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InnovAction Alberto Pérez Martínez MC 14-15 Application Part 1

Personal Information Contact Details


Alberto Pérez Martínez

Nickname: Toby! Nationality: Colombian E-mail:





Date, Place & Hour of Birth

Random Fact

27/01/1986 – Barranquilla – 9:00 a.m.

Shoe Size: 50!

My Motivations I believe in teamwork. My biggest dream is to spread the power of teamwork through companies and organizations around the world, to really feel and embrace the concept of synergy. AIESEC is the best space to promote teamwork, because its ultimate goals are peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential, which happen to be the perfect environment for teamwork. When people start to discover that only through a really awareness of others we can get the best of ourselves, then the results will lead to internal peace and improvement of everyone’s potential. Being regional director is the perfect space to start achieving my dream, because I get to work with a small reagion gifted with a huge potential. If they understand the power of teamwork, they can be an example to all the Country, and all the AIESEC Network on how to achieve peace and maximize every member’s potential!

Who is Toby? Let me try to introduce myself by giving three different answers. Here it goes!

Toby is: The sum of his five best friends

• A goal oriented manager, that can be a little stubborn when it comes to planning but always cares about the motivation of everyone, thanks to Salomón Palacio, my best friend from high school. • A crazy physicist that believes in the beauty and order of nature, combining beautiful equations with crazy phenomena. Just like my best friend Nathaly Barbosa, best described as a “nerd hippie”! • A poet of love and energy, that can lose himself in the beauty of the perfect song, poem or phrase, and that merges new concepts with different points of view. Someone that enjoys talking about anything and nothing with Rafael Pedroza, a brother and a colleague in dreams. • A loyal friend that believes in the power of teamwork, that tends to rely on others more than he should. An enthusiast who enjoys the little pleasures of life, like my little soul sister Melany Vergara. • The luckiest and happiest boyfriend! Someone that likes to surprise their loved ones every time and that tends to involve the heart in his everyday leadership, just like my beautiful girlfriend Marcela Tobías.

Toby is: HisFamily, his Country and his Club • The big brother of a loved family. A helping son, a good friend with my brother and a second father to my little sister! She is the love of my life and one of the reasons to give my best every day. • A Colombian that loves to represent his Country and culture wherever he goes! In all my travels I love to be a Colombian embassador and talk a lot about my Country, so I can host them when they visit me back! • Once an AIESECer, always an AIESECer! Although I have been through several stages and committees in my AIESEC Experience, the values of a true AIESECer now live with me in my everyday actions.

Toby is: What he stands for • I love Rugby, a sport with real values. Although it seems like a violent sport, it is really technical, and promotes real teamwork. • I believe that knowledge must be shared and discussed to innovate towards new ideas, that’s why I dig the concept of TED, ideas worth spreading. • As a physicist and an engineer I love to work on renewable energies, mainly because it’s my way to contribute to a better and cleaner planet. One of big dreams is to make my Country one of the best Countries in renewable energies.

My Desired Position I am only applying for one position in this upcoming MC: I want to be the first North Zone Regional Manager. Let me tell you why! •

Why North Zone? I spent most of my AIESEC XP in this zone, visiting each LC at least once. My current job led me to work with 5 of the 7 entities in the past year, knowing their realities, strengths and weaknesses. I currently live in the most centric city of the north zone, and am an Alumnus of three different entities, all of them from the North Zone (@UN, @UA & @++). Why Regional Manager? My best results in AIESEC Roles and my current job show that I have good skills in empowering leaders and boosting organizational results. This job will give me the perfect distance between the LC and the MC, being able to support physically when needed and keep a close track virtually all the time. Why MC AIESEC Colb? I want to lead by example at national level on how goals can be achieved, and on how AIESEC can become the best space to develop entrepreneurial leadership, just like I did with AIESEC Uniatlántico when I was LCP. We went from an extension with a 10 million pesos debt, 14 members and 2 exchanges to a Local Committee with 1 million pesos in reserves, 75 members and 24 Exchanges in only eight months, accomplishing all our organizational goals in a 110-120%. I believe the North zone has the potential to achieve this every year, and I want 2014 to be the first year of 100% goals accomplishment for ZoN! An Engineer/Physicist as a Manager? I believe it’s the perfect combination to a holistic point of view. As a physicist I learned to invent, to come up with new solutions given the issue, and to be as clear as possible in my everyday work. As an engineer I learned to optimize, to adjust my solutions to given realities and to create effective work teams to achieve plans. I also have a one year experience in organizational coaching with my own company, made entirely by former AIESEC members.

