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Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell


Writing Dossier th 4 ESO Name and surnames: Albert Cantó Parera Group: 4th C Teacher’s name: Jesus Cerdà 1

Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell

Deadline: 14/11/11


Writing 1: Wherever you will go …........................... Writing 2: My picture …............................................ Writing 3: A news story …......................................... Writing 4: 1st to 4th ESO …......................................... Writing 5: My life story …......................................... Writing 6: 10 Things I wanna do before I am 20....... Writing 7: ……………................................................... Writing 8: ………………………………………….………….…… Writing 9: ….......….......….......….......….......…........... Writing 10: ….......….......….......….......….......…......... Writing 11: ….......….......….......….......….......…......... Writing 12: ….......….......….......….......….......…......... Writing 13: ….......….......….......….......….......…......... Writing 14: ….......….......….......….......….......…......... Writing 15: ….......….......….......….......….......….........

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Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell

WRTING 1 Wherever you will go Day 29/10/11 Dear diary, I was thinking to get me a tattoo of my boyfriend Jake. I thought he would like it, but I was afraid it could be very painful, but finally I decided to have it. While I was having the tattoo I saw a boy looking at me. He was a handsome boy but I didn’t care of him because I was in love with Jake. In the afternoon I went to his house, but a horrible surprise was waiting for me because he was cheating with his neighbour. I wanted him to die, and I couldn’t believe he was lying me… I was very angry so I broke all his things. I didn’t know what to do whether keeping the tattoo or change it; It was more painful in my heart than in my arm, but I only wanted to erase him from my head.

Day 31/10/11 Dear diary, Today I met the handsome boy that I saw in the tattoo house. He told me he could come with me if I wanted to change my tattoo. I said yes and we went together. Now I have a new tattoo, a flower and a new boyfriend, Duke. He is very nice and a very sensitive person. I feel very good when we are together. Later I saw Jake in his car waiting for me. He felt guilty but I ignored him. In my heart I was sad and happy at the same time, but Jake was the past and Duke may be the future.


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell

WRITING 2: PICTURE OF ME Last year I went to New York, the time was unusual and it was very cold and snowy. It was so cold; that I bought the coat that I’m wearing in the photo. All the streets were snowy and there was a lot of rubbish because snowploughs were busy and the dustcarts were working as it. In NYC there are avenues from North to South and wide and the streets go from West to East. In the picture we can see that there is snow on the side, but in the streets there was half meter of snow and it was impossible for cars to drive. I was very exited because I was very interested to go to NY because it is a city that I like very much because it is the stage of a lot of films that I have seen. In the picture I just left the taxi that I took on 7th avenue to go to the Empire State Building that is on the 5th avenue with 33rd street. The taxi driver said to me that there was a lot of queue but I bought the express pass ticket. When I left the Empire State Building it was night and it had the lights on.


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell

WRITING 3: A news story This was the dramatic scene yesterday in Barcelona. Sixteen people died in a terrible bus crash. When the bus was returning to Barcelona from Madrid it sliced on the ice. The accident happened at 6:45am. Most people were sleeping when the bus driver lost control and crashed into the guardrail. The accident began when the driver tried to avoid a motorcycle, which was driving in the opposite direction. People were screaming and crying because they were trapped inside the bus. Few minutes after the accident the firemen, paramedics and police arrived. The firemen cut the roof and the seats of the bus to rescue the passengers. When all the passengers were rescued firefighters needed a crane to move the bus out of the road. Many of the injured were taken to the hospital by ambulances and helicopters. Some of them had different fractures, internal bleedings and many contusions People were saying: “oh my God, oh my God!”


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell


I was studying 1st of ESO during the years 2007-2008. When I started, I was ten years old. This photo was taken in September 2007. I had a child face and my body was also a child body. When I started 1st of ESO I only knew my friends of CĂ noves and most people were from Cardedeu. During these four years the classes have changed and I have been able to know all the students. When I arrived to the high school I thought that other students were bigger than us. This year I think that the new students are short.

Now I am taller and stronger and my face looks more a man than a child During these four years I have known new people, but my best friends are still the same.


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell My hobbies haven’t changed. I like consoles, before I used to play with Play Station 2 and now I play with XBOX 360. I also like winter sports. First I preferred skiing and now I like snowboarding. From 2007 to 2011 I have travelled to several places in the world. The last city I have visited is Berlin. This photo was taken in front of the Berlin wall. I have always liked travelling.


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell

WRTING 5: MY LIFE I was born in Barcelona in 1996. I have always lived in the same house in Cànoves. I went to a nursery in Cardedeu since September of 1998 until July of 1999. I started primary school in September of 1999 at the “Estelada” school of Cànoves and I studied there for 9 years, until 2008.

My earliest memory isn’t very clear, but I remember different things… When I went to the nursery and we did a performance for our family. My first day in the snow with the sledge that my parents bought me and I also remember the summers on the beach building castles on the sand with my parents and my grandparents. I’ve been at the “Pla Marcell” high school for three years, Now it is my fourth year. When I finish I’ll probably study at “Ginebró” school and I hope I can go to university to study engineering, but I’ll need very high marks.


