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Alberta Team handball federation Policies and Procedures

Coaches & Chaperones Policy for Juvenile & Junior Teams Travelling to ATHF Sanctioned events To ensure that all our players are safe and that our coaches have assistance with travel plans and team supervision the following policy will be installed Before Coaches or Chaperones are eligible to attend an ATHF sanctioned event they must:        

Complete a criminal record check and submit it to the ATHF. Travel to and from the tournament with the team, if Transportation is by air the chaperones must be on the same flights. Stay in the same accommodations as the team for the duration of the stay. Enforce curfew each night. Curfew will be determined by both the coaches and chaperone involved. Ensure all athletes are accounted for each night. Form part of the discipline committee, if necessary. Report any breach of the athlete conduct policy to the Alberta Team handball Federation’s provincial representative attending the tournament. Provide a written copy to Alberta Team Handball within 10 days of the complication of the tournament detailing the time spent with the team and any problems that arose or areas in need of work.

Code of Conduct:  

While at the tournament, Coaches and Chaperones are expected to: Represent Alberta as goodwill ambassadors, with dignity, personal integrity and within the spirit of good sportsmanship at all times both in and out of competition. Show respect for 1. The members of your team and of the entire contingent representing Alberta. 2. The members of all team competing from other places. 3. The rules and standards set down by Alberta Team Handball, The Host Community and Mission Staff. 4. The Technical officials decisions:

  

5. The People of the Host Community including staff, volunteers, local business, personal property, etc. Attend both opening and closing ceremonies for the games (if applicable). Ensure that tournament athletes consume no alcohol and/or illegal drugs while at the tournament. Ensure that no alcohol or illegal drug may be brought in to or consumed in any of the tournament grounds, venues, or vehicles.

In addition, All Coaches & Chaperones shall   

Set a positive example for the athletes by compliance with all policies, rules and standards of conduct. Act in the best interest of the athlete, avoiding all unsafe and unacceptable circumstances. Supervise and be responsible for the conduct of their athletes at all times during the competition.

Alberta Team Handball Federation will accept applications from anyone wishing to chaperone teams travelling. The application should include a letter of introduction. Chaperones will be picked by Alberta Team Handball Federation. Deadline for application is 6 months prior to travel.

Coach & Chaperone Policy  

Coach & Chaperone Policy

Coach & Chaperone Policy  

Coach & Chaperone Policy