My Contacts Someone that led me

Someone I led


Rafael Pedroza


Juan David Leaño







A Co-worker

Someone outside AIESEC


Melany Vergara


Luis Gabriel Cervantes







500 IGIP: MAS Project First of all, my focus for this answer will be based on selling (TN Raising), which is the main bottleneck in IGIP. Once an attractive TN is sold, we should have no problem matching and realizing it. I would attack this issue entirely with the regional management strategy in three simple steps. I call it, the MAS IGIP Project:

Mindset revolution: The whole MC should come up with new strategies on how to sell five IGIP’s in one package, creating promotions and new products for LC’s to sell. Seems hard and difficult to sell, but I believe the Colombian industry could get lots of benefits from this program, if sold properly.

Approach to the reality: Thanks to this new approach, the regional manager has the availability and tracking tools to plan with each entity ALONE, and deciding which sector will be their focus for the upcoming year. It would be reckless to decide a single IGIP market for one specific zone, because the realities tend to change within cities.

Selling as One: Once the selling campaign started, the regional manager could interact physically with the possible TN takers and close the deals, helping the IGIP team and promoting nomad strategies to boost the selling within extensions and operational units. If this is done correctly, and estimating 5 MAS packages per LC (25 TN’s), 3 MAS packages per high performing extension (extensions that have all the capacity to work as an LC) and 2 MAS packages per new extension and/or operational unit, we could achieve the goal of 515 IGIP TN’s sold in one year, only focusing on a small number of effective sales.

Winning Together: The best Version I think the WINNING TOGETHER strategy deserves a better name. Most of the time someone winning means other(s) losing, and that contradicts the meaning of TOGETHER. What we need is to start a culture of YOUR BEST VERSION, to keep LC’s striving for real excellence. • If an LC wants to be a better version each year, it has to start looking for new and different ways of doing things, communicating with its neighbor LC’s on how they perform in each process, thus enabling internal and external collaboration. • If the national Rewards & Recognitions Program focuses on reproducing GCP’s better than recognizing the best performance, we can start replicating success stories around the Country and improving our results. • AIESEC Colombia has the capacity and the potential to build the biggest international CEEDer strategy in IGN, even in AIESEC International. If we make it attractive enough, the best talent from the entire network will start thinking about sharing his/her knowledge with our LC’s/MC. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s be our best version from now on!

5 Milestones to reach our Goals IGIP OGIP IGCDP OGCDP Goal Execute GAP Goal Execute GAP Goal Execute GAP Goal Execute GAP 2011 111 111 0 204 204 0 219 219 0 455 454 1 2012 200 143 57 300 242 58 650 558 92 750 697 53 2013 340 174 166 480 329 151 800 828 -28 1120 965 155 These numbers show nothing new, we are not accomplishing our goals planned for 2015, and although we are making considerable advances in areas such as IGCDP, we need to re-plan our actions to be more effective on selling our Exchange Programs. Rather than focusing on sales strategies, I propose big behavioral changes to me even more sustainable in our future.

1. Sustainable growth in entities:

By 2015 we need to be at least 30 Local Committees, plus a considerate number of operational units and official extensions. We can only achieve this if we start paying more attention on how are we raising local entities, and giving them proper knowledge and help to perform by themselves when their time comes. The main idea is not to focus on creating new entities, but to know how to raise them in the best possible way.

2. Collaboration as a Measure of Success:

If we want to achieve our goals as a Country, we need to stop depending on a few high performing LC’s and start boosting all entities to a higher level. Regardless of their local reality, I believe everyone in AIESEC is capable of sharing new ideas towards a better AIESEC Colombia, and if we start not only promoting, but measuring the number of collaborations and GCP’s implementation, we could shorten those gaps even more.

3. Massive Strategic International Cooperation:

Colombia has the economic potential to start activating smaller AIESEC Countries in International Cooperation. If we invest in our neighbor countries, making them raise new TN’s for Colombians, we could create massive projects that ensure quality and strengthen relations between Countries.

4. Showcasing Relevance:

It’s time to stop being the best kept secret in Colombia. If we gather our information on how we have impacted the Country in the last 55 years, and also on how are we creating even more impact right now, we can become more relevant to even more Universities, public and private stakeholders, thus generating new alliances and increasing our exchange experiences

5. Focus on Sales Training:

We already now that the main bottleneck for incoming exchanges (mostly IGIP) is the raising. Therefore, we need to make Sales Training one of our focus areas for the upcoming years. Not only by promoting it in our national education cycle, but to start generating partnerships with sales agencies and to start promoting our sales force even more.

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