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell I’ve changed since I was young. I was fair blond, thin, and shier than now. I think now I’m more sociable. Before I’m old I really like to fly a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird and I’d also like to travel to Australia and New Zeeland


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell

WRITING 6: Ten things I want to do before I’m twenty 1. I really want to win all the XBOX achievements 2. I would really like to shot a fire weapon 3. I would really like to go skydiving 4. I’ve always wanted to fly an helicopter 5. I really want to drive a Formula 1 6. I‘ve always wanted to be a hacker 7. I would really like to win a Call of Duty tournament 8. I really want to go to the game fest 9. I would really like to win the lottery 10. I really want to be a stuntman I’ve never really wanted to travel to South Korea


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell

WRITING 7: Dear friends, The next Friday I'm going to celebrate 17 birthday party. It will be in the Megalaser in Granollers at 5:30pm and we can meet at the door 15 minutes earlier. We will play some games and then we will go to the bowling alley and then we'll play some more games. Later, at dinner time we can go to McDollar's. You have to wear comfortable clothes, because we'll run and jump a lot. I have invited Aleix, Josep, Xavi, VĂ­ctor and Nico. So we'll be 6 people See you, and... don't forget the present! Albert


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell

WRITING 8: My town is called Cànoves, is near la Garriga and Cardedeu. It's a small town, with not many people, only about 3000 people. It's a nice town because it's sorrounded by forests and vegetation. In Cànoves you can do a lot of field trips to the mountain, for example you can go to the Vallforners dam or to the Castanyer Gros, that is, the biggest chestnut tree in Europe. There is a hotel in the mountain, and when there is a clean day you can see Mallorca, and it's a very nice view. Before the Castanyer Gros, you can find the Sant Salvador hermit. Sant Salvador is the Patron of Cànoves and every 4 th and 5th of August, people sleep in tents near the hermit. There are a lot of more celebrations, you can discover them yourself! There is also a web page ( where you can find a lot of information


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell

WRITING 9: That was a fantastic surprise yesterday when we went out to the schoolyard on the break time: we found some tables with cakes, sandwiches and cookies. This was organized by the 4th level students, who were selling these cakes to collect money to go to Rome in May to celebrate the end of the high school. There were also different homemade natural fruit juices, like orange, apple, or pineapple. The idea was a success because the food as well as the drinks were all sold. For this reason, they decided to repeat this every Tuesday during the next month. They are also thinking to make a little market with handmade objects like bracelets and hangings. Come on guys, good luck!


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell

WRITING 10: Dear family, I’m writing this e-mail from Gustavus, a beautiful place in Alaska. I arrived yesterday from Seattle, by seaplane. The hotel is a beautiful Lodge into the Glacier Bay National Park. This morning I have been watching whales. I took a boat very early in the morning, and I spent all day in the sea, it was exciting when the whales approached to the boat. While I was in the boat I saw Grizzly bears in the shore and seals sunbathing on an iceberg. I miss you, but this is wonderful. Now I’m going to have dinner a (delicious king crab!) Kisses, Albert


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell

WRITING 11: Dear John, In the previous email you told me about your favourite sport, so I will tell to you my favourite sport. You know that I’m very lazy, but my favourite sport is skiing, I started this sport when I was 4. Every winter I go to Vall d’Aran (where I have an apartment), and go to ski every day. Probably it’s my favourite sport because I have done it since I can remember. When I can and my parents allow me, I bring friends with me, but I also have friends there, we meet very early in the morning and we ski till the afternoon, and then we meet in our houses to play XBOX. I hope you will receive this email early. Your penfriend; Albert


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell

WRITING 12: There are a lot of music bands, and a lot of types of music, like rock, rap, pop, etc. But not all the bands are good. Personally the best band are the Beatles, we fell in love with their music. Since 1960 when they started to play music until now, they have been in our houses with their music. The Beatles was a group from Liverpool in England; it was composed by four people: John Lennon (rhythm guitar and vocals), Paul McCartney (bass guitar and vocals), George Harrison (lead guitar and vocals) and Ringo Starr (drums and vocals). They started in Liverpool in the Cavern Club. Then they went to the USA and they became very famous, and made a lot of albums. They made different types of music, like pop, rock, and mix with other types. They finished when John Lennon was Yoko Ono’s boyfriend and he decided to leave the group and had a solo career. Then the group split. They continued composing and playing music individually, although Paul McCartney has been perhaps the most successful.


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell

WRITING 13: Dear John, I know that you like reading a lot, and yesterday I finished a book and I thought you would like it. The Schindler’s list is a book based on the film with the same name directed by Steven Spielberg, but at his time is based on the book Schindler’s Ark written by Thomas Keneally The main characters are Oskar Schindler, a Nazi businessman, who reserved more than 1000 Jews from being killed. Itzhak Stern who was his accountant, he wrote the list. Another main character was Amon Leopold Goeth (commander of a Lager). I recommend you this book because it’s shocking and interesting because the book explains an important part of the history. Your friend, Albert.


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell

WRITING 14: People in Spain like eating, but not all the foods are healthy. They eat foods of the Mediterranean diet. This diet is varied, with vegetables, fish, meat, fruits and olive oil, which is healthier than the butter. They also drink some wine and when it’s drunk with moderation it’s good for the heart. It’s a recommendable diet, because it’s varied and healthy. Spanish people have a little problem, they eat a lot, sometimes more than they need and they also eat junk food. Moreover, they have some typical and tasty foods: paella (rice with fish or meal), the Jabugo ham, in Spanish, jamón de Jabugo, (the best cured ham on the world). If you come to Spain, you should taste it.


Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament SIN Pla Marcell

WRITING 15: TOURIST INFORMATION There are many different things to do and enjoy your free time in Vallès Oriental. Here in the tourist office, you can buy bus tickets to go shopping to the Roca Company Stores (that is an outlet of the best trademarks), and in summer there are also bus tickets to go to the Mataró beach. You can also go to Granollers (Vallès Oriental main town), that has museums, La Porxada, (a medieval square), and a modern theater and concert hall. The tickets can be bought at the tourist office. For the people who like natural landscapes, near here, it's possible to visit Sant Miquel del Fai, Santa Fe del Montseny or the Turó de l'Home.


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Writing Dossier

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