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COMPOSITION GUIDELINES INSTRUMENTATION Solo piano, piano duet (one or two pianos), piano chamber ensemble

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GENRE All styles are welcome.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL All difficulty levels will be considered. Primary consideration will be given to submissions that show educational or pedagogical value.



Submissions should be in PDF format and may be emailed to Adam Bendorf at Hard copies may be mailed to Alberti Publishing / P.O. Box 800335 / Santa Clarita, CA 91380-0335.

Alberti Publishing is leading the way for today's teachers with "Purchase and Print," an exciting new online music project. Beginning in Spring 2011 Alberti will be selling educational print music online for teachers and other musicians to download and print. Finding and purchasing music will be easier than ever

Compositions will be made available to the public upon a signed legal agreement between Alberti Publishing and composer.

before. If you are a composer, editor, or arranger, you are invited to become a part of "Purchase and Print". Take advantage of this exciting chance to earn income from your compositions! Submit your work before February 28th, 2011 to earn 75% royalties from your compositions. Submissions that are received after the February 28th deadline will be eligible for 40-50% royalties. If your online compositions sell well they may become eligible for Alberti's print division. Alberti will take the best-selling works and compile them into hard-copy print editions for resale in the growing family of certified Alberti music dealers across the United States. Don't wait--submit your compositions now!

Alberti Publishing P.O. Box 800335 Santa Clarita, CA 91380-0335 1-800-609-6061 Phone/Fax

PRINT AND PLAY FAQ 1. What is “Print and Play”? “Print and Play” is an exciting new web service that allows piano teachers to search thousands of online piano tunes then buy and print the ones they like. 2. Who composes the piano pieces? Anyone may compose for "Print and Play." Works that appear or sound poorly done will not be accepted. All submitted works are reviewed by the submissions panel before being posted on the web to ensure compliance with copyright law. 3. Who buys the piano pieces? Alberti Publishing's biggest customer base is piano teachers. However, anyone may make a purchase. 4. How are purchases made? Customers pay for each page that they download and print. Entire books or collections will be sold for a set price. 5. How much will my works sell for? Pieces cost $0.40 - $1.25 (USD) per page. Factors that affect price are quality, popularity, and length of the piece. Entire books or collections may be sold at a lower or higher price. 6. When do the pieces become available to the public for sale? Spring of 2011. Composers who submit their works before the February 28th deadline are eligible to receive extra profits from their work. 7. How am I paid for pieces that I submit? If you submit your works before February 28th, 2011, you will receive royalties of 75% for those works. Submissions received after February 28th, 2011 are eligible for 40% - 50% royalties. You will receive payment every time your royalties reach $50.00 (USD). 8. Will my compositions ever be made available for free? Alberti Publishing may use any submitted pieces as part of free trial offer or promotion to allow potential customers to experience the “Print and Play” service. Generally speaking, however, your compositions will not be available for free. 9. What if I want to remove my compositions from the “Print and Play” library? You may remove your compositions at any time. There are no fees for removal. 10. I’m interested in submitting my work for “Print and Play.” When and how do I sign a contract? Send an email to Adam Bendorf at with your pieces in PDF format. You may submit hard copies to Alberti Publishing, P.O. Box 800335, Santa Clarita, CA 91380-0335. After you submit your works they will be reviewed for approval. Upon approval, a contract can be sent to you by email, mail, or fax. Your original signature is required for the contract to be accepted and legally binding. Feel free to call 1-800-609-6061. X89 to speak to Adam in person about the project.

Composers, earn 75% Royalties!  

Alberti Publishing is needs piano composers for the upcoming "Print and Play" web site. Have your educational piano sheet music sold online...