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Plug in and Battery Operated Automatic Air Freshener Uses Buying a new automatic air freshener can be a great idea because they can be used to keep a house smelling clean, fresh, and seasonal, even when pets and stinky foods threaten to smell up the house. There are a wide variety of products that are either plug ins or battery operated, and even some that hook onto car vents to spread fresh scents throughout the vehicle. Plug in air fresheners usually come with small, refillable oil packs or filters. The small adapter plugs into the wall and uses the electricity to create heat to heat up the oil. In some cases, the heat alone is enough to disperse the scents, but some products also contain a fan to help spread the scent throughout a larger area. There are also battery operated air fresheners that spray small puffs of liquid into the air frequently to keep the house smelling fresh. The battery operated ones are small and portable so they can be used just about anywhere including the bathroom. They can either be set on a timer, be pushed on manually, or are motion activated to freshen things up once people are in the room. There are also ones that are not battery operated or plug ins and simply work by pushing down on the outside to trigger it to spray out the freshener. There are mini size air fresheners that are meant to clip onto the air vents in a car so that anytime the heater or air conditioner is running, small amounts of fresh smells are dispersed throughout the car. Using automatic fresheners in a car or home are a great way to keep everything smelling fresh and clean, especially when there are children and pets around so people do not have to be self-conscious of how their bathroom, car, or house smells.


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