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The world has changed and is changing faster than ever. We are, more than ever, inter-connected, inter-dependent and international. Environmental, political and economic shocks in the east or the south affect the west and the north. Middle East social unrest affects world stock markets; Asian natural disasters disrupt the global supply chain of electronic components and global demand for goods. More than ever, commodity prices fluctuate in the most unpredictable fashion. The word that describes this new era is the following: UNPREDICTABLE. The answer for business and management is to operate with a new logic. Current business challenges are no longer linear, or symmetric. Organisations must learn how to combine the hard with the soft, the linear with the non-linear, the abstract with the concrete. In other words, we must orchestrate a new atmosphere that operates under a sublime paradox: change needs stability…disruption demands consistency. Firms and organisations must evolve, change, and transform themselves FASTER. As the environment and context changes, proactive and reactive adaptation becomes the mother of all core capabilities. Therefore, the role of the UWI-ALJGSB is clear: to challenge the status-quo and to educate leaders who are great at doing so!

Professor Miguel Carrillo Ph.D Executive Director & Professor of Strategy

We have been the premiere graduate school of business in Trinidad and Tobago for more than 20 years and now, we adopt a new challenge: to become the premiere business education institution of the world. To this end, we are aggressively pursuing the goal to become the first Caribbean educational institution to hold the ‘triple crown’ of business school accreditation. This includes, together with our accreditation from AMBA, achieving accreditation from AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System). Accreditation is a demonstration of quality, but only captures a small part of what we do to transform business education. The way to become a world-class institution is to have world-class clients, world-class faculty, students, research, and programmes. With the guidance and support of our Board of Directors, we now have a unique student selection process, a rigorous and ambitious programme to select and retain faculty with the highest academic credentials and a portfolio of programmes and research initiatives that are relevant and significant for Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and Central America helping to position our graduates as leaders in a global context. At the UWI-ALJGSB we know that as a premier tertiary education institution, we do not have the luxury to be slow or incremental as we demonstrate the model of change to our students. We are radical in our approach to innovate programmes and undertake research with a clear forward looking focus. We stand committed to prepare our students to solve problems, create jobs and fill jobs that still do not exist. We are proud to be the innovator of leadership education, creating leaders for the present and for the future.


The UWI-ALJGSB’s Purpose is to educate extraordinary innovative leaders who positively reshape business and society while constantly challenging the status quo of 4

human development.


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The school is governed by a Board of Directors drawn from the private sector and The University of the West Indies. The Board has always comprised influential and respected members of the local business community and individuals who have made significant contributions to society. Among the Board Members there have been three honorary doctorates, two Chaconia Gold awardees, and one Caribbean Master Entrepreneur. The present President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, His Excellency Professor George Maxwell Richards, was the first Chairman of the Board of Directors. The Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business certainly has attracted and retained very high-calibre board members. The growth of the UWI-ALJGSB may be attributed to the enterprising nature of its leadership. The School’s daily operations are managed and controlled by an Executive Director. The Executive Director is supported by the Board of Directors and its Chairman; the latter being the Principal of the St. Augustine Campus of The University of the West Indies. The current Board of Directors includes:


Professor Clement Sankat Chairman

Professor Miguel Carrillo Executive Director

Mr. Arthur Lok Jack Director

Pro-Vice Chancellor and Campus Principal, UWI St. Augustine

Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business

Chairman, Associated Brands Industries Ltd.

Mr. Nicholas Lok Jack Director

Dr. Rolph Balgobin Director

Mr. Anthony Sabga III Director

Executive Director Associated Brands Industries Ltd.

President, Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association

Group Business Development Executive, ANSA McAL Limited

Dr. Acolla Lewis-Cameron Director

Mr. Gervase Warner Director

Ms. Kristine Thompson Director

Head of Department of Management Studies UWI, St. Augustine

Group CEO, Massy Holdings Ltd.

Director, Chuck E Cheese’s Trinidad

Mrs. Christine Sahadeo Director

Mr. Ronald Harford Director

Mr. Eugene Tiah Director

Senior Lecturer, UWI, St. Augustine

Chairman, Republic Bank Ltd.

Executive Chairman, Energy and Industrial Gases Business Unit, Massy Energy

Mr. Errol Simms Director

Mr. Joseph Esau Director

Ms. Angella Persad Director

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, UWI, St. Augustine

Chairman, Agostini Holdings

Managing Director MSL Complex


Learning to Lead...

The portfolio of academic programmes at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business reflects the explicit mission of the school which prompted its creation. The emerging need to enhance the competitiveness of local firms and the enabling capacity of the public sector demands professionals capable of bringing global best practices into the local community of practice. We facilitate this through a discriminating merging of theory with personal vision for career excellence and personal transformation. The academic programmes of the UWI-ALJGSB are weighted towards informed application and the conscious leveraging of the collective intellect. They are designed to enhance organisational performance and the launch of new enterprises. The programme design requires the development of the “soft skills� of leadership, teamwork, conflict management and sensitivity to foreign cultures; all attributes that, we believe, define the leader of the 21st century. Delivering global knowledge with a local touch is the academic vision that we seek in order to fashion a mindset that creates a local professional capable of world-scale enterprise. Our business and management programmes are structured by sector, discipline or are generic to meet the needs of local, regional and specific international markets.

MBA Programmes

Sector-Based Programmes

Discipline-Based Programmes

Responsive Programmes

Executive MBA

Master of Port & Maritime Management

Master of Human Resource Management

MBA in Sustainable Energy Management

International Master of Strategic Marketing

International Master of Business Development & Innovation

MBA in International Trade, Logistics & Procurement

Executive Master of Strategic Human Resource Management

International MBA Doctor of Business Administration

Master of Small & Medium Enterprise Management Master of Institutional Innovation and Effectiveness

M.Sc. International Finance Master of Information Systems and Technology Management


| / 645-6700 ext 200

International Master of Business Development & Innovation The new flagship programme of the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business was created and aligned with the purpose of the school to educate extraordinary innovative leaders. This programme is designed to produce a force of entrepreneurs with the skills, attitude and mindset to identify and exploit opportunities to create new high-growth potential firms. It equips students with the skills to evaluate opportunities both within and outside of existing corporations and to have the acumen and commitment to exploit possibilities beyond their national borders in the effort to create successful international businesses. The programme aims to move away from the old paradigm of preparing workers to take up positions in existing businesses. The transition is effected by delivering a programme where the core of every course is built around innovative business development or creation. Each course is designed to give participants the opportunity to develop the various components that go into the systematic start of a new venture. In this way, students, in addition to being exposed to theories, concepts and models, begin to experience the entrepreneurial process. This experience, exposure and close interaction with established entrepreneurs, with 15 core courses and an international internship, will begin to create the new ‘entrepreneurial class’ in the Region.

International MBA The International MBA offers a significant step in personal development for students. Beyond the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills, the tailored experience at the UWI-ALJGSB will provide a platform for personal transformation. The multidimensional engagement of the International MBA broadens the worldview of students, and is guaranteed to inaugurate a new level of critical thinking which ultimately aims to unlock wiser levels of personal leadership.

I completed the coursework of my IMBA programme over the period January 2002 to December 2003 and submitted my practicum in July 2004. The strict timeline associated with completing set courses per semester was at times tough. However, I believe it worked to my benefit in that it forced me to complete the programme rather than stretching it out over an extended period. The time management skills gained has helped me in both my personal endeavours and my career. Having always worked in an IT environment, I found the programme to be interesting and enjoyable. It gave me an introduction to other areas of study and the management skills needed today. I would recommend it especially to individuals like myself. If I had to give what was my main benefit, it would be that I am now better able to recognise and understand issues, changes and challenges in my organisation and as a result I can communicate more effectively with persons throughout the organisation. Rajesh Rambally Graduate of Cohort 9, International MBA Database Manager, Ministry of Finance

The programme offers students the option of one of six specialisations in International Marketing Management, International Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Human Resource Management, Energy Business Management and Health Management. Additionally, students have the unique opportunity to transfer credits between the UWI-ALJGSB and The Florida International University in Miami, to earn two degrees. FIU’s Master of International Business (MIB) is a specialised programme that focuses on the essential knowledge, skills and management techniques required to successfully conduct business in an international marketplace. Students also have the option to participate in the annual International Study Tour to expand their knowledge and network in international destinations. Previous tours have visited Chile, China, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia and Panama.


Master of Human Resource Management The Master of Human Resource Management programme is designed to provide a grounding experience for business professionals who are on the path to middle management and further specialisation.

