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Find Out What It Takes To Trick Out Your House In A New Way Article Written By: Rhubarb London Furniture is a very big part of a household. We use it for comfort, aesthetic value, and most importantly – good furniture is going to last you a long number of years. Chances are you are going to be stuck with that couch you love until it literally falls apart. What are the things that make furniture so special and make you want to own a piece as soon as you see it? Nowadays, it’s all about creativity, innovative approaches and new, amazing styles that are not commonly seen. The modern layout of furniture has everything colored in black, with a glossy or a matte finish, usually slick, thin and minimalistic. Sounds boring, right?

There’s always something new to discover It’s not that it’s boring. Believe it or not, the first time the modern approach to furniture first hit the furniture stores, those pieces were considered to be the quirky furniture of that time that you just simply had to own. You might be wondering what happened and how come the craze is gone? The answer is pretty simple – Now that everyone owns a couple of these thanks to popular demand, they are not so uncommon anymore. Where’s the fun in walking into five houses next to each other only to find out they have identical furniture sets? There’s still hope and a lot of chances to find them This doesn’t mean that interesting, vibrant, quirky furniture no longer exists. Quite the contrary, this is just a phase that has been repeating itself throughout decades and probably will continue to operate in this fashion for a long amount of time to come. When people get sick of looking at one thing, there is usually someone, or a group, that comes up with something new, or goes in the exact opposite direction of where the current trends are. This results with a new craze, a new must-have and a new opportunity for you to score an amazing piece of furniture you will love over the years.

Find out what it takes to trick out your house in a new way  

RhubarbLondon combines original re-cycled fabrics and vintage chairs to create eclectic, hand crafted furniture. Its distinctive upholstery...

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