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DAILY REPORT 1 day: We make the measures of the constellation and we designed the circuit Marcos didn´t brought the sheet of play wood. The circuit is going to be parallel. 2 day: We brought the plywood and we start drawing it the constellation without Alberto, because he didn´t came, so we work drawing it without him. We start painting the constellation but first we take the sandpaper. 3 day: We decided to make the holes and we paint the floor. 4 day: We continue painting the floor and we start cutting the constelation. 5 day: We finish painting the floor. 6 day: We start re-making the scketch. 7 day: Alberto helps us to make the circuit in the plywood and then we brought the wire, the bulbs and the batteries. We are designing, the circuit in the plywood and we make the holes. 8 day: We were finishing the circuit and the circuit a bright. 9 day: We were finishing the circuit b and circuit a and b bright. And we were preparing the space ship, we covered the space ship with newspaper.

10 day: Today we were finishing and connecting well the circuit. We paint the space ship. 11 day: Today we were painting the cardboard like a space with lila, black and blue. 12 day: Today we finished painting the cardboard and we check if the circuit works. 13 day: Today we are going to cut the floor, and painting. Eduardo Cuesta finished repairing his alien. 11 day: We finished all.

Daily Report - Project 4  

Technologies & Arts 3º ESO

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