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The Water Cycle Water cycle refers to the way that water moves between being water vapor to liquid water and then back to the water vapor. An example of water cycle is when water evaporates from oceans and then returns to the land in form of rain The water is defined as how water moves between the ocean and the other bodies of water, the laind and the air. The sun causes water to evaporate from the ocean, lakes, and other bodies of water. The evaporated water vapor forms cloud; in the clouds.

Vocabulary  Evaporation: The transformation of water from liquid to gas phases as it moves from the ground or bodies of water into the overlying atmosphere.  Condensation: the process of a gas turning into a liquid, creating clouds.  Precipitation: the falling of water from the sky in the form of rain or snow  Transpiration: the process by which plants give off moisture of into the atmosphere.  Infiltation: the flow water from the ground


The water cycle  

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