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Become a Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Dealer Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 is the leading speech recognition solution in the healthcare industry. In fact, over 180,000 physicians worldwide use Dragon Medical Practice Edition software, and its demand continues to rise. In order to help resellers profit from this lucrative industry, eDist Business is offering value-added resellers the opportunity to become a Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 dealer. Electronic health record (EHR) systems can certainly slow physicians down. They may spend hours typing and transferring information causing the workflow efficiency of the practice to suffer. Often, physicians find they are spending more time typing into computers and less time helping patients. For this reason, Dragon Medical speech recognition technology is in high demand. By turning speech into text, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 helps medical practices demonstrate ‘meaningful use’ and accelerate EHR adoption while also improving patient documentation. The end results are lower transcription costs, higher reimbursement rates, and improved physician satisfaction. Resellers can expect a quick return on investment because it only takes one demonstration for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 to sell itself. They will not only profit from the initial sale, but they will also profit from the many opportunities to sell product training, technical support services, new licenses, and upgraded software each time a new version is released. When resellers become a Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 dealer, eDist provides specialized training so resellers know how to demonstrate and sell the product to prospective clients. Additionally, they provide free custom marketing services in order to ensure the success of the reseller’s business and help them market to target clients. eDist Business also offers certified technical support for Dragon Medical Practice Edition to both resellers and clients. Since providing expert installation, customization, and training is the best way to ensure client satisfaction and return business, resellers can choose to offer the technical support to their clients or choose to have eDist take care of it for them. Become a Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 dealer and have the support of the number one distributor of speech recognition technology.

Become a dragon medical practice edition 2 dealer