Our employees who have gone through the MBA programmes at UWI-ALJGSB have been bright, enthusiastic individuals who bring optimism and fresh ideas to the workplace. They display a superior quality with regards to attitude and professionalism and the results show in their work. They show great potential that I am confident will manifest in the form of career progression in the near future. Michele Martineau Human Resource Manager Hand Arnold (Trinidad) Limited

In developing the skill set of the Master of Human Resource Management graduate, the programme introduces theoretical and practical frameworks for problem analysis, academic knowledge, application and synthesis of the core disciplines in problem solving. Graduates will develop the competence and skill set to directly address ongoing business challenges in the turbulent global business environment. Business firms are increasingly seeking managerial talent with the skills that would be obtained from our Human Resource programme. Regardless of your current position, academic background and experience, those who are analytical, practical and dynamic, innovative, technologically advantaged, business-savvy and people-oriented will be successful. This programme consists of a practicum, twelve (12) core courses and a choice of electives in Compensation Management, Gender & Management, HR Information Systems, Training & Development and Employee Health & Safety.

Master of Small & Medium Enterprise Management The Master of Small and Medium Enterprise Management is directed at individuals who are small and medium entrepreneurs that manage organisations and family businesses.

The Master of Small and Medium Enterprise embodies a holistic programme designed to encourage creative thinking and influence change and growth within your business. As a member of the third generation joining my family’s business, the MSMEM facilitated ease of entry by aiding my learning process in becoming intimately familiar with the firm’s various functional departments. It allowed me to find my place as the business development coordinator, making effective changes to daily operational tasks and improving overall employee productivity. Christina R. Boodoosingh MSMEM Cohort 3 12

This programme strengthens these individuals with the skills and competencies needed by entrepreneurs for strategically operating business in a highly competitive globalised environment. Students are exposed to tasks at the operational and strategic levels when managing small and medium businesses in both theory and practice. We demonstrate that managing within such an environment is fundamentally different to managing within formalised corporate structures. The UWI-ALJGSB provides the theories, tools, techniques, knowledge and best practice for managing small and medium enterprises with a strong emphasis on “know how” as opposed to “know what.”

MBA in International Trade, Logistics & Procurement The aim of this programme is to bridge the competency gap necessary to meet internationally accredited management standards in the areas of international trade, logistics and procurement so that regional exporters and importers can become more competitive in the global marketplace. This applies to participants from both the private and public sectors and in both the energy and non-energy sectors. The integration of content in logistics, procurement and international trade ensures that participants are provided with the necessary content and experiences to address their development needs along the entire supply chain as they engage in international trade. The programme will establish a framework for the development of regional clusters and diversification of the economy. It addresses the

issues concerning intra-regional trade including balance of payments, especially in the manufacturing sector. Participants will explore topics in market and product diversification in the context of a changing world economy. The programme explores supply chain analytics and how local content fits in the value chain in terms of competition and impact on the bottom line. Participants will engage in workshops on using technology in the facilitation of trade and procurement. The programme is also designed to create efficiency and effectiveness in the entire value chain thereby positively impacting the bottom line for existing companies and for new companies including SME’s.

Master of Port & Maritime Management The Master of Port and Maritime Management was conceptualised and developed in conjunction with the Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corporation Limited (PLIPDECO) of Trinidad and Tobago. The programme is designed to build middle and senior management competencies required for and specific to the Port Industry. The programme includes fourteen (14) core courses, covering a unique mix of leadership, management development and maritime based topics. Courses are facilitated by internationally recognised faculty, with a wealth of academic and professional experience in the maritime business.

The Master of Port and Maritime Management (MPMM) targets persons operating at a senior managerial or supervisory level in Port and/or Maritime-based organisations. The programme is an especially attractive option for professionals wanting to take the next step in their academic and professional development and deepen their technical and managerial training within the maritime field.


Executive Master of Business Administration (Trinidad, Tobago & Guyana) I was a student at the IOB, later renamed the UWI-ALJGSB doing the Executive MBA programme from 2004 to 2006. A key part of the experience was the quality of teaching as well as the wealth of knowledge and experience of the students in class. This, coupled with the strong emphasis on multi-disciplinary, collaborative team-based projects led to an intense learning experience with a strong local, regional and international context which went far beyond what I had expected going into the programme. I wholeheartedly recommend the UWIALJGSB business degrees to those who want to challenge themselves and become true leaders! Trevor Deane Graduate of Cohort 13, Executive MBA Executive Vice President, Strategic Analytics, Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago

The Executive MBA is the experience that will guide senior managers and executives to innovate the art of leadership. It is accepted that the transformation and competitiveness of our Caribbean region depends on the ability of our leaders to innovate through critical thought and action. No longer can we afford the luxury of gesticulation and inaction. This programme transforms mid-level pathfinders, capable of effectively leading world. The part-time programme covers while placing emphasis on behavioral international business issues.

and senior executives into organisations anywhere in the the general MBA curriculum and interpersonal skills and

The Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business aims to create graduates with the potential to move their company and industry forward in a significant way and their performance and behaviours must be reflective of the values of the School. The Executive MBA allows students two (2) elective choices from among all our specialised programmes. The practicum, International Study Tour and group interaction, make this programme perfectly suited for Executives seeking to make their organisation globally competitive.

Executive Master of Strategic Human Resource Management The Executive Master of Strategic Human Resource Management is designed to develop the region’s human capital in the area of HR leadership. The programme provides senior C- level executives and HR professionals with the HR leadership and business competencies necessary to utilise human capital processes and systems to grow organisations and improve their competitiveness. The main objective of the programme is to develop a cadre of executive level business professionals and senior public sector managers with the HRM and business/public policy making and execution competencies to enhance the quality of organisational leadership across the region. It is intended to change the existing functionalist, administrative paradigm of HRM amongst C- level executives in local and regional organisations and transform these enterprises into ‘centres of good practice’ in strategic HR leadership.


International Master of Strategic Marketing The International Master of Strategic Marketing (IMSM) addresses the complex issues that face marketing managers in the twenty-first century. The programme focuses on marketing strategy and management within the context of global and international markets. Participants are able to evaluate cultural differences and acquire enhanced skills in developing and implementing marketing strategies and decision-making in international contexts. The programme is comprehensive, intellectually demanding and presents an up-to-date understanding of business and marketing concepts. Of crucial importance is the ability to analyse and evaluate a rapidly changing business environment, to plan accordingly and to implement customer-focused solutions that will deliver both financial performance and develop long-term client-business relationships. Students will develop mastery of effective marketing strategies and undertake an in-depth study of specific areas of marketing such as marketing analytics, services marketing, digital and e-marketing, Human Behaviour and Cross Cultural management.

Master of Information Systems and Technology Management

A quality degree from a quality institution! Completing the EMBA has resulted in my rapid career advancement and enabled me to obtain an appointment to serve in a national capacity. In addition, my training in the EMBA programme has been well grounded and has led to the development of the skills and knowledge that have made me a more confident and well-rounded person. As a result, I can boast of being well equipped to handle any challenge, both personal and professional. I must also commend the organisation on its selection process for this programme, as I gained the opportunity to interact with a group of very distinguished people, many of whom I still network with. The EMBA surpassed my expectations and I will continue to recommend this master’s degree to qualified candidates. Jacqueline Cheesman Graduate of Cohort 14, Executive MBA Assistant General Manager, Marketing Territories Products and Marketing Strategy RBTT Financial Group; Part-time lecturer at Roytec

The Master of Information Systems and Technology Management (MISTM) programme is focused on harnessing and leveraging available technology and advances today to propel organisations – and ideas – towards enhanced competitiveness and sustainable progress. The MISTM programme is targeted to graduates and practitioners involved in the technical and professional areas of the field, across Systems and Network Administration, Graphic Design and Telecom Engineering, as well as those non-technical persons involved in the business of technology at the executive and management levels. Students are taken through a journey of 9 core and 3 additional courses, and 7 workshops over their 2 years of study. These target both established disciplines across such courses as Strategic Business IS and IT Project Management, as well as on-going developments in the field through such elements as Emerging Technologies, Technology Entrepreneurship and IT Governance. Graduates of the programme would be attuned to the latest principles, methods and techniques of managing information systems and technologies within a sound, holistic understanding of the various technologies being applied to organisations today. Based on this, graduates would be able to deliver more effective and innovative solutions to their client organisations and contribute to enhance performance and competitiveness. Graduates so inclined would be able to venture out and develop technology-based solutions and organisations to be delivered throughout the world.


