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I don´t like halloween by: MACARENA,KRISHNA, DAVID,RUBÉN,QUNCE

Three children go to town at Halloween nigth . When they walk to the town and they see a door, they ring a door.One man open the door and say- if you pass two prooves you get sweets .

when the children are in the house, the man says -if you stay in the cementery with food and one skeleton at twelve o clock, you will get sweets-

When the childrens and the man stay in the cementery the chidren eat the food and give the esquelet, the man give the sweet , the man gives one sweet for the three children and the man says- you are stupids , I have a perfect decoration for my house and you lost your halloween night jajaja-. the children say - oh nooo-

Macarena Krishna David RubĂŠn Qunce

Halloween night  
Halloween night