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Slovensko-Kosovsko Poslovno Združenje Shoqata Afariste Slloveno-Kosovare Slovene-Kosovo Business Association Slovenačko-Kosovsko Poslovno Udruženje

Newsletter No.5 Dear reader,

In June SKBA has held business evening on topic “Growth Potentials of the Balkans“. The presentation had been led by Prof.Dr. Bostjan Jazbec who in the same way is Senior Advisor of Guvernor of Central Bank of Republic of Kosovo. Furthermore, professor have presented very well the importance of macroeconomics for countries in transition, such as Kosovo, besides that he presented topics as: trade liberalization and current account convertibility, development of the institutional and legal framework for a market economy, importance of foreign direct investments, years in transition since 1990, similarities in the Balkans in recent years, financial sector, regional trade and openness and lastly unlocking growth potentials. In July SKBA has organized three business events. First event was with representatives of Kosova Customs on topic “Customs relations between Kosovo and Slovenia “. Following this further, in this event were discussed topics such as: border points of Kosovo, customs legislation, customs procedures with economic impact, main trade partners regarding to EU, CEFTA and third parties, import-export countries, economic challenges in the past, preferential trade agreements, CEFTA benefits, opportunities to extend export growth. Second event was with group of young students from Ypsilon Institute who have visited us in our offices and were interested to know more about our objectives and activities as business association regarding to economical relations between Slovenia and Kosovo, whom we provide with all necessary information. Moreover, third event was presentation of SKBA in Prizren, in cooperation with Craftsmen and Businessmen Association as well as identifying opportunities of supporting this association which have long tradition since 1946. Looking forward to this we are very assured that there is enough room to make this possible. Undoubtedly SKBA is looking forward to your successful business activities for this period of time and hope that you will accomplish as many as possible business activities in next months. In the same way, we wish you a very enjoyable summer holidays for 2011! General Secretary, Enver Ferati

Slovensko-Kosovsko Poslovno Združenje Shoqata Afariste Slloveno-Kosovare Slovene-Kosovo Business Association Slovenačko-Kosovsko Poslovno Udruženje

up coming events

49th International Agricultural - Food Fair Time and place

August 20 - 25, 2011 Gornja Radgona, Slovenia

Opening hours

from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Pomurski sejem, d.d. Cesta na stadion 2 9250 Gornja Radgona, Slovenia Tel.: +386 (0)2 / 564 2 116 Fax: +386 (0)2 / 564 2 160 E-mail:

for parties from Kosovo contact: Slovene-Kosovo Business Association Str.Mother Tereza no.20. 10000 Pristina, Kosovo Tel: +386 43 726 074 Fax: +386 43 726 084

Being the 49th in a row, this fair personifies its traditional interwovenness in the European agricultural and food industry business partnerships. With the tradition, it features the freshness of new ideas and technical novelties with business and professional links. As the biggest fair of agriculture and food industry in this part of Europe, AGRA offers the best opportunities for a successful international business, commercial and promotional presentation. Active marketing concept, connecting economy with industries, emphasis on present trends and future challenges – these are the fair’s specialties and strengths. Connecting demand with supply, AGRA offers diverse possibilities to exhibitors to target presentations, and visitors for well thoughtout purchase. Exhibition programme: Food industry

Agricultural industry

Institutional area

- Meat and meat products - Fish and fish products - Milk and dairy products - Milling and pastry products, noodles - Confectioner products - Fresh and processed fruits and vegetables - Oils and fats - Coffee and teas - Spices and aromatic plants - Fruit and vegetable juices, mineral water and bottled water - Liquors and spirits - Wine, beer - Special food products and food supplements

- Seeds and seedlings for agriculture, wine and fruit growing - Plant food and protective agents - Drive engines and accessories for land cultivation and harvesting of agricultural products - Tools and accessories for gardening and landscaping - Irrigation machines and equipment for soil - Agricultural building materials and accessories - Cattle breeding accessories

- State and other institutions - Business, trade and non-governmental associations and organizations - Regional presentations Education - Agricultural and food-industry education - Technical and educative literature Accompanying programme - Crafts and artisan products - Consumables Animal exhibitions - Exhibitions of cattle, horses, pigs, small cattle, poultry - Exhibitions of fish and reptiles Sample plantations - Crops

