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Talking Points: Cooperation Resolution  The cooperation resolution calls for cooperation with ALL progressive parties and voters, including disaffected Tories, former Greens, etc.  The resolution that was passed was not specific about what form of cooperation would be attempted. It is a guiding principle not a specific directive.  The leader of the NDP, Brian Mason has already rejected ANY idea of cooperation, which helps differentiate us as Liberals. We are the party that welcomes a wide range of progressive, centrist views.  In the coming days and weeks, the ALP executive and board members will talk more about how our members wish to see the cooperation resolution take shape.  We will not be directed by any outside group--Our own ALP members will guide our decisions and actions in this matter.  We will reach out to all progressive parties and voters and look for an opportunity to defeat this corrupt and confused Tory government.  We are the only party that represents a centrist perspective and we give voice to the moderate views that are held by the MAJORITY of Albertans. This is our focus right now.

Alberta Liberal Party - May 30, 2010