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Week 3 Journal Studio 3 Name: Albert Agassi Tutorial time: Fri 10 AM Tutor: Warwick Mihaly This week activity is the ‘Case Study Site Visit’. In this activity the whole studio were going out to see certain buildings with the variety type of join among those buildings. The first site to be visit is the link between building that join the Eastern Resource Centre (ERC) building and the Doug McDonalds building called the Eastern Precint Student Centre. With the masonry type as the upper feature and some concrete floor with steel strips as the lower feature, this join is made of spanning timber cantilever between the buildings with a glass slide as one of the supporting from the entrance, a empty concrete wall, steel strips slipped through the floor concrete and a vertical steel reinforcement to support it. The construction constrain of this link may be the accesibility, the narrow space between buildings which made heavy machinery hard to fit in, the ramps construction to hold the construction, and building function when the construction occured.

The entrance of Eastern Precint Student Centre

The inner part which shows the sideview of ERC

The concrete in the links with metal stripes in it

The span timber cantilever-like that connects the two buildings

The rough sketch of the Eastern Precint Student Centre from the front view.

The second sites is another link between building which called MSLE building. Almost the same asthe first site, however this links seems much smaller than the first site. This link connect the Land and Environment building to some additional practical labs for student purposes. The other differnces of this links is unlike the first site which has its own wall, this link shared the wall with the other two buildings around it. The structure is also little different from the first site, this link appear to has a masonry type with a span made out of (presumably) concrete and strengthen by the stairs and a connection level between the buldings with shared mortar bricks as the side supports. The construction constrain of this links may similar to the first site,with anarrower passage to construct, the building finctionality, machinery issues and the connection level that connect both buildings, which is the aspect that the first site did not had. The front view of the MSLE link

The view form the building inner side (the connection level between the two buildings)

The third site is called the Queen College Extention, unlike the other two first buildings, this one is more like an expansion from other buildings, this structure seems like a masonry type covered with pre- cast slabs on the wall and ground, some timber frames can also be spotted from the outside, the timber frame may be use for insulation and a reinforcement to fortify the structure from the inside. The constrain potential of this extension may be the accessibility and the building fuction (presumably).

Some timber frame that can be spotted

The fourth and the last site on the list is another extention called ‘Ormond Theoogy Centre Reception’. Unlike all other sites this one seems like a structure made of precast concrete blocks as the wall and columns, with horizontal steel and concrete beams to help it support a big metal frame hanging on the outer part which connected to one of the horizontal metal beam on it, this building also has a trademark holes around its concrete features. On the side around the building, some thick glass formation can be found, presumably this glass formation may be one of the supporting features of this extension site and can also be the medium to light up the place through its prismatic reflection. The constrain potential of this structure may be the accessbility, the building functions and cost charged by the number of quite various material, especially the steels. Steel Frame

Steel Beam

Concrete Block column

The outer view of the extension

The inner structure that use to hold the structure together with its metal frame

There is also an extra site that was visited by our group’s studio, it’s called the ‘Oval Pavilion’. This site basically is the basic structure of a building that is going to be build. With the features of agri-drainage system and and basic floor timber joist and some L- shaped bar attached as the basic form of the building.

The view from the redevelopment of Oval Pavilion.

The Oval Pavilion view from the map

Week 3 journal  

Site Visit

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