Slovensko-Kosovsko Poslovno Združenje Shoqata Afariste Slloveno-Kosovare Slovene-Kosovo Business Association Slovenačko-Kosovsko Poslovno Udruženje

- Raw materials and processing agents - Machines and equipment for food and beverages industry - Catering machines and equipment

- Cattle food and health protection means - Forestry drives and attachment accessories and tools - Hunting and fishing equipment - Apiculture equipment and accessories

- Vegetables, aromatic plants, herbs - Slovenian vine selection - Varieties of marketable apples Transfer of knowledge and exchange of Experience - Technical lectures - Instructive lectures - Forums and roundtables

More than 80% of the exhibitors believe the trade fair to be an excellent combination of business and professional opportunities. The visitors come from all over Slovenia, and over 25% are from the neighbouring and other European countries. The fair was excellently covered by media inland and in the neighbouring countries.

The trade FAIR AGRA OF 2010

Total exhibition surface 66.500 m2 - Indoor exhibition surface 22.700 m2 - Outdoor exhibition surface 25.800 m2 - Specialised cattle exhibitions 3.000 m2 - Sample plantations and presentation space 15.000 m2 Number of exhibitors 1.690 - Exhibitors from Slovenia 1.060 - Exhibitors from abroad 630 Number of countries participating 25 Number of visitors 120.000

44th INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR Trade Fair for the most enterprising, innovative and bold Time and place


07.09.2011 - 14.09.2011

Celje Fair Plc, Dečkova cesta 1, 3000 Celje, Slovenia

Venue: Celje Showground, Celje,

More information:


T: +386 3 54 33 000 F: +386 3 54 19 164 Email:

for parties from Kosovo contact: Slovene-Kosovo Business Association Str.Mother Tereza no.20. 10000 Pristina, Kosovo Tel: +386 43 726 074 Fax: +386 43 726 084

Slovensko-Kosovsko Poslovno Združenje Shoqata Afariste Slloveno-Kosovare Slovene-Kosovo Business Association Slovenačko-Kosovsko Poslovno Udruženje

Complete display of small and medium-sized businesses from slovenia, europe and the world. COUNTRIES AND OPPORTUNITIES ON DISPLAY EXHIBITION OF INGENUITY, DEVELOPMENT AND REMARKABLE ACHIEVEMENTS ADVICE FOR BUSINESS AND HOME... Exhibition programme: Foreign chambers and foreign country Home furnishings presentations Regional chambers of • Furnishings craft and small business with their sections Government institutions • Soft furnishings (settees, Banks and insurance companies sofas, armchairs) Computer and office equipment Telecommunications equipment and • Cookers and fireplaces services Technical and personal security Business, finance and investment advice • Industrial furnishings Different media Visual communication and promotion Trade show equipment • Floor covering and carpeting and fittings Business gifts Woodworking and metalworking machines and equipment, electrotechnics  Metallurgy, metal-working machines and equipment

Heat pumps


Beds, mattresses

Wrought iron products

 Hand and electric tools  Metalworking  Electrotechnics, electronics and measuring systems  Ventilation systems and equipment, filters  Welding and welding technique

Construction finishing works •

Building materials: brick, roofing, roof tiles, chimneys, lightning conductors

Insulation materials, protective coatings

 Commercial vehicle and bus spare parts  Industrial tyres, hydraulics, compressors,  Storage, console, pallet shelves and landings

Fences, floor covering and carpeting, concrete products, wrought iron products, stucco Electric and water installations, heating systems, industrial furnishings

Decorative household products (blinds, shades, bedding, lamellate curtains, floor and wall covering)

Geodetic measuring devices and construction

Prefabricated houses

 Screw supply, drills

Renewable energy sources equipment and services, heating, cooling •

Biomass and solid fuel boilers, gas furnaces, thermal furnaces, fireplaces

Wind turbines


Electric heating, solar collectors, solar systems, water pumps, vacuum systems, airconditioning

Gas car system components

Lacquer workshops, equipment and fittings

Chimney systems

Heating systems

Household appliances and home furnishings •

Electrical goods and household appliances

Sewing, knitting and ironing machines

Cleaning systems and equipment

Irrigation systems, landscaping

Household appliances

Slovensko-Kosovsko Poslovno Združenje Shoqata Afariste Slloveno-Kosovare Slovene-Kosovo Business Association Slovenačko-Kosovsko Poslovno Udruženje