MBA in Sustainable Energy Management This programme enables students to plan, execute and manage micro to large energy projects and organisations at the local and regional levels, in both the public and private sectors. As the world is transitioning from oil and gas to renewable, environmentally friendly sources of energy, it is imperative that regional stakeholders prepare for that change in pursuit of economic survival. To this end, the programme would establish a framework for the development of regional clusters and diversification of the economy especially in the context of reduced dependence on revenues from oil and gas. All courses include relevant theoretical concepts drawn from the various disciplines. Particular courses may be predominantly practical or theoretical, but will be a judicious

blend of both categories. Each course is structured to include context, through the careful consideration of the role and value of sector information, firms, public sector organisations, financing agencies and individuals in the energy industry. The programme consists of fourteen (14) core courses and a guided practicum. The face to face classroom experience and the interaction between students makes this course an exciting one for all. This programme won an award for being one of the four most innovative programmes in the world at the Association of MBA’s MBA Innovation Awards 2012 in the UK.

Master of Institutional Innovation & Effectiveness The Master of Institutional Innovation and Effectiveness has been designed to leverage on the nexus among the public, private and civil sectors. It involves shifting the cognitive away from siloed-thinking into the realm of partnerships, strategic alliances, PPPs and joint-ventures for improved service delivery and value creation. The principal aim of this programme is to advance the public sector reform agenda for sustainable national development by developing a cadre of leaders drawn from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors who will innovate collaboratively using current perspectives on public administration as well as advanced insights to produce radical change in the system. To this end, these leaders will re-engineer their strategies for institutional innovation, the related management systems, processes and decision-making tools in ways that improve service delivery, wealth creation and good governance, including linkages across sectors, industries and Ministries to deliver significant value to the public.


The programme consists of six non- credit workshops, thirteen taught courses and a guided practicum that emphasises sound business research principles, innovation, public sector management and intrapreneurship.

M.Sc. International Finance This programme of the UWI-ALJGSB is an earnest attempt to elevate the local knowledge and understanding of the operations of the world financial markets. The M.Sc. International Finance programme is designed to develop skills and competencies in accessing and implementing strategies to take advantage of business opportunities in the Caribbean and beyond. In moulding the skill set of the participant in the M.Sc. International Finance, the programme introduces advanced theoretical and practical frameworks to enlarge operational and strategic skills in international finance. The skill set approximately responds to the needs of the financial services sector, facilitating problem analysis, academic synthesis and innovation. The programme offers exciting, unique and concentrated coverage in highly relevant finance and investment related courses that are set in an international context. The curriculum is designed to foster creative and critical thinking within the context of the globally competitive environment of the world of finance and investments Financial Managers will expand the competence and skill set of the Executive Team of organisations, to direct others to lead the firm in a challenging global financial environment after they have been through this course with 16 core courses and an International Study Tour.

Doctor of Business Administration The DBA is designed to simultaneously build global competency in business strategy and also research capabilities to explore and understand business challenges, consistent with the requirement of a doctoral degree. The DBA candidate demonstrates the ability to contribute to the advancement of knowledge. Additionally, the DBA candidate makes a substantial contribution to their field of professional practice. Our DBA students are at the frontier of knowledge in business fields and are equipped with the philosophy and tools of research to investigate problems and provide innovative and leading solutions.

UWI-ALJGSB was a memorable experience academically and personally for me. Since the completion of my programme, I joined my organisations’ management team and have been applying the knowledge gained in various subject areas, to analyse and solve work challenges and maximise opportunities. I appreciate the availability, flexibility and willingness of the administrative and lecturing staff and the level of selfconfidence they have helped me to develop. I have formed everlasting relationships with my cohort and to this day we continue to guide and support each other. I’m proud to belong to the UWI-ALJGSB family and I value how the institution has helped shape who I am today. Giselle Denoon Graduate of Cohort 8 – International MBA Account Manager –Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago

After the rigorous four-year process with 10 core courses and a dissertation they are able to contribute to their selected area of interest through research seminars or participation in elective courses. Additionally, they will have the competence to teach graduate students in their particular areas of interest as they are members of a community of global researchers.


The Customised In-Company MBA is our standard MBA programme in which all the workshops, assignments, projects, Practicum and some of the core courses, are 100% customised to meet the Company’s needs and to build the intellectual and executional capacity to overcome current and future challenges. This delivery model is intrinsically tied to the core principle of the Business School to deliver authentic learning. This programme is designed and executed in tandem with the organisation, based on their specific needs and future goals. The content is crafted in consultation with the Company’s top management and visionaries, so that the received knowledge, assignments and projects are implemented in the company to achieve greater competitiveness. A significant advantage of the Customised MBA is that at least 50% of the programme hours are customised to meet the Company’s context and demands, thus ensuring relevance and applicability of the material covered. Participants of this programme are equipped with an enhanced capacity to lead, analyse, strategise and execute. By partnering with the UWI-ALJGSB on this initiative, the company sends a clear message to its employees about its commitment to high performance by investing in its human capital.


“The Customised In-Company MBA is our standard MBA programme in which all the workshops, assignments, projects, Practicum and some of the core courses, are 100% customised to meet the Company’s needs and to build the intellectual and executional capacity to overcome current and future challenges. This delivery model is intrinsically tied to the core principle of the Business School to deliver authentic learning. This programme is designed and executed in tandem with the organisation, based on their specific needs and future goals. The content is crafted in consultation with the Company’s top management and visionaries, so that the received knowledge, assignments and projects are implemented in the company to achieve greater competitiveness. A significant advantage of the Customised MBA is that at least 50% of the programme hours are customised to meet the Company’s context and demands, thus ensuring relevance and applicability of the material covered. Participants of this programme are equipped with an enhanced capacity to lead, analyse, strategise and execute. By partnering with the UWI-ALJGSB on this initiative, the company sends a clear message to its employees about its commitment to high performance by investing in its human capital.” Miguel Sierra CEO & Managing Director – C aribbean , Pan American Life Insurance Company of Trinidad & Tobago Limited

So far, the customized courses and workshops have been well received. Their content is highly relevant, reflecting our governance priorities and addressing actual challenges faced by the Group. We have found the customized content to be the strongest part of the EMBA programme. We have also found the school to be responsive to our specific requirements and there is a genuine desire to meet our business needs and to deliver a quality intervention Teresa White Group HR Director ANSA McAL LIMITED

“We have seen an improvement in the performance of the enrolled staff in the areas of analysis and critical thinking. Many of our employees have used the Credit Union for their course projects and this has further driven home the connection between the academia and actual business practices. This initiative has proven to be beneficial to Eastern as it will inform our succession and development plan in a timeframe will that allow the employees to develop as they learn. We mention that through unsolicited feedback the students of both, Eastern and all other partners in the programme have expressed their enthusiasm & support for the initiative especially the fact that they can appreciate the relevance of the what is discussed in the classroom to their jobs. We look forward to continued mutually beneficial relationship in the future.” Bhushan Singh Former Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Credit Union



As economies, trends, global integrations, cross-border trade and investment and competitiveness change, survival is achieved through innovation. The UWI-ALJGSB has thus created a Post-MBA programme to meet and surpass these needs. The Post-MBA is a life-altering and career-changing programme designed to accelerate personal and professional development. Whether you are a high-performing senior manager, who has achieved targets and led your team to greatness or you are now ready for the next stage of your career as the Head of your Business Unit, CEO or Board Member, we have created an integrative and cumulative learning experience, that blends the cross-functional perspectives of different domains to give you the broader and deeper vision of a senior leader generalist, with an immersive experience over a 9-month period.

Programme highlights: • Classes once a month on weekends • 8 modules in 9 months • Speakers include International Faculty, Local CEOs and Chairmen • No examinations or project submissions




Strategy Orchestration

Value Deployment

Value Deployment

Awareness Consciousness



645-6700 ext. 116; 332

The Selection Process A large part of the student experience is where you study. Over the years, the UWI-ALJGSB has been making efforts to enhance the student experience and ensure that our students have the right attitude and behaviors for success in the corporate world. It is with this goal in mind that we embarked upon a more rigorous selection process. The School introduced a selection process known as the Innovation, Leadership and Ethics Assessment (ILEA) to replace the interview process. The ILEA is managed as an Assessment Centre (AC) which is regarded as one of the best methods for predicting the success of an individual’s performance in a given role. At the UWI-ALJGSB we take our students and turn them into outstanding leaders that positively reshape business and society.




