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The Most Profitable Business: Oil Refinery Firm

Oil refinery firms are vital bodies of any country's industrial set up. A high end technological set up is always required by oil refineries for carrying out the refinement process. Setting up of newer refineries is not considered as a workable idea from the economical view. Ignoring the transportation costs, oil refineries can conduct rigorous testing and R&D to increase the profits. Besides increasing the profits, these practices also exceed the environmental regulations. Oil refining industry has played a major role in enhancing the global economy. Profitability and safety have been the all time objectives of oil refineries after industrialization across the world. Regular advancements in technologies have led to lower rates of crude oil consumption.

Pollution control instruments and improvement of infrastructure is essential to synchronize with the local and global regulations. Advanced catalyst technology exploitation and other control measures are essential to be adopted from environmental safety concern. International environmental regulations have constrained the entire oil refining industry. Technological advancements are more focused on these regulations and have less concern on economical evaluations. More improved processing technologies has made the oil refining industrial units to reach the threshold of their numbers. This will not only proceed towards larger emissions but will also require extra manpower and machinery for increased number of refinery units.

Fluid catalytic cracking has much more significance while deciding the efficiency of any such process. It contributes largely in pollution free measures and economical processing. Metal tolerant and ultra stable catalysts when used is a an effective solution while using the heavier residues in the catalytic cracking process. This reduces the rate of annual catalyst consumption as well as the rate of spent catalyst production. Catalysts are used in these processes by circulating them between catalyst re-generator in coke burner and the reactor. Due to the presence of heavy metal compounds in the feedstock, circulating catalysts get a deposit of Nickel and Vanadium compounds. This degrades the catalytic selectivity and increases the amount of spent catalysts. These spent catalysts are removed out from the circulating units and are replaced by fresh catalyst.

Harmful gases like SO x and NO x are produced by employing of old fashioned techniques and processes. These gases are also produced from treatment processes occurring inside FCC on the heavier residues. Spent solid catalysts and heavy fractions that collect on the bottom of fractional distillation tower are considered among the major solid wastes.

Summary : In all these processes require to be worked on under strict vigilance and environmental friendly measures. All such solid waste products from spent catalysts are dumped in the landfills. These solid wastes from spent catalysts consist of highly toxic compounds and metal contaminants that are harmful to the environment.


The most profitable business: oil refinery firm  

In all these processes require to be worked on under strict vigilance and environmental friendly measures. All such solid waste products fro...

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