 Laser technique  Lacquer workshops, coatings and equipment

Food, beverages and catering

Tourism and leisure

Food industry

Catering, food industry, shop and household equipment and furnishings

Fitness and wellness equipment and furnishings, saunas, massage machines and supplies

Sports equipment, food supplements

Medical machines for personal use

Jewellery and cosmetics

Hand tools and gardening supplies

 Woodworking and metalworking machines  Industrial, section and garage doors

Catering and shop supplies and accessories

 Heating systems (equipment and fuel)

Wine producers and traders



Automobiles and accessories Mobile homes and trailers Forklifts and equipment Vehicle servicing equipment Agriculture and construction mechanization and equipment Interior and exterior design and equipment

Men’s, women’s and children’s apparel

Leather goods

Fashion accessories

Eco program (banks, bins and containers, garbage and refuse crushers, biological cleaning devices) Protective clothing and footwear Home handicraft products Consumer goods Exhibitions (home and artificial handicraft)

Business Conference “ Business opportunities in Kosovo “, and B2B meetings on 7th of September 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia! Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia GZS in cooperation with SKBA-Slovene Kosovo Business Association and IPAK for the second time organizes Business Conference “Business Opportunities in Kosovo” and B2B meetings between Slovene and Kosovar entrepreneurs. Event will take place on 07th of September 2011 at 9:00 a.m. in premises of Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia in Ljubljana. Last year the conference visited more than 120 companies, 30 from Kosovo and 90 from Slovenia. Regarding to very good economic relations between Slovenia and Kosovo, this year we expect even higher number of interested companies from both sides to participate this event. Therefore, we kindly invite everyone who is looking for a new partnership to join the business conference and continue the visit of MOS international fair in Celje. Your request could be sent to but not late than 10th of August or contact us on +386 49 773 771 ; +386 49 773 772. Those who are interested to participate business conference or to visit MOS International fair can either go with our delegation to avoid difficulties due to visa application procedures.

Slovensko-Kosovsko Poslovno Združenje Shoqata Afariste Slloveno-Kosovare Slovene-Kosovo Business Association Slovenačko-Kosovsko Poslovno Udruženje


“Many people almost got a heart attack when I told them that I plan to move from Brussels to Kosovo, a country still unfairly being portrayed as the ‘Wild West”. However since arriving in Pristina more than a year ago I have encountered a different country: one of optimism, creativity and entrepreneurship that is trying to flourish under extremely difficult economic and political circumstances. I’ve seen software and website development companies that compete with Europe’s finest in iPhone applications, creative audiovisual sector and impressive citizenship journalism. Above all I have witnessed young people doing what they can to make end meet: from a salesperson in the shop to a marketing salesman and a boy who sells cigarettes. All of these individuals are finding a way to earn money and create a better standard of living for themselves. And this is what I like most about Kosovo - it is Dragan Barbutovski full of young people with energy and enterprise. Dragan Barbutovski is a director of a young Slovenian start-up strategic communication agency named ‘Stratego’. He advises clients on how to streamline both internal and external communications and how to engage on social media platforms. In Kosovo he is a deputy team leader of a EU-funded public awareness and public education project called ‘EU Perspective in Kosovo’. For more please visit or

I’m working in Kosovo for six months now as consultant on EU funded project in agriculture. Coming in Kosovo was challenge to me, because I never worked in Kosovo before. First impression was different than I expected. Streets are crowded with young people most time of the day. People are friendly and communicative. They like Slovenia, regardless the fact, that most of them never visited it. There are many small shops everywhere around Pristina. I still wonder how they manage to survive competition with big supermarkets. Maybe because the small shops are open all day, 7 days a week. It seems that construction business is one of the main economic activity. There are thousands of new buildings, but unfortunately old city disappears quickly.

Franc Kebe My opinion is that business opportunities here exists mainly in providing better quality products and services at the same market prices. Other important advantage is the lower tax rates in the region. This fact prevail many other obstacles in doing business in Kosovo.