Faculty Students

Programme Learning Experience

Outstanding Innovative Leaders

ILEA The ILEA selection process encourages potential students to take part in a number of exercises designed to generate conclusive evidence of his/her abilities in the competencies that have been identified as important to his/her role as a student and more so his/her role in the work environment. The aim of the process is to ensure that our students are among the best and have the attitudes and behaviours we deem necessary for participating in our Masters Programmes. This means that students can expect a high standard of interaction and have good opportunities for networking with a high calibre group. Additionally, the movement away from an interview to an intensive 2-3 hour assessment centre for each applicant ensures that our admission process is rigorous, defensible and objective. Ultimately, the best selection decision will be made using the ILEA given the increasing pool of applicants. Once the stipulated qualification and experience criteria are met, applicants are invited to complete the ILEA process before any admission recommendation can be made by the Academic Programme Directors.


Learning to Lead...

The Executive Education Unit is a knowledge hub throughout the region that enhances leadership and organisation performance through the latest strategies and solutions in executive education. We provide relevant and industry-specific training in order to enhance the leadership capability of individuals. With a proven track record of improving organisational performance and profitability through customised training, we develop competitive organisations with an international focus. Through our highly experienced and qualified faculty we bring a wealth of knowledge to the design and delivery of our interventions - making them practical and applicable to the sector or discipline from which the clients come. Our faculty consultants comprise internationally acclaimed academic researchers and professors together with regionally well-recognised, existing and retired, CEOs, CFOs and VPs of high-performing international commercial enterprises. These professionals bring a wide blend of practical experience, including extensive executive leadership experience in business and industry, the highest level of academic credentials and proven skills to facilitate transfer of knowledge and behaviour change in the adult learning context. This Centre is at the crossroads of academia and experience and challenges every individual to be a future leader.

The Executive Education Unit comprises of 3 units, with its unique areas of focus:

Open Enrolment

In-Company Customised Training



| 645-6700 ext. 330

Executive Education

The UWI-ALJGSB Open Enrolment programmes are designed for senior executives, middle management and professionals from various industries and disciplines, who strive for personal and professional growth. The strength of the offerings and workshops lie with the strong local and international business partnerships that provide a combination of experiential and academic input into the design of the programmes. The Open Enrolment Unit provides a comprehensive experience for its participants by exposing them to insights of visionary leadership, strategic perspectives and by arming them with the right tools to re-shape business models to compete globally. Programmes for Individuals - Our portfolio of open programmes is targeted to all levels of business professionals and cover the functional areas of business management.


Programmes for Organisations - With over 20 years experience in designing tailor-made solutions for the region’s leading companies and working side by side with their senior executives, UWI-ALJGSB is the preferred choice for business solutions. We partner with organisations locally and regionally to design and deliver specific, strategic solutions that meet their business challenges and maximise results. As a school with international linkages and partnerships, we have an understanding of the sectors and economic conditions impacting on businesses. Our faculty and consultants with hands-on international and practical experience implement a solution-oriented methodology to our design. We create long term relationships with our clients, by monitoring and evaluating of all customised programmes to ensure transfer of learning and development of identified performance gaps.

Our areas of expertise include: Leadership & Strategy

General Management

Project Management

Finance and Accounting

Marketing and Sales

Human Resource Management

Events Management

Change Management

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Strategic Planning

Executive Coaching

Management Consulting



Executive Education

Our services The In-Company Unit provides performance improving and organisational development services such as strategic planning, consulting and teambuilding workshops as well as customised short-term and long-term training and development programmes, in areas such as innovation and leadership development. Our organisational solutions are co-created in partnership with our clients and thus we are able to deliver value-added training, where participants find it easier to engage in the skills transfer process using real cases from their working environment. All our interventions are based on the company’s objectives, tailored to the specific learning audience and ultimately delivers tangible results and behaviour change that standard programmes will not produce.

Stages of a customised training intervention Evaluate Deliver Design • Develop programme objectives, learning outcomes, teaching & learning methods

Diagnose • Identify gaps and root causes

Assess Consult

• Executive programme

• Measure learning, ROI and observe behaviour changes

• Apply assessment instruments

• Ascertain Client Needs

Strategic Partnerships •

Executive Diploma in • Business Management:

First Citizens

Management Development Programme:

HiLo Food Stores

Commercial Customer • Business Programme: Republic Bank – Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Barbados, Grenada

Strategic Planning: NIPDEC

Cluster Development • and Graphic and Prepress Skills Workshop: TTMA

Supervisory Development Programme: Atlantic

Growth Road Map Session: C. Kersten Co. N.V. Suriname


Highlighting our suggestion: The Strategic Power of Synergy - WORLD BANK 1998 The experience of the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business is an example of a successful synergy between the needs of the indigenous business sector and the professional skills available in the community. By involving the potential market in the business as shareholders, the promoters succeeded in overcoming two critical obstacles in establishing a service business ‌ obtaining capital resources and building close links with the market. Although early activities were focused on Trinidad, it is now providing service throughout the region and participants in its Trinidad-based programmes are also drawn from Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts, Jamaica and St. Lucia.

The Programme had as a major objective the strengthening of capacity at the middle to senior managerial level to cater for greater efficiencies in the administration of government’s policies and programmes. Other objectives of the programme included: the development of leadership competencies; the support of succession planning and other human resource development initiatives; facilitation of personnel and career development strategies of managers and fostering and strengthening of employee commitment to the organisation and its vision. Thirty-five middle to senior level officers coming from varied backgrounds, with ten to thirty-seven years experience, started and successfully completed the programme. It is envisaged that the positive impact of the programme on human resources in the Public Service will be felt in the months or years ahead.� Ms. Irma Edwards Chief Personnel Officer Establishment Personnel Department Government of Dominica, 08/04/2009 28


Professor Michael E. Porter speaks to participants at the DLIC 2011


Executive Education

The UWI-ALJGSB Conferencing Unit has provided Trinidad and the wider Caribbean with top-notch executive education through its Annual Distinguished Leadership & Innovation Conference, which celebrated its 9th year in 2011 with feature speaker Professor Michael E. Porter. Thereafter he was followed by Malcolm Gladwell in 2013, Marcus Buckingham; Daniel H. Pink in 2014 and Tom Peters and Dr. Peter Senge in 2015. The team expertly performs the planning, logistics and execution for Conferences that are highly anticipated by the business community.

The school has proven that it has the power and capacity to attract well-known speakers on a variety of management, strategic and business-related subjects over the years, and has increased its conference reach to the international community with participants from Guyana, Suriname, Barbados, Jamaica and Ecuador. In addition to the large Annual Distinguished Leadership & Innovation Conference, the school has hosted the Regional Forum on Cluster Development 2011; the Brand Innovation Conference with Sasha Strauss in 2014 and created has a niche market with its Women in Leadership Conference. The Women in Leadership Conference has featured speakers in recent years such as Dr. Lois Frankel and Dr. Carol Goman in 2011, Libby Gill in 2013 and Fawn Germer in 2015.


Leveraging your company’s talent through HR Consulting

The Assessment Centre & Institutional Effectiveness Unit (AIE) provides a range of Human Capital Solutions that aid in talent management and enhance organizational effectiveness in both the Private and Public Sector.

Our services are customised to take into consideration the organisational needs, culture and business environment and can be targeted at the individual, team and/or organisational level. Our approach is based on scientific underpinnings with a longitudinal intent.

Our Services include: Recruitment and Selection (Executive to Administrative levels)

Experiential Competency Training and Development

Psychometric assessments

Assessment and Development Centres

Job Competency Profiling

Competency Based Interviewing

Succession Planning

Competency Gap Analysis

Organisational Culture and Change Assessments

Executive Recruitment & Selection


• (868) 645 6700 ext 223 • (868) 662 1411 (fax) • •

Our expert team consists of: • Highly qualified human resource professionals/consultants who are specifically trained in Human Resources; Organisational Behaviour and Development • Industrial and Organisational Psychologists who are able to design customised simulation exercises or modify existing instruments to make them more applicable to your organisational or team culture. • Certified Psychometric Users who are able to administer and interpret a range of personality and aptitude assessments. •A cadre of expert trainers who possess the necessary training and qualifications in a variety of fields. The AIE offers a partnership approach to our interventions. Our approach is based on a scientific one that is longitudinal in nature. We identify and blend best practice, current knowledge and standards, to your unique business requirements, thereby enabling the achievement of your strategic objectives.


What sets UWI-ALJGSB apart?

The faculty of the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business form the living link between theory and practice. Our faculty translate the aspirations of the school into sequential steps of behavior, not just learning, but personal transformation. Utilising the road map of the programme curricula the UWIALJGSB entrusts our faculty with the critical mission of igniting the creative power of our students to make changes in organisations and society. Our faculty are drawn predominantly from the realm of practice and bring real-world experience into the classroom to

make learning and research effective tools in the hands of our students who themselves are drawn from the working world. Complementing the industry practitioners among the faculty are leading academics from The University of the West Indies and from universities further afield. Faculty are drawn from the United States, Canada, Europe and India and represent the forceful intent of the UWI-ALJGSB to retain local leadership through the assimilation and rediffusion of global best practice.

