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AIESEC in Colombia Manual of Functions Area


Position Name

Local Committee Vice-President of Marketing

Report to

Local Committee President MCVP Marketing

Timeframe: January – December 2012

Type of contract: Full Time

Part Time


Out sourcing

Hours: 15 / week

Job Description

To coordinate, implement, control, evaluate and improve the marketing processes at local level, increasing positioning of AIESEC through our stakeholders, support and improve our core processes based on sustainable relations, in order to contribute to the National and Global initiatives. Main Functions

Strategic Planning      

To lead the local Marketing Team, and the local initiatives related with the area. To accomplish specific requirements delegated by the MCVP Marketing. To work aligned with the National Marketing Structure, in order to support the National Initiatives To define a Local Media Plan, a Local Marketing Plan and a Local Public Relations Plan. To structure and implement marketing strategies at local level. To verify constantly brand awareness in each stakeholder.

Costumer Focus      

Lead the Costumer Focus strategy for the Programs of the Experiential Leadership Stage. Ensure the Local Product Development and Packing of the Experiential Leadership Stage programs 1 Develop the strategy for Upselling between the programs. 2 To develop the Local Sales Plan , based in Segmentation (result of the local Marketing Research). Lead the Program Managers Team. To lead the Brand Management of every one of the programs


Upselling: Sales technique whereby a seller induces the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale. 2 A sales plan contains objectives, assigned sales representatives, what products they are authorized to sell, list of sales roles, responsibilities, and territories.

AIESEC en Colombia | Calle 72 No. 9-71 | Bogotá D.C. | Colombia | E-mail:

Track the CRM and Costumer relations in each program.

Engagement:     

To develop the engagement with AIESEC strategy. Lead the strategy to approach new market segments and engage new costumers. To create all the local engagement with AIESEC activities. To implement and develop the national initiatives to increase the engagement of young people with AIESEC To lead the positioning process of AIESEC in the region.

Main Functions as EB member 

Talent management o Talent goal setting and orientation o Talent allocation o Member’s education

Managing information o Usage of It system o Internal communication o Knowledge management

Giving the right opportunity o Internal promotion o Internal Promotion for LR and LR Offered o Internal Promotion for X & X Raising

Generating leadership experiences o Organizational structure

Quality AIESEC experiences o Competency management o AIESEC experience quality services

Direct communication and accountability to the AIESEC in Colombia MCVP Marketing during planning and execution. Send reports every quarter to the MCVP Marketing. Send reports every quarter to the Local Committee President.

Reporting   Critical Success Factors       

Recruitment and Induction Market Analysis Managing Information Relationship management. Giving the right opportunity Capitalizing on networks, markets and issues External Positioning to Students & Organizations

AIESEC en Colombia | Calle 72 No. 9-71 | Bogotá D.C. | Colombia | E-mail:

Leadership Competencies

Competency Required

Little Evidence

Evidence of competencies required Some Regular Strong Evidence Evidence Evidence

Global Mindset Entrepreneurial Outlook Socal Responsibility Emotional intelligence Proactive Learning

x x x x x

Soft Skills

Technical Competencies/Skills required





Team Management Assertiveness Training Skills Performance Management Listening Skills Decision Making Project Management Time Management Meeting Facilitation Conflict Management

English level Listening








AIESEC en Colombia | Calle 72 No. 9-71 | Bogotรก D.C. | Colombia | E-mail:

Not Observed

Specific Knowledge       


AIESEC Way AIESEC 2015 Team Management (Building, Training, Motivating and Tracking) National compendium and strategy Marketing Basics Selling Process & Skills. Media Management

Approved by Position

    

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access) Internet, Outlook Social Media Management (WIKIs Management) Basic Design

Randy Steven Puentes Castaño MCVP Marketing 2011-12

Publication Day

AIESEC en Colombia | Calle 72 No. 9-71 | Bogotá D.C. | Colombia | E-mail:

Occupation Day

December 15th, 2011

LCVP Marketing 2012 MoF  

Here you may find the LCVP Marketing Manual of Functions for 2012