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Commerce S  In Nikte the climate is tropical, which favors in the

inner parts of our beautiful jungles are more exotic fruits, such as Jobo of Nikte, rambutan, Passion Fruit, Carambola, The kumquat, the Pitaya and fruit that represents us most is the Lichi because is very plenty. S  We export al the products you can find in Nikte

because we know that everybody must know about us and our quality.








S  Because we are an island, we

are dedicated to fishing, a wide range of specimens of fish but the biggest seller is trout.

S  There is a very strict law about

protecting animals that are considered in danger so we choose which animals can be used for meat and to sell in supermarkets.

S  In our country we have the best

of the best in animals, we have in cows species like belyan blu, charolais, and beef master. That for all the countries is the best cows we can find for meat.

S  Besides trout, there are many

types of fish in our surroundings, such as red snapper

S  Related to importation of

products we have a very warm treatment with other countries which would like to trade with us.

S  We have agreements with first

world countries such as United States as the principal, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerand and Netherlands.

S  Related with another coutries

from the world, we have just openned a new way for them to trade having us as a distribution center.

S  Also we just have traded with Mexico as a new

economical and financiere center of Latinamerica, giving us more chance to have more competitive and better products from this part. S  Nikte hosts one of the biggest comercial and economic

center in the passage of products through the Atlantic Sea thanks to its strategic location. S  We are considered as the nation of the future because

everything that we do, is with the last technology and the best also we can say made in Nikte.

Politics S  Our politic is divided in 300 articles that also are divided in four


S  Personal rights: In this part we talk about the basic necessities of

the people. Such as having education, health, food, a place where to live, and dress.

S  Internal politics: In this part we talk about all the taxes that people

have, and the government need to erect necessary buildings and schools.

S  External politics: This part explains the external trade and the

travels between countries to our country and outside our country.

S  Economy politics: In this part is explained the way the economy

works on our country, for example the external stores that are inside our country. And our national coin is the liimon that has a cost about 15.00 USD.

S  The people who are in charge of taking the decisions in

Nikte is named directorate that is about 200 people over 21 years old and with specialties in rights and are doctors in law. S  So we can be sure that almost all the decisions they will

take, are right.

Taxes S  For our higher development in Nikte we have several taxes

like: S  All the taxes in everything people should buy is about 13%. S  Another tax is for people who have more than 2 cars that cost

less than 300,000 USD that in liimons is about 20,000 lii that is about 300lii per month or per every fifty days. S  Another tax is for people who want to buy a car that is less than

8 years they have to go to check if the car is friendly with the environment, if not the car would be taken away to be recycled.

S  When somebody wants to buy a car the only things to

have it deduct for the Economical Center, and not paying some other taxes are that the car must cost less than 27,000 lii (400,000 USD). S  For supercars or executive cars we have an special

politic for them, they only can deduct for Economical Center, if the car is bought in Nikte and with a layer that can argue why is it necessary.

Main Rights S  Economical stuffs necessary for people with less resources S  Per day the minimum salary people should receive is 2,500 lii for

all the basic necessities they could have.

S  All the educational levels are obligatory, if there is and exception,

the family must argue why is it necessary.

S  Public and private schools receive money from the government for

investigation or for new scientists.

S  For all the other situations we could have like for example a sue or

something related about illegal facts or situations that are against our politics, we have and special group of people named the sultics that is the same as a jury but with the only difference that they are chosen by the directorate. They are efficient and can solve all the situations they are in.

Industry S  For all about manufacturing, and technical stuffs that

we should need, we get them from our resources, but about the 40% it´s brought from Europe and the USA. S  We have just opened a new plant of car

manufacturing, that we had traded with Volkswagen and now, a lot of new concepts, like the Sirocco, and the new Jetta are made from Nikte, because of our lower price that make us a very competitive country.

S  Also we are looking for

having a new concept for a Nikte’s own car, having help from Mercedes Benz, and probably in the future we may have our own company of cars making us independent from other companies, to this project we called it Corec.

Education Sď “â€Ż We understand education. As a fundamental task for development

of autonomous individuals, able to think for themselves, make decisions, confident in their ability to cope with the new ethics and take responsibility their actions, both at the individual and professional and citizen. We ascribe to the proposal of a secular education, and liberal criticism. A stance that affirms the rights of the individual and his inalienable freedom, respect for social rights. A liberalism that recognizes democracy as a suitable method to achieve the common good and agree on areas of public life, and where individual freedom imposed no prejudice to the freedom of others. The individual economic interest since our vision is not the most important or prominent, is just one of the freedoms of the human being.

Sď “â€Ż Educate to form people able to distinguish what is legal

and what is right, ready to solve community problems from different professional fields and fight for justice with lawful and peaceful means. This is intended that at the end of their education (27 years) are able to: * Develop the ability to learn. * Communicate effectively in different contexts and situations * Have the elements to understand the historical development and the progress of science, humanities, arts and technology. * Appreciate and understand their natural and social environment, with a deep respect for the environment and conservation and with a clear awareness of living under a system of sustainable development that ensures the lives of future generations.

Sď “â€Ż * Properly unfold in the community in which they live and

influence, to prevail on her freedom, tolerance, solidarity, respect, honesty, responsibility and justice. * Be sensitive to the context in which they live and are clear in their convictions. * Value in individual and social dimension of work as a means of self-realization and integrity to the community. * Enjoy and appreciate any aesthetic manifestation and to express themselves creatively in the arts. * Creatively and develop excellence in any field to develop professionally with a common good and individual. * Develop skills in identifying and preventing risky situations on promoting comprehensive health access a quality life.

NiktĂŠ the best option


Is a very beautiful country with a very interesting story

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