Our esteemed faculty

of faculty hold PHD’s

possess degrees from international universities

have international professional experience

Why the UWI-ALJGSB? At UWI-ALJGSB the classrooms represent a stage set for a grand performance. The technology and infrastructure is second to none in the Caribbean. In addition to the physical facilities, the administrative support that is availed to the lecturers has in no small way assisted in facilitating a grand experience. As with any performance-oriented institution, there also are tools in place to ensure constant evaluation of the lecturers and administrative staff so that the product that the school offers is always relevant and of high quality. Howard Dottin Faculty, UWI-ALJGSB

Dr. Julian (Jules) Ferdinand


Dr. Julian (Jules) Ferdinand is a business consultant, lecturer and author. He has conducted management and leadership training in several companies and organisations throughout the Eastern Caribbean. He lectures in Executive Leadership and Human Development, Corporate Turnaround, Strategic Management, Multinational Strategy, Organising for Innovation in State Enterprises, and the Global Strategy and Innovation courses in the Masters programmes at the UWI-ALJGSB and recently received the Best Lecturer Award in 2014.

Dr. Jose Rocha Dr. Rocha’s has over 15 years of international experience in higher education, academia, research, teaching, and industry with some of the top universities in the US, Mexico, and Latin America with some of the largest global companies. Dr. Rocha’s research focus is on knowledge sharing in highly dynamic changing environments such as disaster management, high tech entrepreneurship, management of disruptive innovation, and corporate social responsibility. Furthermore, Dr. Rocha has received a range of awards including the Ph.D. Dissertation Fellowship Award from 2008 to 2010.

Ms. Wynette Harewood Ms. Wynette Harewood is the Programme Director for the MHRM programme. She obtained her undergraduate degree and Master in Business Administration from The University of the West Indies. Currently pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration, she is also certified in the use of occupational psychometric test and Assessment Centre Administration. In addition to her teaching responsibility for the MHRM programme, Wynette is also involved with training initiatives offered by the School’s Executive Education Unit.

Dr. Gour C Saha Ph.D Dr. Gour C. Saha is the Professor and Director of the Centre for Business Analytics and Intelligence at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business and is also the vicepresident of Global Business and Management Forum (GBMF), USA. He has more than 22 years experience in teaching and academic leadership in India and Thailand and received his PhD in Technology Management from the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. He holds an MBA from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, an MS in Computer Information Systems from Assumption University of Thailand, a Bachelor in Statistics from Academy of Statistics in Indonesia and is published in several well-known international journals.

Mr. Howard Dottin Howard Dottin has been in the financial field for over 30 years, with significant experience in tax, banking, insurance and treasury management. He worked as Chief Financial Officer in two of Trinidad & Tobago's premier financial institutions and as an auditor in an auditing firm and field auditor at the Board of Inland Revenue. He also has experience as a senior lender in Corporate Banking, where he managed a portfolio which included energy-based companies and conglomerates. He is currently the Head of the Finance and Economics SAG at Lok Jack GSB and is the former Chairman of the North Central Regional Health Authority. He has been teaching Management Accounting since 1988. His credentials include a fellowship of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants and an Executive MBA - the latter for which he was elected valedictorian.

Albertina Navas Albertina Navas is the Director of the Master’s Programme for Small and Medium Enterprises Management and Director of the Center for Social Media Studies at the UWI-ALJGSB, where she delivers courses on Marketing and Digital Communication. She is a PhD Candidate in Communication, MBA, and Master in Digital Journalism. During the last 15 years, she has been dedicated to investigative journalism and international coverage of business and technology issues in Latin America, the Caribbean, USA, Asia and Europe.

Mrs. Nadia Salamat-Ali Mrs. Salamat-Ali is a Lecturer and Programme Director for the International Master of Strategic Marketing Programme at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business since 2007. She received her bachelor’s from The University of the West Indies and a Master of Marketing from the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, and is presently pursuing her doctoral degree in Marketing. She possesses a wealth of experience in Marketing, having spent more than ten years in the pharmaceutical industry. She is currently a consultant and has conducted numerous workshops in customer service, and is also a partner with IBB Limited and an Associate with the Service Quality Institute of Minneapolis.

Dr. Henry Bailey Dr. Henry Bailey holds BSc and MSc degrees in Economics, and also an MBA. His commercial career includes 25 years of marketing management in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in the Caribbean. He has lectured in Economics, Health Economics and Marketing at UWI-ALJGSB and another private tertiary institution and has held the position of Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Economics, UWI. He is a member of The EuroQol Research Foundation, the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) and the International Society for Quality of Life Research.

Prof. Miguel Carrillo Ph.D Professor Miguel Carrillo was appointed the Executive Director at the UWI-ALJGSB in June 2009. He has had a distinguished career as a professor, having taught for over 21 years in 12 different countries in three languages. His main areas of focus are innovation and strategy. Professor Carrillo obtained his Ph.D. in a joint programme between Concordia and McGill Universities. Professor Carrillo worked as Finance Director at Hewlett Packard in Mexico for four years. He has been a consultant for global companies such as Telefonica, Ernst & Young, Pfizer, and AON among others. He is also a Harvard Research Fellow of the Microeconomics of Competition Institute and worked for Mckinsey & Co. as an associate in Montreal Canada.

Mr. Balraj Kistow Balraj Kistow is a lecturer at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business. He teaches courses in Caribbean and International Business Management, Financial Management and Accounting in the International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) programme. He is also the Programme Director for the Master of Small and Medium Enterprise Management (MSMEM).He holds an MSc and BSc in Management Studies, The University of the West Indies and is pursuing the Doctor of Business Administration programme at the UWI-ALJGSB.


What sets UWI-ALJGSB apart?

The programmes offered at the UWI-ALJGSB all meet the rigorous standards set by The University of the West Indies and it operates within the guidelines of the Royal Charter under which it was established. UWI-ALJGSB also offers a dual-degree business programme partnering with Chapman Graduate School of Business at Florida International University (FIU). In this programme, International MBA students are able to do part of their studies at both campuses; the business schools provide an integrated structure and recognise credits students earn at both institutions. These students then secure accredited degrees from both institutions. Very early in its history, the UWI-ALJGSB also recognised the need for international accreditation and successfully pursued programme accreditation for its MBA programmes. The School was first accredited by the UK Based international accreditation body, the Association of MBA’s (AMBA) in 2003. It was re-accredited in 2008. This placed the UWI-ALJGSB amongst the top 20% of business schools worldwide and demonstrated the School’s commitment to quality standards and the provision of world-class programmes. In its unrelenting commitment to leadership in all areas, the School became the first school of business to be accredited by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT).


As highlighted earlier in this publication, the Commonwealth Secretariat recognised the UWI-ALJGSB as a Centre of Excellence in 1994. This was in acknowledgment of the school’s high quality training and consulting programmes in general and in recognition of the school’s contribution to the institution-building required to strengthen public sector management and reform in particular. The activities undertaken on behalf of the Commonwealth Secretariat have provided valuable insight and knowledge into the development initiatives of economies and societies similar to that of Trinidad and Tobago. This has also allowed the school to draw from best practices abroad in the development of national strategic plans. The UWI-ALJGSB is part of the elite network of international business schools with accredited MBA programmes. It holds the record for the fastest accreditation within the network. The school has a number of robust international affiliates from which it draws faculty and consultancy expertise. The UWI-ALJGSB has global research linkages. These include the Switzerland-based World Economic Forum for the development of the Global Competitiveness Report and the Canadian-based Fraser Institute for the development of the Economic Freedom of the World Report.

