creating and building something of value from practically nothing. Activities of individuals or groups to satisfy market needs while taking risk to gain as bigger financial success as possible. Modern school of entrepreneurship says: • Successful entrepreneurs are critical, innovative, creative and action oriented • Entrepreneurial experience is needed • The best to start is when you are at the beginning of your thirties • Do not wait with business but prepare a creative pre-study, calculate costs and seize the market • It is important to know how to manage the developing business • Entrepreneurial success is result of combination of human and entrepreneurial conditions and environment The role of entrepreneurs in the society is very important • They establish new businesses which provide better products and services to customers • They are discovering new sales channels for their products and services • They compete with their competitors (quality, price) • They contribute to economic growth • With innovations they create opportunities for other people • With creativity, strong will they inspire and motivate entrepreneurial activities.

Who is an entrepreneur? Entrepreneur is innovator, developer, implementer, capable of recognizing or initiating market needs and on this base developing entrepreneurial idea which is interesting for markets and creating entrepreneurial opportunity. He is creating new value while organizing, investing time, effort, money and skills in new venture. He is taking risk on competitive markets and when successful, he harvests financial and brand reputation gain… Why to become entrepreneur? • to be independent, and being their own boss, • people who are by nature high achievers tend not to get along well in large organizations. • to make continuous improvement on their business idea • to build business relationships and network, • personal financial, • to make good use of their time inspiring others for their idea and business, • to value your own skills and strenghts, • joy of winning, • to realize your realistic dreams, vison and ispire others for it, and develop your leadership abilities, • to create a wealth for others, yourself and to be happy. Question for starting a new venture • How much time, did you spend on your idea? • Is your idea competitive? • Is this your first venture? • Do you think that you are really an entrepreneur? • Does your business venture involve something you understand really well at the moment? How much information do you have about your product? • Can your parents or friends understand the business idea behind what you intend to do? • What do you hope will be the future for your business? For example in five years from now? • Do you imagine that starting a company will be hard and uncertain for you? • Are you going to work with a partner or solo? • What kind of financing did you have? • Can you raise the appropriate financing and needed resources? • Are you a good leader? • What is your vision? “Most successful entrepreneurs don’t begin with brilliant ideas - they discover them.” -Peter Sims

KAYE Newsletter No.1  

KAYE Newsletter No.1

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