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Young Racers Excel At The Sim Room Sim Racing Reaches New Heights Training via simulators is nothing new. Pilots have done it, as have long haul truckers. However, for a new way to train, the Sim Room gives the young racer a chance to test drive one of their ten hot simulators, complete with realistic racing-style chairs. The simulators are powered by the latest software that professional drivers use, and, powered by, racers wanting to practice or people just looking for the NASCAR feel can get a real-life racing experience at the Sim Room. Going Beyond the Game Console Sim Racing is the latest form of racetainment, or racing entertainment. You can leave your living room and your regular gaming console behind, folks, because sim racing gives you the excitement you want and the realistic feel you crave without you being crowded by thousands of screaming fans. With its triple monitor layout, feedback steering and advanced pedal setup, even the unlicensed driver can slide in behind the wheel and get exhilarated by the feel of a powerful motor inches away from them. A World of Racing Possibilities The Sim Room offers 45 tracks and 26 cars to choose from, and the sim racing experience allows even the most seasoned driver the experience of training with a Skip Barber National Racing champion. Cars include the MX-5, a Chevrolet Silverado or a Riley Daytona Prototype, and the sim racing experience includes tracks such as Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Daytona International Speedway or Watkins Glen, to name a few. Reaching the Next Step Sim racing also allows the seasoned go-karter an opportunity to step up to the next challenge without investing heavily into the sport. At the Sim Room, drivers can actually go wheel-to-wheel with their friends in an actual race experience without the risk of injury or the expense. They can also go into "arcade mode," which allows them a quick opportunity to challenge virtual racers in their sim racing experience. Giving Your Friends a Throw-Down There are regular hot lap contests at the Sim Room, where drivers can go head-to-head with other sim racers to see who really is the best of the best in the sim racing world. Even though the driver is the only one behind the wheel, that doesn't mean he or she is the only one who can enjoy the sim racing experience at the Sim Room, however. There are private room rentals, where drivers can rent the room for up to two hours and enjoy 20 minutes worth of practice and four 25-minute races. What better way to challenge your friends than in a private room, where you can hand them defeat in private? Go Where Others Have Only Dreamed At The Sim Room located at Grand Prix New York in Mt. Kisco, NY, it's not just about training. It's about learning the feel of the steering wheel and the pedals, where drivers can almost imagine hundreds of tightly-controlled horsepower just bucking to break free. It's about enjoying actual race

tracks where drivers can enjoy a sim racing experience and learn how to handle a car versus a gokart. Mostly, it's about having fun while trying a sport where only the elite have dared to succeed. Grand Prix New York has now welcomed the next level of racertainment. Sim Racing is powered by iRacing and consists of ten advanced racing simulators. No matter if you are a seasoned track pro that needs practice or someone who just likes to have fun, the Sim Room is a great place to start! weitere Infos

Young Racers Excel At The Sim Room  

new way to train, the Sim Room gives the young racer a chance to test drive one of their ten hot