We have employed a number of UWI-ALJGSB graduates over the years to work within our organisation. We have been impressed with their enthusiasm, skill level and knowledge. The training at the UWI-ALJGSB gives students the background and specific skills needed to be successful in their specific careers. Many of our employees have been promoted into middle and senior managerial positions and we would be happy to hire more UWI-ALJGSB graduates in the future. Martin DeGannes Assistant General Manager, Human Resources Scotiabank (T&T) Limited

I spent about five years at the IOB, now the UWI-ALJGSB I started with postgraduate studies in Human Resource Management and then proceeded to the EMBA programme. When I graduated in 1999 I felt I had been prepared to lead any business organisation or any area assigned. This illustrates the level of confidence I felt in the design and implementation of the programmes of study. The EMBA focused on high performance, process, solutions and results. The academic structure and content was sound and the team-based approach prepared us for the real life situation of working with individuals of different backgrounds, personalities, academic qualifications and work ethic which one would meet in any management or executive team. Because of this said approach and the focus on results, one learnt to navigate and overcome obstacles and find appropriate solutions in the pursuit of achieving high performance. As Manager for Sales Training & Development at Guardian Life of the Caribbean I was able to share the principles, the learnings, the processes and the values espoused at the IOB (UWI-ALJGSB) with all trainees with whom I came into contact and, I must say, their feedback has been very positive. Lucille Wilkinson (EMBA, PGDHRM) Graduate of Cohort 7 – Executive MBA Manager – Sales, Training and Development Guardian Life of the Caribbean


The UWI-ALJGSB adopts global benchmarks from its accrediting bodies and ensures these are met and exceeded as it responds to environmental demands. Led by a qualified staff, a collaborative approach is adopted and the entire organisation is involved in quality management. Committed to quality and the needs of its students, the UWI-ALJGSB continues to work on its processes to ensure that every need is met and that world class standards are adhered to so that students can receive the best education needed to climb the corporate ladder to success. Some of our recent awards from the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) and the Association of MBAs (AMBA) include:



•ACTT November 2012: First Place for Excellence in Research


•AMBA Awards November 2012: Award for the MBA Sustainable Energy Management as being one of the most innovative programmes in the world.

•First Place for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


•Leader in Tertiary Education (LiTE) awardProfessor Miguel Carrillo, Executive Director and Professor of Strategy, UWI-ALJGSB.

ACTT’s Quality in Tertiary Education Awards: •First Place for Excellence for an Established Quality Management System

•ACTT’s Quality in Tertiary Education Awards:

•Second Place for Excellence in Quality Management Systems Individual Faculty Awards:

•Second Place for Excellence in Student Support Services.

•Excellence in Applied and Academic Research –Dr. Zaffar Khan, Programme Director and Faculty Member.

•Excellence in Higher Education Academic and Applied Research Award for Dr. Henry Bailey, member of Faculty.

•Excellence in Teaching-Honorary mentionProfessor Gour Saha, Faculty Member.


As part of our vision to be a global school for business we conduct an International Study Trip annually, so that students can experience classes at international institutions and tour companies that bring the classroom to life, while allowing students to engage with peers and learn through interaction.

In previous years, the International Business Study Tour has been to China, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Panama and Colombia. The purpose of these trips are to: 1. Experience and understand the culture of other countries through tours, cultural experiences, and interacting with host nationals. 2. Observe first-hand global businesses by meeting with business leaders and touring their facilities in order to learn how they develop and execute their strategy, manage their international business, and deal with the complexities they face both at home and abroad. 3. Have some fun and build community with fellow students, guests and faculty.



What sets UWI-ALJGSB apart?

What do Harvard Business School, Florida International University and George Washington University all have in common? They are all institutions that have organised programmes and projects in cooperation with UWI-ALJGSB. The experience of international partnerships & linkages has been a fruitful one for the UWI-ALJGSB. Not only does the school conduct joint programmes, it also disseminates teaching materials and assists in enhancing the skills of professors with increased global experience.


At present the UWI-ALJGSB has linkages and partnerships with the following schools:

Florida International University: Dual Degree As a world leader in international business education, Florida International University has partnered with the UWI-ALJGSB to offer graduate students a unique opportunity to earn complementary business degrees in two different countries. The Dual Degree network also fosters academic exchanges, collaborative research projects, joint career service activities, case competitions, executive education, along with other programmes. The Dual Degree Programme has many advantages over conventional exchange programmes: • Students will experience a deeper exposure to international “It’s been an invaluable experience pursuing the dual degree programme with FIU which exposed me to business, communication and networking in an international setting. It also provided me a platform for further academic related pursuits and future job related pursuits in global markets.As a business owner I have been able to apply the experience gained through the dual degree programme to my business. If I could think of one word to describe my experience in the dual degree programme, it would be enriching.” Petal Garcia IMBA Cohort 27 Owner, Petal’s Designs Business Development Consultant & Interior Designer/Decorator

business by living and studying in a different culture and business environment for at least 8-9 months; • By earning two complementary degrees in two different locales, students gain access to two networks of business contacts and colleagues along with exposure to two sets of potential employers; • These programmes are faster and less expensive than pursuing two separate degrees sequentially; • Students can tailor their educational experience to specific career objectives. FIU is proud to have among its three dozen graduate dual degree partners from around the world the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business. Small, dynamic economies play a major role in world commerce; and Trinidad and Tobago stands out in this regard. The students we receive from UWI-ALJGSB are among the very best in our graduate school. Their intelligence, experience, maturity and insights provide great value to the other students as well as to the faculty who have the good fortune to teach them. UWI-ALJGSB students help us set the bar higher; and for that we are most grateful. Jerry Haar Associate Dean and Professor Florida International University

George Washington University: Event Management Certificate The UWI-ALJGSB has partnered with the George Washington University for the last 7 years, to offer the Professional Certificate in Events Management programme. This programme is dedicated to professional development in the field of events management. The programme is taught by industry leaders and students are given the best resources needed to succeed in the events management field. Emphasis is placed on management competencies required for a successful career as an event professional. This unique field of training draws from various disciplines and participants develop skills which can be used across a variety of sectors. Participants are exposed to topical areas such

as event protocol, coordination, marketing and other critical aspects key to successful event execution. The programme offers a solid foundation in the complexities of domestic and international event management. The standardised and comprehensive curriculum is offered throughout the world and the knowledge and skills gained from the programme are beneficial to all that attend the courses. The combination of the international programme structure and course content, with the local experts who bring the course to life, makes this one of the most popular pogrammes offered by UWI-ALJGSB.

Other international linkages include: • Harvard Business School: Members of the Microeconomics of Competitiveness Institute (MOC)

• Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Mexico: Joint Venture, online programmes and faculty exchange

• Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad: Joint Research, exchange student programme, and faculty development

• SaÏd Business School, University of Oxford: Joint Venture, Scenarios Planning and Faculty exchange

• Concordia University

• Instituto de Empresa, Spain: Faculty Exchange

• Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez


What sets UWI-ALJGSB apart?

The beauty of the UWI-ALJGSB experience is that it allows you the real-life masters experience. The programme is real and rigorous with teaching methods guaranteed to ensure student participation. The course content is disbursed through face to face classes, guest lectures, video conferencing and simulations. Through the use of Participant-Centred Learning our lecturers are able to draw information from the students, while delivering information to them. This creates a dynamic but controlled environment in which students feel uninhibited in their ability to make things happen.



What sets UWI-ALJGSB apart?

The UWI-ALJGSB alumni create and shape the business landscape in the Caribbean with the knowledge and experience gained during their time at the school. More than 30% of alumni are at the level of directors, 1st level Managers and General Managers. With more than 1,600 alumni living and working around the globe, the UWI-ALJGSB network has far-reaching tentacles of membership with graduates in Australia, Barbados, BVI, Canada, China, England, Guyana, India, UK and USA. The newly created Alumni Association is focused on creating an alumni community so that members can interact with each other at social and educational events, to ensure continuous learning. The Alumni network is involved in many activities throughout the year including: Distinguished Alumni Series which highlights three alumni who have made significant contributions to the business community over the years. Evening Business Forum at which alumni present and defend their final practicum to a live audience and a panel of judges. Mentorship Programme that encourages alumni to return to the school and interact with current students, offering them guidance on how to maximize their time at the UWI-ALJGSB and how to use their academic learning in the business environment.

Where are our graduates? 34%



11% 20%

• Senior Management • C Suite • Middle Management • General Employees

Gregory Hill Executive Director, ANSA Merchant Bank Limited Gregory Nicholas Hill has more than 16 years experience in the fields of Investment Banking, Corporate Banking and Banking Supervision. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from The University of the West Indies and then an EMBA from the UWI-ALJGSB. He is also a Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA) and Institute of Chartered Accountants of Trinidad and Tobago (ICATT). He has held senior positions in prestigious financial institutions such as Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Limited, Deposit Insurance Corporation and RBC Limited (previously the RBTT Financial Holdings Group). He is presently the Executive Director of ANSA Merchant Bank Limited.

Vitra Gopee

Chief Executive Officer, Infotech Caribbean (Jamaica) Limited Vitra A. Gopee has twelve years experience in Sales and Marketing in the Information Technology (IT) industry. She obtained a First Class Bachelor’s Degree with majors in English, Management, and Psychology from The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus (Trinidad and Tobago). Subsequent to that, she graduated with distinction from the International MBA offered by the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business. Her career began in the consumer industry and shortly thereafter, ventured into the area of IT. Most of her career development has been nurtured at Infotech Caribbean Limited. She became a director and shareholder in October 2008 and is currently the Infotech Jamaica’s Chief Executive Officer.

