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Alberta Team Handball Federation Agenda – Monday, January 19, 2009 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. Universiade Meeting Room— Room#7 Minute Attendance Mike Rott Justin Yaassoub Autumn Taylor Rick Ryll Mike Nahmiash (on phone from Norway) Meeting starts at 6:02pm 1.0

Welcome and Introductions (Board Issue) Senior Men National Player: Doug Bennett Inquiring for Funding  Doug brings up he is going to Portugal in March and wants $2,400  Rick say ATHF can only fund him $1,000 as a grant (but must Ref at jr Nationals as part of the grant) and will give Doug $500 as a loan to be paid by the end of the Season. Motion-Justin Yaassoub 2nd-Autumn Taylor


Alberta Team Handball Update/Issues 2.1 Jr. Men Christmas Trip to Norway (MN)  Great trip Overall, Best trip so far for guys Nationals (MN and others) 2.1.1 Hosting Grant (Rick will make a budget and sent it to Mike, Mike will apply for Grant 2.1.2 Intent of Teams (AB Sr Men, Calgary and Jr Prov team for men. Women will have 2 Prov teams 2.1.3 Banquets (Check Millennium) 2.1.4 All stars (We will do Pictures and Frames) 2.1.5 Committee 2.2


Courtney Spence Issue (AT)  Courtney has made promise to pay the $500 left from the 2008 trip, after many meetings and contact with Courtney, we still have not received payment.  Rick-he must pay, he is in bad standing with ATHF until he has paid U of A Intramural  Mike will help with U of A to get this program going


Provincial Team Coach 2.4.1 Juvi Coach  No one’s has applied for the job as of yet, if no one does Mike will coach


Recruitment 2.5.1 Free trip for teachers to go to Europe (Good Idea) 2.5.2 Backdrop (lets make 3 backdrops) 2.5.3 Expansion issues (Trip for HS players and take a loss on it, still to be discussed)


ATHF Directors & Officers Policy Renewal (RR)  Cost gone up we will need to look at our membership cost for the next year


New office position 4.1 Tasks to be completed –Justin is Happy and has a lot to do, 4.2 Tasks accomplished-Contact list


Any Other Business (AOB) None


Next Board Meeting To be discussed by e-mail.

Meeting adjourned at 8:11pm