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The Loudspeaker Creator Erminio turns any surface into a speaker! due to its magnetostrictive technology is able to diffuse through each surface a full, rich and directivity free sound

Erminio is the ideal loudspeaker where you need a full invisible sound system, or where you can not put loudspeakers on ceiling or walls. Hotels are always looking for the best way to improve the comfort of their customers in any environment. Hotel designers are looking for new solutions to create an unforgettable atmosphere and a pleasant environment. Erminio was installed in conference rooms because it improve dramatically the intelligibility of the words; in public areas to spread a directivity free sound, inside guest rooms and common areas as emergency and evacuation system or for background music. Erminio can be easily hidden, but thanks to its simple and elegant design can be left exposed. Erminio allows you to have low operating costs, system maintenance and a quick installation. Technical features Tecnology: Max output power: Impedance: IP Protection: Cooling: Working temperature: Umidity %: Height: Diameter: Weight:

magnetostrictive 20 W 4 ohm 20 natural cooling 0 C° > + 70C° 5-95 50mm 50mm 840 g

TECNOVOX s.r.l. ▪ Sede Legale / Registered Office: Via Ruffini, 2/A - 00195 Roma - Italy ▪ Direzione Generale / Head Quarter: Piazza Basile, 46 - 15121 Alessandria - Italy ▪ Ufficio Commerciale / Sales Office: Piazzale Brescia, 6 - 20149 Milano - Italy ▪ Reg. Imp. Roma - P.IVA - C.F./ VAT Code: 07178561002 ▪ REA: 1016598 ▪ Capitale Sociale / Company’s Capital: €11.000.00 ▪ Tel. + 39 0131 445036 - Fax +39 0131 264737 ▪ ▪

ERMINIO - Loudspeaker Creator  

Erminio - the loudspeaker Creator. Sound, Music, as you never feel before. Really amazing!

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