Rollin Bertrand Chief Executive Officer, Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL) Group Rollin Bertrand obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from The University of the West Indies, Mona campus in Jamaica in 1979. He then secured a Doctorate in Geology from the same institution in 1984. Years later, in 1993, he obtained an EMBA at the then Institute of Business, which is today, the UWI-ALJGSB. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the TCL Group. He was formerly the General Manager of Arawak Cement Company Limited (1994–1998), President of the Association of Cement Producers for Latin America and the Caribbean, President of the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce, as well as Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Authority (2006–2008). He is currently a Director of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange and Chairman of Trinidad Aggregate Products Limited.




Making an impact

The UWI-ALJGSB has elevated its level of responsibility for leadership development in Trinidad and Tobago and the region through the launch of the Leadership Institute. The business school has committed to ‘Innovating the Art of Leadership’ and through the work of the Institute, will guide persons to attain greater success through leadership in their personal and professional lives.

The Institute is guided by the philosophy of ‘Leading from Above the Line ©’ The philosophy was developed through the research of Dr. Theodore Ferguson in over 70 countries. The philosophy espouses that leadership development is directly related to one’s personal development and understanding of humanity.

Leadership competences are expressed in measures of sustained success; the aura of leadership demonstrated in the attainment of a followership with shared principles. The institute will support and challenge individuals to understand and grow their sources of power so that their leadership will be expressed in the demonstration of competences to attain shared commitment. We invite all stakeholders to collaborate with us in the research, training and leadership development programmes of the UWI-ALJGSB Leadership Institute: Leading From Above the Line©

The leader develops by strengthening himself/herself in all of five sources of power: • Principle consciousness • Purpose • Emotional mastery • Understanding change • Knowledge empowerment The process of self-development includes introspection, selfreflection, self-discovery and the application of principles to solve problems.

Why this institute? Trinidad and Tobago is a goldmine of human and physical resource potential. The country is endowed with natural and created resources that have been untapped in the development journey. It is clear that the country has not achieved parallel development in the quality of life of citizens or the competitiveness of business. As the global landscape of business becomes more networked and unpredictable, there is need to develop leaders who can demonstrate and inspire confidence among those they lead. There is need to develop leaders who can inspire humanity across the globe, building creative, innovative and supportive networks of people and organisations to produce new models of development that address the fundamental challenges of societies. 52

In the past 22 years of its existence, the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, UWI built a strong local reputation that reflected the motto “Where leaders come to learn.” The School positioned itself as an institution that attracted and developed leaders. Indeed, many leaders of private organisations as well as public enterprises are alumni of the School, having benefited from the various Masters level and Executive Education programmes. In this time of globalisation and in an increasingly challenging and competitive environment, the challenge is extended to produce leaders who are innovative, inspiring and exceptional. The new motto of the School, “Innovatus Ars Ducendi” or “Innovating the Art of Leadership” reflects this challenge and the Leadership Institute is the vehicle that would co-ordinate the School’s response.


Alliances & Partnerships

The Leadership Institute will demystify and promote Caribbean leadership knowledge and practice. Its main objectives are to:

The UWI-ALJGSB Leadership Institute will work in collaboration with interested organisations and individuals including:

1. Transform organisations and individuals from good to 1. great by engaging in innovative leadership development 2. practices. 3. 2. Create a respect for knowledge that informs good leadership practice. 4. 3. Engage in research and develop case studies with Caribbean relevance and local applicability.

Leading From Above the Line TT. Universities in Trinidad and Tobago. Global universities and bodies with leadership initiatives that are aligned to those of the Leadership Institute. Leaders of organisations in the public, private and not-forprofit sectors.

4. Build a cadre of leadership educators. 5. Provide support for leaders through the establishment of communities of practice.

6. Diffuse the leadership philosophy and methodology broadly across the globe.


Making an impact

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation was launched in December 2009. This is at a juncture when the school is placing more emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation given that they effectively contribute to economic development and sustainable growth. Also, the school is responding to the development needs of the country and the region. Entrepreneurship and Innovation are central to the region’s developmental process or for that matter the developmental process of any nation. This importance is reflected in Trinidad and Tobago’s development priorities. Two of these priorities are: • Developing Innovative people; and • Enabling competitive businesses Within this context the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation will be directly addressing the development needs of the country. Additionally, the school has strategically positioned itself to be one of the leading business schools in the region to be known as a centre of excellence in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Strategy. The establishment of the centre is intended to provide the business community with the broad knowledge base needed for creating and managing competitive businesses within a globalised world economy. Given the structure of the local and regional economies the Centre will focus heavily, but not exclusively, on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and family businesses. The Centre will be engaged in organisational knowledge creation (OKC) which is the capability of the organisation as a whole to create new knowledge, disseminate it through the organisation and embody it in products, services and systems. The work of the Centre will therefore focus on specific, applied research, practical skills and knowledge 54

development which have the potential to lead to context specific solutions. Currently the Centre is involved with two major projects. These are: • The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM); and • The Business Accelerator. GEM is an annual global survey of the entrepreneurial attitudes, activities and aspirations of individuals around the world. For the first time this survey was conducted in Trinidad and Tobago in 2010. The school is now a member of the GEM Consortium and will continue to conduct and be a part of this survey in the future. GEM focuses on three main objectives as follows: • To measure differences in entrepreneurial attitudes, activity and aspirations among economies; • To uncover factors determining the nature and level of national entrepreneurial activity; • To identify policy implications for enhancing entrepreneurship in an economy. The Business Accelerator (BA) aims to assist firms that are struggling to graduate to the next level of growth in an environment of very high rates of technological obsolescence and business uncertainty. The BA will offer: • Strategic business plan advice; • Access to a network of expert resources that is not only limited to the Caribbean, but a truly global network.


Making an impact

Globally, business is being viewed as a major cause of the social, environmental and economic problems plaguing our societies. Consequently, there have been intense calls from a wide-range of stakeholders for corporations to be more responsible in their decisions and so contribute positively in the world’s quest for a sustainable future. Regionally, this call for more responsible corporations has also become an increasingly prominent feature in our corporate landscape. It is in this context that the Business School established the Centre for Corporate Responsibility (CR) in 2009. The overarching purpose of the Centre for CR is to promote responsibility as a key policy among corporations for achieving profitability, growth and sustainability and in turn maximise stakeholder benefits in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean. Through its research activities, the Centre intends to create relevant knowledge that will inform managers, organisations, government and the academic community on the understanding and practice of corporate responsibility as a management strategy. The work of the Centre will result in the production of peer reviewed journal articles, conferences, case studies, teaching materials and tool kits. The Centre is currently conducting research on the following areas: 1. Corporate Governance as it relates to Family Businesses 2. Developing Measures for Corporate Social Performance in Trinidad and Tobago 3. Effective Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships.


Future projects include: • Developing an English Version of an Online Corporate Responsibility Course in collaboration with the Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM) which is based on the Multilateral Development Fund CSR Learning Guide produced in 2009. • “Improving Corporate Governance in Trinidad and Tobago.” This project will be funded by the Multilateral Development Fund and will be done in collaboration with the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago and the Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute. This project will increase the level of transparency and enhance corporate governance practices in public interest enterprises. Faculty involved in the Centre: Dr. Ron Sookram, Director Mr. Balraj Kistow Lecturer in Finance and International Business Professor Surendra Arjoon Head, Department of Management Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, UWI, St. Augustine

Making an impact

The Centre of Strategy and Competitiveness at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business was established in 2012. It is dedicated to the study of competitiveness and how an economy/organisation can go about employing different strategies to enhance its economy. It understands that strategy is not the vision/ objectives/goals of a firm or country but rather it entails insightful thinking into how a firm or country can provide unique values to counterparts and leveraging upon this. The centre sees competitiveness as based on the productivity to make goods and services. It advocates that what a country or firm produces does not matter; what matters is how sophisticated these production processes are. Given that the centre realises that productivity is the main driving force behind competitiveness and economic growth it thus seeks to undertake research that can add value to the economy /organisation and drive innovation. The centre is geared toward providing services such as cluster mapping, competitiveness analysis, case study writing, training courses (which can be tailored to suit a particular organisation) and cluster deepening, workshops to name a few.


