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AIESEC in Colombia EB 2010 application LCVP C-OGX of AIESEC UNINORTE

Position X&IC Member International Cooperation Coordinator International Cooperation Manager National Exchange Team Chair OGX Member Technical Traineeships Coordinator Welcome PBoX Member Talent Motivation Member Local Training Team Member Selection Coordinator Project India

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Entity AIESEC Javeriana AIESEC Javeriana NST AIESEC Colombia NST AIESEC Colombia AIESEC Uninorte AIESEC Uninorte AIESEC Uninorte AIESEC Uninorte AIESEC Uninorte AIESEC Uninorte

AIESEC Experience on Conferences Attended Conference AIESEC Colombia 50 Years

Role Delegate

Place Bogotá D.C.

Date May 2008

AIESEC Colombia National Meetings VP Elections AIESEC Hannover


Bogotá D.C.

May 2008


Hannover, Germany

June 2008

NatCo Cartagena 2008


Cartagena, Bolivar

July 2008

Training the Trainers @Colb 08


Bogotá D.C.

August 2008

International Congress 2008


Sao Paulo, Brazil

August 2008

NPM 2008

Working Group Leader

Villeta, Cundinamarca

December 2008

OGX VPM 2009


Medellín, Antioquia

July 2009

NatCo Medellin 2009


Medellín, Antioquia

July 2009

You may find my CAT + 360 here! Work and Professional Experiences Position Physics Teacher UN Stand Coordinator at National Science Fair Physics of Car Accidents Group Member

Employer Colegio San Felipe Neri, Bogotá D.C. Universidad Nacional sede Bogotá Universidad Nacional sede Bogotá

Date July 2006 Sept 2006 Jan 2007

Key learning Group Management, education & support Resilience, Budget Management Workload efficiently managed




Key learning


Universidad Nacional

2004 - 2008

Invention & Problem Solving strategies

Electronic Engineering

Universidad del Norte


Structural thinking, optimization

Alberto Mario Pérez Martínez VP C-OGX 09/10 Candidate

1. Please list what you think should be the 3 main priorities of the area you’re applying to. Develop strategies and results expected for each one of this.


Managing Three Digit Numbers

Strategies 

Projects creation focused on our external  student market.

LC-MC Partnerships with Countries for the desired Pools.

CEEDership program to empower international cooperation frameworks.

Support Campaigns to improve cross functional work and ensure OGX-TM COMM Synergy.

   

Why not? 

Stakeholders Engagement


Why not?

Empowerment & Balance


New team structure to adapt the area to three digit numbers. Learning & Empowerment Campaign to  raise our results Focus on strategies.


motivation 

Learning spaces as a motivation + quality tool  Local Rewards and Recognition program to promote healthy competition within the area Increase our relations with the University  to have them as exchange partners.

Corporate Events selling ourselves as a  professional organization for international internships.

Campaigns with TN takers promoting benefits being also OGX Partners.

Why not?

AIESEC UniNorte has undefined (in time) partnerships with different countries for matching corporative EP Pools. AIESEC UniNorte is aligned with the priorities and objectives of AIESEC Colombia and AIESEC 2010, being recognized as the best LC in @IGN for providing high quality @ Experiences. OGX Corporate runs EP Flows Processes in a massive way, with the best quality.

COGX has the highest retention rate among other areas, having the most “Top Talent” members. Every member is able to match an EP effectively. Every member is committed with our goals as an area and as an LC.

Our host University is an integral exchange partner of our LC. We have a specific segmentation of exchange stakeholders supporting specific pools for recruitment.

Focus on our results and quality, focus on our membership and motivation, and focus on our stakeholders… Why not?? Alberto Mario Pérez Martínez VP C-OGX 09/10 Candidate

2. Please describe how would be the most efficient way to execute a student market analysis and a global demand and supply analysis, in order to focus your exchange strategy. This shows how to do an effective student market analysis. First an internal & external checkup will show us our current status, and after an in-depth search of the best CY’s/LC’s to cooperate with, the best thing to do is to cross variables and find if my membership/market is willing to participate on my future projects. A good analysis will lead us to effective projects… why not??

Platform Files lookup

Partnership History

Local Reality checkup

• How: Talent Pipeline Management Internal • Result: Recruitment Goals based on my own membership.


• How: Student Market Research External • Result: Recruitment Goals based on my student pools Analysis

Global Offer Analysis

• How: DAAL Files, AFT analysis • Result: Countries targeted for I.C.

• How: Local Demand vs. global offer analysis • Result: OGX Projects that fit my membership & student Profile markets Selection

• How: DAAL Files, AFT, XMU wikis • Result: Top Countries / LC’s that suit my necessities • How: Country Partnership Management Tool, X Files, EP’s abroad • Top LC’s to establish steady I.C. frameworks • How: Exchange pipeline and membership surveys • Result: Top LC’s to cooperate based on my membership’s demand

• How: Searching for support at NST, MC, XMU level with global campaigns Campaign Alignment • Result: Goals alignment & recognitions, along with quality

Alberto Mario Pérez Martínez VP C-OGX 09/10 Candidate

When doing a global demand & supply analysis, we need first to know more about numbers and realities, and of course where are our EP’s frequently going. After that we examine changes in our local realities to adjust the projects, and if we want to reach global recognitions, we have to be supported by bigger entities and participating in global campaigns… why not??

