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AIESEC in Colombia - LCVP INCOMING EXCHANGE GCDP Manual of Functions


Incoming Exchanges

Position Name

Local Committee Vice President of INCOMING EXCHANGE GCDP

Report to

Local Committee President National Global Community Development Program Director

Timeframe: November 2011 – December 2012

Type of contract: Full Time

Part Time


Out sourcing

Hours: 20 / week

GCDP GENERAL DESCRIPTION International GCDP are the most intense learning experience we offer and link together our global network. This programme encompasses cross-cultural positive impact through working abroad for social and community development projects that lead to self development and skill enhancement for the member undertaking the programme. Job Description 

To manage a local ICX GCDP team which plans and execute goals and objectives for Incoming Exchange Area according to Local Strategic Plan and National Strategic Plan.

Responsible for guiding, trainings and building a team that will ensure the execution of the selling process and increase the levels of TN raising in DT pool in order to the implementing international cooperation, strategies based on market research, external trends of each city and global AIESEC demand and supply. To drive sustainable, and supervise the correct implementation of the administrative procedures at local level in the sale process, trainee delivery and TN Management.

Main Functions

Market Research and Pre-Selling Process 

Make a strategic market research based on social project, global issues that will ensure at managing a high quality and volume of Exchange in each city.

Guarantee the implementation of the pre selling process (marketing strategies) and pre-selling process (Account Management) in each LC.

Make and communicate supply and demand analysis of the exchange trends to offer the best quality to our stakeholders.

AIESEC en Colombia | Calle 72 No. 9-71 | Bogotá D.C. | Colombia | E-mail:

Sales Meetings and follow up 

Make a weekly follow up to local ICX teams in sales operations to guarantee the execution and the TN Raising in order to the local goals and objectives

Develop and support sales strategies in order to the AIESEC brand.

Take advantaje of the alumni network to improve the approach with the local companies with the support of the National Alumni Coordinator

Have continuous meetings with the VP of marketing and Communications to improve the marketing materials Administrative procedures supervision

Ensure the correct implementation of the next administrative procedures: 

Pricing police knowledge

Agreement and JQ Generation

Visa procedures “Temporal Visitante”, and have continuous communication with the National Visas Coordinator

Trainings Develop effective and continuous trainings for the ICX teams in the next topics: 

TN Flow (Sales preparation, selling, delivery, Re-Raising)

Market research specific in social project and external trends of each city and global AIESEC supply.

Intern and organization preparation / induction

Administrative procedures

 Satisfaction of stakeholders 

Ensure the implementation of the evaluation of stakeholder satisfaction through tools with the support of the National Information Management Coordinator.

Review and support the LC strategies to improve the satisfaction.

Generate strategies of re-raising and incentives for current local partners

International Cooperations 

Building the local strategy with MCVP ICX GCDP for International Cooperation

Monthly report to MCVP ICX GCDP about performance

AIESEC en Colombia | Calle 72 No. 9-71 | Bogotá D.C. | Colombia | E-mail:

Analyze the offers and demands of AIESEC in Colombia to build strategic LC to LC coperations wth MCVP ICX GCDP, coordinate cooperations with countries in the AIESEC network based on this analysis this include, constant communication with contacts in other countries in order to define the framework of the cooperations.

Coordinating all the local activity for building and follow up an international cooperation strategy

Guarantee TN Raising according to the cooperation at local level

EB member functions: Main Functions as EB member Talent management 

Participate in the planning and execution of the next TM Process: Talent Planning, Talent Transition, Talent Coaching, Talent Fast Track, Talent Tracking & Pipeline, Talent Motivation, Rewards & Recognition, Talent Performance Assessment and Talent Succession, Planning Member’s education

Conference Cycle

Managing information    

Usage of It system DAAL, Available force tracker Knowledge management Matching Mania Platforms

Quality AIESEC experiences 

Competency management

AIESEC experience quality services

Compendium & Local Policies

Strategic Processes 

Budgeting & Review

Executing product development (ER Products).

Enablers and Supporters Market Research & Segmentation

Local Development Funds Management

Critical Success Factors  Increasing Exchange XPs.  Market Analysis  Relationship Management with Alumni and Partners  Capitalizing on Networks, Markets and Issues.  Financial Sustainability.

AIESEC en Colombia | Calle 72 No. 9-71 | Bogotá D.C. | Colombia | E-mail:

Reporting 

Direct communication and accountability to the AIESEC in Colombia National Incoming GCDP Director during planning and execution.

Supporting the search and development of National Supply and demand analysis.

Send reports every quarter to the MCVP ICX GCDP .

Leadership Competencies

Competency Required

Evidence of competencies required Some Regular Strong Little Evidence Evidence Evidence Evidence

Global Mindset Entrepreneurial Outlook Social Responsibility Emotional intelligence Proactive Learning

x x x x x

Soft Skills

Technical Competencies/Skills required




Team Management Assertiveness Training Skills Performance Management Listening Skills Decision Making Project Management Time Management Meeting Facilitation Conflict Management

English level Listening








AIESEC en Colombia | Calle 72 No. 9-71 | Bogotá D.C. | Colombia | E-mail:


Specific Knowledge 

Software 

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access)

Costumer Relationship Management (CRM)


AIESEC in Colombia Visas procedures

AIESEC Exchange Program for Organizations


National compendium and strategy

AIESEC Way (2015, BSC, GCM)

Approved by Position

Lorena Gómez Gaviria National ICX GCDP Director

Publication Day

AIESEC en Colombia | Calle 72 No. 9-71 | Bogotá D.C. | Colombia | E-mail:

Occupation Day

LCVP Incoming GCDP MoF  

Here you may find the Manual of Functions of the LCVP Incoming GCDP

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