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A02 Interim Submission( In- Situ) Name: Albert Agassi Student No. 657251 Studio 03 Site Location: 397 Rathdowne Street, Carlton, Victoria Structure: -A two blocks- joined building with six storeys above the ground, and two levels basement under the ground.

Link between Building

Building Blocks


Material used: -Concrete slabs -Concrete beams -Steel bars -Timber frame

Most materials that are used for the site construction

Foundation and Footing System: -A deep excavated ground with concrete border to hold the surrounding ground, followed by concrete slab. Concrete border to hold the surrounding soil

Timber Frame to support the cement pouring for the floor above the basement

Concrete Slabs

progress-2012-12-12-010, 2013, Site Footings, Australian Unity Limited, viewed 31 August 2013, <>.

Floor system: -A concrete slabs on steel bars cement pouring and timber frame as a temporal support.

The view of the site floor before concrete pouring and slabs

The view after the concrete slabs and concrete pouring

Wall systems: There are two types of wall systems in this site: -First, is the masonry type wall on the basement, presumably for a good support towards the superstructure.

The masonry type

Some room has a masonry together with a steel bars

-Second is the steel reinforced concrete wall for the floors above the basement.

Steel bars reinforcement

Concrete wall

A02 interim submission  

A02 interim

A02 interim submission  

A02 interim