3. In which strategic outgoing exchange processes of the EP flow, do you consider you should ensure synergy with other functional areas (please mention which | Process | Area |and reason|) in order to deliver powerful and life changing exchange experiences? •Comm supports OGX in the whole promotion process, first by showing AIESEC as it is, letting EP’s know what they’ll be doing and how; second by helping OGX reach the desired stakeholders in a professional way. •TM needs to be with OGX in the selection and induction processes, mostly to add quality and leadership to our labor. Also, by keeping constant communication with the EP, we can assure complete @XP’s by letting them reintegrate and reallocate in the LC. •F&A surely supports OGX in legal procedures, but the synergy should be focused on effectiveness, to show ourselves as a professional organization. •IM supports us in the whole international cooperation process, bringing new IT solutions and mantaining the knowledge management in the whole flow.

Smart Promotion


Selling the right idea

Quality Selection


Quality EP Supplier Image

Clear Legalization


AIESEC as a professional organization

Effective Matching


I.C. & IT as massive matching strategies

Short Term Induction


Quality as a priority in our EP’s

Follow Up & Reintegration


Ensuring wealthy @XP’s

4. According to the AIESEC Uninorte OGX reality and the structure established for the next year (VP OGX corporate & VP OGX NonCorporate), please describe how would manage your team structure, focusing on your priorities for 2010.

Alberto Mario Pérez Martínez VP C-OGX 09/10 Candidate

This structure is designed for high impact on projects, also exploiting the ER part of OGX and showing our professional side, without forgetting ourselves of the motivation strategies… why not??

The matching The VPOGX is able coordinator will to support both receive and projects within their match the international available EP’s frameworks of on the platform, cooperation and the also having a ER strategies, and is team of OGX in charge of the members in motivation each project strategies as a concerning the growth plan, like matching and rewards, International recognitions and Cooperation financial support part of the strategies. project.

The ER coordinator will be in charge of the direct relations with our most important stakeholders, coordinating the promotion and external relations part of each project with the ER members in the OC’s.

Concerning the Projects, each OC should have at least a person in the TM area that supports the selection and induction processes of the project, along with the learning spaces and motivation strategies within the projects. Also a person from OGX that supports the matching part and the communication with their host LC’s to ensure quality, and an ER person that builds the promotion strategy and is able to get supporters for the projects.

The Finance area should support the whole project in terms of legalization (Payments, VISA, contracts, etc…) and I could really get use of an IM person as a platform expert, KM collector and an IT solutions promoter to be even more professionals in our projects.

5. Identify specific links (3) between your area and Barranquilla’s trends. Develop 1 product per each Local Trend: Many local IT Companies are recruiting graduated engineers mostly from 22 to 27 years old. Exploiting the ER part of OGX, involving those companies in a project where their employees could go on exchange for 6 months to train themselves in international Companies in India, could position us in the external market as the leader organization in international internships and potential development. If the company assures their permanence in their jobs, the employees could get international experiences and return to develop enhancement programs, thus projecting their company at worldwide levels… why not?? Local Trend: The biggest investors of our local Chamber of Commerce are focusing their targets in Asia Pacific Countries like India, China, Honk Kong… If we are aligned with their goals, then we could propose them a project where they could become exchange partners or exchange supporters. In the second phase of “Project India”, our promotion should be supported by the Chamber of Commerce, making them invest in our project while the expand their allied companies in AP Countries… why not? Local Trend: The students in our local Universities with management profiles are planning their internship semesters outside the Country, mostly in our WENA Region. If they want to go to Europe and North America, we should focus our efforts in International Cooperation also with WENA Countries. It may seem hard, and for sure it would not be as massive as a project with India, but if we manage to do it, our promotion efforts would dwindle and we could get fast results with quality, while positioning ourselves even more in our local student market… why not??

Alberto Mario Pérez Martínez VP C-OGX 09/10 Candidate

6. According to AIESEC Uninorte’s reality and trends. How would you plan the next recruitments in terms of cycles and target cooperations?

In terms of International Targets for my Management profiles, I won’t doubt in putting my efforts towards International Cooperation with India. Their MT-TN Raising is huge, but we got to improve our communication channels and quality of the internships. Based on the results of “Project India”, we could re-arrange a framework of International cooperation with more impact in Barranquilla. My realization cycles would be in Q3 and Q1 2011 to fit in the MC cycles and thus be supported and included in the national campaigns… why not??

Brazil is a big TT TN supplier, and is attractive for our EP’s as well. We have problems with some few LC’s there (we won’t work with @ITA, as an MC advice) concerning communication in times of matching, and I think this would be the main bottleneck to solve. Talking about cycles, here I would put it as summer and winter campaigns, although the internships would last longer than 6 months normally. For our TT’s I would also consider the carte blanche provided by TCS in Uruguay to send our TT TN’s, because the southern cone is attractive and affordable to fly to, in cases where the money is an obstacle to the EP. Portugal has a tempting offer with TT TN’s with Spanish, but only if we establish a framework we could get the best of them… why not??

I would consider also focusing my efforts towards WENA and CEE, mainly in the TT side, because it’s very attractive to my student market, and if I generate an international cooperation framework it would lead me to good results with minimum effort. Countries that are TT TN suppliers in CEE (like Turkey) could make arrangements with Colombia to promote TN Raising focused on Colombian EP’s. Although there are Countries that are hard to match with for their legal VISA procedures, This option must not be discarded… Most of our EP’s during the past 3 years have gone to WENA… to make it better, we just need to establish a steady framework of cooperation… why not??

Alberto Mario Pérez Martínez VP C-OGX 09/10 Candidate

EB 2010 App Alberto Perez  
EB 2010 App Alberto Perez  

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