Slovensko-Kosovsko Poslovno Združenje Shoqata Afariste Slloveno-Kosovare Slovene-Kosovo Business Association Slovenačko-Kosovsko Poslovno Udruženje


Gross Domestic Product (GDP): In 2009: € 3.792 billion, Per capital: € 1,731. Inflation: On average 2.2% per annum over the past five years. Financial Sector: Two tier banking system consisting of Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo and eight private Banks, 10 Insurance companies and two pension schemes. Enterprises: over 40,000 active SMEs in 2009, app. 50% of total SMEs engaged in trade industry. 500 Socially Owned Enterprises of which 400 already privatized. Budget: In 2010 totaling app. € 1.461 billion. Tariff duties: 10% customs duties on imports, no duties on raw materials, capital and intermediary goods;Excise tax on fuel, tobacco alcohol and luxury goods. No duties and taxes on exports. The New Customs Code is based on EU customs code, and is fully compliant with WCO agreed rules on customs procedures and the Harmonized Commodity. Tax System: VAT 16 %, Corporate Profit Tax 10%, Personal Income Tax progressive max. 10%. Free trade: Customs-free access to the EU market based on the EU Autonomous Trade Preference (ATP) Regime,Central European Free Trade Agreement – CEFTA, over 25 million Kosovo map consumers. Labour market: Average labour cost 292 euro in 2010, skilled and well educated work force. Currency: EURO, since 1 January 2002


• According to the Law on Foreign Investments of Kosovo, foreign investors have the same rights and obligations as residents of Kosovo and are treated equally. • Foreign investors are protected against expropriation and nationalization and have the rights of compensation • A foreign investor has the right to convert any local currency lawfully in use in Kosovo into a freely convertible currency, and to convert any freely convertible currency into any local currency lawfully in use in Kosovo. • A foreign investor has the right to transfer freely convertible currency in and out of Kosovo, including, but not limited to, amounts received in a conversion transaction • A foreign investor have the right to execute employment and other contracts with physical persons who are citizens or permanent residents of a foreign state or a geographic territory outside Kosovo for the purpose of engaging such persons to provide Lake of waterfall Gazivoda Mirusha or perform, in Kosovo, professional, management, administration, supervision, or consultancy services or skilled technical functions. • Foreign investors may own real estate in Kosovo and enjoy the same property rights in respect to real estate as Kosovo citizens and legal entities. • Fully described Law of Foreign Investments you can find on web-site of Privatisation Agency of Kosovo.


Kosovar President on a Working Visit to Slovenia

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Danilo Türk, has received the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Ms Atifete Jahjaga, who arrived on a two-day working visit to Slovenia. The Slovenian President and his Kosovar counterpart first had a brief one-on-one meeting, followed by plenary talks between the delegations of the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Kosovo, led by both presidents. President Türk first highlighted the very good relations that exist between Slovenia and Kosovo. Good bilateral cooperation has been confirmed by the working visit of the Slovenian President to Kosovo in December 2009 and by today’s return visit to Slovenia paid by the Kosovar President. Dr Türk went on to say that, since Slovenia’s recognition of the Republic of Kosovo’s independence in March 2008, cooperation between the two countries has been developing well in all areas. President Jahjaga said that her working visit to Slovenia represents her first bilateral meeting abroad since her appointment to the office of President. She pointed out that she is especially pleased about this fact since Slovenia and its people have always supported Kosovo’s endeavours for democratisation, freedom and independence, and

Slovensko-Kosovsko Poslovno Združenje Shoqata Afariste Slloveno-Kosovare Slovene-Kosovo Business Association Slovenačko-Kosovsko Poslovno Udruženje