Making an impact

Trinidad and Tobago and most other countries of the EnglishSpeaking Caribbean continue to face challenges of national competitiveness. The World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Competiveness Index (GCI) 2011 and prior reports attest to this. Business Analytics involves “the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive models, and fact-based management to drive decisions and actions� (Davenport & Harris, 2007). Anecdotal data and limited informal research within the Caribbean region, including a private and public sector leadership focus group at the UWI-ALJGSB (2010), reveal minimal use of business analytics in decision-making. At the same time, formal research in the international arena continues to reinforce a link to competitiveness of both Business Analytics and increasing levels of Business Analytics adoption. The Centre comprises of faculty that collectively possess international experience in both Business Analytics and Business Leadership. In addition to its faculty blend of academia and practice, the work of the Centre is facilitated by a 20 computer laboratory with SAS, ORACLE, Tableau and SPSS.


The activities of the BAI Centre include:

1. Research on business analytics within the Caribbean to 2. 3. 4. 5.

determine level of awareness and BAI adoption; factors that hinder/foster adoption. Consulting engagements with clients to progress their level of BAI adoption and use for insight generation and hence competitiveness. Design and implementation of business analytics courses and modules across the Masters, in-company and executive development programmes. Production of peer reviewed journal articles and case studies. Hosting of international academic and executive conferences.

Faculty involved in the Centre: Professor Gour Saha, Director Keith M. Thomas, Executive in Residence

The overarching purpose of the BAI Centre is to significantly improve the global competitiveness of the small nation states in the Caribbean by addressing what Michael Porter describes as the need for “sophistication of company operations and strategy if businesses are to compete.� The Centre proposes to achieve this by developing indepth understanding and increasing usage levels of business analytics in the private and public sectors of the region.


Making an impact

The UWI-ALJGSB BIZBOOSTER incubator is another initiative of the business school towards fulfilling its socio-economic developmental role. The BIZBOOSTER, a collaboration of UWI-ALJGSB and regional and international partners, is the coming together of academia, private enterprise and state in a partnership aimed at providing innovative startups and existing companies with a full suite of support services and resources for success and sustainability. The BIZBOOSTER’s networks provide companies with the opportunity to develop strategic alliances and to access international markets more rapidly.

The BIZBOOSTER targets innovative, growth-oriented companies with quality value propositions and which embrace technology.

Services The BizBooster© Commercial Business Incubator (CBI) will offer an array of business support resources and services developed and orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the incubator and through its network of contacts.


• • • • • • • • • •

Facilities for the development of the projects Training on business fundamentals Networking activities Marketing assistance High-speed Internet access Help with accounting/financial management Access to bank loans, loan funds & guarantee programmes Help with presentation skills Links to higher education resources Links to strategic partners

• • • • • • • • •

Access to angel investors or venture capital Comprehensive business training programmes Advisory boards and mentors Management team identification Help with business etiquette Technology commercialisation assistance Help with regulatory compliance Intellectual property management Market feasibility studies

BIZBOOSTER Selection Criteria Team Capacity & Capability Product Feasibility

Technological Impact

Financial Feasibility

Socio-Economic Impact


Growth Potential

Technical Feasibility

Degree of Innovation

Alignment with Bizbooster’s Objectives

• Startup or existing small and medium enterprises

• Companies which “think big” or have a focus of

• Companies which are technology-based or which seek

• • •

(SME’s) with significant growth potential Entrepreneurs with the entrepreneurial skills, attitude, passion, drive and commitment for success Ownership structure which provides the entrepreneur with the rights or access to key assets including intellectual property A management team with the knowledge of product and market and which is competent in managing the technical and operational aspects of the business Quality value propositions, primarily due to novel ideas, product or process innovations which provide competitive advantage

continued growth into global markets to develop new technologies

• Demonstrated willingness to accept third-party financial and non –financial support and participation

• Financial viability with regard to the ability to pay rent or other services provided

• Companies whose operations have positive economic and societal impact

• Companies which adhere

to best practice in environmental, safety and human rights standards 61

The maturity of the UWI-ALJGSB can probably be best measured by its ability to attract and retain international partners. The business school has been able to forge and maintain strategic alliances with renowned international organisations and colleges. It is understandable that during its infancy the focus was primarily on meeting the needs of the local business and professional establishments. However, as the institution grew, it became necessary for its scope and vision to broaden. UWIALJGSB did so in fine style. It is therefore imperative that we dedicate some time to show how this evolution took place and the significant value derived for this prestigious institution of higher learning.

UWI-ALJGSB’s Regional and International Focus The Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, now celebrating its 23rd anniversary, is proud to recognise the significant strides that it has made over the last two decades. Thousands of students have benefited from its varied programmes. In addition, the school has gained the attention and respect of a number of regional and international governments and organisations. Following its inception in 1989, the UWI-ALJGSB quickly became recognised also as a provider for high quality incompany training and consulting services. It had gained the respect and admiration of local and regional observers who noted its proficiency in designing and implementing projects throughout the Caribbean. Many of these had been


commissioned by multilateral funded agencies such as the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank, the Caribbean Development Bank, the European Union, the Asian Development Bank, and the CARICOM Secretariat. Within a decade of its establishment, the UWI-ALJGSB was regarded as one of the region’s premier institutions for business management studies. This was attributed to the high quality staff that it was able to attract and retain, the variety and great value of its programmes, the effectiveness of its consultancies, and the competence demonstrated by its alumni as they ventured out on their own as entrepreneurs, working with regional governments, or within the regional private sector.

Professor William Tierny, writing in a 1998 World Bank document entitled “The Responsive University: Restructuring for High Performance captured the regional leadership position of the UWI-ALJGSB ” noted: The experience of the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business is an example of a successful synergy between the needs of the indigenous business sector and the professional skills available in the community. By involving the potential market in the business as shareholders, the promoters succeeded in overcoming two critical obstacles in establishing a service business … obtaining capital resources and building close links with the market. Although early activities were focused on Trinidad, it is now providing service throughout the region and participants in its Trinidad-based programmes are also drawn from Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts, Jamaica and St. Lucia.

Governments and international funding agencies continue to recognise and commend the business school for its high quality work. The Inter American Development Bank, in 2001, also noted the work of the business school with respect to the consultancy project in St. Lucia for the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Youth and Sports. This project was for Management Training of Principals and Vice Principals. The following comment is worthy of note: The programme is designed to expose the leadership of all schools to modern management theory and practice and to create interventions through team and peer effort for school improvement…Early indications are that Principals are poised to implement many school-level innovations arising from the District Level Teams that have been established and significant improvement in the management of the schools is expected.

Honourable Julius Timothy, Prime Minister (Ag.), Commonwealth of Dominica, on April 19th 2009, also congratulated the UWI-ALJGSB for leading the way in building regional leaders. He noted: My government is fully cognisant of the positive impact that there can be on any organisation, particularly one like the public service, as a consequence of having trained, competent and committed employees. As such, this government had no hesitation in endorsing the proposal of the UWI-ALJGSB for the implementation of the programme.


Having already established good relationships with the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank and the Commonwealth Secretariat, commencing in 1998, the UWI-ALJGSB sought to engage in international research and training projects funded by agencies such as the European Union, the World Economic Forum, the Asian Development Bank, Systema Economica de Latin American (SELA), the World Economic Forum in Geneva and the United Nations.

The school’s first International consultancy Project was conducted in 1999 in Uganda under the stewardship of then Executive Director, Dr. Bhoendradath Tewarie. Thereafter, in 2003-2004, the Commonwealth Secretariat, Government and Institutional Development Division commissioned the UWI-ALJGSB to design and deliver a variety of training programmes for Senior Public Servants of the Republic of Botswana, Swaziland, and the Seychelles.

During the twenty-year period, the UWI-ALJGSB also secured its international presence through faculty presentations at various forums in North America, Central America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Miami Barbados

Belize Dominica St. Vincent & St. Lucia The Grenadines Guyana

Venezuela Colombia Ecuador

The Board of Directors in 2010 approved the thrust to build its regional and international reputation by authorising the business school to establish operations abroad. Its vision being to ensure that the school is recognised as a global world class school of business. Thus, on March 3rd 2010, the UWI-ALJGSB launched its operations in South America with the offering of

the Executive Masters in Business Administration in Guyana. What does the future hold for you at the UWI-ALJGSB? Join us to find out:

Switzerland China


Seychelles Botswana Swaziland


Professor Miguel Carrillo

Dr. Kamla Mungal

Executive Director

Director Academic Development & Accreditation

Adi Mabel Montas

Fayola Nicholas

Director Marketing & Student Recruitment

Nirmala Maharaj

Director Internationalisation & Institutional Relations

Director Human Resource, Advancement & Alumni Relations

Sasha Dhoray Director

Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Ron Sookram Academic Director (Ag.)

Jo-Anne Boodoosingh Director Executive Education

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