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Alberta Team Handball Federation Agenda – Monday, March 16, 2009 6:00 – 7:45 p.m. Universidad Meeting Room— Room#7 Minutes 1.0

Welcome and Introductions Attendance Justin Yaassoub Mike Rott Sherry Aryiss Tiana Moe Mike Nahmiash Alberta Team Handball Update/Issues 1.1 City of Champs (Update and where to go?) (issue at end of finals)  Tournament went well, Need to look at finding ways’ to get out of province teams  Dan Devlin is Suspended 1 game from League for Verbal abuse of Ref 1.2 Juvenile Men going to Nationals  (Alberta Will be sending a Boys team to Nationals, Mike will ask CTHF to give $2,000 Right away, Tiana will talk to Doug Bennett to coach the team ASAP 1.2.1 Nationals 1.2.2 Hosting Grant (Applied for it) 1.2.3 Intent of Teams (9 Men’s teams and 5 Women’s Teams) 1.2.4 Banquet (Polish Hall) 1.2.5 All star awards (Pictures will be given out) 1.2.6 AGM (Room) (Food  Room will be at Millennium place and Food for AGM will be taken care of by Tiana Physio Justin will look at getting a Physio through Sports Medicine of Alberta or a contact of Tiana 1.2.7 Job Tasks for everyone (Ref’s) Justin will take care of Ref Transportation,  Mike N will send out an e-mail for scorekeepers and Tiana will help out and run a scorekeepers clinic. Sherry will take care of T-shirt Sales and find workers, Mike N, Sherry, Tiana will work on all things for banquet, Tiana will take care of food for Ref’s in the day, Juvenile Prov team will be in charge of set-up of Nationals, 1.2.8 Newspapers and T.V –

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Justin will Contact all News outlets to get coverage of Nationals

Two Grants we are going to Apply For  We are applying for 2 grants (Alberta Lotteries Initiative grants for summer trip and ASPRW Initiative grant to buy new nets , this will be done by Thursday March 19th U of A Intramurals  Went very well, up to 10 players are interested in Joining the League, need to bring up at agm about rules for U of A players and where they can play if they live on Campus) Jr High (Provincials  will be a very big tournament, need to have a lot of Promo at the event Sr High School  League bigger than ever(issue school don’t give gym time, next year look at extra fees for school if they don’t supply gym time 1.6.1 Provincials (2 guys teams from Calgary) (2 Eckviile teams) 1.6.2 French school starting in Calgary as well 1.6.3 Promo (Backdrop and Summer trip)  Promo Backdrops will be done in Early April with promo of Elite Program, ATHL and as well one about ATHF

ASAA (Application) Issue’s) (Letter to Presidents)  Mike R Motions to Apply to Become ASAA, Tiana 2nd it  All in Favor  Justin sent out letter to all Zone presidents to ask what we can do to help. Who will be on the board next year?  Many people are leaving the board, we must start looking for replacements


Any Other Business (AOB)  Some certain team should be asked to supply ref’s if not they should have to pay more league fee’s, will talk more at next meeting


Next Board Meeting  We are finding out when Rick is in Town, Must be before Nationals

Meeting Adjourned 7:41pm

March16th metting min,2009  
March16th metting min,2009  

1.0 4.0 Any Other Business (AOB)  Some certain team should be asked to supply ref’s if not they should have to pay more league fee’s, will...