kept warning of the Yugoslav Federal Army’s aggression and violence towards the nations of the former Yugoslavia. The Slovenian president mentioned, among other things, a positive trend in the development of economic relations. Compared to the previous year, trade volumes increased by 12 per cent and currently amount to approximately EUR 90 million. Moreover, Dr Türk called for an improvement in the trade balance. In his view, this improvement could be achieved by additional direct investments by Slovenian companies in Kosovo, the level of which is already now quite high. President Türk expressed his support for Kosovo’s efforts to become part of the European perspective. In his view, Slovenia believes that Kosovo’s future lies in the European Union; therefore, he supports all steps taken in this direction. Furthermore, he called on the EU to lay down appropriate technical criteria in order to facilitate the necessary negotiations on visa liberalisation. Slovenia further advocates the establishment of an adequate legal framework for future cooperation between the EU and Kosovo. The Kosovar president agreed that the future of all the countries in the region rests on their integration into the European Union, Slovenia being among the first to successfully conclude this project. Therefore, Ms Jahjaga and Dr Türk discussed Slovenia’s assistance to Kosovo and its people on their path to this goal. The two also focused on the promotion of all forms of bilateral cooperation, the principles behind this cooperation, and the assistance provided to Kosovo regarding its integration into regional and international structures. President Türk expressed his wish that Kosovo would continue to play an active role in ensuring the stability of relations in South-East Europe. He recalled that Kosovo also participates in the Brdo process. Moreover, he expressed his hope that Kosovo would be included in this process as much as possible and that its contribution to the development of cooperation in the region would be increasingly constructive and effective. President Jahjaga also spoke of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, which is supported by the European Union. Thus far, this dialogue has resulted in the conclusion of three agreements intended to facilitate the everyday life and freedom of movement of the Serbian and Kosovar people. However, she emphasised that the free integration of Kosovo into the EU should not be conditional on this process, and President Türk agreed with this view. Ms Jahjaga went on to say that this is a good start and that she expects further bilateral agreements to be concluded with Serbia. On its path to membership of the EU, NATO and the UN, Kosovo will take advantage of the examples of good practice and the experience of other countries such as Slovenia, added President Jahjaga. Moreover, she pointed out that visa liberalisation would be to the benefit of both the people of Kosovo and the EU. The earliest possible integration of Kosovo and all the other countries of the Western Balkans into the EU would, in her view, additionally contribute to stability and peace in the region. President Türk took the view that, despite other problems such as the situation in the eurozone and the crisis in North Africa, the issue of Kosovo should rank sufficiently high on the EU priority scale. He highlighted Slovenia’s adherence and commitment to the principle that in South-East Europe, everyone should recognise everyone else and everyone should cooperate with everyone else. Source: Office of the President of the Republic of Slovenia

Slovensko-Kosovsko Poslovno Združenje Shoqata Afariste Slloveno-Kosovare Slovene-Kosovo Business Association Slovenačko-Kosovsko Poslovno Udruženje


The Municipality of Pristina hereby formally requests statements of qualifications for the purpose of selecting economic operators and consortia of economic operators that demonstrate the legal, technical, and financial capacity required to participate in a competitive tender procedure to design, build, finance, operate and transfer three separate Underground Parking Garages including Commercial Premises (‘Facilities’) at three different Sites in Pristina through a Public-Private-Partnership (‘PPP’). The PPP is envisioned to take the form of a concession contract to be formalized between the Municipality of Pristina as the Contracting Authority and a Special Purpose Entity (“SPE”) to be formed by the Selected Bidder under the laws of the Republic of Kosovo. This Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) is being issued in compliance with Kosovo Law No. 03/L-090 on PublicPrivate-Partnerships and Concessions in Infrastructure and the Procedures for their Award, as part of a twostage procurement procedure. Qualified Respondents will subsequently be invited to submit proposals for the concession contract, in accordance with the relevant Request for Proposals (“RFP”) tender document. Interested Parties and Prospective Bidders are hereby requested to submit their qualifications in the form and substance detailed herein. The determination of eligibility and qualification of Respondents shall be made in accordance with the procedures and criteria established herein, as verified by an independent selection committee.

The World Bank approves the smooth credit for the agriculture sector Tuesday, 21.06.2011

The World Bank has approved the credit in the amount of 20.15 million dollar for the agriculture sector. The Representative of the World Bank in Kosovo Mr. Ranjit Nayak, has informed the Minister of MAFRD, Blerand Stavileci, that the Board of the Executive Directors of the World Bank in Washington has approved smooth credit for the project “Agriculture and Rural Development” in Kosovo This project is composed by three components and it has for the purpose to contribute in stimulation of competition and development of livestock and horticulture sub sectors through the implementation of selected measures by the Agriculture and Rural Development Plan. The credit is approved with 0% interest norm and with 20 year’s maturity period, whereas the payments for return of means will start after 10 years prior (grace period 10 years). Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development

Slovensko-Kosovsko Poslovno Združenje Shoqata Afariste Slloveno-Kosovare Slovene-Kosovo Business Association Slovenačko-Kosovsko Poslovno Udruženje

