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AIESEC in Colombia Manual of Functions Area Position Name Report to

Outgoing Exchanges

Local Committee Vice President Outgoing Global Community Development Program Local Committee President National Outgoing Global Community Development Program Director

Timeframe: January – December 2012

Type of contract: Full Time

Part Time


Out sourcing

Hours: 15/ week

GCDP General Description In order to promote social responsibility, understanding of other cultures, entrepreneurship and volunteerism, AIESEC in Colombia created the Global Citizen exchange programs. Having an international experience, experience new cultures and generate positive impact for other countries are part of the routine program, which in the end, will surely bring you an experience that will change your life.

Job Description To manage, coordinate, control, evaluate and execute the local strategies and processes for Outgoing Global Community Development Program (GCDP) and upselling. Ensuring the alignment with the national and local Strategic Plan and the national guidelines for GCDP, in order to improve quality and increase the number of delivered experiences into this program. Main Functions Manage Experiential Exchange Program: Global Community Development Program  Working consistently in the outgoing exchange GCDP delivery strategy, developing an international network of AIESEC LC partners around the network.  Supporting the outgoing exchange process planning and execution.  Product packaging, sales and delivery  Guiding and coaching project managers and team members, seeking the highest standards possible in the outgoing exchange flow.  Participation at national meetings and conferences.  Ensuring quality of the Outgoing Exchange GCDP delivery as one of AIESEC core work.  Managing the exchange membership pipeline through a synergic work with the Talent Management team.  Ensuring the proper documentation of outgoing exchange processes at local level, and the development of GCPs documents to share at national and international level.

AIESEC en Colombia | Calle 72 No. 9-71 | Bogotá D.C. | Colombia | E-mail:

 Leading transition for subsequent Outgoing exchange team leader. Manage, execute, control, evaluate and align exchange management processes according to 2015 vision and national guidelines  Planning  Promotion  Market Research & Segmentation  Product Development  Marketing/Selling  Delivery Process  Internship Preparation  Reception  Adaptation and Integration  Customer Relationship Management (AIESEC involvement and outgoing support during the internship)  Quality Measurement  Reintegration Manage & align talent management processes with GCDP execution  Talent Planning  Talent Promotion  Talent Selection  Talent Induction  Talent Allocation  Talent Goal Setting & Orientation  Talent Education &Training  Talent Tracking and Pipeline Management  Talent Rewards and Recognition, Talent Motivation  Succession Planning  Talent Transition Complete and Quality Experiences  To ensure the upselling of the programs in joint work with Marketing and Talent Management Vice Presidents.  To assure the delivery of the programs’ value proposition  To guarantee a quality induction and preparation for members joining GCDP.  To ensure the closing GCDP.

Main Functions as EB Member Talent Management  Member’s Goal Setting and Orientation  Member’s Education & Training  Member’s Tracking and Pipeline Management  Member’s Rewards & Recognition – Motivation  Member’s Performance Assessment  Talent Review and Fast Track  Transition  Succession Planning Managing information  Usage of IT system  Internal communication

AIESEC en Colombia | Calle 72 No. 9-71 | Bogotá D.C. | Colombia | E-mail:

 Knowledge management Giving the right opportunity  Internal Promotion for TLP and TMP opportunities offered  Internal Promotion for Global Internship Program and Global Community Development Program Raising. Increasing exchange experience  Exchange management  Exchange service Generating leadership experiences  Organizational structure management Quality AIESEC experiences  Competency management  AIESEC experience quality services

Reporting  Direct communication and accountability to the AIESEC in Colombia National Outgoing GCDP Director during planning and execution.  Send reports every quarter to the MCVP Outgoing GCDP.  Local committee president

Critical Success Factors As LCVP Outgoing GCDP  Number of Global Community Development Experiences.  Quality of delivered experiences. As EB Member  Managing talent  Managing information  Giving the right opportunity  Increasing Exchange experiences  Generating Leadership experiences  Quality AIESEC experiences Leadership Competencies

Competency Required

Evidence of competencies required Some Regular Strong Little Evidence Evidence Evidence Evidence

Global Mindset Entrepreneurial Outlook Socal Responsibility Emotional intelligence Proactive Learning

AIESEC en Colombia | Calle 72 No. 9-71 | Bogotá D.C. | Colombia | E-mail:

Soft Skills Technical Competencies/Skills required





Team Management Assertiveness Training Skills Performance Management Listening Skills Decision Making Project Management Time Management Meeting Facilitation Conflict Management

English level Listening








Specific Knowledge  AIESEC Way  AIESEC 2015  Team Management (Building, Training, Motivating and Tracking)  National compendium and strategic framework  Global Competency Model  National and global GCDP trends  AIESEC as a System  Global Community Development Program  AIESEC Experience

Approved by Position

Software    

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access) Internet, Outlook (WIKIs Management) Basic Design

Caique Diniz Ribeiro National Global Community Development Program Director th

Publication Day September 7 , 2011

AIESEC en Colombia | Calle 72 No. 9-71 | Bogotá D.C. | Colombia | E-mail:

Occupation Day


December 15 , 2011

LCVP Outgoing GCDP 2012 MoF  

Here you may find the LCVP Outgoing GCDP 2012 Manual of Functions

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