Over 370 thousand euro for energy efficiency Pristina, 9 June 2011 – A memorandum of understanding was signed by MED and the German Association for International Cooperation – GIZ, as part of the cooperation between the Republic of Kosovo and the Federal Republic of Germany on the development of common projects in different spheres. This memorandum will be the basis for future contractual arrangements aimed at co-funding a project on efficient lighting in public facilities at the municipal level. This project, signed by the Minister of Economic Development, Besim Beqaj, the Head of Project, Gabriele Becker, and mayors of five municipalities, is in conformity with European standards on energy efficiency and in complete harmony with the National Energy Efficiency Plan, which envisages an increase of energy efficiency of 9% by 2018. While expressing gratitude to GIZ for the cooperation, Minister Beqaj said that the purpose of this project is to contribute to the modernization of lighting in public facilities and street lighting, whereas the main funder in this exercise will be MED. He said that the Law on Energy Efficiency passed its first reading and that the ministry is interested to utilize the resources that are becoming increasingly scarce in the most rational manner possible. “We know that public lighting was and remains a problem, and this project will represent a clear indication that efficient use of energy represents an exercise with double positive effect. First, there is energy saving and second there is a saving in costs because of the longevity of these efficient bulbs”, said Beqaj. The minister said that Kosovo will be able to report to the European Union that it is acting in conformity with their planning on energy consumption, meaning that it will be able to accomplish an improved efficient use of energy by 9%. According to Beqaj, MED aims to accomplish this objective by 2018, with support of its international partners. GIZ representative, Gabriele Becker, said that part of the project “Modernization of Municipal Services” is also the project “Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Kosovo”, supported by the German Government and aim to improve awareness on utilization of energy saving technologies. She said that along with energy and money saving, energy efficiency measures also help the preservation of nature and provide for a healthy environment that ensures better living conditions, which is the project’s primary objective. This project will be implemented in a two-year timeframe and will encompass 5 municipalities- Prishtina, Mitrovica, Ferizaj, Podujevo and Gjilan. Also, another beneficiary of this project will be the Dormitory No. 4 of the Student’s Center of University of Prishtina. The overall project value is set at 372,970.00 euro and will be co-funded by MED, GIZ and the municipalities. Source: Ministry of Economic Development

Slovensko-Kosovsko Poslovno Združenje Shoqata Afariste Slloveno-Kosovare Slovene-Kosovo Business Association Slovenačko-Kosovsko Poslovno Udruženje

SKBA Coming Events: • • •

49th International Agricultural - Food Fair, 20-25 August 2011, Gornja Radgona, Slovenia Business Conference “ Business Opportunities in Kosovo”, on 7th of September 2011 in premises of Slovenia Chamber of Commerce, Ljubljana, Slovenia 44th international trade fair, 07-09. September 2011, Celje, Slovenia

For more details about this activities you will be informed on time! Slovene-Kosovo Business Association is part of JAPTI from Slovenia (Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and foreign Investments) network of Business clubs, where Ministry of Economy is partly co-financing our activities. We wish a very pleasant welcome to our new members in June and July 2011: Birraria Peja, Intereuropa, Illyria Insurance, Jehona sh.p.k, Deal Net d.o.o, Lin Projekt, CGP-Dega in Kosova, OTI Petrol, Oaza sh.p.k. We are very thankful for trust and reliability that is given to us from our members. We strong believe in closed cooperation with all members of SKBA, and also believe that working together is one of the crucial keys in nowadays for business success. In case you have any additional question, request, or suggestion please feel free to visit us in our office, Square Mother Teresa nr.20, 10000 Pristina (Kosovo Chamber of Commerce building) or by contacting us on: Tel: +386 43 726 074 Fax: +386 43 726 084 E: W: Our main sponsors: • Ministry of Economy of Slovenia • JAPTI (Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and foreign Investments).


You can find more information about doing business in Kosovo as follows: Kosova Chamber of Commerce Ministry of Economy and Finance Ministry of Trade and Industry IPAK-Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo Privatisation Agency of Kosovo Central Bank of Republic of Kosovo Statistical office of Kosovo Kosova Customs Newspapers

“ Newsletter No.6 will be published in September 2011”

Newsletter No.5  

Slovensko-Kosovsko Poslovno Združenje Shoqata Afariste Slloveno-Kosovare Slovene-Kosovo Business Association Slovenačko-Kosovsko Poslovno Ud...

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